Kitchen Appliance Trends That You Can’t Miss

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These stainless steel appliances stand out and create contrast in all-white cabinets.

The importance of a happy kitchen can’t be stressed enough. When it comes to home remodeling and updates, the kitchen tends to be the most popular spot for these plans. It’s not uncommon for people to upgrade their kitchens before they look to upgrade any other part of the home. The kitchen is an important source of food, comfort, family, and togetherness. Often, families enjoy spending time preparing a meal together or simply sitting at the dining table and going over the tasks of the day.

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to take a look at what the kitchen means to you. The newest trends allow for more connection with technology, as well as an alternative to some traditional cooking methods which may inspire you towards a healthier and more productive lifestyle. So, if you’re into technology, there are a lot of new Bluetooth features to be on the lookout for as well.

In 2024, the latest appliance trends will give you a glimpse of what the future can truly hold. From new ways to keep your home smart, to devices that simplify everyday tasks, just look and see what is in store for your kitchen this new year. Let us know what your favorite trends are!

Trend #1. On the Rise: Steam Ovens

Kitchen Appliance Trends

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Elegant and sophisticated kitchen with dark appliances.

Starting off this list is something that is truly up and coming. Our experts have noticed that one of the fastest-growing trends in the kitchen appliance world is the rise of steam ovens, something that will really be showing its face more often from now on.

Steam is a versatile fork of heat, helping you to both power and sanitize your world. Steam ovens are used as a healthy method of cooking that can grant you squeaky-clean results. And if you’re looking for something that doesn’t sacrifice heat for health, try a convection steam oven.

Trend #2. The Fridge Revolution

Kitchen Appliance Trends


The sleek refrigerator blends well with the custom cabinets.

Refrigerators are getting a huge upgrade in 2024. This is probably one of the biggest all-around style and utility changes in the entire kitchen. Refrigerators are about to become versatile and doubly functional.

First, let’s talk about color. Glass panels for drawers and doors are the thing to expect in 2024. Next, there will be a combination of food zones which compartmentalize the different types of food you wish to store. Some food zones will be flexible, while others are specific to a certain ingredient. 

You can also expect that refrigerators will make handles a thing of the past. Incorporation with smart technology will give refrigerators an auto assist feature to streamline your kitchen processes. Manufacturers are also elevating the ice makers in the refrigerator, so that it filters the water (for the ice) as well. Others have changed the shape of the cube to spherical to attract the connoisseur of craft cocktail drinkers. 

Trend #3: High-Tech Microwaves

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High-Tech Microwaves have ushered in a new era of convenience and precision in the kitchen.

Equipped with voice-controlled capabilities, these cutting-edge appliances redefine the cooking experience. Through seamless verbal commands, users can effortlessly set heating times and power levels, allowing for hands-free operation. Moreover, the inclusion of barcode scanning technology elevates efficiency, as these microwaves can intelligently recognize packaged food items and automatically determine the optimal heating duration and power settings, streamlining the cooking process like never before. This amalgamation of intuitive controls and automated adjustments heralds a paradigm shift in microwave technology, catering to the demands of modern households seeking both ease of use and enhanced functionality in their culinary appliances.

These high-tech marvels represent a fusion of innovation and practicality, revolutionizing the way we approach meal preparation. With voice-controlled functionalities, users can operate the microwave with unparalleled ease, freeing up their hands for other tasks while ensuring precise heating. The integration of barcode scanning adds a layer of sophistication, enabling these appliances to decipher the optimal cooking parameters for various packaged foods, saving time and guesswork.

This synergy of intelligent features not only simplifies daily cooking routines but also underscores the adaptability of technology to seamlessly integrate into our lives, offering a glimpse into the future of kitchen appliances that prioritize efficiency and user convenience.

Trend #4: Water Saving Dishwasher

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The emergence of the Water Saving Dishwasher represents a significant stride in environmentally conscious home appliances.

This innovative trend in dishwashing technology focuses on reducing water consumption without compromising on cleaning efficiency. Employing advanced sensors and optimized washing cycles, these dishwashers utilize minimal water while still effectively cleaning dishes, pots, and utensils. By employing innovative techniques such as targeted spray patterns and improved filtration systems, these appliances maximize cleaning power while conserving water, aligning with the growing global emphasis on sustainability and resource conservation in everyday household tasks.

These Water Saving Dishwashers not only align with eco-friendly initiatives but also offer practical benefits to consumers. By intelligently managing water usage without sacrificing cleaning performance, they cater to environmentally conscious individuals seeking to reduce their ecological footprint. Moreover, the incorporation of energy-efficient features complements their water-saving capabilities, resulting in a holistic approach to sustainability in kitchen appliances. This trend underscores a shift in consumer preferences, emphasizing the importance of eco-friendly innovations that deliver both functionality and responsible resource utilization in the home.

Trend #5: iDevice Kitchen Thermometer


The iDevice Kitchen Thermometer embodies the fusion of culinary precision and smart technology, revolutionizing the cooking experience.

This innovative kitchen gadget syncs seamlessly with smartphones and tablets, providing real-time temperature readings and alerts for various dishes being prepared. With multiple probes for monitoring different foods simultaneously, users can conveniently track cooking temperatures remotely through dedicated apps.

The wireless connectivity allows for freedom of movement while ensuring accurate monitoring, enabling chefs of all levels to achieve perfect doneness with ease. Additionally, customizable temperature settings and programmable alarms empower users to tailor their cooking process according to their preferences, making this thermometer a must-have tool for those seeking convenience and accuracy in the kitchen.

This trend in kitchen technology not only simplifies cooking processes but also promotes precision and consistency in achieving desired culinary outcomes. The iDevice Kitchen Thermometer’s integration of smart features brings forth a new era of cooking where individuals can multitask while keeping a vigilant eye on their dishes’ temperatures. Its user-friendly interface and compatibility with mobile devices cater to modern lifestyles, allowing users to effortlessly create restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of their homes. As technology continues to intersect with culinary arts, this appliance exemplifies how smart devices can elevate cooking proficiency and empower home cooks to master the art of temperature-controlled cooking.

Trend #6: Faucets With Temperature Control And Flow Control

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The latest trend in kitchen and bathroom fixtures revolves around faucets equipped with advanced temperature and flow control features, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

These innovative faucets integrate cutting-edge technology to provide precise control over both water temperature and flow rate. Users can easily adjust water temperature to their desired level, ensuring comfort and safety, while the flow control functionality allows for customized water flow, conserving water without compromising on usability. With sleek designs and intuitive interfaces, these faucets bring a touch of modernity to homes while promoting sustainability by encouraging responsible water usage.

The faucets with Temperature Control and Flow Control not only offer enhanced functionality but also contribute to eco-conscious living. By allowing users to fine-tune water temperature and regulate flow rates according to specific needs, these fixtures facilitate water conservation efforts in households. The incorporation of smart technology in these faucets not only elevates convenience but also aligns with the growing emphasis on sustainable living practices, making them an appealing choice for homeowners seeking both sophistication and environmental responsibility in their everyday routines.

Trend #7: Paneled Appliances

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The rise of paneled appliances marks a significant shift in kitchen design, offering a seamless and integrated aesthetic for modern homes.

These appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens, feature panels that match cabinetry or blend into the kitchen’s overall decor, creating a cohesive and streamlined look. The customizable nature of these panels allows homeowners to personalize their kitchen space, whether they prefer a minimalist monochrome style or a design that harmonizes with intricate cabinetry details. Paneled appliances contribute to a sense of continuity in the kitchen layout, minimizing visual clutter and emphasizing a cohesive, sophisticated appearance that complements various interior design schemes.

This trend in kitchen design represents a departure from traditional stainless steel appliances, catering to homeowners seeking a more harmonious and integrated look in their living spaces. The ability to conceal appliances behind panels helps achieve a more cohesive and elegant aesthetic, making the kitchen feel more like a seamless extension of the overall home design. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, paneled appliances offer a level of customization that allows homeowners to express their personal style while maintaining a clean and uniform appearance throughout the kitchen, thus transforming these functional devices into design elements that contribute to the overall ambiance of the space.

Trend #8: Colored Appliances That Adds Personality

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The emergence of colored appliances signifies a departure from the conventional stainless steel or white appliances, introducing a vibrant and personalized touch to kitchen aesthetics.

These appliances, ranging from refrigerators and ovens to mixers and toasters, come in a diverse array of hues, allowing homeowners to infuse their kitchen spaces with personality and style. Whether it’s a bold red, calming blue, or sophisticated black, these colored appliances serve as focal points or accent pieces, adding a splash of vibrancy and character to the kitchen decor. Beyond their functionality, these appliances double as design elements, offering a unique opportunity for homeowners to express their individuality and complement their interior design scheme with a pop of color.

The trend of colored appliances represents a shift towards more expressive and personalized kitchen spaces. Homeowners now have the freedom to break away from conventional neutrals and incorporate appliances that serve as statement pieces, contributing to a more inviting and visually appealing culinary environment. By offering a broad spectrum of color options, appliance manufacturers cater to diverse tastes and preferences, empowering individuals to infuse their kitchens with a sense of warmth, creativity, and personal flair, thereby transforming these everyday items into distinctive elements that reflect the homeowner’s unique style.

Trend #9: Under Counter Beverage Coolers And Ice Makers In The Kitchen


Under counter beverage coolers and ice makers are revolutionizing the modern kitchen by providing convenience and enhancing entertainment spaces.

These appliances are designed to fit seamlessly beneath countertops, optimizing space utilization while offering easy access to chilled beverages and ice. The beverage coolers are equipped with adjustable temperature settings, providing an ideal environment for storing various drinks, from sodas and wines to craft beers and water bottles, ensuring they are readily available for family gatherings or impromptu celebrations.

Simultaneously, the accompanying ice makers produce ice efficiently, eliminating the need for bulky trays or inconvenient store-bought bags, catering to the demands of busy households or hosts who frequently entertain guests. This trend not only elevates the functionality of kitchen spaces but also contributes to creating a more hospitable and enjoyable environment for socializing. The integration of under counter beverage coolers and ice makers represents a paradigm shift in kitchen appliance design, focusing on accessibility and lifestyle convenience.

By placing these units conveniently within reach, homeowners can transform their kitchens into entertainment hubs, offering guests easy access to refreshing beverages and ice for cocktails or cold drinks. Furthermore, the sleek and compact design of these appliances adds a touch of sophistication to the kitchen, complementing contemporary interior designs while prioritizing practicality and enhancing the overall hospitality experience within the home.

Trend #10: Make Your Hood A Design Feature

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The contemporary trend of turning hoods into design features within the kitchen showcases an evolution in both functionality and aesthetics.

Hood appliances, traditionally known for their utilitarian role in extracting cooking fumes and odors, are now being transformed into stylish focal points. Modern hoods are available in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose designs that complement their kitchen decor. Some feature sleek stainless steel finishes for a minimalist look, while others offer customizable options such as wood paneling or bold colors, seamlessly blending with cabinetry or standing out as a striking design element. This shift towards making hoods a design feature emphasizes their dual purpose—to efficiently clear the air during cooking activities while also contributing to the overall visual appeal of the kitchen space.

The trend of making hoods a design feature reflects a conscious effort to merge practicality with aesthetics in kitchen design. Homeowners are increasingly seeking hoods that not only serve their functional purpose but also add flair and personality to the kitchen environment. By treating hoods as design elements, manufacturers are providing a diverse range of options to cater to different interior design styles, allowing individuals to personalize their kitchens and create cohesive, visually appealing spaces. As a result, hoods are no longer just functional necessities but are evolving into eye-catching accents that enhance the overall ambiance of the kitchen.

Trend #11: Sparkling Water Canister

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The introduction of sparkling water canisters represents a burgeoning trend in home appliances, offering an easy and convenient way to enjoy effervescent beverages at home.

These canisters, often compatible with specialized appliances, infuse regular tap water with carbonation, allowing users to create their sparkling beverages on demand. With varying levels of carbonation intensity, users have the flexibility to tailor their drinks to their preferred fizziness, providing an enjoyable and customizable experience.

These canisters typically utilize refillable CO2 cartridges or tanks, making them not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective over time compared to purchasing bottled sparkling water. As a testament to the growing demand for healthier alternatives to sugary drinks, these canisters offer an enticing solution, promoting hydration while giving individuals the freedom to enjoy refreshing sparkling water at their convenience. The trend of sparkling water canisters embodies a shift towards healthier beverage choices and sustainability in household appliances. By offering the capability to create sparkling water at home, these canisters reduce the reliance on single-use plastic bottles and contribute to a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Additionally, the convenience and versatility they provide empower users to craft a wide array of carbonated beverages, from flavored sparkling waters to homemade sodas or cocktails, catering to diverse tastes and encouraging creative experimentation in the comfort of one’s kitchen. As consumers prioritize health-conscious decisions and environmental sustainability, sparkling water canisters emerge as an innovative and practical addition to modern households seeking both convenience and mindful consumption.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends & Styles Of The New Year!

From smartphones to smart refrigerators, there are more ways than ever to stay connected to your kitchen. 2024 will bring about a fresh new wave of tech-based trends, including a built-in vacuum sealer and the ability to control your stovetop without ever needing to turn a knob.

If you’re excited about staying connected over Wi-Fi, you can look forward to several new trends that allow you to hook everything up and sync with your smartphone. Many of the large appliance manufacturers, like GE and Whirlpool, are making it easier than ever to keep everything hooked up so you can access it wirelessly. These devices are built not to make average Americans more lazy, but to add ease and efficiency to the overall kitchen cooking experience.

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the cornerstone of family, togetherness, communication, and function. It’s also often one of the most popular spots to host guests. So, when it comes to new remodeling projects for the new year, you likely will choose the kitchen first. If you are looking for more inspiration or assistance with starting your remodeling project, you can check out our FREE guide, remodeling 101, for extra tips and strategies.

What trend are you looking forward to the most this year? Tell us in the comments below what this year means to you!