35 Sunroom & Screened Porch Design Ideas

If you like being outdoors and basking in the sunshine, you want a sunroom in your daily life. Flooded with a lot of natural light, their whole purpose is inspiring daydreams and relaxation. If you are fortunate enough to currently have an area inside your house where natural sunshine floods the whole room (or in case you are thinking about an expansion in the near future), we have highlighted 35 sunroom ideas and screened porch design ideas below to help you with your project. Ranging from comfortable reading nooks hugging windows to party-ready screen-in porches and everything in [...]

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37 Stone Fireplace Ideas

It has always been fascinating when people cozy up in a stone fireplace in their living rooms. Having this installed in your modern farmhouse living areas will involve a huge ton of planning and actual work but all the efforts will be worth it once this renovation has been carried out. Whether this fireplace will be big or small, this will be a noticeable change when you walk into your room. So you better pick the right material that will make this standout feature worth it. There are various materials that you can choose from but using natural [...]

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17 Yellow Living Room Decor Ideas

A refreshing yellow living room will be the perfect project if you want to stir the current mood in one of the most important areas of your house. Experimenting on the color palettes for your home will create a drastic change in the atmosphere and probably will be the change that you were looking for. Living in yellow rooms or even just having pieces of furniture and accents which have a similar tone affects your mood greatly. Remodeling your living area once you get tired of its monotonous color scheme will be a welcomed change that everyone needs [...]

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39 Basement Ceiling Design Ideas

Now that basement remodeling projects are becoming more common, basement ceiling ideas are becoming more innovative and grand. A number of updates on your basement will actually turn it into a magnificent room that everyone in the family will come to love. One of the most common hitch when doing this project is not knowing what to do with the ceiling. Aside from the walls and flooring, your basement ceiling also plays a big part in enhancing the aesthetics of your interior plan. Creating an extra room out of your basement that will help the family to get [...]

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29 Unfinished Basement Design Ideas

Most design inspirations that present unfinished basement ideas are seldom hard to follow through because of the external conditions involved in the basement. Planning for a remodeling project of your basement will somehow make you face issues like the existing pipes in the ceiling, moisture on walls, and even mold on hidden areas. You might even find yourself giving up while in the middle of doing the project because of other issues that will arise. In the event that you have a hard time finishing up the whole plan, stopping midway and creating the most of what you [...]

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27 Indoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

It is every basketball fan’s dream to get an indoor basketball court within a walking distance from their home. But the situation will be even better if you are able to get it inside your own home. If you are planning to enjoy playing basketball indoors, it will be best to determine the available locations where you can actually build it.   Most homeowners who decide to have an indoor court usually are faced with the problem of determining if they have the right space for it. Original basketball court dimensions are too wide for most homeowners, so in [...]

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27 Outdoor Home Basketball Court Ideas

Wanting to have a fun game in your backyard basketball court sounds like an exciting activity that you can enjoy. However, before you actually do this recreation, you first need to face the problem of how you can have your own backyard court. It might not be as wide as what we see in the NBA stadiums but a half-court basketball dimension for a backyard would just be as perfect. Installing and deciding to DIY a backyard basketball court will be challenging. There are a lot of things that you need to consider since this is a potential [...]

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91 Eccentric Electric & Gas Fireplace Ideas

Linear fireplaces are popular additions to both residential and commercial buildings. They can add a variety of new styles and designs, while providing that same familiar warmth and comfort that all humans crave. There’s something satisfying about a linear fireplace providing a beautiful and cozying fire to complete the look of any living room or office building lobby. This trending fireplace addition has been making headway in many different forms of interior design and decor. But, what exactly is a linear fireplace? What different types of linear fireplaces are there? Can they come in both gas and electric [...]

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13 Top Paint Color Trends For 2020

Sebring Design Build As anyone with home remodeling experience may know, the design and rebuilding industry is ever changing . New tastes and trends evolve rapidly and are often reinvigorated from the fashion ideas of decades past. No matter what the inspiration is, it’s clear that each new year brings with it a breath of fresh air, along with a palette of bold new paint colors. People are always looking for new ideas for home office paint colors, or even for the best hallway paint colors. If you’re redesigning one single room or the entire house, you will [...]

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51 Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

Sebring Design Build If you have been keeping up with the latest trends and styles, you may have become familiar with waterfall edge countertops in the past few years. Any homeowner or fan of home design trends will love the infinite appeal of these special countertops, as they offer more and more in both luxury and affordability. Increased visual appeal, easy installation, and sophistication make waterfall countertop edges one of the most popular countertop finishes available on the interior decorating market today. There are a few things you should learn about these great decor pieces before making [...]

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