10 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2017

Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design - Sebring Services

Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storage. It is an essential element to your kitchen’s style when doing a kitchen remodel.  Cabinetry is the crown jewel that brings everything together.  Cabinet design has not changed much over the years; at least not as much as other elements such as countertop or flooring. But a there are still a few evolutions that have happened to kitchen cabinets over time.

Today, above anything else, there is a rising movement towards a streamlined look that focuses on simplicity and minimalism. Here and there however, you will find some wild and bold options popping up.  2017 will see both styles get their fair share of love from homeowners. While simple clean cabinetry will keep getting popular, some homeowners will prefer unique customized styles that will make a bold statement.  To design the perfect kitchen, it is important to understand the latest trends around. Here are the 10 hottest trends that will dominate kitchen cabinetry design in 2017.

1. Increased Use of Oak Wood on a Variety of Door Styles

Oak wood cabinetry is starting to creep back into the marketplace and kitchens. They were very common in the 1970’s well into the early 90’s.  Usually seen in a honey spice stain, a version of a raised panel door with wild grain patterns became the a mainstay in many homes at that time.  After a much needed departure, the popularity of maple, cherry and a rise of engineered wood have led to reduced use of oak cabinet constructions. Materials like wood veneer and MDF are now more common in cabinet door construction. But as with many other parts of the house, many homeowners are seeking connections to their past and a renewed attention to vintage, with kitchens being no different.

The appeal?  Dimension and texture that can be layered into a space full of polished and reflective surfaces.  Creating a blended balance.  Oak cabinetry is versatile in it’s look from industrial to seaside or a common rustic or reclaimed look.  Often creating a connection to the natural element. This is why Oak, despite its stigma with the past, is becoming more popular in cabinetry construction.  Manufacturers are crafting a variety of interesting door styles–from recessed panels to flat slabs with an inset detail and finishes using oak. You can use oak in its natural color or opt to give it a coat of paint.  Shades of blue, seem to be a rising favorite for homeowners. Grey and beige tones are also great for the kitchen especially ones set in a modern style.

2. Color Customization

Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design - Sebring Services

Homeowners are no longer satisfied by cookie-cutter kitchen designs. They want something unique that builds character and personality or provides a bold statement. Color is one of the most effective ways to take notice. A different color of paint on your cabinets can make all the difference and separate you from the pack.  Manufacturing companies are taking notice too.  Even though they provide the latest and greatest finish colors, they are still appealing to the masses.  So they have teamed up with paint companies to provide an limitless array of color for you to be inspired by.

For cabinetry, homeowners are favoring customized colors that perfectly fit their kitchen spaces. Neutral colors are currently big favorites with tones like grey, cream beige and soft greens getting extremely popular.

There are three major color categories you can choose from: light, medium and dark. Light tones are mostly the neutral ones we have mentioned above. They are loved for their simple, minimalist look. They project a modern style, perfectly complementing other contemporary elements in the kitchen. Medium toned hues are the most common. Here, standard shades of blue, browns and yellow are popular.  On the extreme end of the scale, there are dark shades. Here, dark chocolate, inky black, deep blue and deep red tones are common in kitchen cabinetry. Dark shades require a bit more care in matching with other elements so they are less popular compared to medium and light shades.

Basically, homeowners are seeking out unique colors that not only stand out, but work specifically for their kitchen. If you are ordering custom made cabinets, you can choose any color you want. If you already have cabinets and want to renovate them, either get a professional painter or get ready for some extensive DIY painting work.

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3. Transitional Styling is All the Rage

Transitional styling is the Goldilocks zone of home décor. It dabbles in contemporary elements without straying too far from the warmth of traditional design. It can be the combination of natural stone-look tiles with gleaming white walls and 50’s style sofas or a match between wood wainscoting and modern leather and glass furniture.  When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, transitional styling isn’t new, and seems set to stay for much longer than 2017 and beyond. You will find a combination of differing degrees within this style from the subtle to the dramatic.  Like taking Euro style wood cabinetry and placing it in an pre-war building with ornate architectural detailing on the walls & ceiling.   Or combing styles, traditional shaker style doors painted white, ornate chandelier above the island, with marble countertops, and flat black hardware.  It’s easy and effortless.  Transitional style is perfect when you want something comfortable yet a bit interesting. If the minimalism of contemporary style appeals to you, but you still cannot leave behind the nostalgia of traditional styling–transitional kitchen cabinets are perfect for you.

4. Clean Aesthetics

Kitchen cabinetry has not been spared the modernization wave that has influenced home décor in recent years. One of the most obvious impacts has been the adoption of clean aesthetics in cabinetry constructions. This minimalism trends is likely to continue into 2017 and beyond.   Modern cabinets are free of the ornate design work often found in traditional cabinet door styles. They feature a recessed panel door with smooth edge profiles and simple clean lines offering only the simplest of design elements. Even the handles themselves come in low profile styles, not demanding too much attention. Essentially, all the clutter has been pared down to the bare minimum.  This type of cabinetry works perfectly for a modern styled kitchen, complementing other components like the countertop and the backsplash.

5. When it Comes to Finishing, Anything Goes

Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design - Sebring Services

Thanks to technology, homeowners today have an almost endless list of cabinet finish colors and techniques. From warm browns to weathered gray, the choices are mind boggling. For more ideas, check out our Dark Kitchen Cabinets article.  Homeowners are taking advantage of these unique choices.  One of the upcoming trends in 2017 involves mixing different finish colors for a completely unique look. You might have the upper cabinets finished in painted white while the base cabinetry is a natural wood look.  It is all about creating an interesting design by combining different bits and pieces.

One easy way is by making the island a different finish color than the perimeter cabinets.  Since the island is more like a piece of furniture, it’s an easy break away piece that you can feel comfortable being bold.  We are seeing lots of black, navy, and chocolate brown at this station.  But don’t just limit yourself to just those options. If you want to take it a step further, you could try mixing two stark colors like black and white or what about going green?  As long as there is a  wood element in the space you can’t go wrong.   However this may require neutral colors for the countertop, walls and flooring.  Like with most other areas of the house, homeowners are looking to create personal styles with bold statements rather than use boring cookie cutter designs. This trend is just an expression of the desire for more personality.

6. Sliding and Flip Doors

The standard 90 degree hinged wall cabinet door has been the mainstay of cabinetry for years. But a new range of door options are being offered adding efficiency and individuality. The two most popular new styles are sliding and flip doors.  Sliding doors are especially beneficial in smaller space.   Since they don’t open outwards, you don’t need added space for door clearance and walk ways.  But these types of doors typically look better in larger sizes, so there are fewer doors, which leads to bigger cabinet interiors. Flip doors are more of a statement style, accenting the horizontal lines of the cabinetry. Flip doors open upwards on specialized hinges like the doors of fancy sports cars.  If the standard swing cabinet doors feel old and boring, you could give one of these new styles a try.

7. Open Shelving

Open shelves are not a favorite for most homeowners. They tend to get cluttered and can make the kitchen feel messy. But with good organization and the right kind of shelves, you can create a really unique modern style for your kitchen.  Open kitchen shelves instead of cabinets are becoming a hot trend for 2017. While you may find it hard to go without your beloved closed cabinetry, open shelving has plenty of benefits. It introduces a light and airy feel, which is especially great for small kitchens.  It’s efficient, you can see and grab what you need without taking the time to open cabinet doors to see what’s inside.  But open shelving does come with its own set of challenges, something you should note before deciding to go along with the trend. For one, everything is out in the open meaning you have to thoughtful about whatever you place on the shelves. Every utensil, bowl or glass has an impact on the overall aesthetic of your kitchens look and feel.

Here is where you might find that similar-colored utensils create a more uniform look. You can also use wine bottles, jam jars, and fruit bowls as decorative elements. If you have a “Best Dad” coffee mug or some recipe books, use them to make the shelving more interesting. But as you mix and match all these elements, think about their individual colors and styles. Try to create a harmonious look that minimizes the risk of clutter that comes with open shelving.  For small kitchens, be careful not to overload the wall shelving. Keep only the bare essentials and place the rest in your items in the base cabinets. Not only will it make it easier to keep everything well organized, it will help you maintain a classy modern look.

An important safety tip: do not place your heaviest pans, pots and dishes on the top shelves. It could easily cause injury as you lift them down. Either keep them in base cabinets or place them on bottom shelves.

8. Sinks: Multiple Sinks and Unique Faucet Designs

Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design - Sebring Services

To add functionality, modern kitchen designs come with multiple sinks. In addition to the standard single or double sink, you might find an additional prep sink at the corner or in the kitchen island. This allows multiple people to work in the kitchen at the same time.  For the primary sink, the farmhouse design remains extremely popular. Farmhouse sinks are popular mostly for their large deep sizes that allows for more comfortable use. For those of us that receive unexpected guests regularly, you can quickly stow dirty dishes out of sight.

We are also seeing a rise of unique and fun faucet designs. A faucet is no longer just a faucet. Though a relatively small component, a unique faucet can add a pop of style or color to your kitchen. Today, faucets come in all shapes, curves and twists. Hot water faucet are mounted on the wall with a long arm that can extend over the sink or cooktop to fill large pots. Others come with unique spray mechanisms while others are embedded with sensors to get water flowing automatically. You can even expect to see designs that look like they came straight from your favorite restaurant.

There are all kinds of designs to consider–futuristic, high tech, whimsical, luxury etc.

9. Cabinets Go High Tech

It was inevitable that technology would find its way into the kitchen.  In this day and age, we are inseparable from our gadgets. Thus, kitchen design has changed to meet our gadgetry needs. At the basic level, modern cabinetry should have a charging station for your range of mobile devices.  If you use your smartphone or tablet to follow recipes or watch cooking videos when working, consider installing a docking station or device holder. For really high tech cabinetry, you can have wireless devices built right into the cabinetry. This may include wireless music speakers, weighting counter or a tablet.

10. Under Cabinet Lighting

Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design - Sebring Services

LED lighting has had a particularly good run as homeowners change over from traditional incandescent bulbs. It provides good lighting for activities, comes in a variety of colors and the bulbs last for a really long time. This has made it a popular option for under-cabinet lighting.  Under cabinet LED lights come in different forms including pucks, strips and bars. When fixed under the wall cabinetry, they help add light to the working area as well as improve the overall ambiance.  LED is not the only type of lighting that can be fixed under the cabinet. You could opt for fluorescent fixtures, which are almost as energy efficient as LED and produce minimal heat. Xenon lights give off some heat but they can be dimmed and have an attractive warm glow. You could also go with halogen lights, but this is not always a good idea. They give off too much heat which could affect foods or drinks you have stored inside the cabinet.

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Cabinetry has in recent years undergone more changes than at any other time. A rapid change in tastes combined with advanced technology has given rise to a wide variety of styles. For 2017, the general trend is towards personalization. When it comes to color, finishing and overall design, homeowners want something unique and personal.  If you are building a new home or planning a kitchen renovation in 2017, which trends will you opt for?


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