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The combination of black and white is applicable in nearly every part of the house, regardless if it is in the interior or exterior. If you have a white home, black trim can work as accents to boost the appealing exterior look. Having a white house with black trim can make the house look bolder. On the other hand, black interior doors with white trim offer a stylish and elegant appeal and can match any style preference you have. You can check out our gallery of 31 black interior doors with white trim ideas for inspiration.


Michele Peterson Interiors

Classic black and white color palette, which stands the test of time.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

Custom painted side door to match the color scheme in the rest of the house.


Phil Kean Design Group

This French country style home showcases arched doors for additional charm inside.



Craftsman-inspired door modernized with black paint and door hardware.



Current trends thrive on the black and white color story with a wood element to warm up the space.



Sophisticated hallway with five panel doors peppered throughout.


Sustainable Nine

Glassdoor enables the homeowner to take advantage of the impressive views outside.


Tyler Karu Design

Even though the door has been finished black, the wood grain still shines through.


Making it Lovely

Black bedroom doors add a masculine element that balances everything out nicely.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

The doors are recessed back and encased in a white wainscot detail, enhancing the doorway.

Why Choose Black For A Door?

Black is among the trendiest colors in home design. Since the door is the home’s focal point, it is seen as a place to make a statement. You add decorations to celebrate the seasons and show off your style. Your front door’s color is another opportunity to do that. The color black is a versatile color that transcends architectural designs and styles. It can enhance a traditional home’s original elegance or emphasize the simple, stylish feel of a contemporary house. Black can do these things since it is a bold, deep, dramatic color that has been considered fashionable for centuries. While black doors increase in popularity, the color’s classic appeal is not confined to this trend. Upgrading to a black front door now will still look like an excellent move for years to come. 

A color change alone can significantly improve your front entrance. Black provides a visual contrast to every other color in the color wheel. So whether it is your home’s exterior color scheme, your choice of door hardware, or a panel or two of glass, you can skillfully embellish your black front door to make an even bigger statement. Black is classic and versatile at the same time. You can improve a simple door with a layer of black paint and make it look amazing. Glass inserts and metal hardware are also excellent add on. They will shine beautifully against white, while dirty handprints (and paw prints) are quickly disguised. Black can also frame and highlight the view behind glass doors like a picture, inviting guests and company to come in by having an effortlessly stylish welcome.

A black door can complement all styles of home. For an industrial or modern style home, a black steel or aluminum door works well. Having a black door with a brick wall creates a rustic yet elegant effect. And if you fancy a cottage look, a black front door works too. Ebony is daring, but it can easily match any material and color with a stunning result. After you have settled on a black front door, you also have to consider the finish. You can choose between matte, glossy, or distressed finish.


Tamara Magel Studio

The black glass doors, combined with the dining set, make a sophisticated vibe.


Studio William Hefner

Floor-to-ceiling glass windows and doors for this transitional house in Los Angeles.


Paper Moon Painting

Lovely, luxurious master bedroom with headboard wallpaper with a gold and white pattern.


Kenowa Builders

Herringbone black wall tiles, white cabinets, black door, and white trim for this bathroom.

Upgrading White House With Black Trim

For the past couple of years, designers have been upping the trim and molding game with bold, black paint coats. Today, black interior doors are having a moment. The deep saturation of the color black enhances portals, which vary from simple builder quality to architectural beauties, so this is a trend we are entirely embracing! Go for gloss. If your space does not get much light, choose a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint surface for your dark door. The paint’s sheen will reflect what light is in the room, making it appear brighter—a glossy surface pair well with metallic accents and furnishings. Try a natural matte. Alternatively, if your bedroom is white or draws a lot of light, a matte surface is a more sensible choice. Matte black provides an earthier vibe; thus, it pairs well with wood paneling. You can reach new heights. Another way to balance black doors is to have a white trim. This technique works nicely in small spaces with crisp, white walls. Having black French doors is a great way to start with the color black. The color black creates contrast within the windowpanes, showcasing the architectural beauty of the French doors.

The most crucial point we focus on when purchasing a home door is the door’s color. In the home where we move most of the time, the doors are painted in a standard color and don’t match our furniture. But do not worry. It is now effortless to paint the doorways at home. Several things must be taken into consideration when painting interior doors. Door painting is not similar to a typical whitewash. So it should be done cautiously. In reality, if you aren’t experienced, we suggest you get assistance from such blog posts.

Before painting the door, you must first determine what material your door is made of. Select the door paint accordingly. For instance, don’t prefer lacquer door paint for a PVC coated door. Determine if your door is polished. Because the polish makes the door slippery, thus, can cause you not to get enough efficiency from the painting process. In case your door is polished, sanding it first should be the way to go. If your door’s color is dark, you can’t paint it at once. You must initially apply a primer coat. Then apply several layers of your chosen paint until your door’s color reaches the desired tone. You can purchase any color door paint from any hardware store or even a building market. It is that simple. Are you prepared to try painting interior doors now? If you love home decor, painting the door can be a pastime for you.



Thom Filicia Inc

A white and beige ensemble will beautifully take in a black door with white trim.


Thom Filicia Inc

The sliding black door looks elegant and stylish in this transitional living room.


Martha O’Hara Interiors

Black and white color combo for a sleek feel in this traditional powder room.


Chango & Co.

This upstate farmhouse family room looks posh with the black door and white trim.


Chango & Co.

The matte charcoal door blends well with the modern farmhouse feel of the house.


2 Design Group

This warm and cozy living room features a palette of gray, beige, and black.

How To Paint White House With Black Trim 

A manual door painting technique can be your best bet. You can paint the door with your hands with a brush and paint assistance, but keep in mind that this manual painting method is a bit demanding. However, if you have such a hobby and extra time, it’s quite fun. Creating new things with your own hands can be quite entertaining. You can also paint your door with the help of a roller brush. Using a spray gun is another way to paint your door. With this technique, you can not only paint doors but also various other details like walls. Using a spray gun technique is simple and allows you to promptly paint all the entries in your house.

Another way is to paint the door by sinking it into a barrel of paint. When compared with other techniques, it is a far more expensive approach. However, if you prefer the door painting process to be finished promptly, you can use this method. The doors on the home are dismantled, submerged in a large paint barrel, and removed. It is that simple. Your door painting procedure is finished. However, we prefer either of the first two techniques since this technique is a bit more pricey. 

Consider picking interior door colors with a few glosses in it for interior doors. Doors may require meticulous preparation to be painted appropriately and withstand wear and tear. Interior doors need precise painting techniques to avoid drips, streaks, and uneven paint. We highly suggest bringing the professionals for this job. This, for sure, will save you time and money and help your doors remain beautiful for years to come. Painting interior doors can provide a pop of color directly into an area, make small spaces look larger, or enhance gorgeous woodwork. Knowing the best interior door colors can make a room look complete and put together.


Pike Properties

This transitional bathroom enjoys an elegant appeal with the black doors and gold accents.


Meriwether Design Group

This modern farmhouse has a bright and airy feel, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows.


Diane Burgoyne Interiors

A classic bathroom can have a modern touch by changing the paint of the door.


Clark & Co Homes

An excellent combination of the black door, white trim, mosaic tiles, and concrete finish.


America Green Builders

A meticulous craftmanship with custom cabinetry, gold hardware, and black door.


Sarah Greenman

The different colors in the room provide balance and depth to this traditional living room.


Crisp Architects

Enjoy the beautiful weather lounging around with this modern farmhouse living room.


Crisp Architects

Add a youthful touch to a kid’s room by changing the colors of walls and doors.


John David Edison Interior Design Inc.

Enjoy the gorgeous views with these large glass doors with black trim.


Murphy & Co. Design

Elegant gray floor entryway with white walls and black door. 

What Are The Best Interior Door Colors?

But what are the best interior door colors? The very best color for your home is the one you like best and puts a smile on your face, but we would like to put you in the right direction, at least. Door color can do some magical things to your space.  

For small spaces and rooms, a door can break up wall space and make a room or entryway look even smaller. Thus, it is essential to try and paint the door the same color as the wall and trim. This trick can make the room feel more spacious. Try to keep small areas in a classic, basic palette like white or cream to make the room feel much more extensive. Historic interior doors are frequently intricate, with lovely old details such as panel and trim. Based on total wear and tear, or if they have been painted before, a new layer of interior door trim paint can make these beautiful details stick out a lot more. Interior painters usually paint historic houses to keep with the times they were constructed. That does not mean your wall and doors have to be dingy or stodgy, though! Instead, opt for modern versions of historic colors. For instance, a more contemporary “greige” is a fantastic refresh on older, drab creams. 

Unlike smaller spaces, larger spaces can handle a bit more of a punch; thus, interior doors can be painted in a bolder color. For a touch of color, use a full shade in the same color family. For instance, a traditional navy on an interior door will look great in a house which predominantly uses other blues. If you want something much more intense, pick an accent color you currently use in other parts of the house. 

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