Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas
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Of all the different home styles, there’s this one that stands out from the remaining because of its rich historical past and character—the Craftsman style house. The outside of any Craftsman home generally includes low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, heavy, tapered columns, patterned window panes, along with a covered front porch. The colors of the exterior are reflective of nature. Think about muted earth tones, including brown, green, as well as taupe shades. Usual exterior building materials vary from stone and brick to stucco and wood siding.

Check out these Craftsman style house exterior design ideas and be swooned by the unique character Craftsman offers.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

The front yard of this craftsman-style home would look adorable and decorated for the holidays. An absolute artisan with a porch straight out of a fairy tale. Even its Bridgeway is invigorating to gaze at. Reminiscent Homes, LLC outdid themselves with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Everyone who appreciates a restful, neutral palette will love this craftsman-style home. This layout is quite inviting and tidy. This lovely beige Art and Crafts house is just the right size. H.G. McCullough Designers has created a masterpiece with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Want a well-designed home that appears enormous from the street? Stunning in appearance, this Craftsman home boasts a spectacular panorama of the surrounding mountains. Your stay here will be very relaxing and picturesque. MGM Builders outdid themselves with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Do you long for a home that exemplifies the classic but modern Craftsman style? You’ve found the right one! What a great transformation from a Bungalow to a Craftsman! Brio Design Homes has created a stunning home that will be admired.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Do you long for a home with a rustic appearance and a preponderance of wooden features? A beautiful house that exudes beauty may be tucked away in the woods. This Remington Architecture-designed home in the woods exudes warmth and tradition.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

With its Craftsman aesthetic, this stunning home was built using a wide variety of high-quality materials. Everything is both attractive and opulent in appearance. A nice front yard and porch are included as well. Arch Studio, Inc. outdid itself with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

The windows and doorways in this craftsman-style home are large and attractive. One possibility is to have a small gathering for your guests in a private garden. This beach house by Visbeen Architects combines the best of two worlds with its Craftsman aesthetic and coastal location.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

This home’s design is so beautiful and timeless. Inside, the lighting is in harmony with the forest scene outside. This stunning example of the coveted Craftsman style fulfills every imaginable expectation. The architects at Fergus Garber Architects are responsible for this beautiful traditional home.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

This home’s design has a lot of finesse, yet it seems modern and classic. A nod to the Craftsman style informs this home’s current updates through subtle accents and details. It’s all bright and green. Studio S Squared Architecture, Inc. nailed it with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

This brown-themed home design is a surefire hit with anybody who sees it. This residence manages to seem both modernized and classic. Details on this porch in the Craftsman style elevate the house to a higher level. That is one stunning house plan from Maze Home Builders.

What Is A Craftsman House?

Truth be told, the recognition for this gorgeous style of Craftsman architecture would go to a late nineteenth-century British social movement. During that time, Britain was experiencing an industrial revolution as nobody had seen previously. The contrarian Arts & Crafts Movement, nonetheless, was exactly about rejecting this brand new, mass-produced construction design in favor of items that were handcrafted created by artisans. 

Ultimately, around the turn of the century, this particular movement made its way to America, championed by Gustav Stickley, editor and founder of The Craftsman magazine. His publication sold blueprints for houses that were created in the Arts & Crafts style, with the aim of making “serious architecture” handy for the masses.

Initially, the Craftsman definition was reserved for homes built by Stickley’s plans. Nevertheless, it’s since evolved to cover a certain architectural style. Nowadays, what we think about being Craftsman homes do have a few common identifying features, but, accurate to Stickley’s vision, each one comes with special details, making the house much more functional for its owners.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

This unique home combines elements of the bungalow and the Craftsman styles, and the result is stunning. The predominant color scheme is white and gray, which looks elegant and welcoming. Everything appears very warm and welcoming in Moore Architects, PC‘s design.



Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Do you want an uncomplicated yet sophisticated home with a lovely, unmanicured lawn in front? A home that exemplifies simplicity and elegance like this one! This magnificent two-story house is a fine example of Chicago architecture. Wow, Great Rooms Designers & Builders outdid themselves with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Such a classic and inviting design! It’s generally agreed that this basic home plan lends itself to a wide variety of decorative and functional interpretations. An original understanding of the style enhances the area. Cimarron Homes outdid itself with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

All those who take pleasure in being outside will adore this! When you step outside, everything about nature is reflected in the aesthetic of your home. In this home designed by Lawrence and Gomez Architects, which features plenty of natural light and open spaces, you will have a lot of fun.

The Popularity Of Craftsman Style House

Popularized by Gustav Stickley, an American furniture manufacturer, and also the Gamble brothers, that are recognized for the legendary Gamble House, Craftsman style houses initially garnered interest in the late 1800s and early 1900s during the Arts & Crafts Movement. It absolutely was a period when individuals began to lose interest in the eclectic nature of Victorian homes, instead, choosing to favor the ease of Craftsman homes.

The Craftsman’s popularity is linked to Stickley himself. He’s believed to have been influenced by travels to Bangala, India, where he was first exposed to bungalow designs. When he returned, he released articles about them in his magazine, and lots of American architects followed his lead. 

To him, the magnificence of these bungalows was in their simplicity. Craftsman homes were intended for the working men and women. While Victorian homes—another favorite form of precious time—led with appearance, Stickley sought to produce a style which places function first. Craftsman bungalow is fairly modest. They are easy and small to take care of, which made their design especially appealing to hardworking homeowners.

Nowadays, their popularity continues since their functionality doubles as an additional sense of charm. Remember, most authentic bungalows were constructed by their owners, which means that no two are just alike. Most feature unique details, which are not possible to commission nowadays. For doing this, these homes have grown to be an irreplaceable part of the historical past.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Do you want a typical, old-fashioned look for your house? This is a fantastic layout for those who prefer minimalistic interiors. You won’t pause to take in the house’s splendor. Moore Architects, PC is responsible for this remarkable creation.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Do you yearn for a beautiful and restful home? Feel like you’re on vacation with this one! Taking in some reading material while taking in the scenery outdoors is a great idea. This house has an amazing use of color, making it quite aesthetically pleasing—amazing work done by JCD Custom Home Design.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

This classic home layout is universally acclaimed as stunning and seasonally appropriate. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an English home. Just your standard Craftsman decked up with slate and stone. James River Construction, LLC did an amazing job.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Love at first sight with this bright and cheery domestic fantasy. There’s a sense of ease and cheerfulness throughout. The walls are painted in a cheerful sunshine hue. Goforth Gill Architects did a great job of making their bright home design complement the natural light.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

This house plan is stunning in its attention to detail and beauty. All of the brown makes the house feel very homey and earthy. Chicagoans love their architecture, and this lovely home demonstrates why. Wow, LM Custom Homes nailed it with this one.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Look around this beautiful, loving household and try not to smile. The design gets a resounding A+ for its use of color. With such illumination, the porch and the area in front of the wall could not appear more welcoming. Seattle Staged to Sell has created a fantastic, eye-catching layout.


A Craftsman Style House For Each Individual Taste

You will find four different unique kinds of the Craftsman house, though many have very similar beautiful details as well as an open floor plan. They are available in all the price points and sizes, which makes them a wonderful option for anybody from a first time home buyer to someone trying to move up. 

The four major styles are: 

Bungalow – This is the standard form of Craftsman & the one we all picture in our minds whenever we think of a Craftsman house.

Prairie Style – Frank Lloyd Wright could be the father of the Prairie style homes, which is a subcategory. These homes are minimal slung with strong horizontal lines and are most often used in the Midwest.

Mission Revival – While these mimic a lot of the collections of the Prairie Style Craftsman, their outside is normally discussed in stucco.

Four Square – This refers to the working man’s version of the Craftsman. They are called such because the two-story box was made up of four rooms on the very first floor, along with four rooms on the next with an inner staircase.

Whichever approach you want, Craftsman style homes have stood the test of time for their distinct good character and looks.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

The only word that adequately describes this mansion is “magnificent.” This home design is universally lauded for its stunning visual appeal, especially when illuminated by the moon. The soft, low lighting creates an incredibly cozy ambiance—an amazing home by AllyBrooke Custom Homes.



Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Do you seek a layout for your home that exudes an air of mystery? This one is a design example that looks both modern and fresh. Such a beautiful transformation! Kudos to Titus Built, LLCCompany Name, for a job well done.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

The overall aesthetic is classic and understated. No one can deny the chic aesthetic of this home’s layout. A lot of the credit for the front yard’s impressive appearance goes to the plants’ neat arrangement. The Orendorf Group has created a wonderful, eco-friendly house plan.


Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

The aesthetics of this house plan are superb. It is aesthetically pleasing, and the color scheme is also quite chic. Incredibly attractive to the eye and expertly executed! Certainly easy to spot is the bright red door. GC&S Design Build outdid themselves with this tasty menu.

Main Features of Craftsman Style House

These visual details are what provide these homes their cohesive foundation in which the framework is built and also accentuated. These consist of the following:

Low-pitched Rooflines – Probably the most obvious feature of Craftsman houses will be the low-pitched rooflines that are frequently created in a triangular gable or maybe hip pattern. These look and also feel really comfortable, accentuating a comfortable, small general residential structure without being too imposing and difficult getting to. The overhanging, broad eaves of the Craftsman houses compliment the low-pitched tops of the components. This balances out the complete size of top of the portion of the home without sacrificing the proportion between the top and also the primary structure. This makes the home manageable during inclement weather conditions.

Exposed Rafters Below the Eaves – This is a distinctive element, particular to Craftsman houses. The exposed rafters below the eaves look really “meta” in a cozy atmosphere in which you’d look to discover a couple of vintage components or maybe expressions still.

Front-porch – The covered front porches of Craftsman homes not just look marvelous and function as beautifully serene places to relax at, though additionally, they guard the house against the immediate heat of the sunshine and also a torrential downpour. These are several of the most appealing options that come with Craftsman houses, giving you the advantage of function and beauty.

Symmetrical Pillar Alignment in the Entrance – The pillar lined entry to the Craftsman houses provides a clean-edged and very neat approach. These are several of the distinct minimalist and modern elements of the shirtwaist house. Functionality-wise, such a format offers an optimistic and proportionate overall structure which amply protects the home out of any kind of brutal climatic onslaught.

Double-hanging Windows – Breaking out from the excessive and ornate Victorian windows, Craftsman homes bring forth an extremely simple design for their window designs. The double hanging windows of the home provide a straight-edged appearance, especially as a result of the individual panes which go on the lower and upper parts of these windows. These are simpler to fix and open and close, contrary to the heavier, vintage ones.

Singular, Jutting Dormers – The one, protruding dormers are an attractive and extremely homely feature of these homes. What is interesting is, these are additionally something that honors the standard vintage layouts, in a manner. These dormered-roofs of the homes not just look aesthetically pleasing, but they likewise function as a nice addition for a viewing space up in the attic. 

Conspicuous Fireplaces – The Craftsman houses come with visible, integral fireplaces that take up a sizable space in the key living area. This will give off a snug and cozy immensely feeling, keeping you amply hot in winters that are harsh. These fireplaces with their gorgeous mantles, definitely put in a touch of the traditional decorative element to an area which is but basically modern in nearly all aspects.

Window Nooks and Seats – These are quite pleasing small features of the Craftsman houses, which cause them to become even more inviting and warm in structure and spirit. The window and nooks seats function as special small private spaces in which you can have a while to yourselves. It’s fascinating the way an extremely straightforward, compact design is able to still present you with the advantage of quiet and a calm spot to appreciate some tranquil time away from the main areas of the home.

Integrated Storage Unit – The built-in storage devices in Craftsman homes offer a spacious area for all your items. Although it is significantly less large as a separate room or maybe a garage away from the main home, it nevertheless can serve as a good storeroom within the home.

Ample Woodwork from the Floor on the Ceiling – There is hardly any absence of natural components, including wood or maybe stone, which go in the making of Craftsman homes. While you will find a solid stone building in a few older and authentic Craftsman models, you can get all of the woodwork you would like in each and every type of Craftsman homes. Whether it is the lavish rafters or maybe the polished wood trimmings for all the interiors, several of the most incredible designs present in these layouts are basically natural, economical, and simple to work with. 

Sprawling Exterior with Gorgeous, Manicured Gardens and Lawns – This is the single most charming element of the Craftsman style homes. Nearly all the houses include stunning outdoor spaces that may be utilized for gardening or keeping an easy lawn in addition to a tiny sparkling fountain. The latest home styles from this style have provisions that you can maintain beautiful, raised flower beds, contemporary garden pathway designs, and for growing medium-height trees and bushes.


Consequently, it might be inferred the Craftsman style house was definitely among the first and most celebrated inventions of the modern time that heralded a new era in the architectural industry. It was additionally a period of time that had started forming after a reign of utter unrest between the social classes.

Thus, the emergence of this kind of style that brings the most marvelous and beautiful aspects of both modern and vintage worlds together in a spectacular balance is certainly the one thing that we could never get tired of.

Furthermore, on the same note, we were able to say this game-changer style still has much to offer, and we expect to evolve for future generations.

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