How Much Does Spray Foam Insulation Cost?

If you are wondering how much does spray foam insulation cost, you have come to the right place. In essence, there are many variables that add up to the cost of spray foam insulation. Also, in recent years, development in technology has made spray foam the top insulation available in the market. In this post, we will discuss how much does spray foam insulation cost. First of all, you might be thinking that it's challenging to get a precise figure on the costs to insulate your home without having a surveyor round. Though we cannot blame you since it's [...]

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Water Hero Smart Leak Detection Device For Your Home

EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT CODE: FREESHIP_Sebring Every home should have the best water leak detector. Ultimately, clean water has turned out to be both costly and scarce. As a matter of fact, American homes lose one trillion gallons of water every year because of leaks according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Similarly, this is equal to the yearly consumption of water in more than eleven million homes. Hence, we highly recommend in investing in water leak detection system. Leaks not just waste water, the damage to a home can also be unimaginably costly. In [...]

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18 Closet Door Ideas

You might be more concerned with the contents of your closet than its exterior, but don't rush to dismiss the design potential of your closet. For rooms that could utilize a quick do-over, closet doors are a simple method to make an extraordinary transformation. To demonstrate, below are closet door ideas for bedrooms that you can use as a reference for your next project. Mirrored facades, sliding and bi-fold doors, and curtains are some of unique closet door ideas that are sure to bring your space to the next level. In addition, based on the space available, you can [...]

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30 Outdoor Patio LED & Bistro String Lights Ideas

It is not surprising that outdoor string lights are picking up momentum in patio and outdoor decor. String lights add an illuminated glow that is warm and welcoming – ideal for open-air entertaining on summer evenings. Moreover, they're lightweight, convenient, and simple to hang. Also, there are solar string lights that run without electricity so that you can set the lights anywhere in the patio. Read on for a total rundown of our string lighting ideas for the patio, deck, porch, and beyond. If you can't get over those delightful bistro lights sparkling in an outdoor party you just [...]

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Best Miter Saw Review

If you are on the lookout for the best miter saw, read on to find out what is the best sliding miter saw and who makes the best miter saw. Before you buy a specific saw, you've got to know what to search. Quality is one thing, but the value of different features is another story. The key is the combination of high quality and compelling usefulness. In other words, there's no use in having a costly, high-quality unit in case it doesn't meet your requirements and expectations. We also reveal in this post what is the best 12 [...]

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24 Board and Batten Siding Ideas

Initially used for barn and log-house exteriors, the board and batten style is on its way to taking the modern design world by storm. You can cover the whole exterior of your house with board and batten siding, incorporate board and batten ideas within your interior décor, or even add small accents with board and batten shutters or ceilings. Board and batten siding ideas have transformed itself from convenient, simple, and unimpressive, into modern, timeless, and rustic. Board and batten is considered as a style of paneling that combines vertical planks of wood, known as the board, and [...]

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How To: Acid Stained Concrete Floors

Wondering how to acid stain concrete floors? You’re in the right place! In case you're searching for a reliable, high impact flooring choice that won't completely break the bank, consider a do-it-yourself acid staining project. Muriatic acid, which is available in an assortment of colors, penetrates concrete and responds to the lime deposits, staining the surface and giving a one of a kind dappled swirly finish. No two acid-stained floors look the same! Even a beginner can do the whole process, so you don’t have to worry about how to acid stain concrete floors. Depending on the amount [...]

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Best Cordless Circular Saw Review

Unlike a standard saw, the best cordless circular saw has the ability to cut with precision and cleanliness. If you are in search for the best cordless circular saw 2019, we are happy to help! A cordless circular saw is ideal for woodworkers who require a dependable tool that can perform different kinds of tasks. The equipment is not just for professionals, but a lot of homeowners who love to DIY can benefit from having this machine at home. We know you have lots of questions before making that buying decision. What's the best cordless mini circular saw? [...]

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4 Glass Countertop Ideas For Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Remodel

Glass kitchen countertops may not be the most traditional styles around, but they have certainly taken off in the home remodeling industry. If you are looking for something to bring a touch of class and uniqueness to your kitchen, why not go for full elegance and invest in a glass piece to last you a lifetime? There are many benefits to glass countertops, and homeowners throughout the generations have been drawn to their pristine beauty and precise cuts. There are many different types of glass countertops available to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites; these popular glass [...]

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ZipWall® Dust Barrier System Review & Setup Guide

ZipWall®  has some of the best products for plastic sheeting and dust protection including a range of materials and kits. ZipWall® is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive dust barrier systems for all types of renovation or construction projects. For the past 20 years, ZipWall® has been creating a variety of dust barrier products and sheathing systems that have streamlined efficiency on the construction site. Installing a dust barrier is integral to many interior construction projects, especially when working in residential or active commercial areas. Having a temporary wall made of plastic sheeting is the best way to keep the dust [...]