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Red is an intense and powerful color, so in case you wish to incorporate it into an area of the house, it needs to be the living room. Red rooms are usually brilliant and filled with life and, thus, make excellent entertainment areas. Red is additionally a bright color, so a red living room would likewise be comfortable and inviting. Check out these 17 red living room decor ideas for inspiration for your next remodel.


BAR Design + Construction

Deep saturated tones abound in this room, inviting you to stay for a while.


Katy Bell Hamnes

Glass cloth wallpaper and velvet couch fabric are the added texture needed in the room.


Carolyn Miller Interiors

All eyes are on the fabric-covered walls found in this flat.


Annie Elliott Design

Built-in cabinetry that makes reading fun again. Especially when you can curl up next to a fireplace.


Marc Pridmore Designs

Vibrant red damask fabrics accented among Gold enforces a strong sense of luxury.


Danielle Trippett Interior Design

Sunburst mirrors are a reflection of one’s own personality.


Tracy Murdock

Luxurious silk drapery, velvet club chairs and family heirlooms turn formal to delightful.


Tai Ping Carpet

Ease and comfortability invite you in to stay awhile.


LP studio

Playful and fun this is a great way to interject some personal ideas.


Branca, Inc.

Feminine sophistication and whimsy patterns initiate a perfect tea time gathering spot.

Why Go For Red Living Room

It is not for nothing that red stands for bravery. Applying red for our living room takes courage because the color is pretty unusual. Regardless of the fact that red is usually present in fabrics, a red living room remains uncommon, especially when we don’t know red room meaning. This blog post will further show you that the red living room does not always require a bold red accent wall. You will find many tips which can take in the red ambiance in your living room making it dashing, nice, and comfortable.

Red is not often ideal for supporting a colorful and vibrant living room. Theses pictures tell you that bold red should pair perfectly with colors that are neutral and materials to produce an earthly atmosphere. Bold red wall painting pairs well with brown flooring. Gray shaggy rug, comfy gray couch, along with wooden table, can also offer a warm and comfortable spot. Include them to that particular furnace, which acts more as decoration of the home. With those few decors, the living room feels very homey.

Furthermore, vibrant red wall painting can support for chic family room. The great news with this second suggestion is you do not need to finish the room with lots of decorations. You are able to place bright cushions, which actually contrast with the red wall. White desk and couch give balance for the home so that the vibrant colors will not make the area looking too “crowded.” Beautify the red walls with photographs of flowers in frames. Fresh fruits and flowers wrap up the entirely lovely red dining room.

Apply soft red for your planned classic family room. A few important classic touches originate from wooden flooring, wooden tall desk, along with vintage drapery. Lovely upholstery, which covers the desk before the couch set, improves the vintage style. Interesting furniture will be a wooden grand piano and also a white lamp that mainly completes the vintage family room. The piano reminds us when technology-based entertainment set does not yet exist.


Jen Chu Design

Focal wall created by vintage suitcases evokes the imagination.


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Mark Gillette

Parlor embellished with lacquered walls, velvet chaise and brass accents ease the tense of the day,


German Cork Association

Come and listen to the birds sing in this wonderful lounge couch underneath the window.


ACM Interiors

Global style layered and woven throughout generating exquisite moments.

Decorating Ideas For Red Living Room

You do not always need to paint the entire room in red to be able to get the result you want. You can just make use of the red for accent pieces, for example, the pendant, the drapes, the rug, the beautiful pillows, etc. You likewise have the liberty of utilizing a number of shades of red like red-orange hues for all the pillows or maybe burgundy for the drapes. Whats a red room? Since red is such an intense color, it does not need to be the dominant color within the room to get attention. A red living room decoration can likewise be mainly composed of neutral and white colors with only small accents of red there and here. The tough part is discovering the balance between the shades. 

Contemporary living rooms may benefit from vibrant and large accent pieces. A red sofa in the family room might be the perfect pop of color. If you would like to create far more elaborated red decor, you can additionally combine red tones with other pastel colors and blues. We also suggest using colors that are neutral for the majority of the decor when you choose a vibrant and strong accent color like red.

Red would also look quite beautiful when combined with white and black. Additionally, you are able to work with white in conjunction with brown and blues to attain a far more conventional look. Orange-red is ideal for modern-day red wall decor, and brick red is ideal in case you want to create a new cottage feel. As a result, red living rooms could be both dynamic and warm, vibrant, and cozy.


Lola Watson Interior Design

Timeless in its English-cottage mix of formal layout among casual furnishings and unblushing color.


About Space Studios

High gloss flat panel cabinetry highlighted by red & black accents modernize this apartment.

Go Bold With Color Red

Whether used as an accessory or maybe a bold backdrop, red is a fantastic statement color on your living room. The warm hue is able to breathe life into any room, including vibrancy and a feeling of boldness. Therefore if you are looking for inspiring red family room ideas, you are in the correct place. You do not need to go all out to integrate the shade in your interiors; you are able to add red through soft furnishings—think throws, cushions, and rugs. Or even through your furnishings, with an accent chair is a beautiful approach to pep up any scheme.

Tone-wise, traffic-stopping crimson red is definitely head-turning. But in case you are searching for something a bit softer, why don’t you choose earthier hues like rust and terracotta, or go richer and deeper with maroon and burgundy? We have rounded up a few top red family room ideas here so you are able to feel inspired and discover how you can integrate the color into your own house. Go for terracotta tones. Natural, earthy shades make a relaxing and inviting living room hue. Be daring and administer a terracotta tone all over your structure, after which warm things up more with country style checks and throws. Put in a pop of metallic every now and then for a contemporary finish.

Do not wish to go the entire hog and cover all of your walls in red? Not a problem. Simply put in a little a chic accent chair and you are all set. It is a fantastic nod to the hue and without being all-consuming. Try painting your walls inky blue or charcoal to truly make it pop. Liven up your living room with red family room ideas, including an enjoyable feature wall—it is a good way to enjoy a big splash of your respective favorite color without getting it on space. Pair with neutral and monochrome colors and prints, and do not hesitate to add various other shades of red into the area, too—it does not need to be matchy-matchy.

Tongue & groove cladding is surely a beautiful way to bring interest to the living room, evoking a contemporary rustic country feel. Why don’t you make things a lot more exciting and also put in a full berry red into the color mix? Traditionally, tongue & groove is white, though you are able to tear up the rule book and also add color and have a fab two-tone painted finish. Try giving guests a warm welcome by producing a luxe log cabin appearance with a red sofa at its heart. Finish the appearance utilizing cozy cottons, natural furnishings, along with a red plaid carpet or even – for added practicality—a washable rug.

Deep red is the supreme shade for a genuine baronial look—and may be combined with mossy green accents and earthy neutrals. Drape chunky knitted throws over the couch once the temperature drops. No other color invokes the celebratory mood of festive seasons than rich cranberry red. Use woolen and felt textiles in this bold color to deliver a great palette of taupe and gray. Put lots of natural components, for example, wooden furnishings, evergreen foliage, and wicker baskets for a refined, standard pattern with a cozy, inviting feel.

Tips For Designing Red Living Room

The vibrant color of red is going to brighten and jolly up any room in your house, although one room which may usually remain struggling for character and design, will be the living room. The living room generally suffers from a shortage of decor themes and goals. It is often a hodgepodge of things collected throughout the years and runs the danger of looking outdated and drab. When you would like to provide your living room an updo and carry it into today’s home decor oriented world, why don’t you give it a real edge by adding several red to the space to really make it stand out and be a focal room in your house? Red is a color that is very easy to fall in love with. That is since you are able to set the tone for the total amount, and also towards the boldness of the hue that you simply want. While lots of individuals might picture a striking, fire engine red whenever they envision the color, it does not need to be that drastic or bold with regards to incorporating the color in your living room. You are able to tone it down with soft shades of red and include much more muted and natural hues as secondary and accent colors to help you maintain the look calm & inconspicuous.

Red has constantly been among the most popular color choices when it involves the contemporary design theme. Usually, contemporary themes work with bold color choices, and colors are usually paired to produce a patterned theme throughout an area, like white and black stripes, or maybe striking patterns of white and red all throughout the space. Gray and red living room is a combination frequently seen in contemporary style. But if your living room furniture and decor items now scream modernism, using bold shades of red is one of the ways to present your theme dramatically. With a red wall, include a few red printed sitting seats within the room, red window treatments, or maybe a lovely area rug with a bold red design as an accent to the space. Subdued, or maybe soft shades of red may be integrated into areas with the conventional style living areas, rustic reds for an urban or rustic appearance. 

Just because you like a color, it does not imply you have to go full force and saturate an area with it to be able to obtain your point across. Regardless of how much you might really like red, you will find ways you are able to make the space feel overwhelmed with it, based on how you make use of it. For example, a tiny living room that has all of the wall space plastered with a bold shade of red might be shut in and suffocating. Rather, look at developing a focal point wall painted inside with your favorite shade of red. If you want another color for the wall space, you might wish to select a lovely range of reddish home furniture, or maybe portions of furniture which are designed with shades of red to complement your primary wall color choice. Wall art is another method to incorporate various amounts of red into the room, together with area rugs, throw pillows, window treatments, lampshades, and other accents. You are able to put as little or perhaps as much red as you want by whatever you opt to put in your room. Balancing the red with various other colors, like white, grays, black, and any other neutral tones helps to produce a calm atmosphere.

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