9 Top Trends in Flooring Design for 2020


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Flooring trends change throughout the years as homeowners acquire new tastes and technology allows a larger variety of flooring designs for their remodeling project. In 2018, medium brown tones struck the right note with homeowners. Flooring finishes ranging from ebony to driftwood became very popular. Another trend that picked up and could continue is allowing flooring imperfections such as the mineral streaks and knots to serve as part of the aesthetics and create a more natural feel. It was also a big year for faux flooring. Tiles that look like wood were especially in trend. 2020 is bound to bring with it new and exciting trends.

Trend #1. Fumed Wood Flooring – Stronger Color & Grain

Top Trends In Flooring Design

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Almost all types of wood flooring undergo some kind of staining to give them the desired final finish. Fumed wood flooring gets its rich color and grain without having to get any sort of staining. Instead, the wood is put through a process called fuming.  This involves placing the wood in a chamber where airborne ammonia is then released. The wood reacts with the ammonia and undergoes a color change. The reaction does not always result in the exact same changes. The final patina achieved depends on a number of factors including the type of wood, the outside environment and the atmosphere in the chamber itself.  So even among two similar pieces of wood, the resulting hues may vary. Generally, however, fuming gives the wood rich dark tones and enhances the natural grain of the wood. The final look is much more appealing and luxurious than what you get with stained wood flooring.  Do not confuse fumed wood with that which has had liquid ammonia directly applied to it. Using liquid ammonia directly on the wood risks damaging the fiber and could weaken its structure.  To manage expectations and safety concerns–do plenty of research if you plan to use fumed wood flooring.

Trend #2. Bleached & Blanched Woods

Top Trends in Flooring Design - Sebring Services

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Not everyone likes the glossy brown stains of most wooden floors. For some, the softer white-washed look of a bleached floor is more their taste. This kind of flooring consists of wood that has undergone a bleaching process, also called blanching. This involves applying a chemical solution onto the surface of the wood to get rid of the “color”.  By color, we mean the artificial dye or stain coating the wood. Blanching gives the wood an ashy white-washed look with the natural wood grain still being clearly visible from underneath. So you do not lose the charm and beauty of natural wood, it is just packaged in another style. Take a look at our home remodeling ideas page, which is full of our previous project pictures.

If you are planning a renovation, make sure you ask your contractor which option is better for you; bleaching your current wood flooring or replacing it with ready-made blanched flooring. Trying to give your current wood flooring the bleached look is often expensive and tedious work.  The 2020 bleached and blanched trend is going to be especially popular seaside retreats and country/farmhouse style homes.  Although we expect this trend will transcend all styles of homes since it is so breathtaking.

Trend #3. Distressed Wood & Concrete Tiles

Top Trends in Flooring Design - Sebring Services

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The distressed floor style has been around for quite a while but has become even more popular just recently. Next year, expect to see more homeowners opt for that luxury aged look in their flooring. Distressed flooring undergoes artificial aging and styling processes that give it a slightly worn finish. It works best for spaces where a beautiful rustic look is desired.  In preparing distressed wood flooring, various actions are taken depending on the degree and style of “distress” desired. The edges of each wood plank are hand scraped, swirl and kerf markings are added to imitate historic wood and the planks are brushed to remove glossing and give them a soft worn texture.

If wood flooring is not your cup of tea, you can also opt for the increasingly popular distressed concrete flooring. In 2020, the distressed concrete floor style will receive more attention as homeowners look for alternatives to traditional wood flooring.  As with distressed wood, distressed concrete goes through artificial processes to minimize the highly polished look and produce an enhanced worn out patina. Distressed concrete flooring can be integrated into most types of decors but works best in industrial and contemporary home styles.

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Trend #4. Wood Flooring Laid Out In Pretty Patterns

Top Trends In Flooring Design

50 Degrees North Architects

All of us are very familiar with your basic side by side format of wood pieces laid on a floor –a description that often relegates them to practical rather than decorative uses. But if you have been thinking of adding a unique twist to one of the spaces in your home, you can now add patterned wood layouts back to your list of stylish flooring options.  2020 brings with it a new look. Specifically, we are seeing an increase of Chevron or Herringbone pattern designs in homeowners kitchens, bathrooms and more. Patterned floors are officially here, and you should not miss out.

Why design your floor layout to look the same as everyone else’s when you could choose this fun and unique pattern? Chevron and Herringbone floor patterns are a great way to add an accent to your kitchen or dining hall. They also are a great addition to bathrooms! If you haven’t already, expect to see these in 2020 home remodels as a definitive trend this year!

Trend #5. Vintage Black & White

Vintage has always been about nostalgia–bringing back the warmth and memories of decades past. In 2020, black and white tiles are making a strong comeback. It’s not the same old black and white tiles that adorn historic homes. Instead, it’s bold, graphic, and more luxurious.  More and more homeowners want a unique twist to the vintage flooring style. This includes smaller tiles with bolder graphic patterns. This perfectly blends vintage with contemporary for the perfect look and feel.

Trend #6. Reclaimed Barn Wood Tiles, Multi-toned & Directional

Top Trends in Flooring Design - Sebring Services

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The 2020 reclaimed barn wood flooring trend is an extension of the faux wood tiles flooring trend so popular in 2016. The barn wood look is still a favorite because of its color variation and distressed look. For homeowners who are looking for a warm rustic look, this is something to consider. Technology has become so good that manufacturers can replicate the exact look of real wood onto the tile surfaces. This makes it almost impossible to differentiate the tile from real wood. We might even see multi-toned tiles to give a space more character. For more “wood” authenticity, these tiles will have a directional finish, resembling that of real barn wood.  Tiles that look like wood provide homeowners with much more variety when determining their flooring options. No longer do you have to resort to traditional hardwood to achieve that warm and cozy feel to your home. With faux tiles, you get the design benefits of a hardwood floor while also enjoying the functional advantages of tile flooring.  Thanks to technology, homeowners will have even more options next year and in coming years. Tiles that resemble wood in terms of color, look and even texture will become commonplace.

Trend #7. Graphic Tiles

Top Trends In Flooring Design

Eric Cohler Design

Not many people are willing to use their flooring as an art canvas. But if you love unique and artful patterns on your tiles, graphic tiles are coming in full force. Using advanced technology, manufacturers are able to replicate an endless variety of images on tiles. You can get tiles with repeating patterns or get tiles that, like a jigsaw puzzle, join together to form one large pattern on your floor.  Graphic tiles come in monochromatic colors but if you are feeling particularly wild, there are others that come in bold multicolored patterns and writings.

Trend #8. Large Porcelain Tiles: Hexagon & Trickling Floor Patterns

Top Trends In Flooring Design

Crisp Architects

We have even MORE pattern trends for this upcoming year! Did you think Chevron and Herringbone were really the only trendy floor patterns that were coming in hot for 2020? Well, think again! With the increase of large porcelain tiles being used by homeowners in their kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we also expect to see an increase in these patterns and shapes.

Hexagon tiles have been in the spotlight for awhile, specifically when used for backsplashes in the kitchen, or accent pieces in the bathroom. Now, expect to see hexagon shaped tiles as well as other various shapes, specifically in large sizes, taking over in the living room, dining hall, and kitchen area. These patterns create beautiful effects in any room! Trickling patterns are also becoming more and more common and will continue to increase in popularity throughout 2020. These can display a variety of different textures, sizes, and colors of flooring that eventually blends together. Check out some of the pictures below for home ideas and inspiration!!

Trend#9. Natural Colors

Floor Trends Wood Looking Tile - Sebring

Bringing everything back to the basics and keeping it natural and simple will be a fundamental aspect of the next decade. With an increasing focus on sustainability and ways to incorporate the outdoors into the interiors, the trend of natural colors will stay for some time. The simplicity and coziness of the natural woods will create the soothing luxury most people look for.

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The general feeling going into 2020 is that no one is satisfied anymore with traditional materials. Homeowners want flooring materials that have been given special treatment to make them unique in design and texture. Whether it is fumed wood, blanched flooring, textured tile or wood looking tiles; buyers are looking for new and exciting options. Fortunately, 2020 delivers on quality, variety, style and so much more. It will not disappoint.

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