31 Indoor Living Wall Garden Ideas

Featured Image: Regan Wood Photography Green living walls might have gotten their start eighty years ago, but they have just recently turned into one of several of the most striking and essential eco-friendly features in structures across the globe. Let's look at these 31 indoor living wall garden ideas and be inspired by the many ways we can add them into our house. LIVING ART Deering Design Studio Contemporary living room with a floral statement wall. ROOM DIVIDER RE.DZINE If you love the outdoors, bring it inside with wall plants. [...]

43 Industrial Rustic Living Room Ideas

Featured Image: D+FORM Nothing says effortless, cool, and comfortable maintenance than an industrial-style living room. Inject prim and proper detailing, comfy couches, and lovely light fixtures into a room lined in concrete—light a fire at your living room's center, housed in copper and glass. Design your industrial style interior with the following 43 industrial rustic living room ideas. NEUTRAL RUSTIC The Suite Shoppe Interiors Simple and cozy industrial living room with different unique rustic fixtures. LOFT Danna B Interiors, LLC With the right fixtures and ambiance, this large living room [...]

31 Family Room Design Ideas

Featured Image: 2id Interiors The family room serves a crucial role in a home. It is where you go to unwind and bond with family and friends in a casual, inviting environment. But just because it is relaxed, it does not signify that it cannot look as elevated and stylish as a living room. Below are 31 family room design ideas that can help you upgrade the space. From a plush couch to well-curated shelves, learn how you can make your room the most inviting area in your house with these family room ideas. [...]

31 Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: IL Decor When designing your living room, selecting decor and furniture that go well together can be a bit overwhelming. Also, several of us often overfill our spaces because of the many gorgeous styles available! But if you're already a fan of minimalist strategy, you will agree that the most striking interior design is not influenced by what you have piled into any room, but rather, what you have left out. And so, lovers of sleek design, rejoice! Get inspired by these 31 minimalist living room setup ideas with mastered streamlined, pared-back style. [...]

17 Orange Living Room Decor Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Gil Walsh Interiors An orange living room will always be considered warm and inviting for everyone. As a combination of the colors red and yellow, orange creates a harmony of the qualities that these two different colors possess. It has a less imposing effect and a toned-down brightness. Its warm attributes from the color red were created to be less striking by the yellow shades. Once used as a color scheme for a room, it has the capability of reflecting a sociable vibe especially when establishing a much needed extroverted quality.  Orange living room set has energizing [...]

17 Green Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Grace Home Furnishings Thinking of a green living room has that automatic refreshing feeling that is commonly associated with almost all shades of the color green. This color has a soothing effect on the eyes and is mainly the reason why the relaxing feel is always its equivalent. Using different color schemes that resemble nature are the most common living room color ideas that will show up whenever you do research about the things you need to do when wanting to create a tranquil room. The abundance of greens in nature affects the way we perceive this [...]

17 Red Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Ramsay Gourd Home Red is an intense and powerful color, so in case you wish to incorporate it into an area of the house, it needs to be the living room. Red rooms are usually brilliant and filled with life and, thus, make excellent entertainment areas. Red is additionally a bright color, so a red living room would likewise be comfortable and inviting. Check out these 17 red living room decor ideas for inspiration for your next remodel. ALLURING LOUNGE BAR Design + Construction Deep saturated tones abound in this room, [...]

17 Purple Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Rocky Point Custom Homes Purple is usually a color related to royalty. It's considered luxurious and also provides you with a general sensation of richness when applied to a decorating scheme. It's additionally utilized as an eccentric color, or even to produce a spa-like experience to an area, and all of it is determined by the shade of purple you pick. Whichever way you would like the room of yours to appear and feel, you are able to build the best purple living room by using as much or even as little of the color you want. [...]

17 Gray Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Studio KW Photography The living room is where you usually spend a great deal of your spare time at home. Whether you're watching TV, reading your favorite book, or perhaps entertaining guests, selecting the proper color scheme in your living room is vitally important. Gray is among the most preferred shades since it really works well with various other colors—even black and white. Thus, we have put together 17 gray living room decor ideas to enable you to decorate the most widely used room in the home. Make sure you’ll be able to get personalized decor pieces [...]

17 Brown Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. Whether you are headed to the paint shop and want to buy an attractive brown paint, or maybe you wish to accessorize your living room with hints of brown, it is a color that is way too frequently overlooked. While significantly less popular as its navy blue or even stark white counterparts, brown is a remarkably versatile color, which creates a feeling of comfort & calm in virtually any living room. One of the most typical methods to include brown to your living room is by using a lovely, rich brown leather [...]