White House Black Window Exterior Ideas
Featured Image: Hartman Homes

Is your Pinterest board loaded with images of black and white exteriors? Think about these factors when planning your custom home. Windows with black frames add drama and high contrast. On the exterior, they are frequently paired with white brick, shingles, or siding. If you want to dive in, we have a lot of samples to inspire you! Check out these white house black window exterior ideas.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

This mansion, with its white façade and black and white decor, is the epitome of perfection. The outside of this farmhouse has a clean, classic style accentuated by the bold color contrast. Tanner Consulting LLC- Landscape Architecture has created a basic and elegant plan.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

This façade has a stunning two-story design that seems both big and elegant simultaneously—a beautiful and tasteful home with black window trim and white exterior cladding. The white house design by ADŌR Homes with black windows is fantastic.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Want a nice white home with a black window on the exterior that makes everything appear lovely and sizable? This house is magnificent and traditional at the same time, thanks to the white brick. That design by TATUM BROWN CUSTOM HOMES is excellent.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Everyone will concur that the outside of this lovely white house is both appealing and magnificent. The gray roof and the black window trim provide a stunning contrast in the place. Awad + Koontz Architects Builders created such a splendid design.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Everyone will agree that this McIntosh Poris Associates design for a modern, industrial white home with a black window is stunning. The windows add a gorgeous, sophisticated touch to the dining room’s cozy, warm atmosphere and wooden furnishings.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Everyone will agree that this Bowley Builders design for a white house with a black window that both appears contemporary and cozy is excellent. The windows in this Andersen A-Series black exterior with unique trim are beach-style.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Everyone would concur that this design of a white house with black windows is attractive and brilliant. Semco’s aluminum-clad wood windows were used on the outside of this farmhouse. The design by Kelly & Stone Architects is just stunning.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Have you ever seen a white house façade with such a distinctive design? The circular black window in this white house design by LDa Architecture & Interiors is white. Semi-gloss Duration exterior latex paint from Sherwin Williams is used to paint the trim.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Want to experience life in the past with your white, bright home and all-black windows? Remodeling of a two-story stucco home’s façade in a Mediterranean style. Eric Watson Architect, P.A., did an excellent job with this design.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Do you long for a classic farmhouse style that is also lovely and airy? With its bright white walls, black window frames, and bright red entrance, this farmhouse is the epitome of classic style in the 21st century. Hyrum McKay Bates Design, Inc. outdid itself with this one.

Things To Consider For White House Black Windows

Going with these black exterior windows gives you more versatility in your interior decorating. In case you like the bold look of the black window interior and exterior, you will have lots of options to select from. Many window manufacturers are offering a variety of black window configurations and colors. You can have black vinyl windows, steel, aluminum, and wood. The material you decide for your windows will influence the performance, cost, and lead time needed. Plenty of homeowners are choosing a white house black windows to create a sharp contrast. 

As you search for pictures of white house black windows, pay attention to all the details. Exterior lighting typically continues the theme established by the windows. If your house is big, ensure the fixtures you select are oversized to stay in proportion. For porch or balcony railings, think about black wrought iron. These railings can be linear and basic and intricate and fanciful based on your overall house style. New garage door choices are available to complement white house black windows. Lastly, when designing a new house, you can specify the finishing touches like outdoor trim. 

As you search through interior decorating magazines and catalogs, you will notice that black windows are a pattern that designers are embracing. Over ten years ago, you could see black window frames on plenty of home’s exteriors. Today, those black window frames are also a gorgeous add-on to interiors. Not only can they be an exciting change from a traditional white window frame, but they also dress your house up inside and out.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Everyone will agree that this is such a good European white house design that simultaneously looks so elegant and warm. Ground-up custom home built with European black hardwood windows. Such a good design by Rellion Homes.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

This black-and-white-themed Dutch home design will astound everyone. Everything in this CÚRE & PENABAD design appears to be both stunning and amazing simultaneously. Tricorn Black paint from Sherwin Williams provides this home with a classy feel.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Would you want to have a large and beautiful black-and-white house design? This Tim Cuppett Architects creation appears to be both enormous and exquisite. Windsor provided the double-hung windows for this farmhouse’s facade.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

This lovely and contemporary home design resembles a home from a luxurious estate. This conventional exterior has Jeld-Wen windows in chestnut bronze. KCS Residential Design did a great job with the estate design.

Why Choose A Black Window

A black window interior helps develop a noticeable contrast with white or light wood cabinets and light-colored countertops. Regardless if you are putting your home up for sale or completing a much-needed renovation, adding black windows will genuinely enhance your home’s curb appeal when you match the front door with the window frames and grilles. Black window frames add that pop of drama that some rooms need, mainly when your interior design features a black-and-white theme or other light colors that will pop against the black’s darkness. Black windows are an attractive option for industrial and modern styles for your house’s interior and exterior. They also work well with an assortment of other household types. 

You can professionally install black window frames on a range of homes, from craftsman to ranch style. Keep in mind that your material choice will increase the cost of the window and its installation. Based on the manufacturer you pick, black window frames can give your house an expensive appearance at an affordable price. Black vinyl windows need minimal upkeep, if any at all, and, if you have brickwork in your exterior, the black window will offer a lovely visual complement. Avoid using black windows on period houses since it might look out of place with the original design.

The traditional black and white combination is applicable in nearly every home part, regardless of whether it is in the interior and exterior. The timeless, classic looks allow it to be a trend until today. It seems the popularity won’t go down anytime soon. Are you thinking about utilizing the combination in your house’s exterior design? A white house with black trim should function as accents that can increase the appealing exterior look. The accentuating effect can do the job better when you also include other black details in the design.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Because of all the fancy amenities, you can tell it’s a high-end, modern space, but this living room manages to exude an air of calm and renewal. Open the large windows in the contemporary living area and take in the scenery—one of Alexandre Parent’s better creations.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

A nice dining room like this one is within your reach. This contemporary dining area is both inviting and spacious. The outside space may be quickly accessed through the black glass windows. The work of Stiff and Trevillion is just astounding.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

This classic home design appears both lovely and elegantly retro. The walls are Dulux “Nile Clay,” while the window trimmings and steel accents are painted black. The entire design by MacCormick & Associates Architects looks very elegant and classic.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Do you wish your home had a cutting-edge aesthetic that was also fresh and innovative? A large area is available, yet the room is inviting and cozy, thanks to the. Stunning, right? That’s because it was designed by Ronda Divers Interiors, Inc.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

With its striking black window frames, this all-white home is a breath of fresh air. The pre-finished James Hardie Arctic White siding perfectly complements the white windows. W.C. Ralston Architects did an excellent job with this white house design.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

There can be no argument that this cottage farmhouse layout is warm and inviting, not to mention revitalizing. This contemporary farmhouse’s windows are from Plygem’s Design Series. Trickle Creek Designer Homes has created a wonderful example of the cottage style with this plan.

Tips For White House Black Windows

Regardless if you think about it or not, your windows are one of the most incredible ways to bring the outdoors in, and they also help you connect with your exterior home for security and safety. In case you are thinking about changing your present windows, or are constructing a new house, read the following strategies for picking out the best exterior windows design for your home. 

Choose windows that reflect your house’s architectural style. Every home has an architectural design style that makes it unique, and choosing exterior windows that match this design aesthetic is the initial step in picking the right windows. Regardless if you have a modern house that features floor to ceiling glass windows and doors or you’ve got a traditional Tudor-style home with classic diamond-shaped mullions. Stick to your home’s architectural design for guidance. Decide what purpose your windows will serve. Think about which rooms your windows will do and if the view is essential or is light into a dark space more crucial than in a closet or pantry space. Think about using solar tubes that extend from the roof or a side wall to let light into dark areas if a window is not doable. Based on your house’s architectural color and style, you might choose frames and mullions that give color to the outside of your home. Whether you have wood or steel frames, look to window manufacturers offering factory colors already infused into the frame material. Choose the windows that please your interiors.

While your window’s exterior aesthetic is essential, remember that the way the window functions and appeals to your interiors can produce an adventure in your house. In bathrooms, look to windows that will let in light but not give direct viewing angles from the exterior. In public areas, determine whether the view warrants big picture windows that allow in maximum light and view and if the function of the room warrants various sized and shaped windows. If you’ve got picturesque views to take advantage of, or your home’s architecture is different, use window styles, colors, shapes, and details to play up your interiors. Home windows are an excellent home renovation project. While your first thought for remodeling turns to your bathroom or kitchen, do not forget about replacing old windows. With newer manufacturing practices for window brands, there is an increased push for energy-efficient assemblies to save on your energy bills. Many jurisdictions provide income tax credits for replacing older windows with energy-efficient ones. Thus, do not ignore replacing windows as a vital renovation project for your house.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Do you want a white house with a black window that is both modern and stylish? The bathroom in this one looks out into the street. The black and white design of this bathroom is quite modern. That Hindley & Co. came up with this brilliant plan is beyond praise.


White House Black Window Exterior Ideas

Do you want a wonderful house design that appears to be so appropriate for winter and every other season? The architects at Barroso Homes devised a sophisticated plan for this home. Incredible windows that reach up to the ceiling and have fiberglass window frames.

The Power Of Black Window Frames

Many of us have a thing for industrial-inspired interiors that have transformed into numerous trends that can work in various homes. Among the most alluring is black window frames and doors. They can work just as well in a contemporary house as in a modern addition, or at times even a century-old home needing a cosmetic update. But are black window frames generally a great strategy? In the right space, black window frames can add serious style and drama. They can set the scene for traditional and elegant interiors, but they can work just as well as a backdrop to industrial or ultra-contemporary styles too.

Black frames frequently look great on modern or contemporary houses. We have seen them succeed in Victorian-era homes where the window frames, fascia, gutter, and wood trim are painted black. This could work since the color black isn’t fighting with every other color; it is just there to enhance the brown or red brickwork. If your house has a great deal of charm and character, black window frames can look like they do not fit, like they do not belong. 

Black windows remove the demand for window treatments. Black windows are intended to be shown off and highlight your home decor. Black window frames can produce a contemporary look to your house. Black windows may fell outside of your comfort zone, but the result will be a chic modern look. Black window frames also produce high-contrast. Black window frames work reasonably well with light-colored or white walls, creating a good contrast. Black windows present the perfect frame for your view. Use black windows to develop a stronger relationship with the outdoors and blend your indoor and outdoor spaces. Black window frames are classic. The color black is stylish and goes with everything.

Reasons Why Black Windows And Trim Are Trending! 

In the design community, there’s a massive trend with black windows. Does it mean white windows are out? Does it mean black windows are merely a fad? The response to all of these queries is no. Both white and black windows are great options based on the design of the home you are trying to build or redesign. The answer of which will be better between black vs white can vary. Black frames can enhance the view out a window and draw the eye outside. In a garden, wooden, or ocean setting, the color black can blend into the scenery while white frames the view even more. 

It pays to be aware of a possible drawback to black window frames. The black color will absorb more heat, which could be a great idea, depending on the spot. But if your windows face the western sunlight or it gets hot where you live, heat transfer is a sure negative. Thankfully, there is a solution. If your black window frames are aluminum, choose thermally broken frames. They feature plastic separators to prevent heat from transferring between the external and internal frames. Thus, a more comfortable house.

Although black windows are becoming extremely popular over the past several years, they date to the last 100 years. Black steel windows were initially installed in factories and warehouses. Then they eventually made their way straight into residential properties. As we see, black windows are used more often in new construction and older homes today; some believe it may be a trend. But some disagree. Some believe that black windows are classic, and considering they date back so far, they have a feeling of timelessness and character about them. Black windows can be utilized in various design styles. Probably the style that we most often see is the modern farmhouse design. When others see a white house black windows, they immediately assume “farmhouse.” But they are not limited to modern farmhouses. If there is one negative thing to black windows, it is that the grilles could be challenging to see in the daylight on the exterior. They mingle in with the dark glass if there isn’t something bright reflected in the windows or if there aren’t any curtains or blinds directly behind the glass. When considering white windows, some may be frightened at the thought of having a noticeable color difference between the white window and the white shade of the house’s exterior. However, with black windows, this is not an issue since it is a drastic contrast. 

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