Industrial Interior Design Ideas
Featured Image: Creative Spaces Interior Design, Inc.

Industrial interior design is all about including a raw, unfinished appearance to most thoughtfully designed homes and selecting pieces that are as much about function as style. Utilized in commercial spaces, modern homes, and loft apartments across the world, industrial design showcases basic tones, useful items, and wood and metal surfaces. Today, we will highlight a few key characteristics of industrial interior design so that you can bring this look to your home. Check out these 23 industrial interior design ideas and images for added inspiration.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic bathroom by Studio 10 Interior Design features exposed brick walls, raw wooden beams, and vintage leather furniture, creating a rugged and authentic atmosphere, while the metal pendant lights and reclaimed wood coffee table add a touch of industrial charm.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic bar by Maraya Interior Design, the distressed metal cabinets and concrete countertops evoke a raw and edgy vibe, while the open shelving and exposed pipes contribute to the industrial aesthetic, making it a perfect blend of functionality and style.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic room by MaRae Simone Interiors, LLC showcases a weathered wood accent wall, providing a rustic and natural element to the space, while the metal bed frame and vintage-inspired lighting fixtures complete the industrial look with a touch of nostalgia.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This cozy space by Studio 10 Interior Design embraces the industrial rustic style with its exposed brick wall, distressed leather armchair, and vintage-inspired space, creating a charming and inviting corner for book lovers to relax and unwind.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic kitchen by Renovation Design Group features a metal dining table with a reclaimed wood top, accompanied by mismatched chairs and pendant lights, creating a casual and eclectic ambiance that encourages lively conversations and gatherings.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic space by LMK Interiors, the exposed plumbing and concrete sink bring an industrial touch, while the weathered wood vanity and vintage-inspired mirror add warmth and character, resulting in a unique and stylish space.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic space by Muratore Construction + Design showcases a salvaged wood desk paired with metal shelving units and vintage industrial lighting, creating a functional and inspiring workspace with an industrial edge.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic kitchen by Maraya Interior Design features a combination of exposed brick walls, concrete countertops, and stainless steel appliances, capturing the essence of industrial style while incorporating rustic elements such as distressed wooden accents and vintage decor.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic living room by Cherry City Interiors & Design, the metal-framed windows and doors offer an industrial aesthetic, while the worn leather sofa and textured area rug add a touch of rustic coziness, creating a harmonious and inviting space.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic kitchen area by Martha O’Hara Interiors boasts a reclaimed wood dining table surrounded by metal chairs, complemented by a rustic chandelier and exposed brick wall, combining industrial and rustic elements for a unique and stylish dining experience.

Primary Characteristics of Industrial Interior Design

One signature element of the industrial style is the features that individuals usually try to hide, like ducts and pipes. Exposed pipes can be a fantastic choice for all-white spaces, as the walls’ and ceiling’s brightness becomes a sharp contrast to the pipes’ metal. Plenty of metal and wood surfaces can be seen in industrial style interiors.  It is not surprising that neutrals and earth tones are well-known color choices for these areas. Exposed ducts and pipes, a wooden table coupled with metal chairs, and a kitchen with stainless steel counters, these industrial elements combined can create a chic modern industrial home.

As you can see, industrial style takes plenty of forms. It includes wood, neutral tones, open spaces, metal, and useful items to produce a raw and unfinished aesthetic. From exposed piping on the walls and ceilings to wood and steel furnishings and accents, there are lots of ways you can have an industrial house. Whether you go vintage or stick with new items, there are pieces for each price point. The industrial style is a favorite trend that could make your space have an engineered appearance to it. One of its foremost defining characteristics is the usage of exposed steel. This particular design style combines various components to produce an organic mixture that can revitalize a house with a contemporary twist. As it borrows ideas from warehouses and factories, the industrial design features a distinctive architectural style that you would typically expect in an urban landscape. This design’s character utilizes various details, like metal reinforcements and ceiling beams. You’ll find plenty of ways to have excellent industrial home decor; if you are ever stuck on decorating your house, no worries because there are plenty of interior decorating ideas that can be found here in our blog.  Keep on reading to discover more about how to utilize industrial decor for your home.

When you want to decorate the room in a particular style, it is always recommended to choose the proper color palette. This is a crucial practice since all the pieces and components you use when designing the room space must rely on the color options. The industrial style favors worn and aged hues with a nice variation, from steel and iron tones to earthy accents. Before you can decide on certain parts and decorations, it is crucial to know the industrial style’s key components. It will help you when attempting to picture the future appearance of your industrial house. While other features are also vital, metal presents a real powerhouse when it involves the industrial style. It is welcomed in a wide range of styles like rusted and galvanized. Since metal tends to extrude some coolness effect, a warmer element, like wood, is needed in the industrial decor. While all-natural wood with a fresh appearance isn’t always frowned upon within the industrial house, it is suggested to keep this element in a refined or rough state. The idea is to have your materials and wood products indicate that they have been reclaimed and repurposed through their appearance. Leather represents a charming companion for all the useful foundations of the industrial style. Try to utilize it for accenting the furniture and other industrial decor pieces. Naked brick is another staple in any industrial interior design.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic porch by Martha’s Vineyard Interior Design embraces a neutral color palette with exposed brick walls, a metal bed frame, and a cozy faux fur rug, creating a harmonious balance between raw industrial charm and rustic comfort.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic kitchen by Charleston Home + Design Mag, the concrete floors and countertops create a sleek and durable surface, while the open shelving displays vintage kitchenware and the metal pendant lights provide an industrial focal point.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic entryway by Le Loft Interior Decoration features a salvaged wood bench, metal coat hooks, and an antique rug, welcoming guests with a blend of rugged charm and industrial flair.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic kitchen by TOLA architecture showcases a mix of materials, including exposed brick walls, metal-framed windows, and a reclaimed wood coffee table, creating a visually interesting space with an industrial edge.

Decorating Options For Industrial Interior Design

The furnishings of the industrial design makes use chiefly of unfinished wood. To design your coffee table to look like it belongs in the industrial decor entirely, you need to ensure it is constructed from raw wood. It is recommended to utilize a table with exposed steel as its legs to provide an enhanced effect.  When it is about chairs and sofas, the primary component you must concentrate on is leather. There is plenty of freedom here, as you can go for a conventional style or a more contemporary low profile couch. Just in case you are not a fan of leather upholstering, you will find other options to look at. Chairs and linen sofas are also excellent options. In the industrial style, rugs must seamlessly blend with their surroundings. This means that you will need to avoid bold designs and limit yourself to faded and textured solid rugs. Have the patterns simple with no abstract art or awkward geometric styles. 

Accessories play a significant role in finishing off the look of your brand new industrial home. For instance, when it is time to choose throw pillows, choose something that highlights the texture. Many small decorative items can be used to enhance one another. With neutral-toned furniture like you would typically expect in an industrial living room, you can play with contrasts and accents from your decorative accessories. Lighting must not be overlooked when you are attempting to finish your industrial house’s look. Among the most appreciated lighting options to help make the room appear more industrial is incorporating an uncovered pendant lamp. Ceiling lamps are available in different forms and shapes. Some individuals might prefer a single statement piece with a rusty oversized cage, while others like multiple dimmer lights.

Rustic industrial decor is astounding. This popular style is known for its brick walls, exposed piping and beams, rustic wood, concrete features, earthy finishes, and unfinished paint. It’s a liberating style with small imperfections. Individuals tend to consider this trendy, urban design concept to be gritty and cold. However, by including a couple of rustic bits into your decor, you can enjoy all the architectural elements while still feeling comfortable and at home. You can do many fun projects and add to your house to capture the feel of the whole industrial warehouse look while still keeping things modern industrial, and livable.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic space by In Your Space Interior Design, the concrete walls and metal accents exude an urban and rugged aesthetic, while the vintage-inspired fixtures and warm wood elements bring a rustic touch, resulting in a uniquely stylish space.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic room by Adeas Interior Design LLC combines elements of raw concrete walls, metal chairs, and a distressed wooden dining table, creating a juxtaposition of textures and styles that result in an inviting and eclectic dining area.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic kitchen by Fredman Design Group features an exposed brick accent wall, a wrought-iron bed frame, and vintage-inspired lighting fixtures, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere with a touch of industrial charm.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic kitchen by Meshberg Group, the combination of stainless steel appliances, metal shelving, and salvaged wood accents creates a functional and visually appealing space.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic space by Fredman Design Group showcases a mix of exposed brick walls, metal bed frame, and vintage-inspired decor, creating a cozy and nostalgic ambiance with an industrial edge. The warm earth tones and soft lighting contribute to a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

In this industrial rustic kitchen by Le Loft Interior Decoration, the combination of concrete countertops, stainless steel appliances, and wooden cabinetry creates a modern and functional space with a touch of rustic charm. The pendant lights and open shelving add an industrial flair, while the vintage bar stools provide a comfortable seating area.

More Fun Ideas To Incorporate In Your Style 

Bring in a touch of country with a rustic wooden shelf. You can put this floating ladder shelf almost anywhere in the house while still maintaining the smooth and straightforward overall design concept. Utilize the shelving for storage space, books, frames, or flowers. Unless you’ve got a closet exclusively designated for shoes, it is challenging to locate an ideal storage space to keep your boots hidden or even fashionably display them.  A simple shoe rack made of wooden boards and metal piping is an excellent storage solution for your shoes while complimenting your other rustic industrial decor. You can use reclaimed or distressed wood for a more rustic look. You can save some serious money by creating your headboard, from rustic distressed headboards to modern tufted types. Creating your custom-built headboard is a relatively easy project and can completely transform your whole bedroom. It offers a focal point and statement piece to enhance all those natural wooden elements truly.

Considering how much we spend most of our time at home, it is a shame that most of us dwell in small, bland apartments or houses. If the home is where the heart is, then the following interior design ideas will ensure that the heart stays happy.  Several of these interior design ideas are grand, sweeping, costly installations. Still, for those without the money to spare, you will find smaller house decorating ideas that are still doable and can give your house a unique and personal design. There are lots of home decor ideas for those living in city apartments that can help you save some space! 

The interior design ideas and trends we have seen in the past years brought us nothing but joy. What was once a prediction at the beginning of the season did turn right into a beautiful reality. Thus, if you intend to revamp your house interior design shortly, you are in the right spot for inspiration since these trends are sure to last. We have also included tricks and tips to help you plan and decorate with the trends you like, regardless of your room’s size or finances.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

The industrial rustic living room by Reiko Feng Shui Design features a large reclaimed wood coffee table, leather sofas, and metal-framed windows, creating a harmonious blend of rugged charm and industrial sophistication. The exposed ceiling beams and brick fireplace add warmth and character to the space.


Industrial Interior Design Ideas

This industrial rustic dining area by red: modern lines . vintage finds showcases a rustic wooden dining table surrounded by mismatched chairs and illuminated by a cluster of vintage-inspired pendant lights. The combination of metal accents, concrete floors, and exposed brick walls brings an authentic industrial vibe to the room.

Think Beyond The Trend 

Embrace the cottage core trend. It would seem that the cottage core is an aesthetic that began on social media. It is wholesome, pastoral, and used around rural life. A truly cheap way to bring this particular design trend into your house is scouring online stores for some exceptional bargain buys. We bet that the last time you wanted to decorate your room pink was when you were probably around eleven years old. However, after a decade or two of being associated with tweens’ bedrooms, pink is back. There are, however, a couple of rules for mastering this candy color. The first is to avoid anything that reminds you of the color that Barbie would go for; muted and blush-toned oinks are the way to go. Keep the finish matte, anything shiny and pink, and you’re entering a six-year-old’s territory again.

A look that we’re loving is layering up a variety of textures in the same or similar colors. It is ideal if you are huge on neutrals, so no need to look for different ways to decorate your space without using too many colors. In a living room, blankets and cushions are an obvious way of doing this but in some other areas, try to bring textures with plants, prints, and adequately curated knick-knacks. You may already have had the idea to disguise a pantry behind an integrated cabinet door or integrate your refrigerator into a kitchen unit; however, have you considered concealing your whole kitchen? Yep, that is a thing now, and it has become a huge design trend worldwide of kitchen ideas this season. With living spaces becoming more compact and storage getting smarter and clean, minimalist kitchens are becoming progressively more popular. Things that once cluttered worktop, kettles, knife blocks, plug sockets can now vanish into flush cabinets and uninterrupted surfaces to make the most of all space available. Ideal for open plan kitchen diners or small kitchen design, they’re suitable for developing a streamlined look in a contemporary kitchen.

Fast fashion is a hot topic. Everyone is beginning to think more regarding where all our bags full of clothing originate from and what they are made of. And the same goes for what we purchase for our homes. The hunt for sustainable furniture and the desire to create an eco-friendly home or living space is on. The best tip to nod to this particular trend is to choose furniture made from natural materials that were sustainably sourced. Be on the lookout for furniture that’s been made locally and for items made from recycled materials. As we produce more environmentally friendly homes, we’ve become more conscious about minimizing waste by upcycling and recycling our homewares. There are plenty of great websites where you can purchase and sell second-hand home furniture.

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