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Frequently Asked Questions

Remodeling your home can be an expensive and stressful process.

We get it. We’ve been there. Questions pop up all the time.

Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll help out however we can.

Answer not here? Shoot us an email or give us a ring and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How much should a 12×12 kitchen remodel cost?2024-05-07T19:37:20-05:00

Check out our pricing guide.

How much does it cost to remodel a house?2024-05-07T19:37:48-05:00

This is a hard question to answer.   Give us a call and we can talk through exactly what you want to do.  You can also check out our pricing guide.

How much does a home designer cost?2024-05-07T19:30:52-05:00

Homeowners can expect to pay between $100 to $500 per hour for the services of a professional home designer in renovations like kitchens or baths in Nashville.

How much does remodeling increase home value?2024-02-12T06:40:01-06:00

The increase in home value from remodeling varies widely depending on factors such as the type of renovation, the local real estate market, and the quality of the work. On average, homeowners can expect a return on investment ranging from 50% to 80% for most remodeling projects, but this can vary significantly depending on the specific circumstances of the renovation and the market conditions at the time of sale.

How to choose a home remodeling contractor?2024-02-12T06:39:27-06:00

When choosing a home remodeling contractor, research and compare multiple candidates, checking their credentials, experience, and references. Additionally, ensure they are properly licensed, insured, and offer clear contracts outlining the scope of work, timeline, and payment terms before making a decision.

What type of remodel project will increase my homes value?2024-05-07T19:39:09-05:00

Remodeling projects that typically increase home value include kitchen renovations, bathroom upgrades, adding a deck or patio, and improving curb appeal with landscaping. Focus on projects that enhance functionality, improve energy efficiency, and align with the preferences of potential buyers in your area to maximize the return on your investment.

How to pay for home remodeling?2024-02-12T06:36:42-06:00

You can pay for home remodeling through various methods, including cash savings, home equity loans, personal loans, or financing options offered by contractors or home improvement stores. Consider your budget, creditworthiness, and the overall cost of the project when choosing the best payment method for your remodeling needs.

Remodeling a home where to start?2024-05-07T19:40:04-05:00

When remodeling a home, start by identifying your goals and priorities for the project, whether it’s updating the kitchen, adding more space, or enhancing curb appeal. Next, create a realistic budget, assess any structural or functional issues, and prioritize tasks based on their importance and feasibility.

How to hire a designer for your home?2024-02-12T06:35:25-06:00

To hire a designer for your home, start by researching local designers like kitchen remodeling contractors Nashville and reviewing their portfolios to ensure their style aligns with your vision. Schedule consultations with a few designers to discuss your project, assess their expertise, and ask about their process and fees before making a decision.

What does a home designer do?2024-02-12T06:34:48-06:00

A home designer is responsible for creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior designs for residential properties. They work closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences, develop design concepts, produce drawings or blueprints, and coordinate with contractors and other professionals to bring the design to life.

What does a kitchen designer do?2024-02-11T08:54:24-06:00

By measuring the area, discussing preferences and needs, and selecting cabinetry, worktops, appliances, and lighting, a kitchen designer helps customers build effective and attractive kitchen layouts. To ensure the design idea is realized, they may generate 3D drawings or blueprints, liaise with contractors, and monitor the process.

How to plan a kitchen remodel?2024-02-11T08:51:07-06:00

Set a budget and prioritize layout, appliance, and cosmetic modifications when planning a kitchen redesign. To guarantee a seamless makeover, prepare a precise plan that involves hiring contractors, choosing materials, and setting a timeframe for each phase.

How to estimate a kitchen remodel cost?2024-05-07T19:32:12-05:00

Start by choosing your project priorities, such as customization and material quality, to estimate a kitchen makeover cost. To get a complete estimate, study local typical prices for cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances, labor, permits, and design fees.  You can also check out our pricing guide.

How much value does a kitchen remodel add?2024-02-11T08:49:25-06:00

On average, a well-executed kitchen makeover may boost a home’s worth by 10% to 15%, depending on the amount of the renovation, the quality of the materials, and market circumstances. Local real estate trends and buyer preferences are crucial when determining the influence on your home’s worth.

How to pay for kitchen remodel?2024-02-11T08:48:55-06:00

Personal savings, home equity loans, HELOCs, or mortgage refinancing can fund a kitchen redesign. Alternatively, credit cards or personal loans may have higher interest rates and should be carefully considered based on your financial condition.

How long does a kitchen remodel take?2024-02-11T08:48:08-06:00

A modest kitchen redesign takes 6–12 weeks, depending on the scale, materials, and contractor’s timetable. More extensive remodels or structural alterations may take longer, while modest renovations may be finished in 4–6 weeks.

How many egress windows are required in a basement?2024-02-09T09:05:43-06:00

Most building rules say that a basement used for living, like a bedroom or leisure room, must have at least one egress window so people can safely leave in case of an emergency. Local building rules and the planned use of the space determine the exact requirements for egress windows, such as their size and placement.

How much value does a finished basement add?2024-02-09T05:02:47-06:00

Finishing your basement might be worth 50% to 70% more than what you paid to fix it up. However, this can change a lot from person to person.

What is the most expensive part of finishing a basement?2024-02-09T05:02:19-06:00

Usually, the most costly part of finishing a basement is the labor. This can include building, plumbing, electrical work, putting up wallpaper, and adding the finishing touches. Besides that, any unique features or high-end materials, like custom built-ins, luxury floors, or high-end hardware, can add a lot to the total cost.

How long does it take to finish a basement?2024-02-09T05:01:47-06:00

It can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks to finish a basement. However, bigger or more complicated jobs may take longer.

How to finance a bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T05:56:15-06:00

You can pay for a bathroom repair with a home equity loan, a personal loan, a credit card, or even by refinancing your mortgage. The rates and terms of most personal loans are both set and variable. You can borrow against your home’s equity with a HELOC and pay much lower interest rates. Minor remodels can be paid for with credit cards, but at higher interest rates; larger projects can be paid for by refinancing your property and rolling the price of the redesign into your mortgage. Based on your finances and goals, weigh each choice.

How to pay for bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T05:55:37-06:00

You can use your savings, home equity, or a personal loan to pay for a bathroom remodel. Reno projects are funded for certain homeowners through home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) or cash-out refinancing. Think about your needs, your budget, and your goals to determine the best financing choice.

How to hire a contractor for bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T05:55:01-06:00

Read reviews and do some research on local companies before hiring one to renovate your bathroom. Get multiple quotes from contractors and check their references to be sure they are reliable. Verify the contractor’s licensing, insurance, and expertise in bathroom remodel before signing a contract. Make sure to communicate your goals, timeline, and budget to them as well.

What is the most expensive part of a bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T05:52:29-06:00

The most costly part of the budget can end up being the labor expenses for the bathroom renovation. Project expenses might skyrocket if you opt for custom cabinetry, high-end worktops, designer faucets and bathfitters Nashville TN. Keep the makeover inside your budget by carefully planning and budgeting for these expenditures.

Who to hire for bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T05:51:51-06:00

It is possible to have your bathroom rebuilt by a licensed home general contractor. You might need tile installers, electricians, and plumbers, all depending on the scope of the job. Careful evaluation of references, credentials, and previous work is essential for choosing reliable contractors.

Where should you shower while doing a bathroom remodel?2024-02-28T15:38:17-06:00

Consider installing a temporary shower in another bathroom, a neighbor’s or friend’s shower, or a gym or leisure center’s shower during a bathroom repair. Renting a portable shower unit or staying with relatives or friends with a working bathroom are other ways to get showers throughout the remodel. Plan and make plans before the makeover for a smooth transition.

How much does a bathroom remodel increase home value?2024-02-07T05:49:18-06:00

A well-executed rebath Nashville TN may produce a 70-80% ROI, depending on criteria like scope and materials. Adding fixtures, worktops, floors, and lighting can boost ROI, but the home’s condition and neighborhood appeal should also be considered. Your bathroom makeover ROI may be maximized by consulting real estate pros and considering local market circumstances. 

How to plan a bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T06:09:45-06:00

Set clear goals and a reasonable budget for a successful bathroom design Nashville TN. Research and gather design ideas, then analyze the area and build a thorough plan for your goals and budget. To make sure the remodel goes off without a hitch and lives up to your expectations, gather all the necessary permits, professional help, and supplies like bath fitters Nashville, and fittings, set a deadline, and keep a close eye on the process.

How long does it take to remodel a bathroom?2024-02-07T05:33:34-06:00

On average, between two and six weeks is required to complete a bathroom redesign.

How much does it cost to remodel a 5×7 bathroom?2024-02-07T05:47:26-06:00

The usual mid-range bathroom remodel cost Nashville is $7,000 to $15,000. It is possible to spend more than $20,000 on a high-end makeover with high-quality fixtures and finishes.

How long does it take to remodel a master bathroom?2024-02-07T05:46:48-06:00

The amount of time needed to remodel a master bathroom is proportional to the room’s size, the project’s difficulty, the materials required, and the contractors available. It usually takes between four and eight weeks to remodel a master bathroom design Nashville TN.

How long does a full bathroom remodel take?2024-02-07T05:20:13-06:00

A  full bathroom renovation can take four to six weeks to finish. Remember that unforeseen delays might arise during renovation, such as finding difficulties behind walls or material delivery.

How long does a 5×8 bathroom remodel take?2024-02-07T05:19:48-06:00

Changing up the fixtures, tiles, and paint in a 5×8 bathroom renovation Nashville can take about two to three weeks. An additional four to six weeks to the remodeling time may be required for structural alterations, new plumbing, electrical work, or specialized installations.

How much is a master bathroom remodel?2024-02-07T05:43:33-06:00

A $30,000 master Nashville bathroom remodeling makeover is common. Making it a high-end bathroom might easily cost more than $50,000.

How much does a high-end master bathroom remodel cost?2024-02-07T05:42:52-06:00

For a high-end master bathroom renovation, you could expect to spend between $30,000 and $100,000. 

Why do I need to make sure a contractor has workers compensation & liability insurance?2023-11-15T09:24:16-06:00

While your home is being remodeled, you should insure the structure and its contents.  If you don’t, then you could be exposed to certain risks that are out of your control, including fire and weather.

When hiring a remodeling contractor, find out if they have workers compensation insurance and ask to see a copy of the policy. Workers compensation pays for medical and rehabilitation expenses and covers lost wages if the workers sustain injuries on the job.  You should also protect yourself by verifying that whoever is remodeling your home is carrying proper insurance coverage, which Sebring Design Build is happy to provide before starting our projects.

Do you guarantee your work?2017-10-18T09:01:35-05:00

Yes. We have a 5-year warranty on workmanship and a 10-year structural warranty. Our workmanship conforms to the guidelines stated in the NAHB Residential Construction Performance Guidelines.

How do you handle charge orders?2017-10-18T09:02:08-05:00

Any work that will result in an additional cost will be processed through a Charge Order.  We post all Charge Orders to our scheduling software and you provide digital signatures on all items. You will always know where the overall project cost stands. This eliminates the “surprises” at the end of your project and allows you to make sound financially decisions.

Can you tell me about who will be in my home?2024-01-16T10:06:38-06:00

All of our craftsmen are appropriately licensed and insured. We want to make sure that you are totally comfortable with our employees. Each and every craftsman we employ upholds the same values of honesty and integrity as our project managers. We often get compliments from customers about how our team becomes “like a second family” to them during the project.

How do you keep dirt and dust out of other parts of my home?2017-10-18T09:08:57-05:00

Although remodeling can be and often is very dusty and dirty, we take measures to reduce the mess while your project is under construction. We install plastic dust barriers and drop cloths to isolate the construction area as much as possible. We cover any HVAC registers in the work areas. We often incorporate “negative draft” practices to help further reduce the migration of dust to other areas throughout your home. The bottom line is that we are very sensitive about dust control and all of us are very conscientious. We will do what we can to make sure your experience is as pleasant as possible.

Will you provide me with a schedule?2017-10-18T09:09:07-05:00

Yes. We keep receiving compliments on our scheduling system. It is online-based, so you are able to access it at any time, day or night. We even have an app that you can download to login from your smart phone.

How long will my project take to complete?2017-10-18T09:09:28-05:00

Every remodeling or new home project is different. Let’s talk and we’ll try and give you an estimated timeframe.

Do I need to get a Permit for my project?2024-01-16T10:05:56-06:00

Typically, yes. We rarely come across municipalities that don’t require a permit for the larger remodeling projects that we provide such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. If your project is fairly simple, you may not need a permit. Each region is very segmented which means that we deal with many different building departments and the best way to find out is to call and ask your specific city or township building department.  Important note: we take care of getting all the paper work and inspections that are required for your project. Check out this article:

Benefits in Using Permits

Can I select the specific products for the project?2016-03-14T09:47:54-05:00

Yes. We utilize our selection center to help with making key material choices such as cabinetry, tile, countertops & hardwood flooring.  We also partner with local vendors and utilize their showrooms for other product selections.

Will you do our project if we purchase the materials?2016-06-20T08:21:46-05:00

Unfortunately, we do not do projects without providing the products ourselves. We used to do this but have had many issues with products that have come damaged or we aren’t used to installing them. We rely on our partnerships with our vendors to help with damaged products, unique installations, and specialized product information. Check out the article:

When is it your turn to Buy?

When do we receive the drawings for review?2017-10-18T09:10:05-05:00

You receive your project drawings after you sign our proposal or design agreement. For basements, kitchens, and bathrooms; we’ll meet with you during the proposal process to make revisions. Room additions and new home construction require a signed design agreement and required payment to release your drawings.

Can you create the design and drawings for my project?2017-10-18T09:10:19-05:00

It depends. We use CAD software to design projects when working within the original footprint of the house, like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you plan to build a new home or addition, we do have architects that we partner with to help with design and draft all the necessary drawings.

You keep talking about starting with a budget for my project, why?2017-10-18T09:10:35-05:00

We have designed some pretty amazing spaces and we can for your project, but if your budget doesn’t meet those great ideas, we will be wasting both of our time. By starting with a realistic budget, you allow us to design based on both your need and your budget. We have many years of experience, by being candid about your budget it allows us to come up with value driven budget ideas. It’s very normal not to know what a realistic budget should be for your project, let’s talk and we can help you get a better idea what money you should set aside. Check out this Resource:

Remodeling: Cost vs. Value

Do I need to move out of my house during the remodeling?2017-10-18T09:10:51-05:00

Not necessarily, although renovations can get messy and noisy.  Many of our clients choose to live in their home during remodeling, especially if your project is a specific area of your home like kitchens, bathrooms, or basements where the mess can be segmented away from your living space. Our clients find that our team of professional tradesmen are very courteous, but keep in mind that if your project is extensive, it may become more practical for you to temporarily move out. Let’s discuss your specific situation prior to scheduling your project and go from there.

My neighbor’s contractor left before the project was completed, will you stay until it’s completed to my liking?2017-10-18T09:11:05-05:00

Our team is dedicated to reversing many of the preconceived ideas homeowners have about contractors. If we decide to work together, we will do absolutely everything possible to keep your project moving as quickly as possible and ensuring it is to your satisfaction throughout the process. Many of these stories stem from contractors starting too many projects at one time or charging too little up front to get the business, which in turn doesn’t match the scope of work.

Which areas in the Nashville Suburbs do you service?2024-01-16T10:04:40-06:00

We stay within a 30-minute drive of our location in Franklin, Tennessee to ensure our team is able to provide the best service possible.  You can see a detailed map and list of cities we provide our services for at our Areas We Serve page.

Do you accept credit card payments or have financing?2017-10-18T09:11:17-05:00

In order to keep overhead expenses to a minimum, we do not accept credit card payments. We want to make sure we keep costs as low as possible for our customers and accept cash or check.

Should I budget for costs beyond the proposal price?2017-10-18T09:11:28-05:00

This can be a tricky question, but we always advise our customers to set aside additional funds beyond the anticipated cost. Unforeseen issues, including bad framework, outdated wiring, and rotting wood can result in additional costs beyond those outlined in the proposal.  We always try to limit these expenses and predict these problem areas well in advance. However, issues can arise beyond our control that need our immediate attention. No matter what may happen, our team will do everything we can to “make it right”.

Is there a difference between an estimate and a proposal?2017-10-18T09:11:41-05:00

Estimate: This is just that: a rough range of the costs that you’ll incur during your project. It will likely change as the design and your material selections are refined. This gives the client a better sense of how much they should set aside for their project before we move forward to nail down the exact specifications of their project.

Proposal:  This is a detailed price which is typically based on visits to our client’s home. It will include the exact design plans, labor and building material costs, and a detailed project scope.  Our staff and our client’s will both sign off on this proposal before any work takes place.

How do I know that I’ll get quality work at a reasonable price?2017-10-18T09:13:10-05:00

Reputation speaks volumes about any contractor. If you go with a company that has excellent references and satisfied customers, then you’ll likely get a quality end product at a fair price. Ask for a project portfolio and look for examples of their work. Online review sites are key at this point, make sure to look at these before picking up the phone. Do your homework because those sites are your biggest resource when making this decision.  If they don’t have reviews, you  should put them in the same category of a bad review until you can prove different.  Check out the Article:

Avoiding Contractor Scams

Should I get more than one estimate before making a decision?2017-11-14T14:46:09-06:00

Comparing different estimates can certainly help, but judging service, craftsmanship, and customer service can be tough. We always advise homeowners, whether they choose Sebring Design Build or another company, to only hire the contractor that you feel the most comfortable with. Remember, no matter who you choose, these individuals will be in your home on a daily basis, so you must completely trust them. Check the Article:

Making Sense Out Bids

Will you look at a house we are thinking about buying?2017-07-10T14:48:07-05:00

Once you have a signed a contract on a home, we would love to meet with you and do a walk through of the areas you are looking to remodel. Unfortunately after many years of providing these estimates before a home is in contract and closed on, we have found that it is not something we would prefer to do until it owned and in your possession. There are many websites across the web to help get an idea of approximate costs, including our own Pricing Guide page. Give us a call we would love to help you where we can.

When are you available to meet for an appointment?2017-05-16T09:33:15-05:00

We are typically available for in-home meetings from Monday through Thursday during the day with some evening availability. We also set aside time on Friday mornings for appointments as well. We do not set appointments from Friday afternoon through the weekend. We believe that dedicated weekend time with family and friends is important for a healthy personal and work life.  You can go to our contact us page for a free consultation.

Why do you require a phone conversation before we meet?2016-06-13T09:16:08-05:00

We use email and text communication a lot through the process of a project but, we believe the first conversation should be done over the phone. This allows both of us to determine whether or not this is a good fit. There are many projects that don’t fit our company profile and process and we would rather have a conversation first, to make sure not to waste your time with a meeting.

Do you provide a free estimate?2016-09-30T14:11:18-05:00

Yes, our initial consultation is free of charge because we understand that it’s really hard to get an idea of how much your project will cost on your own.  After our first meeting (which typically lasts about 30-45 minutes), we will provide you with a “Budget Estimate”.  This estimate doesn’t get into too many of the small details of your project, but will give you an idea of cost on a high level before going to the next step of the process. The next step is usually signing a design agreement and making all the material selections, before creating a proposal with a detailed scope of work.

Learn More:  Our 7 Step Process