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If you’ve got a modern farmhouse style home, you might be searching for ways to upgrade the exterior or even give it that unique appearance that sets your property apart from the others. No worries; check out these inspirational 35 modern farmhouse exterior home design and images to ignite an innovative yet fashionable idea. All things considered, the exterior of your home is equally as crucial as the inside. You will simply adore these modern farmhouse floor plans, exterior ideas, and farmhouse pictures!


Brush Arbor Home Construction

This is a great representation of a two-story traditional white modern farmhouse with a gable roof.


John Lively & Associates

Country multicolored two-story mixed siding home with large windows and a dark metal roof.


Landmark Performance Homes

Two styles of gable brackets add charisma and warmth to this large home.


PentaVia Homes

West coast charm merges with rustic southern elements to create this custom home.


Gardner Homes

This charming Brentwood exterior is reminiscent of when life was simpler, and homes were functionally beautiful.


Argonaut Window & Door

All grey everything, with a hint of black mullion style windows and a simple landscape.


Westlake Development LLC

Everything about this home screams come over and hang out from the outdoor kitchen to the landscape.


Sustainable Nine

Natural wood columns are the focal point of the entrance to this home.


Michael Hospelt Photography

Imagine a wine vineyard right outside your back porch. This Napa home is stunning.


Wyrick Residential Design

The attachment of 3 dormers to the facade of this Nashville home adds interest and personality.

What Makes Modern Farmhouse Exterior Unique

Many farmhouse homes have a tendency to opt for dark trims and light colors across the windows and doors. Flipping the script, nonetheless, highlights the entryways of your property and will make them look even more attractive. Add porch furniture, which additionally matches the trim to bring everything together in a single cohesive theme. You are able to absolutely connect the inside of your house to the outdoors with big sprawling windows. Not simply will this allow in much more sunlight, but with regards to summer, simply fling them open and allow the fresh, warm air in. Including a little back “porch” with a few basic seating offers you the break you require from looking after house chores.

Many people believe that a black roof is simply too gothic, though it can truly make your farm style house look more advanced than the rest. It is a stark contrast to the neutral tones of your respective exterior, be it stone or paint, and will generate the inside of your house pop, a lot more, if the lighting fixtures are on in the evenings. Forget paving your driveway year in and year out to hold the cracks out, choose a rustic, European appearance with bricks, pavers, or perhaps stones for stone cottages house plans. Change electrical garage doors for sliding wooden barn doors, and put overhanging lights outdoors to light up your walkway at night. The appearance may be accomplished with some crawling, flowering vines in your garage for that genuine European feel.

Rather than substantial glass windows, why don’t you go for completely glass walls? Invite more of the outdoors indoors & present yourself with an exceptional view of your property. To extend the roof out over the back porch provides shelter and pulls the deck in the home rather than making it really feel different. Going for vertical wood paneling in your home exterior ideas will surely include a little texture. It is going to make your house look a lot taller than it actually is. Additionally, by using a contrasting top of deep color, your farmhouse home is going to look a lot more stylish.



Glo Windows

Vertical natural cedar siding dominates this modern home while giving it a weathered appearance.


Geschke Group

Who wouldn’t want to enter into an all-glass door entryway? I bet the sun shines bright here.


Lincthelen Design

An all-black modern farmhouse in Franklin. The choice of a monochromatic palette enhances the colorful backdrop.


Clarum Homess

The addition of the vertical barnwood slates to the exterior of this home ties everything together.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Door Colors

One of the greatest methods to upgrade your exterior is by changing the color of the home. Listed here are the most widely used modern farmhouse exterior door styles to think about. A great deal of contemporary farmhouses are white and black, but that does not mean your exterior door needs to be dull. Do not be restricted in believing that your modern-day farmhouse exterior colors need to be black or white. First, you can try dark green. This particular exterior door color could look black, though it is really an extremely deep forest green. In varying lights, you are able to tell it isn’t jet black, though it’s absolutely fun to keep folks guessing! Benjamin Moore has a deep forest green color to test. Check out Essex Green. 

On a modern farmhouse exterior, you will certainly not fail with a lovely red exterior door. Benjamin Moore’s Caliente Red is a good red for a contemporary farmhouse exterior door color! If you prefer white, there is absolutely nothing bad with a white contemporary farmhouse exterior door. Remember that there are lots of diverse shades of white, from clean, brilliant white to antique white as well as cream. Look at the undertones inside your white paint to be certain it is the white you need.

My personal favorite color for a contemporary farmhouse exterior door is a wood door. Yes, that is a color! The choices are limitless with a wood door since you are able to stain it, paint it, or maybe lacquer it. Apply a glaze and allow the purely natural wood shine through. Wood doors are particularly gorgeous and classic.


Eldorado Stone

Add an industrial element to your modern farmhouse with a mix of textured stone and green/gray siding.




Brett Grinkmeyer Architecture

Floor to ceiling windows give this home the ability to appear larger than it actually is.


Mast and Co. Builders

This home looks like it would be an art piece on the wall. Warm, cozy, inviting.


PKPG Companies

Between the red and gray siding, stone accent wall, or modern pieces, this home has it all.


House Sprucing

Mix vertical board and batten siding with a cultured stone wrap and wood glass front door.

Components Of A Modern Farmhouse Exterior

First, we should clarify that because there are numerous types for the inside of your house, every one of these also affects the exterior, and today, we’re honing in on the way all these elements are able to align to develop a contemporary farmhouse image. Contemporary farmhouse contains the very best of both worlds, with the more modern stylistic choices of contemporary world married together with the charming and rustic characteristics of farmhouse designs. This laid-back method of the home is as gorgeous as it’s inviting. 

You will find four primary components of your exterior design, which are a good place to begin when beginning your design or even updating a current one. The farmhouse colors, lighting, materials, and general structure of your house make up the vast majority of your exterior presence and therefore are the elements we want to go over. 

Generally, for contemporary farmhouse looks, homeowners will lean towards neutral tones to hold together with the laid back look. These hues are often lighter and give off a fresh laundry, cool breezy vibe. According to your area, some undertones may pair better within your landscape. For instance, cool undertones usually combine superbly in seaside, lakeside, or maybe more northern scenery to play off of forest or even ocean hues, and warm undertones work effectively with southwest climates, accenting the richer shades of the environment.


Justin Doyle Homes

Wide vertical Hardie board, board and batten siding with cultured stone accent and black windows.


JPM Construction

 A contemporary mellow yellow door complements the gray siding of this ranch style home.



This home is the perfect mix of modern and cottage with frosted glass garage doors and metal roof.


Bay Builders & Remodeling

Add a stamped concrete driveway and entrance to your home for a customized look and feel.

Materials And Lightning

Contemporary farmhouse styles are going to feature a lot of wooden components, whether flower beds, large decks, or maybe huge benches in their outdoor living areas. To promote the lifetime of comfort and laid-back appeal, wooden elements provide a level along with a lived-in look, which is very easy to appreciate. It is all about producing a space to unwind and unplug from the busy digital world that we have become. If that means a traditional rocking chair and porch swing with a decent book, then that will be a great idea! A few other substances typically observed in these designs are natural stone, even if in gardening or perhaps in your home’s exterior, and also different finished metals, which just add on the rustic farmhouse feel. A number of materials might have an antiqued or maybe distressed finish while others balance the laid back look because of their crisp, clean appearance.

When it comes to lighting, you can’t fail with a beautiful array of lamps plus landscape lighting to light up the outside of your respective charming abode. Playing off of the particular farmhouse look, you might appreciate the appearance of accent lighting if your house was built in the standard barn-like shape with their tall peaks and special angles. For light-colored houses, lamps with an oil-rubbed bronze finish will contrast attractively to produce a well-balanced appearance. If you want several hanging fixtures or perhaps fixed exterior lanterns, there are numerous opportunities to dial up the charm of your residence with little additions. The impact that lighting is able to make on your house is unbelievable. In case you’re at all worried about your sense of curb appeal, subsequently, this could be the very first thing to think about when the lighting is going to create the dimensional look that homeowners desire.


Stephanie Gamble Interiors

White siding, light-colored roof paired with black windows and a bright red front door.


Vision Interiors

Combine the timelessness of farmhouse with midcentury modern aesthetics to create this home.


Cascade West Development

Enter into this home greeted by warm wood gable porch and large windows.


David Watson Architects

Light green blue garage with a craftsman feel adds to the uniqueness of this home.


Lloyd Architects

Bright white, clean, large simplistic windows and a frosted glass garage.


Daniel Conlon Architects

The crimson garage, doors, and window trim make this house something truly one of a kind.


Y&B Architects

Seating around a fire pit with iron rails and an intimate feeling creates the perfect dream.


Ezr Lee Design + Build

Simplistic, clean, two-story modern farmhouse with large vertical picture windows.


Develop Architects

Black roof and rocky landscape make this home pop in the picturesque background.


Wild Rose Interiors

Two windows plank the all-glass modern black double doors for a grand entrance.

The Architecture Of Modern Farmhouse Exterior

The framework, of course, plays a large role in the complete style and style of your house. Regardless if you’re building your very first house, looking at homes for sale, about to sell, or simply searching for methods to highlight your exterior, you must actually take note of the home’s distinctive features and structure to uncover accents which highlight the appeal of your house. 

Lots of beautiful country homes are designed to imitate the form of a common farmhouse or a barn, offering them the quick wow factor that homeowners need. Siding likewise should be formatted vertically instead of a home’s conventional horizontal placement to add to its list of farmhouse capabilities. Porches might wrap all of the way around, and barn x’s could be discovered on garage doors, but every one of these special components can’t really make their presence without the proper style to allow for them. We are talking about structural lighting to spotlight the home’s crannies, and nooks, the correct color choice to accentuate the barn siding, ambient lanterns to produce an inviting porch layout, and also complimenting shades to try painting trim as well as the appealing x’s which adorn the doors. Do not restrict yourself with the options of your home’s exterior.

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