5 Best Shower Tile Grouts [2021 Reviews]

After learning how to grout tile, your next task is to search for the best shower tile grout out there. You also might be interested to know what is the best grout cleaner you can buy. Would you go for Mapei grout or epoxy grout? How about the best grout to use for porcelain tile? We know it can get overwhelming with a lot of options available. But don't worry! We are here to help you out. 1. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts A&B [...]

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5 Best Tile Power Scrubber [2021 Reviews]

Before power scrubber brush became popular, there were only tormented wrists and fingers, tired backs, and overall body fatigue as a result of manual scrubbing. The tile power scrubber has made our lives simpler and easier. But not all power scrubber brush is created equal. Read on if you want to discover the best tile power scrubber for your needs. 1. Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber The spin scrubber is cordless. It gives you flexibility when cleaning. It is powered by a rechargeable 3.6-volt battery, which can [...]

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7 Tips to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

Robin Wilson Interior Design Have a spa-like experience with a clean and sensual bathtub like this one. Why Does My Bathtub Drain Clog? A bathtub drain has one purpose. It drains water from the bath to the sewer system. Bathtub drains tend to be a short branch into the main drain and they are not very wide. This means that they are susceptible to blocking. The other problem is that the water that drains from your tub is not just water. It contains dissolved soap and hair. Just how much hair depends on how hairy you are or how [...]

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11 Top Trends in Bathroom Tile Design for 2021

Featured Image Source: Sebring Design Build Wood tiles look clean and crisp in this trendy bathroom. Picking out tiles for your bathroom remodeling project is not so simple anymore. There is so much variety in design, shape, color, and texture that it can be overwhelming.   A few years ago, tiles were mostly laid down for their functional benefits (resistance to water, durability, low maintenance) but today, their aesthetic impact is just as important as their function. This is why manufacturers have expanded their selections to provide really unique styles for homeowners.  With advice from our experts, we have identified the [...]

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14 Bathroom Design Trends For 2021

Beautiful blue bathroom by Sebring Design Build You heard it right, 2021 trends are finally here! To kick off the batch of articles we will be releasing over the next couple months is our 2021 Bathroom Design Trends. Get the inside scoop on the most up to date styles in the industry and find some inspiration for your next bathroom remodel! From bathtubs and showers, to sinks and vanities, we got you covered. The newest textures, patterns, prints, finishes, and styles of all sorts are here for the coming year. This round-up contains the hottest designs that can [...]

43 Industrial Interior Design Ideas

Featured Image: Creative Spaces Interior Design, Inc. Industrial interior design is all about including a raw, unfinished appearance to most thoughtfully designed homes and selecting pieces that are as much about function as style. Utilized in commercial spaces, modern homes, and loft apartments across the world, industrial design showcases basic tones, useful items, and wood and metal surfaces. Today, we will highlight a few key characteristics of industrial interior design so that you can bring this look to your home. Check out these 43 industrial interior design ideas and images for added inspiration. HIGHLAND [...]

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43 Industrial Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Featured Image: Georgia Custom Construction What defines industrial bathroom design? Sometimes, these designs are minimalism at its best, combining grey concrete with striking tapware, unusual shapes, and quirky textures with a splash of color. Extraordinary and daring, contrasting gold and copper with matte-black and porcelain white is a jaw-dropping design aesthetic. This and more when you explore our 43 industrial bathroom ideas and images below. Check them out! BUNGALOW Joel Contreras Classic and simple industrial bath with beautiful natural light. MASTER BATH Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery Gray walls [...]

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31 Black Framed Coastal Shower Door Ideas

Featured Image: Coastal Shower Doors Regardless if you are adding a brand new bathroom or updating a current one, you will be making all kinds of important decisions. One of which is your shower door. Some people focus too much on the tiles but neglect their shower doors. But shower doors are equally important! If you like to update your bathroom's look, check out these 31 black framed coastal shower door ideas and images. FLOATING HOUSE Robert Nebolon Architects This unique shower enclosure with a simple pendant lighting gives this bathroom that nostalgic, [...]

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53 Shiplap Bathroom Design Ideas

Featured Image: Phillips Brothers Contracting Inc. A shiplap bathroom project can be as broad in scope or subtle as you want. A shiplap can make a significant impact in an unexpected, understated manner. However, the bathroom frequently gets overlooked in favor of more scene-stealing rooms in the house. The bathroom is where you cleanse and revitalize, and no doubt restore calm and peace after a tough day at work. Check out these 53 shiplap bathroom design ideas and learn how to amp up your bathroom in no time! COOL OLD SINK Paradigm Renovation [...]

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31 Shower Window Design Ideas

Featured Image: Castle Harbour homes It is hard to find a bathroom that guarantees an excellent experience to that spacious, well-lit bathroom. One thing shower enthusiasts can complain about is the absence of light within the shower. Creating a window in the shower area is as sensible as it is gorgeous. If your bathroom is lacking in natural light, don't worry! We've got 31 shower window design ideas that will surely captivate your heart! REFINED BEACHFRONT mikeschaapbuilders Soak up fantastic views while taking a shower in this beach style bathroom. STUNNING [...]

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