33 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas

Are you considering to change your home’s interior design? Why not get your hand on tray ceiling ideas? Surely, a redesigned ceiling can do a lot for your room’s ambiance and overall feel.

Tray ceiling ideas can be an excellent improvement for your home style. Besides, there are numerous tray ceiling paint ideas that you can utilize. In fact, only a couple of changes can beautify your home and make a pleasant environment.

Numerous individuals who consider redesigning their homes don’t give much thought to tray ceiling ideas but want to begin with the more evident changes.

Meanwhile, what is a tray ceiling? Notably, a ceiling is one of the fundamental components of the third dimension of space. For instance, high ceilings, level, false ceilings, slanting, and so on. Indeed, there are different ways to round your space. If you want to know more about what is a tray ceiling, read on.

When it comes to redecorating the room, what many homeowners think about first is a white, flat ceiling. As a matter of fact, this is the most utilized kind of ceiling, and particularly, it’s hard to go wrong by picking this kind. In general, they want to keep it basic, without considering other potential arrangements that may invigorate and change their home and make it stylish and modern.

Ceilings come in numerous varieties. Also, you can have them colored, misted, glow, painted, and so on. Moreover, you can make inverted, recessed ceilings using various materials. In particular, a tray ceiling comprises an inlay, typically rectangular, that sits over the remainder of the ceilings. More often than not, homeowners choose to utilize a tray ceiling in rooms with a high ceiling, so the additional structural components don’t overcrowd the space.

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33 Best Tray Ceiling Ideas & Images

Why Do You Need To Consider Tray Ceiling Ideas

Tray ceiling will add an architectural feature to your room and transform a regular room into an excellent retreat. In addition, the woodwork associated with building a tray ceiling will also increase the value of your home.

Also popularly known as a recessed or inverted ceiling, a tray ceiling includes a center segment that is a few inches higher than the areas around the edge of the room. Moreover, this structure enables the utilization of colors painted on the trim that can transform a plain ceiling into a focal point. On the other hand, numerous property holders introduce hidden tube lighting along the edge of the tray, which is particularly great if the lights are on dimmers so you can lower them for a romantic feel.

Tray ceilings work best in big rooms with high ceilings, where they can keep a room from seeming cavernous by making visual profundity in the room. The higher center of the ceiling also gives a chance to make a focal point by installing a lovely chandelier, ceiling fan, or pendant light. Furthermore, the middle area is an incredible spot to paint a ceiling mural. Scenes with stars or clouds are famous, but you can paint any scene that interests you. There are just some of the most popular tray ceiling ideas.

In case you need a hint of glamor, introduce mirrored tiles in the middle to make a sparkling effect as the mirrors reflect light from the room. Meanwhile, for a more beachside or country look, install beadboard in the highest point of the tray ceiling and paint it a delicate white, blue, or gray—or stain the wood in a warm, natural tone.


RLH Studio

Painted in Benjamin Moore’s Tranquility, the tray ceiling gives a peaceful and quiet vibe.


RKI Interior Design

This white and cream kitchen looks lovely and elegant with the tray ceiling and lighting fixtures.


Archetype Architecture

The tray ceiling looks exquisite with the beautiful chandelier.


Robert Federighi Design

Amazing tray ceiling painted in Hickory by Martha Stewart Living.


Chip Webster Architecture

A crisp and polished look for this rustic dining room.


Sandra Oster Interiors

Everything in this room speaks charm and elegance.


Shaddock Caldwell Builders & Developers

We love the patterns and lines in this traditional bedroom.


Adam Zollinger Interiors

Green and white paint for a very relaxing feel.


Harwick Homes

Gray and white usually feel bland, but this home office is an exception.


Potter Homes

The colors of the walls and ceiling are relaxing and peaceful.


Avissa Design

A mix of traditional design and modern details.


Baker Design Group

Walls and ceiling in cool gray make this room dashing and luxurious.


Carrie Brigham Design

Grand and stylish tropical bedroom for a relaxing vacation home.


Perla Lichi Design

Try this tray ceiling idea if you want a luxurious and elegant bedroom.


Mary Trantow

A room perfect for a good night’s sleep after a hard day at work.



This contemporary home office looks stunning with the creative patterns on the ceiling.


Legacy Custom Homes

Enjoy sumptuous meals in this lovely traditional dining room.


Design By Lisa

The ceiling has a slightly metallic finish, using Benjamin Moore’s Gold Dust.


Taylor Hannah Architect Inc

If you want a gorgeous living room, give this tray ceiling idea a try.


Wolf Design Studio

Wood planks not only work for flooring, but they are also great for ceilings.


Milan Design + Build

A warm bath is made more luxurious with this beautiful bedroom.


Villa Moda

Tray ceilings do not need to be square or rectangle. You can absolutely try other shapes too.


Lowery Design Group

The combination of La Paloma Gray and Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore is a winner.


Ownby Design

Custom-stained rustic alder wood ceiling is on point!


Gaetano Hardwood Floors, Inc.

Custom white oak for the floor and deep hardwood finish for the ceiling.


James McCalligan Architect

Transform your living room with a tray ceiling and light fixture combo like this.


Lowery Design Group

Walls and ceiling look gorgeous in LaPaloma Gray by Benjamin Moore.


RLH Studio

Tongue and groove wood in Benjamin Moore’s Tranquility.


McCaleb Homes

Cool and relaxing bedroom idea that you should definitely try!


Cornerstone Architects

Tray ceiling in Pure White and walls in Requisite Gray from Sherwin-Williams.


SKD Architects

Beautiful soft contemporary bedroom with a lovely tray ceiling.



Give yourself a treat with this distinguished traditional dining room.


Upland Development, Inc.

Make your room extraordinary by painting the ceiling and walls.

Different Tray Ceiling Ideas To Perk Up Any Room

Numerous homes can feel too squarish with their straight floors, straight walls, and straight ceilings. Thus, making you feel like you are living in a box. Although you can paint and put carpet all you want, you will still have a flat surface over your head despite everything. Fortunately for you, there is a basic method to fix the entire view. Meanwhile, just push into the space over your ceiling and reward yourself with a tray ceiling with our tray ceiling. In essence, this will make any room, regardless of the stature, feel lavish and glamorous.

Not only are tray ceilings great at isolating the various areas of an enormous room, but they are also a simple method to include lighting where chandeliers or table lights cannot reach. First, run the lighting around the edge, and then all of a sudden, your room will be significantly brighter without plenty of light bulbs.

If you are hoping to give your room some wow appeal, consider warming up your tray ceiling with a touch of wood. Regardless of whether you introduce lighting or not, the consoling look will carry an inviting vibe to your space without changing a single thing.

On the other hand, this is something shiplap lovers will like. Installing a layer of shiplap into your tray ceiling will amp up the farmhouse look of your room. Also, the texture is incredible for adding life and interest for a particular spot.

In contrast to popular opinions, ceilings can be an incredible area for wallpaper, specifically when it is the textured type. In addition, with only a touch of color, your room will appear infused with your extraordinary personality. Certainly, the type of feeling that causes your area to look like home.

How To Mount Tray Ceiling Crown Molding

One of the most beautiful works used as an interior design includes tray ceiling crown molding. In particular, it gives an appealing finish to the joint between the ceiling and the wall. Also, you can try this to make fixes at a similar spot if there are gaps or faults. Usually, tray ceiling crown molding is accessible as wide or thin strips. The tallness of the wall decides the kind of decorative substance to utilize. Furthermore, you can use wood, medium-density fiberboard, plaster, routed moldings, or stock strips when installing tray ceiling crown molding.

Wood needs intricate hand carvings if there is a requirement for decorative patterns on the ceiling. As a matter of fact, choosing this kind of job is tedious, which makes wood a costly crown ceiling molding substances. In any case, it makes one of the most appealing finishes since you can use different woods.

To get an exceptional finish, consider the width of the crown finish that you will install in a specific room. Specifically, for tall walls and high ceilings, it is ideal to utilize wide strips with intricate designs or decorations. All in all, this gives a decent perspective and makes the finish appear proportional to the whole room.

On the other hand, thin strips of crown molding work great for low ceilings. It is also critical to deal with the corners. However, this relies upon the material you utilize. First, ensure the wood is cut accurately based on the joint, so it resembles a seamless finish. Then, it should be perfect and tight. When utilizing plastic moldings, you should preform the corners according to the kind of joint present.

Decorating Ideas For Tray Ceilings

First, you can paint your tray ceiling with a color not similar to the walls. This will establish a major connection. Hence, your tray ceiling will stand out the minute somebody comes into the room. In case you have a light neutral palette on the walls, contrasting color to your tray will bring focus on it. On the other hand, bright tones can be relaxing and are ideal for bedrooms and kitchens.

In particular, more profound, bolder hues on your tray ceiling will make dramatic contrast from the color of your wall, which is incredible for social spaces like lounge areas, dining rooms, and family rooms.

Next, you can decorate your tray ceiling bedroom with a stencil. In case that you have painted your tray ceiling a deep color, kick it up a notch by including a stenciled decor to it. Then, make an emblem effect encompassing a ceiling light or cover the whole tray ceiling with a bigger pattern.

On the other hand, you can also use wallpaper on your tray ceiling bedroom. Also, match the background color or any accent color in the wallpaper with your wall color to pull the bedroom together. For instance, it can be a more profound or lighter shade of the wall color.

You can also use wood planks or paneling. Ultimately make a lovely focal in your double tray ceiling by introducing ceiling planks. For a conventional feel, you cn also utilize stained wood. Meanwhile, for a lighter cottage approach, add paneling and paint it off-white or white.

Finally, you can further decorate a double tray ceiling with tin tiles for a romantic or dramatic feel. Indeed, this is an incredible method to acquire a component that truly creates an impression.

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