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The bedroom has to be among the best places in the house as it is the place where individuals relax. It is also the place where people spend most of the time. Thus, the bedroom space must be one of the most well-decorated areas. If you enjoy vintage bedrooms with a touch of farmhouse design, you can opt for the industrial style bedroom. Take a look at these 43 industrial rustic bedroom ideas and be inspired.


Amber Golob Interiors

Turtle shell as a wall decor gives a unique character in this industrial bedroom.


Robeson Design

An industrial rustic bedroom with white fixture, two side mirrors, and a gorgeous chandelier.


New York Window Fashion

A bedroom with minimal decor and a kid-friendly environment.


Monaca Brown Design Co.

Bare concrete walls and wood frames on the window look classic, giving a more rustic feel.


New York Stone

A rustic bedroom with a touch of both modern and industrial elements.


Crescent Builds

The natural light coming from the window heightens the color of every fixture in this bedroom.


House Meraki

The stunning view from the glass wall adds an airy and clean feel to this bedroom.


Emerick Architects

Black and white theme bedroom always give a classic and elegant look.


Tal Klein Real Estate

A classic and artistry industrial bedroom with interesting canvas.


Luxe Living Interior Design

The beautiful chandelier and vintage portrait make this bedroom look modern and rustic at the same time.

The True Mark Of Industrial Bedroom

Industrial decor in the bedroom would prove to be best for individuals who already had their bedroom made. If you feel that your bedroom doesn’t look like an industrial bedroom, then you can make it look like one by adding modern industrial decor in the bedroom. You can also increase the steel materials in the room to give your bedroom that industrial aesthetic. Another industrial decor idea is to add pictures that resemble the industrial scenario. These pictures would make a significant difference in your bedroom’s appearance. Keep on reading to find industrial bedroom ideas that you can incorporate into your bedroom.

Get innovative with your shelving. The vital elements to achieve the industrial style are being creative, utilizing functional materials, and making the most of what is available. Think of shelving made of plumbing parts and wood planks or bookcases made from lumber pieces propped up on blocks or bricks. You can also utilize a ladder for inventive storage. Embrace your bedroom with some contrast. This contrast can be made by combining industrial and modern bedroom decor.

An example is a bedroom with a wall structure made of unshaped brick walls with a wooden floor and ceiling to give that industrial aesthetic. Combine this with the modern bedroom decor, which would make the bedroom appear modern. If you can’t decide whether you want a modern or industrial bedroom, this interior design would be best for you. Bunk beds are the perfect industrial bedroom furniture if you’re going to incorporate the industrial style into your bedroom. It’s also a great idea to have this particular bed if you have kids in your room. A bunk bed with wood as its primary material with simple brown or ashy color on it wouldn’t have an ounce of fancy in it; thus, it makes the bedroom appear industrial. An entire white brick wall with a black industrial bed frame is a combination that would seem best if you’d like to achieve that industrial style bedroom. A wall with white bricks and a black industrial bed frame with white pillows and bedcovers on the bed would make for a beautiful and fantastic bedroom.


CD Interiors

A chic metallic bedroom with an Uttermost Prisca Mirror on both sides of the bed.


SM Design Associates (SMDA)

The wall decor and black curtain add style to this gorgeous bedroom.


RKD Architects, Inc

A cabin-like bedroom in the mountains with a stunning view outside.


Tamara Magel Studio

The huge plant leaves and a luxury throw make this bedroom look chic and elegant.

Decorating Ideas For Industrial Bedroom

When it comes to industrial bedroom decor, there are plenty of creative options to choose from. Industrial style is excellent if you are decorating on a budget, and it never goes out of style. We love industrial bedroom decor for a broad range of reasons. The primary reason why we love industrial bedroom decor is the balance between harmony and comfort. Did you know that scientific tests have found that men and women feel their best when they give themselves a large room to sleep in? Sickness and depression are reduced when we rest in bigger rooms. Industrial design concepts are utilized in these bedrooms to create space, but high ceilings aren’t needed. The bedroom’s structure depends upon the selected decor and the used design hacks. To get to know more about the best industrial bedroom decor, make sure to keep reading! 

Some may not have considered that specific colors are considered part of the industrial aesthetic. White and black are the shades that are usually used in such situations and understandably so. They serve as one of the most remarkable ways to build an industrial style theme in the room. The decor that you choose to match this paint job also needs to include as much black and white as possible. Industrial bedroom decor allows us to place several of our oldest things to great use. Everyone has got older pieces of furniture that they would love to eliminate, and this is understandable.

However, instead of getting rid of these furniture pieces, you can utilize them in a considerably smarter way. For an industrial bedroom, one must keep the bedding minimal without sacrificing the comfort it can provide. Compelling lighting details can make all the difference. Ensure to utilize softer materials. An important piece that should not be missing in the industrial bedroom is the table. This must-have industrial bedroom furniture could be an excellent spot reserved for bringing your ideas to life. You do not have to think about the bedroom desk like a legitimate work desk. This can act a lot more like a place for personal endeavors and sparks of inspiration. The bedding must be very minimal but still achieving its intended purpose. Although all-white bedding can be seen as way too simple, it could genuinely come up with a bold statement combined with exposed brick and steel fixtures.


Erin Anderson

A simple modern bedroom look in New York with minimal decor and fixtures.


CCR Architecture & Interiors

A perfect combo of modern and rustic is shown in this lovely bedroom.


Seattle Staged to Sell and Design LLC

The exposed brick wall is an industrial asset in this master’s bedroom.


RoomService 360

Make your bedroom look clean and fresh with minimum accessories and fixtures.


SEN Creative

Homely and intimate industrial bedroom with a shelf as a divider.



Book lovers enjoy this rustic industrial bedroom’s shelf space.

Ideas For DIY Bed 

Industrial style is popular, a tad bit rough and masculine but ideal for any room, both for women and men. There is plenty of effortless industrial bedroom furniture that one can make to achieve these particular styles. However, we are all about the beds today. An industrial bed is a relatively simple idea. You only need to make a pipe bed frame and then cover it up. The appearance, size, and color of the frame are totally up to you and your needs. Another excellent idea is the utilization of pallets to make a bed. It is incredibly inexpensive and straightforward, and no particular skills are needed. There is no bedroom without a bed. And that makes this typically large piece of furniture the focal point of the bedroom. Thus, a brand new bed is usually a pretty huge investment. But not if you build the frame yourself. The perfect furniture pieces to create are those with rustic and industrial style. Hence, putting the headboard and the rest of the bed frame isn’t exactly challenging.

Additionally, once everything is in place, you can now enjoy it; and we think it is the most rewarding and fun part. With platform beds, things are even more effortless since fewer cuts are made and fewer details to think about during the assembly process. A DIY platform bed is extra charming since it has that worn-out look specific to reclaimed boards. You can also give the frame a distressed look manually by sanding off particular areas after the wood has been stained. The truth is, making a DIY bed frame is not as difficult as it seems. If you are organized and conscious of details, there is absolutely nothing to be anxious about. We have mentioned it before, and we will repeat it, an industrial bed frame is a simple idea. You only have to make a pipe bed frame then cover it up. The size, look, and color are entirely up to your needs and taste.

Industrial furniture is quite all the rage nowadays. Gone are the times when furniture had to either present an old-school antique look or have an overly sleek, polished, and metallic look. The industrial style is all about embracing the asymmetrical, imperfect, and rugged look. Upcycled, salvaged, and recycled materials frequently work well with industrial furniture because they fit in nicely with such furniture’s ethos. With less focus on the polished and sleek and the greater acceptance of the beauty of imperfection, eco-focused materials and industrial furniture go well together.



LMB Interiors

You can enjoy the privacy you need in this industrial double-decker bedroom.


Cosmos Wallpaper

A rustic bedroom with a futuristic 3D stone wallpaper.


StageHouse Design LLC

The right amount of decor makes this bedroom look lovely and bright.


Render Atelier

The rug makes space look more spacious and functional.

Give A Touch Of Modern Style 

A modern bedroom doesn’t have to be cold and stark. The low-slung platform bed has turned into a highly desired piece of modern bedroom furniture, and they are available in a whole host of finishes and designs. Create a spectacular headboard feature wall by using light and shade. You can utilize LED strip lights, and extruded panels o make a truly unique installation that you wouldn’t find in your buddy’s pad. Make a small bedroom feel spacious by installing a floor-to-ceiling frameless mirror. The room’s reflection in the mirror confuses the eye into viewing a larger space. Warm-up a plain white bedroom with some modern wall scones in gleaming copper; you can also add a bright accent chair to help the scheme pop.

Unique ceiling fans are a must-have in warm climates. Think about your ceiling fan’s beauty as an integral part of the modern industrial decor. To achieve a modern style bedroom, try to open up the side of an en suite bathroom. The latest bedroom designs feature open-plan shower rooms and bathrooms. The combined rooms undoubtedly make the area feel more spacious. However, the exhibitionist nature of the layout may not be for those people who are shy.

The modern industrial look was born due to warehouses, old barns, churches, and industrial building recently turned into living spaces. It emphasizes the utilization of exposed bricks and distressed wood elements from a turn-of-the-century- industrial era. The modern touch is the addition of items like copper to accent the weathered-looking pieces. Spacious interiors generally come to mind if you think about industrial style, so it makes sense to aim for an open floor plan. You can leave the infrastructure open and adopt the rawness. Designs tend to be minimalist, which leaves space for adding contrasting components such as rustic or vintage pieces. Brick walls and sleek metals are the main parts of modern industrial style. Among the most comfortable areas to do this is in the kitchen area. Modern-day devices mixed with older industrial hardware is an effortless way to integrate the style.



A shared bedroom with two single bed frames.


Board & Vellum

Small space is not a hindrance to be cozy and refreshing.


Design Platform

This industrial bedroom looks chic and luxurious, even in small spaces.


Alexander Michael & Assoc

An industrial bedroom with a wheeled bedframe and black paint wood wall.


Sanders Pace Architecture

The exposed brick wall look more striking with white wall and fixtures.


Kari Whitman Interiors

Elegant bedroom with different gorgeous lighting fixtures.


Gill Design Co.

A bedroom with a curve wood wall and functional space.



This industrial bedroom looks elegant yet playful because of the hung bed.


Union Studio

This industrial bedroom oozes sophistication with an exposed brick wall and four huge windows.


Simonian Rosenbaum Architects

The wooden furniture makes this bedroom look more rustic.


RD Design Team & Architectural Consultants

A bedroom with a barn slide door and a garden-feel scene.


TOLA architecture

The bookshelf, rug, and bed sheet make a playful effect in color.


Delson or Sherman Architects PC

This bedroom mismatches on purpose, and it looks amazing.


Debra Kay George Interiors

The rough concrete wall and elegant headboard complement each other.



This white and red industrial bedroom look sophisticated and classy.


RL Concetti

The greenery decor and the natural light gives a warm and fresh vibe within this bedroom.


Carolyn Reyes

Make your industrial bedroom fun by adding a beautiful hammock swing.


Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

The writing on walls and wheels on the bed make this industrial bedroom stylish and unique.

More Ideas To Complete Your Industrial Bedroom 

High ceilings with dramatic lighting is a popular trend. It is common to find light globes hung with cables or stage lighting in modern industrial designs. Pendant lighting such as filament lights with Edison-style bulbs is another way to make a retro-industrial look. We recommend picking fixtures with creative details and rustic metals. 

An excellent design choice is complementing the industrial elements with smooth, lustrous metal finishes. Or you can also add some rustic tone by integrating rich wood to contrast with the industrial style. This design option would make for beautiful wood and metal bedroom. People love the appearance of handcrafted hardwood floors because of the added character from mineral streaks and natural knots. Utilizing natural or reclaimed looking woods can add warmth to a modern industrial design giving an excellent contrast to the cool metallic elements. Adding rugs that are faded, distressed, or dark can make a bold statement without taking away from the natural elements. 

To conclude, the most crucial thing in industrial design is understanding that you don’t need to do too much to achieve it. Distressed wood, cupboards on wheels, light fixtures or old lanterns, various metals for accents are ideal materials, accessories, and furniture. The great thing about including industrial components into your house is the ability to mix and match your current contemporary styles with older inspired architectural details.

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