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When designing your living room, selecting decor and furniture that go well together can be a bit overwhelming. Also, several of us often overfill our spaces because of the many gorgeous styles available! But if you’re already a fan of minimalist strategy, you will agree that the most striking interior design is not influenced by what you have piled into any room, but rather, what you have left out. And so, lovers of sleek design, rejoice! Get inspired by these 31 minimalist living room setup ideas with mastered streamlined, pared-back style.


Lindye Galloway Interiors

This coastal modern living room looks cozy and inviting with neutral tones.


Freestyle Interiors

A living room with a high ceiling looks larger than it actually is.


Fresh Start Contracting Company

Enjoy modern luxury in a living room with all-white paint and a few gray accents.



Although the space is minimalist, the use of wood offers the room lots of character.


Bruns Architecture

With a view like this and the natural sea breeze, you don’t really need a lot of decors.


Suma Design and Construction

White walls, gray furniture, and a few touches of turquoise and orange for accents.


Marc-Michaels Interior Design

Beige and wood tones perfectly combine together to create a modern and luxurious living room.


Hills & Grant

The Penta tile fireplace surround from Ogassian instantly becomes a focal point in the room.


Perfection Supply

This modern living room features a high ceiling and large windows for plenty of natural lighting.


Graf Custom Hardwood

The space looks dreamy and airy with the off-white paint and soft clean lines.

Going For Minimalist Living Room

Typically, you would expect a trend to wax and wane after some time, but minimalism has proven how adaptable it could be at jibing with an assortment of decorating styles & rooms. Minimalism is grounded in the concept of ridding everything of clutter and concentrates on essential living habits, which includes continuously curating your room to get a couple of significant products instead of always accumulating far more things. This design philosophy also hinges upon better, more sustainable, & more effective means of functioning and living.

When it is about interiors, you will observe that many minimalist areas feature shades of white or lighter neutrals and also to correspond with such palettes, beautiful accents & furniture even lean toward subdued, more peaceful tones. Whether your family room is large or small, you can carry out as much a minimalist experience as you deem fit. Here, we’ve rounded up several large living room ideas that will pique your interest and motivate you to evaluate and explore basic living.

Then, there’s cozy minimalism, which is perfect for your living room. Put quite simply; cozy minimalism is a response to extreme conditions. Rooms usually felt cramped, even if they had been immense—it had been only a bit way too much. Then, fashion headed in the other direction, as ultra minimalism evolved into the style du jour. Living room furniture ideas started to be lightweight and slim, and there’s rarely an accessory to be seen, yielding interiors that often felt stark and very clinical. Cozy minimalism works since it is a happy medium.

Are you tired of your home’s decoration? Well, it seems you can build a minimalist living room quickly and perk up your place instantly! You can see minimalism in decorating everywhere now, and it is time to give it a shot. Minimalist decor design takes its inspiration from architecture and art. Minimalist homes are pared back, from their color palette to the kind and amount of furniture applied to the area. Besides, even the shapes you can find in a minimalist couch are back-to-basics. The clean lines of squares, geometric patterns, and rectangles are favored over more intricate florals and flowing forms. These wide-open spaces are kept totally free from clutter—for minimalism, less is undoubtedly much more. When you seek to produce your own personal zen and minimalist home, the living room is a simple spot to begin. And our most excellent tips on building a minimalist living room are below, to enable you to get going.


Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

The stunning views of the San Juan Islands serve as a perfect backdrop for this modern living room.


Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

Kitchen, dining, living room, outdoor deck, and an amazing view—what more can you ask for?



White walls, beige furniture, and a few black accents provide a sophisticated feel to this room.


FINNE Architects

Enjoy lounging around in this seamless indoor-outdoor space in front of waterfront property.

Qualities Of A Minimalist Living Room

When you envision a minimalist living room, what usually comes to your mind? Do you see an area with modern furniture, white walls, and no bright colors? In that case, you are not alone in picturing this. This is usually the mental picture that most people have when they consider minimalism. Nevertheless, the reality is, while this is undoubtedly what several minimalist living rooms are like, it is not an entirely correct image. 

That is because minimalism is not merely decorating the inside of your house a particular way or covering every aspect in smooth white fabrics or white couch living room. Instead, it is about having a less physical mess in your living room for much more psychological energy and space. It is about getting right down to the necessities in life. Therefore, what are you waiting for? Now is the best moment to make a minimalist living room, and we’ve got small living room ideas to help you out.

First, before you start your minimalist living space project, you will want to declutter the whole room. Remember that less is more, all the time. The reason for producing a simple living room is having less stuff. Or else, your family room is sure to look and feel much more cluttered. Make an effort to keep only the most important items in your space. Go around the area, consider every piece, and object of furniture, and think about if you are able to live without it. If you can, then it’s time to move it away. For example, you do not wish to merely toss a lot of tiny furniture into your room. Why? Because this can just make your family room feel much more cramped, not much less. Mix it up by including in a few bigger pieces together with your smaller items.


Webber + Studio, Architects

This second level living room is perfect for spending your free time reading books or entertaining your friends.


Dovetail General Contractors

This living room ia able to mix in a laidback feel and modern functionality in one space.


Beinfield Architecture PC

The black steel fireplace immediately gets your attention as you enter the room.


MGS Architecture

Spacious living room with a big wall-mounted TV and an extension to the outdoor patio.


Urbanology Designs

Although the living room is minimalist, it never lacks appeal with the lovely decor placements.


Tate Studio Architects

Simple and classy modern living room with a perfect view of the mountains.

Tips In Going Minimalist

It is time to take the outdoors indoors! There is truly nothing like the inclusion of several plants to create your living room experience clean and new. Sprinkle two or perhaps three bright eco-friendly houseplants around your family room. Bonus in case you make use of chic glass jars or perhaps neutral-colored planters. Based on just how much sunlight this particular room in your house gets, there might be a specific kind of plant that might work best. You will be surprised about how much the inclusion of a few houseplants can change a room!

If owning an all-white color pattern makes you anxious (due to having kids or pets, for example), you definitely can match a few parts of white furnishings with much more neutral-toned design elements. Including a few brilliant pops of color (within the type of artwork, a vivid woven area rug, or maybe wall accents, for example) within a neutral-toned room is another popular option. You might like to play with various textures and tones, using different shades of the identical color on your rug, walls, and other furniture. Besides, keep in mind that if you already have bookshelves in your living space, a small color coding goes quite a distance!

Organizing your books based on color is an excellent way to put some stylish, relaxed flair into the room. Whatever you feel like doing, just ensure you complement your total color palette and match colors as much as possible. There is nothing like slashes of too many colors and textures to create an area feel junky. While you’re not the only one who is guilty of this specific thing, it is now the perfect time to find a house for these items! Come up with a program for saving clusters of other items and magazines out of sight, even if that is in an appealing basket or maybe another kind of storage bin. Or else, your space is going to feel 10x more cluttered. Plus, while this appears different for everybody, typically speaking, everything inside the home should pair nicely together. This means that every piece—from your couch on the smallest vase—must be classic, simple, & will fit in nicely with the shades of your family room.


Luxury Real Estate Services, LLC

The sliding doors will allow you to quickly enjoy the pool and the outdoors.


Simple Steps

The gray tiles with cement look, Astor Dark, are perfect for this white living room.


FD Building Company

A unique living room with a hanging fireplace, large windows, and a shiplap ceiling.


Bruce Nagel & Partners Architects, Chicago IL

The wooden accents and flooring, combined with the beige furniture, look warm & inviting.


Heliotrope Architects

The elements in this living room evoke lots of visual interest that easily grabs your attention.


Benchmark Hardwood Flooring

Although this living room only has one sofa and a few decors, it never lacks character.


Uptic Studios

The designer of the house was able to pull off a modern log cabin that the owner requested.



Sophisticated and sleek living room with stunning outdoor landscapes.


Charles Di Piazza Architecture

A heritage oak tree shades the property and easily becomes the focal point of the living room.


Ibarra Rosano Design Architects

A modern living room with ribbon fireplace, white walls, and light gray sofa.

The True Essence Of A Minimalist Living Room

Remember that you don’t have to get rid of anything, at least not instantly. You are able to do a test run without completely getting rid of anything. And don’t forget, going minimal is about convenience. You can always include your stuff back in later on but keep in your mind that less is definitely much more. Modern living room design is a trend nowadays, especially for individuals whose primary focus is their house’s functionality. Apart from that, the fresh appearance of contemporary interiors make homeowners like this sort of clutter-free and worry-free idea. What more if you make use of little accessories and minimalist furniture? Your living room furniture ideas will surely appear calming and light. It’d be a lot easier to wash it.

You’d definitely love to go home if you have a minimalist contemporary living room. You’ll also invite your friends and family to show them just how relaxing your living room is like. With this blog post, we want to show you a stunning minimalist contemporary living space, which will motivate you to get one, also. Go for white walls, they’re going to make your living room seem a lot more roomy and airy. Black and grey can be utilized for contrast: an accent wall structure, furniture, or ceiling; you could also accentuate your hearth with black. If you believe the area is boring, have fun with materials and textures and add a few vibrant accents like red, green, copper, pink, or perhaps another color. Have a glimpse at the suggestions here to discover how you can do that in a trendy way!

First, it is white and black, a traditional contrasting color scheme that is ideal for nearly all of the areas, and you can also make it moodier with more black and more neutral with only several touches of black. White and grey is a much softer version of timeless classics, and you might also include additional neutrals, too: tan, sandy, off-white, and beige tones. In case you like moody spaces, choose graphite grey & dark gray as primary colors incorporating splashes of color that are bright. Vibrant touches are ideal for just about any minimalist space, do not assume that minimalism is only for monochromatic rooms. To make your room design ideas catchier, add textures: wood, concrete, fluffy rugs, plywood, leather, and bricks.

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