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We love these fun shaped tiles in this kitchen!

For decades, the backsplash has been an important working part of any kitchen remodel. In addition to protecting the walls above a work area, it would complement the countertop as well. In the early years, backsplashes were often colorful with fruit and vegetable graphics adorning 4×4 ceramic tiles. Thru time we have undergone many changes. Today we have the luxury of installing a variety of materials like natural stone, glass, mirror, metal, brick and wood. Backsplash design has become more creative and artful with design to incorporate textures and different shaped tiles.  Today, you will find a mixture of traditional and contemporary backsplash designs with personal touches sprinkled in. Below, we look at 9 backsplash design trends that should gain popularity in the past.

Trend #1. Ceiling-Height Backsplash – Take it to the Ceiling

Sebring Design Build

Beautiful diamond patterned backsplash all the way to the ceiling.

What area comes to mind when you think of backsplash tile? The space between the countertop and the underside of the wall cabinetry. If there was no wall cabinetry above the countertop, then it was common to still place the tile straight across in the same location as if there had been wall cabinetry there. Perhaps by instinct or tradition. But it’s time to break the mold and bring that tile all the wall to the ceiling.

We expect to see the continued trend more and more of as more and more homeowners do away with wall cabinetry for open shelves or windows. Ceiling-height backsplashes can give classic tile a fresh and modern look by highlighting a single area of the kitchen, creating a focal point, or help a large patterned tile sing loud and proud. Higher backsplashes will unite all aspects of the space, and brighten up the space with the reflective qualities of the tile itself. Especially if you are using white subway tiles.  Not to mention that tile can create a visual break from all the cabinetry making the kitchen feel more open by adding surface area. creating a stunning background for your work area.

Feel free to play around with a combination of colors, textures, and patterns to create an even more luxurious look.

Trend #2. Larger Subway Tiles – Not Just 3” x 6” Subway Tiles Anymore

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Sebring Design Build

These glossy large gray tiles add sophistication to this kitchen.

The most common size for Subway tiles is 3” x 6”, which have remained popular for years.  A true testament of design & function. But as a result, homeowners are left craving something a little different. With subway tiles still being a hot trend for kitchen backsplashes, it’s not surprising that we are seeing the emergence of larger sizes. Homeowners love them still, for their clean classic look and super easy maintenance. But a few changes are in the air as we travel into a new year.

Specifically, we are beginning to see manufacturers produce subway tiles in larger sizes. The standard large format size is 4″x 8″ or even a 4″x 12″ though you can check what sizes are available at your local dealer. A large format subway tile backsplash can be especially helpful for a small kitchen where the large tiles create the perception of space. Large format subway tiles can also help in creating a feeling of continuity especially if you are extending the backsplash to the ceiling; besides, let’s not forget the ever favorite…fewer grout lines to clean.  Take a look at our remodeling ideas page, which is a selection of our best work.

Trend #3. Marble Backsplash

Prima Stone

Marble backsplashes in kitchens or bathrooms introduces timeless elegance and luxurious sophistication to interior spaces.

Marble, revered for its natural beauty, veining patterns, and durability, has become a popular choice for creating stunning backsplashes that elevate the aesthetic appeal of the room. These backsplashes feature marble tiles or slabs in varying colors and patterns, offering a range from classic Carrara with its distinctive gray veins to Calacatta with bolder, more pronounced veining. The use of marble as a backsplash material adds a touch of opulence, bringing a sense of refinement and visual intrigue while seamlessly blending with diverse design styles, from modern to traditional.

Marble backsplashes exemplifies a fusion of sophistication and functionality in interior design. Beyond its aesthetic allure, marble backsplashes offer durability, ease of maintenance, and a hygienic surface, making them practical choices for areas prone to splashes and spills. Embracing this trend allows homeowners to introduce an element of luxury and timelessness to their kitchens or bathrooms, creating visually stunning spaces that exude a sense of grace and understated elegance, thereby adding value and allure to the overall design of the room.

Trend #4. Zellige Tile

Dune Ceramica

The rising trend of Zellige tiles represents a revival of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship in contemporary interior design.

These handcrafted terracotta tiles, renowned for their unique irregular shapes, vibrant colors, and glossy finish, offer a distinctive and artful touch to walls, floors, and backsplashes. Each Zellige tile is handmade and glazed individually, resulting in variations in color and texture, contributing to its allure. These tiles infuse spaces with a sense of exoticism and cultural richness, featuring intricate geometric patterns and a captivating, artisanal aesthetic that adds depth and character to modern interiors.

Zellige tiles brings a sense of authenticity and artisanal craftsmanship into interior design, embracing imperfections and individuality as part of its charm. The vivid and lustrous finish of these tiles, combined with their unique irregularities, allows homeowners to create eclectic and visually stunning surfaces. Whether used as accent pieces or covering entire walls, Zellige tiles offer a distinctive design element that brings a touch of the exotic and vibrant cultural heritage into contemporary spaces, showcasing a fusion of tradition and modernity within interior decor.

Trend #5. Neutral Colors

Armac Martin

Neutral colors in interior design embodies a timeless and versatile approach that emphasizes subtle sophistication and serenity within living spaces.

Neutral tones, such as soft whites, warm beiges, calming grays, and earthy tones, serve as foundational hues that create a harmonious backdrop for diverse design styles. These colors promote a sense of tranquility, allowing homeowners to experiment with textures, materials, and accent pieces, while maintaining a cohesive and calming ambiance. Neutral palettes not only provide a canvas for personalization but also offer flexibility, seamlessly blending with various decor elements and allowing furnishings and artwork to stand out.

Neutral colors reflects a desire for understated elegance and a retreat from bold and vibrant palettes. Embracing neutrals allows for a sense of balance, creating spaces that feel inviting and serene while evoking a feeling of spaciousness and airiness. Whether used in monochromatic schemes or as a backdrop to accentuate other design elements, neutral colors stand as a versatile and enduring choice, offering a timeless aesthetic that adapts effortlessly to changing styles and preferences within interior design.

Trend #6. Textured Tiles


Textured tiles in interior design introduces depth, tactile interest, and visual dynamism to various surfaces within a space. These tiles, distinguished by their diverse textures ranging from raised patterns, 3D relief designs, to tactile finishes, add a multidimensional quality that captures light and shadows, creating captivating visual effects. Textured tiles are versatile and may add character and personality to interiors since they come in a variety of materials, such as natural stone, porcelain, and ceramics. These textured tiles add a distinctive look to walls, floors, or backsplashes. They also function as ornamental accents that improve the room’s overall atmosphere and tactile feel.

Textured tiles showcases a departure from smooth and uniform surfaces, introducing a sensory element that engages both sight and touch. These tiles offer an opportunity to create statement-making surfaces that add intrigue and depth to interiors. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, textured tiles contribute to the creation of visually stimulating and immersive spaces, transforming plain surfaces into visually captivating areas that elevate the overall design, embodying a contemporary and innovative approach to interior decor.

Trend #7. Different Tile

Country Living Magazine

Incorporating different tiles or patterns below the hood in kitchens presents a creative and visually striking way to accentuate the cooking area.

This design approach involves using contrasting tiles or patterns, distinct from the surrounding backsplash, to create a focal point beneath the kitchen hood. By utilizing bold colors, intricate patterns, or unique materials in this specific area, homeowners can infuse personality and style into their kitchen space while highlighting the cooking zone. Whether featuring mosaic designs, vibrant colors, or textured tiles, this trend allows for playful experimentation, adding an eye-catching element that draws attention and adds visual interest to an otherwise functional area.

Using different tiles or patterns below the hood in kitchens offers a unique opportunity to showcase creativity and individuality in kitchen design. It allows homeowners to break away from conventional uniformity, introducing an element of surprise and personality to the cooking space. This design strategy not only creates a captivating visual feature but also serves as a decorative statement that enlivens the kitchen, emphasizing the hood area as a focal point while adding character and charm to the overall aesthetic of the room.

Trend #8. Quarried Stone

The Quarry Marble

Quarried stone in interior design brings a sense of timeless elegance and natural beauty to living spaces.

Quarried stone, such as marble, limestone, slate, or travertine, showcases unique textures, veining patterns, and rich colors that add sophistication and character to various surfaces. Whether used for flooring, countertops, backsplashes, or accent walls, quarried stone exudes luxury and refinement, contributing to a sense of opulence within interiors. This trend emphasizes the use of natural materials, harnessing the beauty of the Earth’s geological formations to create stunning and enduring design elements that stand the test of time.

Quarried stone signifies a return to appreciating the inherent beauty of natural materials in interior design. Its distinct variations in colors and textures offer versatility and individuality, allowing homeowners to create personalized and luxurious spaces that reflect a connection to nature. Quarried stone serves as a design statement that not only elevates the aesthetic appeal but also introduces a sense of permanence and sophistication to interiors, embodying an enduring trend that celebrates the inherent beauty and unique qualities of natural stone.

Trend #9. 3D Tiles


3D tiles in interior design introduces a captivating visual dimension to surfaces, infusing spaces with depth, texture, and dynamic visual interest.

These tiles, characterized by their three-dimensional designs and sculptural quality, create a tactile and visually striking effect on walls, floors, or backsplashes. Incorporating patterns ranging from geometric shapes to organic forms, these tiles cast shadows and reflect light differently, creating an ever-changing play of visual effects that enhance the ambiance of the room. The use of 3D tiles allows homeowners to experiment with texture, introducing a sense of movement and depth that adds an intriguing modern touch to interior spaces.

3D tiles represents a departure from flat surfaces, offering an opportunity to transform walls or floors into artistic focal points within a room. These tiles provide an avenue for creativity and personal expression, allowing for the customization of spaces with unique designs and sculptural elements. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, 3D tiles offer a versatile and contemporary design solution that elevates the overall interior design by introducing an engaging and visually stimulating element, contributing to a dynamic and modern ambiance within the space.


What backsplash trend will you choose? Ceiling height backsplashes, metallic tiles, or bold patterned tiles? Choose from the hottest backsplash design trends and make your kitchen look amazing!

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