27 Unique Garage Workshop Storage Ideas

In case you’re somebody who uses their extra time in DIY projects, these workshop ideas are for you. If you are into carpentry, metalworking, and automobile and electronics repairs, you know the worth of a comfortable, devoted workshop. However, putting up such a workspace in the house isn’t always simple. Particularly, space constraints and worries over privacy and how much chaos and noise you’ll make can smother your motivation to tinker, fix, and build.

There are approaches to plan a flexible workspace that gives you a chance to appreciate quality time with your creative projects. These garage workshop ideas will get your space composed, looking extraordinary, and help build your home’s value.

In case you need to make a devoted work territory in the garage or basement, you must have enough space to work with. However, single vehicle garages don’t give a lot of free space in the event that you need to leave your car inside. Indeed, double vehicle garages enable more space, but free space will likewise be an issue when you need to park two of your vehicles in the carport.

With regard to making more accessible space in your garage, a slatwall storage system is one of the best workshop storage ideas. In addition, utilizing slatwall panels and accessories that use your carport’s wall space, you’ll have the option to clean the mess off your carport floor and hang up your tools. Ultimately, this makes more space for your work area, parking your cars, and just for the most part, working a lot simpler in the garage.


John Gehri Zerrer

Organize your tools and materials on this spacious workshop storage.


StoneMill Log & Timber Homes

A huge workshop room with rustic walls and plenty of natural light.


Living Stone Design + Build

This room is a craftsman’s playground.


Swift Companies

Sturdy storage cabinets from Seville Classics.


Whitten Architects

This farmhouse shed features a lovely carriage door.


M Valdes Architects PLLC

Build it yourself with this DIY workshop shed.


Trout Design Studio

Rustic garage turned into a workshop and creativity space.


Organized Living

An adjustable garage storage system that you can change without any tools.


C2 Architecture

Be inspired when doing small and big tasks in this traditional workshop area.


Nieman Market Design

The mobile cabinets are convenient when you are working on a project.



Smart workshop studio that can fit your tools and materials.


Banner Garage

These dark red cabinets look stunning and functional at the same time.


Inspired Closets by Tom

Small workbench for quick fixes at home.


Backyard Buildings

This 8×8 shed is perfect for your gardening tools.


California Closets San Diego

Nothing beats an organized storage system.


California Closets Maryland

Red floor and red pendant light? What’s not to love in this workshop space.


Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

This farmhouse garage is perfect for your weekend hobbies and projects.


Organization & Relocation

Garage storage solution is a must for DIY enthusiasts.


transFORM Home

Brushed aluminum and white melamine with lots of drawer storage.


IMPACT design Resources

Garage storage system with lots of space for actual projects.


Jeni Lee

An artist’s home studio with a great view will keep you inspired.


Eric Trabert & Associates

This shabby-chic style garage is all you need for a productive day!


Garage Decor And More

A space you would enjoy coming home to.


Global Garage – Concrete Coating Specialists

Transform your basement into a workshop area like this.


De Bilt

This shed is perfect for hobbies, arts, crafts, and DIY projects.


Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage

Keep everything organized and have plenty of floor space with built-in cabinets.


Rhonda Vandiver-White

This wood carver’s workshop is simple yet very stylish.

One Of The Smartest Workshop Ideas: A Workbench

Your essential work surface ought to be an unshakable workbench with a sturdy and heavy top. Hence, purchase or create the best that you can get.

Ready-made workbenches run $100 to $500 and come in numerous lengths. In general, they are 24 inches deep. A 38-inch height is common, but you may be more okay with a work surface as high as 42 inches or as low as 36. Moreover, a few benches incorporate drawers, vises, and racks.

Similarly, you can manufacture one utilizing readily accessible plans. After all, a straightforward, sturdy workbench takes less than a day to make, and materials cost under $100. This video offers specific guidelines for a cheap, straightforward workbench. Usually, a more complicated workbench with a miter saw stand and shelves costs $300 to $500 to make and takes a weekend.

On the other hand, the adaptability and usefulness of a foldaway workbench make it one of the most clever small workshop ideas you can pick. They’re perfect for small garages or when you need a little extra space in your bigger garage. In addition, this wall-mounted workbench effectively folds away when you don’t need it and is in a split second available when you do require it.

Great Workshop Ideas Focus On The Lighting

Small workshop ideas need bright surrounding light and solid task lighting. Indeed, DIY workshop projects need you to see what you are working on precisely. Moreover, attention to detail and accuracy are required when you’re making general repairs, measurements, drilling holes, and saw cuts. Also, safely working while you accomplish these things is essential, which means you’re going to require something most workshops need – excellent lighting.

High-intensity lights (LEDs, halogen, and others) are incredible for over-bench task lighting. Besides, a LED task light with a versatile goose-neck (around $75 to $150) puts light where you require it.

In the event that your garage has a finished ceiling, recessed fixtures are cheap (around $10 to $20) and are useful for ambient and task lighting.

On the other hand, ceiling-mounted fluorescent light installations are the timeless and inexpensive answer for workshop lighting. For instance, a two- or four-bulb, 48-inch fluorescent lighting fixture costs under $50.

When looking for workshop lighting, think lumens instead of watts. In essence, a lumen is a proportion of lighting brilliance and is a convenient method to analyze current energy-efficient light bulbs. In general, lighting bulbs and fixtures have labels that show lumens per piece. Specifically, a general guideline is to utilize 130 to 150 lumens for every square foot of the work area.

For instance, a 40-watt fluorescent light bulb gives out around 2,200 lumens. A 60-watt incandescent light bulb puts out around 800 lumens.

Workshop Organization Ideas: Creating A Smart Storage System

The other significant component of a workshop is the tools. In case you have no tools, you have no workshop—it is as simple as that. Be that as it may, you do not need your tools lying all over your workshop. In addition to the fact that that is dangerous for you, it also can harm your tools.

Toolboxes are an excellent addition to your workshop area. The number of tools you have will decide the size of your tool storage. You can buy a smaller and compact toolbox or huge storage with numerous drawers for your workshop organization ideas.

Long-term DIYers will, in general, gather massive tool accumulations with some expensive pieces. Despite whether this is the situation for you or your tool collection is still developing, you can supplement your slatwall storage area with modular or custom-fit cabinetry. These storage solutions include a smooth, contemporary look to your area and can be composed to accommodate your garage’s theme.

Modular, wall-mounted garage storage frameworks allow you to configure bins, shelves, and hooks the manner in which you need. Price is around $10 per square foot of wall space.

Hefty tubs and plastic bins secure tools, sandpaper, and device manuals from creepy crawlies, rodents, and dust. A 10-gallon plastic tub with cover is around $5 to $8.

Meanwhile, you can purchase old kitchen cabinets at salvaged building materials. These are an excellent method to include storage — and a DIY workbench. Rescued cabinets are around 50 to 75% less expensive than new ones. Place ¾-inch plywood on top of cabinets for a sturdy work surface.

Be Sure to Have Adequate Electrical Power

Alongside your new lights, be certain your workshop has sufficient electrical ports—outlets and capacity—to suit your arms stockpile of power tools. Also, put outlets close by; don’t rely upon extension cords over your workshop—they can be a stumbling hazard. In case you don’t have 30-amp circuits on your workshop area, converse with an electrical contractor about making this straightforward redesign.

Quit schlepping extension cords over your workshop floor. In addition, ensure your workshop ideas have enough electrical plugs to charge your device batteries as well as power your corded tools. Moreover, your drill press or band saw shouldn’t vie for plug outlets with a charging drill battery, and you shouldn’t risk stumbling over a cord over your workshop floor.

Electrical plugs are additionally required for lighting, AC units, heaters, radios, TVs, CNC machines, 3D printers, and PCs—all of which you will find in numerous workshops. As a matter of fact, you basically can never have such a large number of outlets, and it’s a lot more safe to have an excess than insufficient. In this case, get an electrician to help install your outlets and have 220v power if necessary for bigger power tools.

You can set aside $75 to $100 an hour for an electrical contractual worker, in addition to a possible service-call expense of $50 to $100. Of course, rates will vary in different areas.

Professional electricians work rapidly, so introducing workshop lights may take just an hour or two if access to electrical service is already accessible. Expanding circuit limit usually requires running a new, heavier-gauge wire from your circuit-breaker box to the workshop site.

Choose Durable, Easy-Clean Flooring

Solid garage floors can function as a workshop surface, although after some time, they stain and you’ll wind up following a great deal of residue and dust into your house. Meanwhile, an epoxy floor finish is simpler to clean and can likewise give additional hold. On the other hand, for a softer surface that will be easy on your joints when standing for some time, you can consider restaurant-grade rubber floor mats or some sturdy choices like garage floor tile.

Once in a while, a garage workshop can get untidy, particularly in case you will work on your vehicle or use oil. Frequently, a concrete floor will stain and become harmed, which will decrease the value of your house.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions to your concern. Notably, the most effortless one is to get floor mats for your garage. In particular, non-stick mats will allow you to move rapidly in your workshop without the risk of falling and are exceptionally simple to clean and maintain.

Similarly, you can epoxy your garage floor to give it a spotless, smooth look. Not only will it look superior to anything concrete, but it’s extremely easy to clean—oil won’t get consumed into the floor and stain it. Also, with a basic flush with a hose, your garage floor will look like new after each mess.

An Insulated Garage Door Is A Must For Workshop Ideas

When choosing garage workshop ideas, numerous homeowners don’t consider their garage door, which is not a good idea since it can have a colossal effect on the usefulness of your workshop.

Specifically, how does a garage door impact your workshop? It is important to realize that the last thing you need to expose your power tools is the elements. They can do significant harm to them, in some cases, making them quit working.

Likewise, you need a comfortable workshop. In case you don’t have control over the temperature, how likely would you say you would work there? Presumably not likely. Thus, it would be a waste.

An energy-efficient workshop door can help your garage maintain a comfortable temperature regardless of what the climate is outside. Also, this guarantees your garage will be in incredible working condition.

Meanwhile, your best choice for a garage door is one produced using steel. Besides, steel garage doors have a foam center for incredible insulation, which makes it hard for drafts to go through the door and into your garage. That makes it simpler to keep a comfortable temperature.

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