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Sometimes, stairs can be quite dull. That’s the reason some creative individuals choose to create indoor slides. Indoor slides are fun & exciting. Although slides are intended for kids for outdoor play, all of us wish to have one inside the home to play. In addition, the fun indoor slides are a quick way to go from a single level to another. Slides can be made of metal, plastic, or wooden slide. The kid inside us is screaming for enjoyment. We present you 27 amazing inside slide staircase ideas that will make you want to have your own. Have fun!


Firmitas Design, LLC

This 5-foot twist slide can be easily ordered online or at Target.


Raad Studio

Your kids will have a perfect place for studying, playing, and sleeping.


Coburn Design Build

This adult-friendly slide was custom made by DunRite Playgrounds.


Tim Brown Architecture

The slide from this farmhouse laundry room is made by American Playground.


The Turett Collaborative

This penthouse in New York features a forward-looking slide.


Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design

One of a kind living room with stainless steel curved slide.


Barrington Homes, LLC.

Your kids will never be bored indoors with this fun playroom.


Ki Design

This space is cozy and relaxing with neutral colors and stunning slide.


Hardcore Renos

What’s a better way to go down a bunk bed than a slide?


Contracting By Us Inc

This contemporary playroom features a yellow slide and colorful bean bags.

Ramp Up Your Home With Indoor Slide

For many intrepid homeowners, their house is their playground. Bringing slides inside isn’t typical enough to call a trend that is sweeping the planet, though we are beginning to see it here & there, so the concept is spreading. From getting the spotlight in posh New York penthouses to offering fun secret passage to get from the laundry room to the basement game room in Minnesota, these slides are definitely more than a child’s play. In case you are still a child at heart, these whimsical inside features will provide a smile on your face, along with a bounce in your step. And so slide on down and check out these inside staircase ideas to bring delight to your interior.

You will find various ways to go between different levels of one ‘s house, but perhaps not one is much more engaging compared to a slide. Steely and sleek, just like the minimalist decor, it appears to be very natural; you question why every person does not get downstairs by doing this. Naturally, you are able to have fun with friends and family in various ways. But how about adding a particular feature which is going to bring more fun to your house? A gaming room will be good where you are able to add a billiard table or maybe a pool table. You can also allocate a location for computers. But aside from that, there’s an even more innovative way to enjoy your house. Why not put a slide? Most of the time, we are able to see slides in parks and children’s play parks. Although they’re intended for kids, we can have one inside the house too! 

Could you picture how thrilling it would be? Indeed, aside from being enjoyable, it can be employed as another method to use the lower portion of the house. In certain homes, they include it near the stairs while others put it in some other places. Seems fun, correct? So what takes place when you take a slide indoors? It is quite simple actually: a decor immediately turned into a great deal much more joyful, fun and pleasant. Check out how amazingly stylish these components may be: from swirling, stainless tubes to carefully sloping hallways, which create a constant loop around the home.


Horizon Pacific Contracting

Keep your kids active and safe indoors with wall climb feature & slide.


Karl Neumann Photography

Full-feature kids room with hanging bridge and collapsible slide.


Nicholson Builders

White painted classic slide that goes right into the pool.



This DIY basement slide is made of stainless and wood underneath.

How To Build A Slide 

For larger indoor slide projects, like installing one into the framework of your home, you might wind up spending much more than $ 1,000 based on what structural changes to the spot you need to set up the slide, though we have got some cheaper choices for you which can prove to be equally as unique. We are not saying you purchase a huge old plastic slide and configure it in your staircase. That would be complex, and, based on your staircase, it may not do the job. No, what we are suggesting is you build a slide that you are able to lay over your stairways.

Here is how you can do this: Measure the length of your current stairs for your stair slide. You’ll want to calculate if there can be any turns within the slide for stairs. Slot the wood boards to complement your stair’s length.  Attach the plastic to the wooden boards with screws. Place throughout your stairs & let your child enjoy. I understand this looks like an overly easy explanation, but we’re sure we are not the very first persons to recommend creating stairway slides by doing this. You are able to find examples all around here for inspiration.

Additionally, this is most likely among the most cost-effective means of creating an indoor slide since you are able to manage the cost of the material and also the general style. However, please remember that construction needs building permits. This doesn’t imply that you will not be in a position to put in this particular feature, but it means that the feature is going to need to be authorized by your city or town building office. You’ll want to verify that you’re clear to do an indoor playhouse with slide before anything is built by you.


Владимир Сазонов IMAGA.RU

This nautical kid’s bedroom will ignite your child’s imagination through fun & play.


Copper Homes Limited

Gorgeous wooden slide for this traditional family room.


Glas Associates

This eclectic basement features stainless steel slide with foam at the bottom.


Basic Concept

Yellow plastic slide that your kids will surely enjoy for many years.


Inertia Residential Design

Go up using the stairs and go down in a fun way using the slide.


Sundays Design

This industrial space will unleash the inner kid in you with this fun slide.

Indoor Slide Is Not Just For Kids

Remember that thrilling feeling of racing down a playground slide being a kid, getting to the place you had to quickly, & making it two times the enjoyment? Our parents might tell us such things are much better left to your childhood days nostalgia, but present-day interior designers beg to differ. No more stairs to get from a single level to ground, and none of those institutional playground versions, either: your uber-grown-up and kid indoor slide, is available in several styles and savvy components, from handsome timber to smooth polished metal, with equally lots of outlines to select from. Straightforward and open-ended or covered as well as tubular, the inside slide will be your home’s next-level addition. 

Children grow up quickly, but that does not mean growing out of life’s zaniest delights. The difference now is we rule our kingdoms and homes, and this moment, no person is kicking us away from the slide. Among the simplest techniques for creating an indoor slide, your kids are able to make use of is building a bit structure of some type that they can climb up and sit in then move down. Not merely will you have a slide, your kid will also have a fort exactly where they are able to sit in & play pretend. 

This kind of slide also works very well for houses that just have one story. You are able to quickly construct this in your house without requiring an upstairs or a huge back yard. You will find two ways that you are able to go about this project: You are able to get and buy a play fort system that you can set up in your house, or you can build a fort on your own. This particular project is going to require a little imagination and useful work in case you cannot locate a small play fort package that will fit in your home. You’ll also require the proper tools and building material to ensure that the system is sturdy. 

If the fort and slide are built by you, make sure you do all of the dimensions in advance so that you understand the actual size of all of the components. The worst thing you might do is begin to build a slide room or fort and then learn it is way too small or big. When you are not very positive with your handyman abilities or just want an easy project, purchase a small fort that fits the space you would like to fit it in. Most slides are produced from substances like clear plastic or fiberglass, but more mature slides tend to be produced from metal. Metal slides tend to be made from steel, so they’re extremely durable. 

Could you purchase playground slides? Additionally, you are able to buy slides at Walmart. A number of online shops like Amazon also offer slides. Do you need a building permit? Most home renovations are going to require a construction permit, particularly in case you’re changing electric, plumbing, or the house’s building. A permit makes sure that the modifications made on the home comply with the regional zoning and coding standards and also prevent you from getting into any legal trouble. Cosmetic projects, like painting, don’t call for a permit.



Walker Home Design

Your kids will be enchanted in this The Hobbit-inspired themed room.


DeForest Architects

The spiral slide is from the kid’s closet going to a ball pit.


Ashton Woods

This laundry room has secret access to the basement’s game room.


Thomason Design

This indoor spiral slide is helpful when you need to go down quickly.


Asmar Interiors

Custom-designed bunk bed for this transitional kid’s bedroom.



Stunning wooden slide that perfectly complements the curved stairs.

Important Things To Consider 

Does your heart sink on many days in which the climate does not permit outside play, and you are stuck, curious about how you can burn your kid’s energy without them burning your home? Selecting the correct slide for your family might be a little overwhelming. We completely get that, so below are top things you need to consider when looking to build an indoor slide.

First, the recommended age. Our children grow fast; therefore, it can be appealing to buy something created for older kids with the notion that they are going to grow into it, not from it. Nevertheless, kids too young or old for a specific toy won’t have the ability to make use of the enjoyment the slide offers completely. It is important to know that in case your kid plays on an inside slide, which is far from their age range, they might be hurt. Next, we have the weight limit. Enabling children that are heavier than the weight limit or maybe a number of children who, when playing together, go over the weight limit causes a potentially hazardous situation. The slide could possibly buckle, or plastic could crack and also result in a structure that is not sound anymore.

You may wish to search for a slide that is foldaway or perhaps built from substances light enough for one individual to pick up. Some slides have certificates stating they’ve met the safety recommendations of organizations like ASTM International. For those that do not, think about searching for security features like slide bumpers, simple grip handles, and security rails. Think about not only cleanability and portability when looking at the building materials of a slide, but in addition, how kid-friendly they’re. You’ll want to pick what is appropriate for your child’s abilities and age. Some slides include additional attachments, like ball pits, monkey bars, or perhaps tunnels. If that is what you’re trying to find, make sure to determine the space that you intend to make use of the small jungle gym to ensure that many its pieces can be completely safe and enjoyed.

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