Best Smart Bath Trends
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You get out of bed and stumble into the bathroom, bleary-eyed and sluggish. With a command, the shower heats to your specified temperature, and the lights come on as soon as you enter. You then listen to the day’s weather forecast and top headlines through speakers hidden behind your smart bathroom mirror. You relax with your smart bath fan.

To look your best for the day’s video calls, you use a heated towel from the warming drawer after your shower and command the smart mirror TV to switch to “task lighting mode.”

Even if it seems like a peek into the future, there are smart gadgets on the market right now that might make this a reality for you right now. In the US, there are more than 52 million smart homes. Technology isn’t only for the super-rich anymore; everyone can benefit from smart technology. Smart products become more accessible to a broader spectrum of people when more producers provide various items.

Another advantage? Smart technology may significantly increase the monetary value of your home. An estimated 53% of Millennials want to purchase a house by 2024. Nearly 50% already have a smart home gadget. To make things even more interesting, more than 80% of prospective home buyers claim that smart technology products make them more likely to buy the home. These best smart bath trends may help you get the most out of a bathroom remodel by providing more comfort, convenience, health, efficiency, and pleasure.

Best Smart Bath Trends

Classy warming drawing from Sub-Zero!

Smart Bath Trends For Comfort

Having a good night’s sleep and a good start to the day may have a major influence on the remainder of your day. You don’t have to visit a spa in order to have a nice experience. With these items, you may enjoy the height of luxury in the privacy and convenience of your own home.

Warming Drawers

Towels and robes are kept at the optimum temperature by using warming drawers. For a luxurious at-home spa experience, wrap yourself in a warm towel or robe after every bath or shower.

Smart Shower

Smart shower head is always a good idea. Before you enter the bathroom, turn on the water heater and heat it to the degree you want. No more enduring sweltering or freezing temperatures while you try to set the temperature right!

Smart Toilets

As ridiculous as it may sound, high-tech toilets with built-in seat warmers are more than just a gimmick. We will discuss this more later.

Best Smart Bath Trends

Smart mirror helps you save time by doing two things at a time.

Smart Bath Trends For Convenience

It’s always nice to have products that make our lives a bit simpler. Though they might feel futuristic, these devices might save you time and effort right now.

Cooled Cabinetry

In order to preserve your prescriptions, beverages, and organic face treatments at the correct temperature, cooled cabinets are available. No more hiding these essentials next to your leftovers in the kitchen refrigerator, where they’ll be forgotten.

Smart Mirror

The weather forecast, current events, and traffic information are all available via the use of smart mirrors.

Kohler Perfect Fill Tub

The Kohler Perfect Fill tub represents a cutting-edge addition to the realm of smart bathrooms, embodying innovation and convenience in modern bathing experiences.


This state-of-the-art tub is equipped with technology that allows users to preset and maintain their preferred water level and temperature, providing an unparalleled level of customization and comfort. Utilizing integrated sensors and technology, the Perfect Fill tub ensures precise and consistent water filling, eliminating the need for manual adjustments while offering a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. Additionally, this smart tub can be controlled remotely through a smartphone app, allowing users to start filling the tub or adjust settings from anywhere in the home, further enhancing convenience and ease of use.

The Kohler Perfect Fill tub represents a fusion of luxury and technological advancement in the realm of bathroom fixtures. Its intelligent features prioritize user comfort and convenience, revolutionizing the bathing experience by providing precise control over water level and temperature. With its innovative functionalities and remote accessibility, the Perfect Fill tub offers a contemporary bathing solution that caters to personalized preferences, redefining relaxation and convenience in the modern smart bathroom.

Touchless Faucets With Voice Control Technology

Touchless faucets with voice control technology epitomize the evolution of convenience and hygiene in modern smart bathrooms.

Digital Trends

These innovative fixtures offer hands-free operation through motion sensors, allowing users to activate the faucet with a simple gesture, minimizing the need for physical contact and promoting a hygienic environment. Integration with voice control technology further enhances the user experience by enabling commands to regulate water flow, temperature, or specific presets, providing a seamless and convenient way to operate the faucet without touching it. This combination of touchless functionality and voice control capabilities transforms everyday interactions with the faucet, offering a sophisticated and hygienic solution in contemporary bathroom design.

The integration of touchless faucets with voice control technology represents a leap forward in the evolution of smart bathroom fixtures. By minimizing touchpoints and offering intuitive voice-activated commands, these faucets prioritize both hygiene and user convenience. This innovative blend of technologies not only simplifies daily tasks but also contributes to a more hygienic and efficient bathroom experience, redefining the standard of modern convenience and cleanliness in residential spaces.

Best Smart Bath Trends


Touchless toilet from Kohler will keep your bathroom clean and safe.

Smart Bath Trends For Health

We’ve learned over the last several years that a few measures may go a long way when it comes to germs. Thanks to modern technological advancements, this is made simpler and, most likely, more effective.

Touchless Toilet

Simply raise or lower the lid to flush with a hand motion. There are antimicrobial seats that may be added as an option to these toilets, which are also self-cleaning and deodorizing.

Digital Faucets

Digital faucets switch the water on and off when they detect hand movements. For families with children of all ages, these toothbrush timers may be programmed to remind them to clean their teeth at certain intervals.

Stone Wall Surrounds

More beautiful than ever before, new stone materials reduce waste rock while being mold resistant and completely watertight. Keeping your shower surround clean will take less effort and time as a result.

Smart Mats

In addition to providing health insights such as posture ratings and workout suggestions, smart bathroom mats may also detect weight and body mass index. Instead of being shown on the mat, all alerts are transmitted to a connected smartphone app.

Soaking Tubs

Improved circulation, decreased pain from arthritis and muscular strain, reduced anxiety and depression are just a few advantages of soaking in a tub. An Alexa-enabled essential oil diffuser is built into Kohler’s new series of smart, luxurious soaking tubs. Indulge in one of these luxurious baths to keep your mind and body in tip-top form.

Eco-Friendly Fixtures

The introduction of eco-friendly fixtures that can control the flow, temperature, and timing in a smart bathroom underscores a commitment to sustainability and resource conservation.

Element Green

These innovative fixtures integrate advanced technology that enables users to precisely adjust water flow rates, temperature settings, and even control the duration of water usage, facilitating efficient consumption. Incorporating features such as low-flow options and temperature presets not only conserves water but also minimizes energy usage, contributing to reduced environmental impact while promoting eco-conscious habits. This smart functionality empowers users to monitor and manage their water usage, promoting sustainability without compromising comfort or convenience in the modern bathroom.

Eco-friendly fixtures with adjustable settings reflects a progressive approach to resource conservation in bathroom design. By providing users with the ability to customize water usage according to their needs, these fixtures optimize efficiency while reducing water and energy wastage. This commitment to eco-conscious design aligns with sustainability goals, encouraging responsible water consumption and fostering a more environmentally friendly approach to daily routines within the smart bathroom.

Smart Scales

Smart scales represent a revolutionary addition to modern bathrooms, equipped with advanced technology that transcends traditional weighing by providing comprehensive health insights.


These innovative scales sync with smartphone applications, allowing users to track various metrics such as body weight, body mass index (BMI), body composition, and even heart health data. By leveraging bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology, these scales measure not only weight but also muscle mass, body fat percentage, bone density, and hydration levels. The integration of these metrics into an app provides users with a holistic view of their health and fitness progress over time, empowering them to make informed decisions about their wellness journey.

The advent of smart scales redefines the concept of weighing by offering a multifunctional health monitoring system in the comfort of one’s bathroom. These scales go beyond basic weight measurement, serving as a comprehensive health assessment tool that provides valuable insights into various aspects of one’s well-being. The ability to track and analyze health data through a user-friendly app creates a personalized and data-driven approach to health management, promoting awareness and motivating individuals to maintain a healthier lifestyle within the smart bathroom environment.

Best Smart Bath Trends

Roca smart shower for an ultimate bath experience.

Smart Bath Trends For Efficiency

Probably the most often utilized room in your house is the bathroom. If you improve its efficiency, it may have a favorable impact on your pocket and the environment.

Smart Water Heater

There are several advantages to using a WiFi-enabled water heater, such as receiving warnings when a leak or spill occurs.

Smart Water Monitors

Water use may be better understood with the help of a smart water meter. It may also alert you if there is a water leak in any part of the house. In order to identify various kinds of water fixtures, it monitors minute variations in water pressure. Hidden problems in the water system may be found using a Plumbing Check function.

Smart Showers

Smart showers allow customers to stop or set a certain length of time for their shower, reducing water use.

Water-Saving Faucets

Save money and the environment with water-saving faucets like the Eva line from Moen, which include WaterSense technology.

High-Efficiency Toilets

Because they use less water, high-efficiency toilets reduce your water cost and environmental impact.

Best Smart Bath Trends

The Ocea Pro Bathroom TV can be used anywhere there is water and moisture.

Smart Bath Trends For Enjoyment

It’s been a rough couple of years, let’s face it. Isn’t it your right to pleasure yourself with a few innovative products?

Waterproof TV

As long as you have a waterproof bath TV, you can watch your favorite programs as you bathe.

Bluetooth Speakers

Your freshly renovated bathroom would benefit greatly from the addition of a bath fan with bluetooth speaker. It’s easy to hide and connect to your favorite streaming provider using battery-powered and water-resistant devices. You should also check out a bath fan with bluetooth speaker and led light. A bath speaker will help you relax and set the mood in the bathroom.

Oil Diffusers

More people realize the potential health advantages of infusing essential oils in their bathrooms, and oil diffusers are gaining popularity. The Sierra Modern Home aromatherapy diffuser syncs with your smart speaker to alter the light features, establish a schedule for when the diffuser shuts off and on, and pick how much mist to disperse.

Smart Mirrors With Lighting, Bluetooth Speakers, and Voice Commands

Smart mirrors equipped with advanced features like integrated lighting, Bluetooth speakers, and voice command capabilities represents a transformative trend in modern bathrooms.

Smart Mirror

These innovative mirrors serve as multifunctional hubs, offering more than just reflection; they provide adjustable lighting settings for optimal makeup application or grooming tasks. Incorporating Bluetooth speakers allows users to stream music or receive audio feedback, enhancing the overall bathroom experience. Additionally, voice command integration enables hands-free control of the mirror’s features, allowing users to adjust lighting, play music, or access information using voice prompts, adding convenience and accessibility to the bathroom routine.

The trend of smart mirrors with multifaceted functionalities elevates the traditional concept of bathroom mirrors, integrating technology seamlessly into daily rituals. These mirrors not only offer practical utilities but also contribute to a contemporary and luxurious bathroom ambiance. The integration of smart features enhances functionality, convenience, and entertainment, transforming the bathroom into a sophisticated and connected space where users can seamlessly manage tasks and indulge in personalized experiences.

Bidets Keep Getting Better

The evolution of bidets represents a significant advancement in smart bathroom technology, featuring enhanced functionalities that prioritize hygiene, comfort, and convenience.


Modern bidets now incorporate sophisticated features such as flow control, allowing users to adjust water pressure for a personalized cleansing experience. Additionally, these advanced bidets offer heated seats with multiple temperature settings, ensuring optimal comfort during use. Equipped with motion sensors, these fixtures enable hands-free activation, promoting a touchless and hygienic environment. The inclusion of auto flush functionality streamlines the process, while air dryers reduce the need for paper products, adding to their eco-friendliness. Further innovations include wall-mounted, floating designs that maximize space and aesthetics, complemented by integrated nightlights for added functionality and ambiance in the smart bathroom.

The continual improvement of bidet technology exemplifies a commitment to enhancing personal hygiene and user comfort in smart bathrooms. With features like customizable temperature controls, motion sensors, and air dryers, these modern bidets offer a comprehensive and hygienic cleansing experience. Their integration of advanced functionalities not only promotes a heightened level of cleanliness but also reflects a conscious effort toward eco-friendliness and space optimization, making them an essential component of innovative and sophisticated smart bathrooms.


Recent technological advancements go beyond just being useful; they’re made with your convenience and happiness in mind.

With more than 52 million smart homes in the United States, the use of smart bathroom technology is on the rise. Consumers are learning and embracing new technology for more convenience, reduced utility costs, and greater safety and security while saving money.

It’s certain that smart bathrooms will become increasingly widespread in the coming years. The majority of newly constructed houses come pre-installed with voice-activated smart bathroom products. If you decide to build your own smart bathroom, be sure to inform your homeowner’s insurance provider of your plans so that you may save money on your premiums in the long run.

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