31 Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Featured Image: Phase II, Inc. We are ready to bet that you spend most of your time in your bedroom than any other room in your house. However, it is usually tricky to enhance and remodel a master bedroom. This calm, structured getaway will help you sleep without sacrificing your style and vision. If you want to create the master bedroom of your dreams, you're in luck! Check out these 31 master bedroom ideas and get inspired! UNEXPECTED CHARACTER Mary Hannah Interiors The mix of gray colors, wood accents, and white sheets makes [...]

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39 Carport Design Ideas

Featured Image: ZHAC What is a carport? Why is it a suitable solution for your needs? We will break down everything you have to learn about these versatile and useful structures. Brace yourself as we check out 39 of the most fantastic carport builds chosen by our design team. Below, you should also learn what a carport is, the difference between a carport and a garage, and how to build an inexpensive carport. HAWAIIAN DETACHED H-1 Construction, LLC Large contemporary detached garage with wood fencing. ELEGANT SHOWROOM Michels Homes An [...]

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31 Farmhouse Chandelier Light Fixtures Ideas

Featured Image: Brad Moore Builders, LLC Farmhouse design is a charming decor style that is chic and cozy. A lot of people choose this style because of its laid back feel and unpretentious vibe. Whether you want the farmhouse style for the whole house or just like a little bit of it here and there, a farmhouse lighting is something worth considering. You will see how one piece of decor can ultimately affect the total look of the house. Today, let's take a look at these 31 farmhouse chandelier light ideas and see if you find something that will [...]

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61 Modern Luxury Bathroom Design Ideas

Featured Image: Tate Studio Architects We spend considerable time in our bathrooms. Therefore, it is just appropriate that we should make them into a simply beautiful place. Unique bathtubs, stylish vanity units, and modern toilet models are available in all sizes and shapes, to match budgets and spaces, both small and large. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and make it more modern and luxurious, you are in the right place! Check out our 61 modern luxury bathroom design ideas and images that will surely make your bathroom drool-worthy. MARBLED Hays [...]

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31 Accent Wall Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Homes of Distinction, Inc. Does the thought of dazzling paint all over your home scare you to your very core? Does wild wallpaper make you feel claustrophobic at the mere mention of it? It is time to change all of that with the humble accent wall. Accent walls can change the feel of the home for the better. To learn more about how you can efficiently use this strategy for your home, check out these 31 accent wall decor ideas and images. TEENY Actual Architecture Company The transition from white wall [...]

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31 Hallway Lighting Design Ideas

Featured Image: David Bader Photography Mixing up hallway lighting design ideas is crucial to getting this particular area right. We have to admit the fact that hallways are often neglected when it comes to decorating a house. We want to change that so that you can experience the glorious effect lighting offers to your hallway. Upon seeing our 31 hallway lighting design ideas, you will know how good lighting could brighten even your house's tiniest room. DISTINCT Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling Custom hallway with an intricate rug, light wood flooring, and [...]

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31 Backyard Brick Patio Design Ideas

Featured Image: Casa Smith Designs, LLC When you add a patio, your living room is automatically extended. It could be an outdoor room, a cooking area, a dining area, or maybe a private terrace. After you have determined the patio's size and spot, you will have to decide which paving material to work with. Brick is a versatile patio material and is highly favored among homeowners.  Today, let's explore it more as we discuss this popular patio surfacing material. You should also check out our 31 backyard brick patio design ideas and see if you like something you can [...]

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31 Flagstone Walkway Design Ideas

Featured Image: Waterman & Sun Entrances are the very first portion of the landscape that your visitors see. Thus, your walkway and yard should evoke a warm and inviting feeling. One method to obtain this is by placing appealing flagstone pathways. Developing a walkway or path from a flagstone is a favorite option for a lot of homeowners. With the unique natural materials and unlimited style choices, no two elements ever look the same. Check out these 31 flagstone walkway design ideas to see how this gorgeous addition can change the way your yard looks. [...]

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47 House Siding Design Ideas

Featured Image: Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd Siding provides you with an excellent way to add definition and color to your home. You will find plenty of choices nowadays to help you develop the perfect façade, and you wish to select very carefully. While aesthetics are usually important, you additionally want to think about the material's longevity, the capability to withstand water, versatility, and ease of installation. Below, we will discuss the things you need to consider when choosing your house siding. In addition, we have curated 47 house siding options, design ideas, and images to help you get going. [...]

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69 Outdoor Kitchen & Bar Ideas

Featured Image: K&N Sales If you've got a lovely backyard space, then it only fits you utilize it! Check out all of the methods you can revamp and include some extra fun. You will have additional reasons to spend more time outdoors with these fantastic 69 outdoor bar ideas. We're sure you will want to build your own after you see these photos.  ORDER IS UP Dutton Architects Inc. Awning style window opens up the interior kitchen to the outside for quick snacks by the pool. BACKYARD RETREAT SINGLEPOINT DESIGN [...]

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