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What defines industrial bathroom design? Sometimes, these designs are minimalism at its best, combining grey concrete with striking tapware, unusual shapes, and quirky textures with a splash of color. Extraordinary and daring, contrasting gold and copper with matte-black and porcelain white is a jaw-dropping design aesthetic. This and more when you explore our industrial bathroom ideas and images below. Check them out!



Everybody will appreciate the beauty of this minimalist bathroom design. Everything fits since the room is so large. This theme’s brown and white color scheme works well together. This industrial bathroom by Joel Contreras is a fantastic example of minimalism and understatement.



This master bath is the epitome of luxury and romance, as it will be acknowledged by everyone who sees it. This stylish bathroom has gray walls that contrast beautifully with the black fixtures. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery outdid themselves with this one.



The decor here is really lovely and soothing. The predominant color is white, and the scenery is mostly gray to create a relaxing atmosphere. The floors and walls of this bathroom are finished with beautiful concrete, and the walls are painted a gray pebble tile. The bathroom remodels by Melissa Winn Interiors are beautiful.



Isn’t that inviting and soothing bathroom something you’d want to have? I’d love to take a shower in this roomy, bright bathroom. The bathroom takes on a more country feel, thanks to the plants. The ceramic tile work in this Malta grey bathroom was designed by Ceramic Tile Design.



This is a very fascinating and unique take on a contemporary bathroom design. This modern industrial bathroom in white and gray has a light and open feel. The mirror illumination is lovely, as it helps illuminate the entire space. NB Design Group, Inc nailed it with this elegant bathroom.



This bathroom design is perfect for a home with an industrial aesthetic. Thanks to the small mirror and charming two-light wall, this bathroom looks great. The bathroom design by Pavonetti Architecture appears to be excellent and perfectly suited. What a lovely bathroom design!



Who says you can’t have rustic elegance in a modest dwelling? This bathroom remodels is evidence that a spacious bathroom is not a must. This bathroom, renovated by Dyna Contracting, is stunning, particularly the gray wall and the wooden chair.


The best part about this rustic bathroom design is how well it uses available space, which everyone can agree on. The lighting and furnishings, in particular, give it a sleek, contemporary appearance. The sliding barn door accentuates the rustic, industrial vibe of this bathroom. Cardell Cabinetry came up with a winning layout there.



This luxurious and earthy bathroom design is sure to impress guests. Such an elegant eighteen-light chandelier illuminates this bronze tub in this industrial-style bathroom. All the lighting seems real. PHANOMEN/ design has done a fantastic job with this bathroom.



Need a bathroom to remodel that will make your space seem more open and modern? This industrial bathroom appears larger because of the enclosed shower and enormous mirror. The old-fashioned lighting is also really appealing. Andrew Heiser has truly created a masterpiece here.

The True Mark Of An Industrial Bathroom

Creating an industrial concept for your house decoration can be impressive. When you complete your decorating process, everything will turn out stunning. However, it requires a long time to determine industrial things to place in each room to make it gorgeous. Thus, we need to search for inspiration for it. Several things can inspire you regarding how your bathroom will be with the industrial concept. You can place some accessories or stuff to support the chosen idea. Keep on reading to get some inspiration for your industrial bathroom.

In a modern industrial bathroom scenario, you have to place some items that will bring out the contemporary vibe yet still creating an industrial look. For instance, you can utilize a walk-in-closet with a glass wall to represent the modern vibe you want. You can also include the bathtub’s contemporary model to bring a more modern sense to your bathroom. Anything such as the design of basin, lamps, and numerous additional accessories will also help bring out the industrial concepts with a contemporary appearance you desire. One of the best shower wall ideas for an industrial bathroom is a concrete wall.

A concrete wall with a particular pattern or color will be perfect for the industrial bathroom concept. For example, you can decide to get a concrete wall with a grayish hue to build more atmosphere that perfectly fits your idea. Another fantastic way to enhance the industrial concept into your bathroom is by incorporating accessories suitable for the atmosphere. You could consider any possibility of placing extra accessories that will help with the decoration. You can also create DIY shelves for your bathroom. Make use of the materials that represent the industrial style. By doing that, it will be much easier for you to build up the atmosphere. It’ll also be more effortless to satisfy your needs of accessories or tools that often are present in the bathroom. Utilizing copper pipes is another excellent way to incorporate the industrial concept into your bathroom. This particular material can be helpful for you to add more industrial accents into your bathroom. Copper pipes can be used for many parts in your bathroom. You can utilize copper pipes for the basin and shower to create an industrial sink and shower.



The wall’s authenticity and rustic charm give the impression of being inside a centuries-old home. This industrial bathroom has beautiful patterned flooring and traditional brick walls. Both the candlelight and the old-fashioned sink fixture are nice touches. The artistry displayed here by Hall Design, Inc. is stunning.



I’d want to have a master bathroom that’s immaculate, up-to-date, and roomy. The industrial style of this bathroom creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The harmony between the white and timber textures is striking. Amanda Thompson conceived and designed the layout for this luxurious main bathroom.



This luxurious master bath is the epitome of coziness and comfort. The industrial bathroom gets a touch of warmth and style from the yellow cabinet. A glass pane at the very top of the wall allows natural light. Robert Nebolon Architects did a fantastic job with the layout of this comfortable bathroom.



I am looking for advice on making a small bathroom appear luxurious and inviting. The limited square footage of this factory-style restroom doesn’t diminish its chic aesthetic. The combination of white background and light brown wood accents is pleasing to the eye. OOR Design Build has done an excellent job with this bathroom.

Decorating Ideas For Industrial Bathroom 

Exposed brick is among the most familiar things that represent the industrial concept for decoration. Usually, exposed bricks have neutral colors where it suits well the industrial concept. It also provides the aesthetic vibe into your bathroom right after choosing exposed bricks for your wall. It’ll be something helpful for your bathroom designs if you want to use the industrial concept. There are also plenty of types of bricks available. If you think you need to consider its design, you can choose which kind of exposed bricks that you’ll pick. Right after you have thought about your interior design’s specific style, you must now be prepared to think of its details. You need to think about the very best combination that will make it perfect from the wall and floor basics. It does happen if you want to have an industrial bathroom. You have to think about what kind of tiles you will use. One of the tiles that can be matched with your idea is honeycomb tiles. Having honeycomb tiles will already be perfect for an industrial bathroom, but no other bathroom will ever beat yours when you have chosen the right color. As you are likely to build an industrial interior design image, choose the neutral color that represents and matches perfectly with the idea. For instance, you can select honeycomb tiles with a tan color.

Here are more industrial, rustic bathroom ideas that you can incorporate into your own. Having subway tiles is another way to help you build your industrial bathroom. With a simple tile design that you chose, the arrangement will turn out incredibly stylish and cool. Besides that, utilizing a subway tile wall will, simultaneously, provide you with some other easy decoration options. As white is a neutral color, it is less difficult to pick any color for your accessories, like the closet, walk-in frame, shelves, and many more. You can choose the gray or brown color as well, as a combination. To build the industrial vibe, you have to select the right things to be utilized there. Something like shelves and drawers is a good example. In case you are thinking about using shelves in your bathroom, you can choose the one with wood as its material. It doesn’t have to be entirely made of wood; it will be better to select wooden shelves with iron as the material for its legs. You can also use the wire drawers to place everyday things and some towels you need in the bathroom. 

A dark orange brick wall and floor are yet another choice that you can decide for your bathroom shower ideas. If you want to pick something different than the black, white, and gray color scheme, choosing dark orange tiles is another choice for the industrial bathroom. If you have a separate space for your bathtub or you’ve got a walk-in shower, you can use it as an alternative. You can use the dark orange bricks for both the floor and the wall. One rustic bath accessory that you can incorporate into your industrial bathroom is a drawer with wooden accents for the basin. Aside from that, you can also place more natural accessories into your bathroom for a visual aspect. The wooden drawer itself is one of the natural things you can put into your bathroom, but putting some plants into the area is another way of doing it. Utilizing red bricks for your wall can also add more natural accents to the place.



The bathroom is so clean and contemporary everyone will be impressed. Because of the windows, the space is flooded with light. This otherwise unremarkable factory bathroom is instantly upgraded by adding a chic green cabinet and some plants. This bathroom by Bright Common Architecture & Design is very light and airy.



You can tell it’s a contemporary bathroom by the white brick wall that lines the room. Bathrooms decorated in black and white are universally agreed upon to exude an air of refined elegance. Additionally, the bedroom is conveniently located next to the attached bathroom. Responsive Home created this minimalist black-and-white design.



Do you want a fantastic rustic bathroom design for your basement room? This updated bathroom features a charming brick wall that makes the space feel both antique and stylish. The light over the sink goes great with the exposed brick. La Bella Casa Interior Designs has created another masterpiece here.



Do you want to impress your guests with a stunning bathroom remodel? A one-of-a-kind curved steel wall separates the toilet and shower in this urban lavatory. The white, steel and light wood mixture create a clean and airy atmosphere. Gill Design Co. did an excellent job with this toilet.



Incredibly, this bathroom’s design will wow you. The method of this bathroom will make you feel like you’ve been transported to another planet. This rustic industrial restroom is made all the more beautiful by adding a wall of live plants and a cluster of pendant lights. Kari Whitman Interiors created this earthy bathroom focusing on dark wood elements.



Need a bathroom to remodel that manages to seem both retro and modern? Crescent Builds is responsible for the design of this en suite. The convenience and extra room provided by having a cloakroom off to one side are appreciated. The brick wall is made of pigmented concrete, making it appear authentic.

Don’t Forget The Lighting 

Lighting is crucial for the industrial concept. Lighting sets the ambiance in an area. Utilizing a unique vintage bathroom accessory can produce a charming industrial bathroom with lots of character. It is also fantastic since you can swap out things when you find new stuff, and it does not imply you have to renovate the entire room. When you are remodeling, you are frequently thinking of wise configurations to conceal all of the pipes and plumbing work. But when you are building an industrial bathroom, you can leave all this on full display. 

Please stay away from over decorating because, with an industrial concept, it usually is the less is more route. You do not want to overpower your industrial elements by cluttering the area with excessive “stuff.” Keep decoration items to a bare minimum, choosing only a number of the suggested components with a strong theme to enable the rustic industrial vibe to show through. Putting a mirror inside your bathroom is something you will need. For the industrial bathroom, a round mirror will be beautiful. It will also be better if you choose a round mirror with a gold frame. You can even put it above your industrial bathroom vanity or basin. Although it is just a simple everyday accessory, it will be beneficial to develop your bathroom decoration.



Wow, there’s a lovely bathroom with a style that makes it feel extremely old-fashioned and quaint. With only a few strategically placed blue accents, the wall and floor may be made to seem completely different. Everything about this is adorable and country-style. Rhoads Design & Construction did a wonderful job with this charming bathroom.



Do you wish your bathroom had more light and a more inviting atmosphere? Look no further; you’ve found it! An ingenious old sewing machine is the sink foundation in this rustic industrial bathroom. What a lovely, inviting, and well-organized bathroom Hsu McCullough has created!

DIY Bathroom Ideas

Reclaimed wood, rough stone, galvanized metal, and cast iron are all elements of rustic bathrooms. These natural, less-polished materials provide a sense of one-of-a-kind artistry and give any room an instant character. This is particularly true in a bathroom, where you can make a significant impact with just a couple of subtle elements. Read on to know more DIY bathroom ideas that you can incorporate in yours.

Maximize your room by going up! A wooden ladder shelf is an excellent way to manage and arrange some fun accessories in your industrial, rustic bathrooms. One shelf can be an easy-to-reach spare roll holder, making it easier than ever to change the toilet paper roll. And you cannot go wrong with a small house plant that doubles as a pretty decoration and air filtration system. Fold a couple of hand towels and add some decorative glass jars to hold your go-to bathroom essentials; you have now completed your wooden ladder wall shelf’s look. The mixture of white, distressed gray, and blue pairs perfectly alongside sleek glass and metal. A large quantity of storage can be observed throughout as you will enjoy your basket of everyday items housed conveniently and neatly underneath your industrial sink. Just a small quantity of leftover paint and a Mason jar is all you will need to test your hand at this intriguing crafter’s or DIY lover’s fantasy! A splash of color onto the jar and a bit of swirling around is how you will be on your way to this unique and quirky way to use a Mason jar as a home decoration. When your creation is done, you can then place your favorite bouquet in it. Place smaller and simpler jards beside it to hold some Q-tips, and you’ve got yourself a functioning decor that is simultaneously gorgeous.

If you’d like to decorate your wall space, adding large and strong black wrought iron provides a good base for holding heavy wooden racks that are a useful way to showcase your unique style in your bathroom. Adding rustic and vintage bathroom accessory, such as an old train case, vintage apothecary jars, and some quirky signs, can give an electric vibe onto the wall space. Feed sacks are not only helpful to the animals they keep alive; they can also become home decorations with enough creativity. You can enjoy this feed sack in your bathroom by using it as a shower curtain to incorporate some farmhouse vibe into your bathroom. You can hang it on a thick bronze rod to further add its dramatic appeal.

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