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Nothing says effortless, cool, and comfortable maintenance than an industrial-style living room. Inject prim and proper detailing, comfy couches, and lovely light fixtures into a room lined in concrete—light a fire at your living room’s center, housed in copper and glass. Design your industrial style interior with the following 43 industrial rustic living room ideas.


The Suite Shoppe Interiors

Simple and cozy industrial living room with different unique rustic fixtures.


Danna B Interiors, LLC

With the right fixtures and ambiance, this large living room is perfect for fun gatherings.


lisa schmitz interior design

All the antique fixtures and the tree branch gives a nostalgic feeling.


KUBE architecture

Elegant, modern, and rustic at the same time, with all the right elements.


MaRae Simone Interiors, LLC

With the impressive paintings and sculptures, this living room looks like a piece of art.


InUnison Design, Inc.

An elegant industrial living with a lovely fireplace and perfect view from the outside.


Joel Contreras

A fresh and warm looking industrial living room with a tiny reading nook above.


Urban Wall Design & Barn Doors

This rustic industrial living room looks airy and fresh with a cute white color barn door.



Spacious and clean industrial living room with minimal decor.


Yvette West

The massive old fireplace will make you go back in time.

Decorating Ideas For Industrial Living Room

The following are some industrial living room ideas you can take inspiration from. You can make the most of concrete wall space by using slate and wood. An apartment with plenty of textures can keep it simple by only using gray, black, green, and brown in its color palette. Let some lights and a wooden runway guide the way into the room. Create a deep and excellent industrial home decor mood. If you have a wooden bookcase, you can place a soft brown L sofa to provide a place to sit that matches your bookcase. Are you lucky enough to reside in a loft? Use its high factory windows to maximum effect. Unfinished concrete walls and wooden floors provide an industrial canvas for bold, modern-day ottomans, sleek grey booth chairs, and an eclectic dining table. 

Do you have a ceiling that stretches two floors? Make the windows a bit wider, have the concrete bolted, and the rails made of iron, and you’ve got yourself a winning industrial living room. Industrial areas do not need to be separate. You can utilize glass, steel, and polished wood in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom to create the vibe of industrial modern style. Take inspiration from a living room that keeps it clean and sophisticated in gray, terracotta, and light wooden hues. Also, give your living room an artsy look. One industrial design idea is to have a criss-cross wooden floor with various art deco objects, all under a concrete ceiling and snaking extractor fans. Have a fireplace in the middle of your living room. Utilize gray and brown wood with a sprinkling of brick to house a creative industrial modern fireplace. Are you living in an abandoned factory? Make the most out of your space by combining the industrial and corporate style. 

Industrial is in trend because of its peculiar look; it is easy to create and very inexpensive. Mixing this particular design with touches of other styles can help to personalize the area as you like. For instance, industrial furniture and brick walls stand out in black and white minimalist color scheme; you can help make it softer with rustic details, such as fluffy pillows or industrial rugs. Industrial living rooms with retro or mid-century touches look breathtaking! Do not hesitate to bring some colors to an industrial living room; adventurous or neon accents will show it to benefit and make it more fun. You will find two primary ways to produce industrial decor inside your living room. The first one is to choose industrial walls, flooring surfaces, ceilings, and wall artworks or fill in your space with industrial furniture and accessories.



The single brown couch and the green plant wall give a lovely contrast of color.


BCA Architecture and Design

This industrial living room looks fabulous even with mismatched fixtures.


Aker Interiors

A booklover only needs a white and a brown couch with 10-foot tall bookshelves full of books!



Such a fun and lively colors for this living room!

Industrial Interior Design

The simplest way to recreate an industrial living room is to decorate your floor, ceilings, and walls with an industrial feel. You may go for a brick wall structure of different shades, from whitewashed to red, and you might cover all of the wall space or make one statement wall. Do you have no chance to clad the wall with a real brick? Utilize some faux brick panels, and they look completely natural. The rough stone is also acceptable, but it is less industrial. Concrete is another excellent idea for an industrial style living room. You may go for walls, ceilings, and floors. Metal coverings on the walls are also a cool and statement idea to incorporate an industrial look into your living room. Even if you skip industrial walls and floors, you can still quickly achieve an industrial feel by utilizing industrial accessories and furniture. Number one is leather furniture. You can place an industrial couch and chairs into your living room that add texture and bring an industrial touch to the room. The next one is to put some retro-looking wood and steel coffee tables on casters or wheels. The last one is to decorate the room with retro metal floor and table lamps; you can also try to hang lights in clusters. Proceed with piping shelving, retro artworks, and industrial metal tools.

Industrial interior design has been popular lately. More and more individuals are striving to create fashionable, modern spaces that are not overly cool. This stylistic decorating approach provides an appealing cozy, and charming look of older aesthetics and a touch of contemporary sleekness. Industrial design with loft apartments, huge windows, and exposed brick can sometimes intimidate many individuals. It may seem like it’s impossible to pull the look off without the correct architecture. Thankfully, with a couple of thorough interior decor choices and with the help of plenty of industrial decor ideas available, this stylish and sleek look is well within reach in plenty of spaces.

What is industrial interior design? Before jumping into how you can create an industrial-style space, it is valuable to recognize industrial interiors’ core ideas. Usually, it includes bare metals, wood, and exposed bricks. It typically has some upcycled or salvaged materials too. The industrial look is pleasingly bold due to its blend of time-worn, weathered, and exposed materials together with modern minimalism’s sleekness. The hues tend toward fairly neutral, including plenty of grays, cast metal, and exposed natural wood.


Walls and Floors

Wood and bricks look good together for this room.


Atreum Construction Services

A dark industrial living room that creates a sense of luxury.


Sitzer Spuria Studios

A living room with a relaxing warehouse vibe.



You cannot go wrong for a living room in white and gray.


Shift Property Styling

A touch of a contrasting color can make a big difference.


Mitch Rolsky, City Homes & Lifestyle at KW

A light, bright, and clean industrial living room.

Creating An Industrial Living Room

Among the fantastic benefits of industrial design is that it can be very versatile. The color palette is simple to work with and can be incorporated in plenty of spaces. Nevertheless, the challenge originates from the minimalism aspect. When you’ve got less to work with, you have to make more precise design decisions. Keep your interiors open. Many themes of the industrial aesthetic come from the natural style of old warehouse lofts. These spaces are usually relatively open, frequently featuring high ceilings. It is not easy to modify the bare bones of the room you’re designing. But if you can open up the ceiling and expose several rafters, pipes, and ducts, that may be an excellent enhancement for the room. Nevertheless, it is not always practical or even doable.

Nonetheless, you can build an open, flowing floor plan to provide the space with an industrial feel. Avoid significant obstructions to the room. If possible, think about removing some walls that could be closing things in. For load-bearing walls, think about removing them and having them replaced with metal supports. Again, this may not always be a choice, but such efforts can go quite a distance for your room’s interior design. Go for neutral colors. Brown, gray, and earth tones are significant shades in industrial design. This particular color palette is driven by the wood and metal frequently found in old industrial areas. Preferably, these colors should come from the natural or lightly finished shades of the materials utilized in your furniture. 

Most individuals wouldn’t want to sit on a cast-iron couch. You can use upholstery for the seating but try to stick with the neutral color palette. If you find your colors getting a bit too drab, consider adding some bright white on the walls or built-in furnishings. For the flooring, hardwood with a big, modern-day rug works wonders. Search for decorative pieces in neutral tones. A gray or beige color couch, for instance, generally is most effective with industrial design. Moreover, the design must not be too bold. While a single flat color might be way too dull, think about a gentle, subtle pattern. Go naked with your materials; however, don’t go crazy. For industrial style, bare is a perfect choice. Among the key themes of the industrial style is the exposed inner workings of a structure.


Valentina’s Atelier

A simple and homey industrial living room with a concrete ceiling.


Heather Alyce Interior Design & Home Staging

White couches always blend in various fixtures.


Studio One-Off Architecture & Design

Bright colors make your industrial living room appear lively and entertaining.


Sitzer Spuria Studios

The exposed brick wall with writings adds character to this living room.


Reiko Feng Shui Design

Add a fun feature to your industrial rustic living room with a hanging seat.


Canyon Design Build

A relaxing and cozy living room with a stunning hilltop view.


Jeff King & Company

For a simplistic and timeless look, add fewer colors and more detail.


Chi Renovation & Design

A unique way to place your fireplace in the middle.


Emerick Architects

Simple and elegant white couches with a relaxing ambiance.


Threshold Interiors nyc

Two metal chairs, colorful cushions, & plants in the center table.


Haven Design Studio

A creative way to place a suitcase on a centered table.


ASD Interiors

Hanging canoe on the ceiling of your living room? Why not?


Les Collections Dubreuil

A simple black and white industrial modern living room.


蘆田 暢人|Ashida Architect & Associates

Potted plants always give a warm and fresh feeling, and it heightens the features of this room.


Set To Sell, LLC

Get a traditional chick look with white curtains and black trim window.


Lawrence Architecture

This eye-catching industrial living with breathtaking open window looks stunning & luxurious.


Robeson Design

A high ceiling with exposed tube for this living room in Denver.


NurtureSource Designs

This living room in San Francisco looks like an exhibit show.


Jen Chu Design

A unique and colorful living room with a hanging bicycle and vintage suitcase as wall decor.


Jodi Gillespie Interior Design

The center table with a wheel has a stylish impression on the overall design of this living room.


Jane Kim Design

This living room has a smart way to put all the decor on one side.


Ernesto Santalla PLLC

A living room with a touch of artistry and style.

Making The Most Of Your Industrial Living Room

In the same way that metal supports and open rafters add to the design, exposed metal supports on furniture help with the aesthetic. Similarly, gently finished woods are fantastic for this visual. The goal when deciding on an industrial rug and furniture is to see what you can strip away. Instead of wholly upholstered armchairs, pick one with exposed wood arms and supports. Be careful about comfort. The challenge of minimalist design is to ensure that the room is still usable after you have removed most of the extras. As cool as upcycled pipes might look like a seat, they most likely are not too comfortable to sit down on. You can always utilize the more extreme industrial look for tables, shelving, and other furniture items wherein comfort is much less concerned. Your accessories and art provide a chance to be hostile with the industrial look. Salvaged industrial design items and elements can make an impression as decorative pieces. Consider more abstract items matching the color pallet of the room for wall art. Start to explore and design. Among the best qualities of industrial design is the opportunity for versatility. You can dive right in and find out what works for your room. 

Living room styles dictate much of what the room will look like. Why is it necessary to have a gorgeous looking living room? Can it be because it is where we often accommodate our guests, accept visitors, or spend some quality time talking with our family? The following are some of the top living room styles.  Art deco came about in the 1920s and featured bright colors and geometric shapes. Turquoise and lime green are a dynamic duo that invigorates the area with energy and color, another art deco design trait. Ornate details, color, and clean lines make up the Asian design style. You can feature an elaborate floral wallpaper, an abundance of color, and simple furnishings to bring an Asian-flair into the living room. The bohemian style combines patterns, colors, and textures to produce a one-of-a-kind look. You can take inspiration from a living room with gorgeous wall tapestry, featuring burgundy and fuchsia, which sets a bright colored backdrop for the mix of rich hues and patterns. The coastal design style features light, bright colors that copy the outdoor surroundings. Natural and woven materials that add textures are often seen in coastal style spaces. The contemporary style focuses on clean lines combined with cohesive colors and patterns. If you’d like to have a contemporary style living room, you can add some streamlined furniture and oversized colorful artwork into the room. 

An industrial style combines metal and a darker palette to produce a rugged aesthetic. To achieve an urban look in your space, combine assorted metals with exposed dark colors and beams. Rustic designs highlight natural finishes and colors and lets nature take center stage. The modern design embraces a simple color palette and clean lines. If you want a modern style living room, you can place some furnishings that will lend sculptural quality to the area. White walls and clean lines can further enhance the modern aesthetic of the room. Minimalism embraces a clean and straightforward design, eliminating any trace of clutter. You can have a minimalist living room by only featuring the essential elements. This creates a crisp and sleek space.

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