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The very best outside dog house ideas include elements of the dog and owner’s personality and try to improve a backyard space. If you think like your present dog’s home is an eyesore & it does not put in any visual appeal, this list is ideal for you. The backyard dog house ideas presented below are unique and cute in their very own ways & span a range of styles and looks to ensure that you’ll certainly see something which suits your house, as well as your dog’s personality. With choices from traditional peaked roofs to two-story layouts with a deck for sunbathing, your pet is going to be extremely grateful for a brand new spot to rest his head after an extended day of fun play.


Coates Design Architects Seattle

Keep your dog warm and cozy in this sustainable dog house.


Main Street Homes

Spoil your dog and dedicate a whole room for her!


Betsy Bassett Interiors

Let your dog feel that he or she is part of the family with this dog den.


Margot Hartford Photography

If it gets too cold outside, make your dog comfy with this under the stair bed.


Boo and Rook

Go the extra mile and make a large-sized cabin for your dog.


Stanton Homes

Do you have extra space in your laundry room? Make a dog house!


The Cousins

An outdoor space complete with dog house, dog deck, & a large dog run.


J. F. Roesemann Builders, Inc.

Your dog will surely love lounging around in this den under the stairs.


Michaelson Homes LLC

The storage space was transformed into a dog’s crate area with a custom grid door.


Aloha Home Builders

The kennel space has a secret entry and exit, out to the dog run.

Things To Consider If Building A Dog House 

A crucial piece to think about whenever you develop a dog house is the fact that it must match your dog. If your dog is a puppy, think that your beloved canine will grow. You do not wish to invest some time and also money building a dog home that your dog will outgrow in only several months. Nevertheless, stay away from making the dog house excessively huge since a smaller home is warmed with your dog’s natural body heating throughout the winter season. Your dog requires sufficient room to be inside, turn around, & lay down. Think about the area as the dimensions of a crate you will use for your pet inside. Dogs prefer spaces that are cozy, not open, and airy. An effective size will have the level of your dog with an additional nine inches, the length of your dog with an additional eighteen inches, and also the with of your dog with an additional twelve inches.

You understand your dog’s behavior the very best. Does your pooch love to keep tabs on his environment? In that case, construct an outdoor dog house with a flat roof rather than one with an overhang or even eaves to make sure it has complete visibility. Does your dog pant many times or maybe have an inclination to over-heat? Next, you’ll want to stay away from shingles for their rooftop, as they could attract and hold heat out of the summer sun. Rather, make use of an exterior plywood board as a roof and start treating it with a non-toxic stain, like linseed oil. Whatever your dog’s tastes are, creating the greatest home for your dog suggests focusing on all their comforts, and also planning for them appropriately.

When feasible, put your dog house in probably the coolest, shadiest part of your property. The greater number of times your dog home gets to spend in the shade, the longer it will last. Make an effort to situate the home against a structure of your storage area or house to safeguard it from the blowing wind. For homes that have doors, put the doorway east to protect the home from approaching storms. Placing a door on the dog house is able to provide your dog with additional heat in winter months. It is often suggested that owners not leave puppies, smaller sized dogs, or maybe more mature dogs outside when temperatures drop under forty degrees Fahrenheit. Nevertheless, during summertime, take out the dog house door to boost ventilation.


Vanessa Deleon

Make your pup comfortable and cozy inside the home with a space of its own.


Rikki Snyder

Cute cottage-inspired exterior for this outdoor dog house.


Austin Brothers Construction, LLC

This eco-friendly, “green” dog house won an award in an auction.



Let your dogs have fun outdoors with this sturdy dog house.

DIY Dog House Ideas

When you choose to produce a DIY dog house, make sure to check out your measurements. You are going to want to allow sufficient room on your dog to comfortably lay down and move a bit.  Additionally, you are going to have to account for the dog bed and other accessories that accompany your dog companion at night. Usually, you are able to scale the designs yourself, and, in case you love a premade dog house, you might be ready to contact the owner to purchase a specific size. Regardless of what you choose, so long as your dog could comfortably fit, they must be extremely pleased. All of us realize that the dog house designs the very last thing on the pup’s mind. He’s demanding running, playing, lapping up water, and making friends – or maybe foes, as could be the situation – with all the critters in the forests. His thoughts dwell on something other than design choices, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Nevertheless, he is going to be pleased as could be as he tuckers out and also has a pleasant, cozy spot to duck from the elements and relish that much-needed rest.

Dogs are great creatures. They are dedicated, friendly, cute, and at times humorous, and our lives simply would not function the same without them. As a dog owner, you would like your best friend to be pleased and also to really feel like a part of the household. When you would like to show your pet just how much you love them, you are able to begin by creating a DIY dog house. We have several unique outdoor dog kennel ideas and designs that we wish to show you, so we need to get started!

First, let’s take a look at several large dog house plans which will help you develop something contemporary and want for your tiny apartment friend. It is a geometric wooden dog house made of plywood. You are able to get it made especially to the dimensions of your dog, so start by taking the measurements. Since all of the parts need to fit well together, such as parts of a 3D puzzle, it is essential to stay within the directions provided as thoroughly as you possibly can. If you have a huge dog, you might create a cute gazebo out in the yard. It doesn’t actually need to be a complicated task. Begin with the frame and the floor, after which pour the horizontal wood slats to close above the gazebo on three sides. The roof is added when you finish the sides. You are able to paint it, or maybe you are able to stain the wood in case you want. When you are completed with this particular part, add the finishing touches like a cute hanging tag with your dog’s name on it along with a comfortable floor mattress.


Backyard Tropicals Inc.

This cute little dog house is complete with amenities, including LED lights.


Terra Ferma Landscapes

The dog house was built to replicate the design and style of the house.


Rockstar Puppy

Your rockstar furry friends will love this custom pop art prints & design.


Wheel & Barrow Landscape Design & Maintenance

A green roof for a dog house? Why not! This will be a gorgeous feature.


Robert Hopson Construction Group

Modern looking dog house with bed and feeding station.


Graf Developments

This gorgeous custom dog house features insulated walls & carpeting.

Weather-Proof Dog House Ideas 

For as long as humankind could remember, dogs are already known to be male’s best friend, and they are typically a happy, tail-wagging addition to our families that we could not picture living our life without. Dogs present us with a never-ending amount of joy and companionship. Thus, for the love of dogs, we have compiled 33 special doghouse ideas to keep your furry loved one secure, cozy, and fashionable.

If your dog sleeps or perhaps spends a large amount of time outdoors, be sure that he remains warm all winter season with the very best insulated dog house to match your backyard. While it is typically better to allow your dogs to sleep inside once the temperature goes down, you might still wish your dog to spend a lot of time outdoors for exercise – and also all those cases, you want an all-weather dog house.

When looking for one, understand they are not all created equal. You will want cheap dog houses that will come insulated or perhaps weatherproofed on every side, including the floor, walls, and ceiling. It must additionally be elevated off the floor since the home is going to stay drier and warmer that way. Even though this possibly goes without saying, you additionally need a dog house that could withstand moisture with no leaking and strong winds without collapsing. It must additionally have a door or maybe flap which will remain shut in the elements, so that snow or rain will not get in. Evaluate your dog before purchasing a brand new dog home and also buy one that is no less than 25% bigger compared to your pup, and one that’s got sufficient space for him turning entirely around nicely, so that your pet remains comfortable whole year long.




Timothy Goodrich

A dog house with farmhouse exterior for that rustic appeal.


Brydges Landscape Architecture

Mountain-style dog house with green roof looks phenomenal.


Infinite Possibilities Landscape & Design

This modern backyard retreat features a garden shed and a small, attached dog house.


Infinite Possibilities Landscape & Design

Your dog will love to go around the backyard and have a space to call his own.


Lekker Studio

Insulated modern dog house with cedar siding and cedar roof.


Kemp Hall Studio

Although the dog has his own house, he is welcome in the house with the big entry.


Visionarch, LLC

Make sure that your dog has a sturdy weather-proof house with concrete & bricks.


Deville Custom Homes

The dog houses are a replica of a Swedish style barn house the owners had.



This dog house features shiny floors, photo frames, & cozy bed.

Go Ahead And Spoil Your Dog

Generally, there is something inside every pet owner, which simply screams, “Spoil him/her!” Are you consuming yesterday’s dry leftovers for dinner or even pining over that exquisite costume you believed was simply too costly? Well, we think ol’ Fido is as pleased as a clam, chewing on one of his numerous chew toys, getting a back rub from his co-parent, along with eyeing away all those cute bone-shaped treats you purchased him yesterday. Oh, the way we like to spoil them! Apart from the treats & toys that you undoubtedly buy your doggie, why don’t you have your hands dirty and also build him his own small dog house? Everybody (even a dog) must have an area to call their very own.

Dogs that are kept outdoors need a good house or box. Use caution when selecting a home to the correct size to make sure your dog has a good home in the garden or even in the yard. Dog home with insulated floors and wall space is a safe haven during rain, other climate conditions, and ice. And lastly, this is the perfect home because it can effortlessly be moved to various other places. There are plenty of innovative dog kennel ideas cheap; you simply have to discover the one that fits, based on the dimensions of your dog. If you have a large budget, you can choose some modern-day dog house. We present you 33 unique dog house designs, have a look and pick out a brand new home for your dog. 

In case you’re looking at getting a dog or even have just recently brought one into your house, you might be well alert to how fast expenses for your pet is able to escalate. Several scientific studies find that a dog is able to cost owners for more than $40,000. Therefore, you might be looking for places where you are able to save cash on your dog. One of the ways you can actually cut costs is by creating a dog house for your pet. Although you cannot skimp on medicine or food for your dog, you are able to still supply them with an excellent shelter if you developed it yourself. Thankfully, we have taken enough time to compile our preferred DIY dog home images and designs. Every one of the models you will see here is inexpensive and take a few days to construct.

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