Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath
Featured Image: RLB Architecture

Designing or decorating your home is an enjoyable task. The bedroom and the living room are often the first rooms to get a makeover, but how about the other spaces in your home? Your kitchen and bathroom should not be left behind. The kitchen is probably one of the areas in your home where activities are high – you cook your meals there every day. You should, therefore, make it a place where cooking will be a joy and not a bothersome chore. On the other hand, a bathroom is a place where you do very personal activities, so designing it to give off a vibe that will help you relax is imperative. What do these two areas have in common in terms of the materials used in them? The answer: tiles. Tiles have significant effects on the overall look of your kitchen and bathroom.

Vintage tiles are great to use in the kitchen – whether as flooring, walls, or splashbacks – because you can easily wipe them clean, and they are very durable. In the bathroom, tiles cover almost everything except the ceiling, perhaps. The tiles you choose to use in these spaces will affect the ambiance. With the right tiles, you may feel like walking into a deluxe spa. Aside from the materials, you also have to consider the color of the tiles you will use. We recommend pink tile as the color is calming, letting you chill while doing your activities in these rooms.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Susan Jablon designed this luxurious pink bathroom, and it is just stunning. We can’t get enough pink tulips, mosaic, and white wave tiles. Look at this cute use of pink tiling in a bathroom! Such a feminine bathroom design! 


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Take a load off and soak in this pink bathroom tub. A spa visit is unnecessary if your home has a bathroom as relaxing as this one. Gorgeous photos by Colin Cadle Photography of a rustic farmhouse bathroom.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

If you don’t want to, you don’t have to go all out with pink. Check out this one! Lovely pink patterned tiles give this bathroom’s white walls character. You’ll feel revitalized in this Clipsal by Schneider Electric Mediterranean bathroom design.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Your little girl will appreciate this bathroom that was designed in the style of a fairy tale, whether she is Beauty or Cinderella. With this charming and cheery bathroom design by Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC, you’ll think you’re in a fairytale.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

The bathroom is made cozy and cheery by the addition of pink tiles. We also appreciate the owner’s use of various materials to give this bathroom texture and flair. Lesley Glotzl created such a bright and organic bathroom.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

A bathroom with pink tiles and black hardware looks classy and refined. Adding a lot of decor to a bathroom of this type is optional to make a statement—a bathroom created by Mustard Architects that is very elegant.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

What a creative way to store all your bathroom necessities! We like the black shelves and the bathroom vanity top covered with pink tiles. Everything about this Gristmill Builders, LTD. design is so lovely.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

This pink and white bathroom is dainty and lovely. The green curtain draws attention without dominating or detracting from the bathroom’s overall concept. Coe Mudford Interior Design created such a classic bathroom.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

This pink mosaic tile bathroom is calm and beautiful, thanks to the lovely and delicate diamond design on the tiles. Everyone will concur that Hélène & Olivier Lempereur’s bathroom design is both straightforward and attractive.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a stylish, understated bathroom design that appears pricey but is still lovely? The bathroom design by Finstad’s Carpet One is excellent. Use pink, white, and gold to give your bathroom an exquisite and opulent feel.

The History Of Pink Tile For Kitchen & Bath

In America in the 1950s, pink was one of the most popular bathroom tile colors, with 5 million to 10 million families estimated to have pink bathrooms in their homes. Some even have pink bathtubs, pink toilet bowls, and pink sinks, not just pink tiles! Whether this was a trend is unclear, but these pink bathrooms survived through ages and managed to still be present in many homes today. Some simply find renovating expensive, so they maintained their pink bathroom, while others like the nostalgic appeal the pink bathroom gives.

Also, back in the 50s, pink was a popular color for kitchens, at least for those who were carefree at heart and would not go with the standard colors such as white or wood tones. Others, however, say the pink’s popularity started when then First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, wife of US President Dwight Eisenhower, who was elected into office in 1952, made it known that her favorite color was pink. Since then, pink had been known as a feminine color, and because the kitchen was at that time seen as a place for women, kitchens were often colored pink. Nowadays, women, of course, are no longer bound by such stereotypes, as they have secured their rightful place in society. Though we welcome this change, pink kitchens are still very welcome.

Excited to have your kitchen and bath look fresh? Pink tiles will surely give that effect. These pink tile design ideas will help you if you do not know where to start.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything about this bathroom design is extremely lovely! The tiling and wall lighting look fantastic and bright! Design firm Variant Office – Architecture & Interiors created this elegant bathroom. Concerned that pink tile may seem too feminine? Use black for it!


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a good kitchen design that simultaneously looks simple and homey? Everything looks so good in this kitchen design by Hancock Lumber Kitchen Design Showroom. Pink diagonal tiles with a hint of blue for that dramatic effect on this beach-style kitchen.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

This lovely and classic kitchen design has a mysterious feel to it. The lighting and materials look fantastic in this kitchen design by Maienza – Wilson Architecture + Interiors. This kitchen is lively and vibrant thanks to the pink backsplash tiles.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a kitchen design that appears to be handcrafted and crafty? This excellent kitchen design by Floors of Stone appears both calm and light at once. For this gorgeous kitchen, pink handmade tiles are arranged in a herringbone pattern.

Going With Common Pink Tile Materials

In terms of materials, You have many options to choose from when having pink bathroom tiles or kitchen tiles. The most common ones are ceramic, marble, and subway.

Pink ceramic tiles fit well in kitchens and bathrooms. Their durability and elegance make them perfect as flooring. Because they have a very solid surface, dirt does not easily cling to them, making cleaning with mop or sponge a breeze. Ceramic tiles are also more affordable than other flooring materials.

Marbles are also known for their durability. Builders have used these natural stones for centuries. Pink marble tiles will surely look great on your bathroom or kitchen as flooring. And if that is not enough to convince you to get them, hear this: marbles keep away dust and pollen, making them hypoallergenic and sanitary. And during summer, marble tiles stay cool. Marbles, however, are not recommended to be used as a kitchen countertop because acidic substances used in cooking may damage them.

Subway tiles perhaps are one of the most recognizable types of tiles for the kitchen and bath. These are the 3×6-inch tiles, usually white, laid in a running-bond arrangement. They are called subway tiles because they were first used in the 1900s in subway stations in New York. The tiles being durable and easy to clean made them popular among residential homeowners. Using pink subway tile instead of the usual white will make your kitchen or bath look exciting.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a stylish, shiny kitchen design for your contemporary home? Desiring to have an effect, Why not use a bright pink backsplash that is glossy? This pricey kitchen design by Pedini London has a lighted backsplash.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything appears to be very delicate in this pink and gray kitchen decor. In this Domus Nova kitchen design, everything is both stylish and comfortable. The gray cabinetry goes well with the pink-patterned tiling.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything appears classy and contemporary in this kitchen design, with a pink and steel motif and a very brilliant appearance. The kitchen design by Suzanne Allen Design is excellent. Pink mosaic tiles will give your kitchen a splash of color.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a straightforward kitchen layout with a lovely, modern appearance? Red Egg Design Group designed this kitchen and sank in mid-century style. With these pale pink tiles and a peach sink, keep things basic.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Still waiting to commit to pink tiles fully? Decide on pink grout! This is a straightforward backsplash pattern for your kitchen and bathroom walls. Everything is clear and concise in this Space Craft Joinery design.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

With a charming and antique atmosphere, this kitchen design is open and cheerful. This kitchen design by Bennett Contracting, Inc. is gorgeous. The backsplash tiles in this magnificent kitchen are soft pink for a romantic appeal.


Other Types Of Pink Tiles To Use

If you are worried about solid pink flooring tile being dull, ceramic producers actually have tiles that are embossed or printed, so you will never go out of options. You can have pink tiles with hardwood or natural stone finish. You can also mix and match tile patterns to get a look that you would genuinely appreciate.

If you want your bathroom or kitchen to stand out, install pink glass tiles as backsplash. Their luminosity will surely transform any boring kitchen into a work of art. Another good thing with pink glass tile is that it reflects light, making your kitchen or bathroom look brighter and bigger. Also, because they are easy to install and commonly available in stores, they make excellent materials for do-it-yourself renovations in your kitchen or bath.

Glass subway tiles are also great if you cannot choose between pink subway tile and pink glass tile. Why not have both, right? The glass finish adds a modern twist to the familiar subway pattern. It’s a union of the old and the new.

However, if you want your kitchen and bathroom to be eye-catching, use pink mosaic tile, which is a combination of other materials mentioned earlier. Pink mosaic tiles are perfect if you want your kitchen or bath to be attention-getting geometric patterns. These materials are pieced together like a puzzle to form intricate yet beautiful patterns. You may have various shades of pink and a bit of other colors in your mosaic tiles that you can use as a backsplash, countertop, or even flooring. The tip is not to use pink tile too much and instead just have it as an accent.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything looks fantastic in this sophisticated, polished kitchen with a pink and steel motif. What a magnificent creation by Bon Accord Splashbacks. Be bold and use pink if it’s your favorite shade, especially for backsplashes.


Pink Tile Design Ideas for Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a beautiful, minimalist kitchen that appears sophisticated and one-of-a-kind? This kitchen by ESPACIOS Y LUZ FOTOGRAFA is well done. If you want to design a lovely and welcoming kitchen, choose a bold shade of pink.

What Paint Color Matches Pink Tiles

Now that you know the different tile materials and you have decided to go with a particular type or a mix of different types, you also have to think of the paint that will go with your tiles. After all, not everything in your kitchen and bath will be covered in tiles. Here are some ideas.

To update a vintage kitchen with pink bathroom tiles, paint cabinets, or walls with pastel teal. Teal adds a harmonious contrast to pink because the green in teal and the red in pink are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. Following this, aqua or blues also makes a great choice of paint color.

If you want to make pink still present but not empowering, tone it down with ivory-painted walls and ceiling. Light gray will also work well in toning down the pink tile down. The color can also lower the temperature in a pink kitchen or bath.

You can also paint walls and ceiling in platinum. Paired pair pink tiles, your kitchen or bathroom will look glamorous. If you do not want to go overboard with the paint color to go with your pink tiles, try painting a small portion of the room first. If you get excited upon seeing the combination, then continue painting more.

Other Things To Consider

So you have decided to go with pink tile, and you have identified the material you want. One thing you should not forget is the grout. Since you are going with pink, a choice for grout color would be white, if not a lighter shade of pink. The grout you choose affects the overall look of your tile, so it is of crucial importance.

Other important things to consider are the pink tiles’ finish, durability, and sanitariness. Glossy and smooth tiles, like glass, are more stylish than the tiles with a dull finish. They are good to have on walls or backsplash as they are also easy to clean. For pink flooring tile, you cannot have it too smooth and glossy as it can be slippery. When going with pink ceramic tile as flooring, add abrasive glaze for slip resistance.

Pink bathroom tile may be pretty, but you also have to make sure that it is durable and hygienic. That’s why for recommend pink flooring tile, especially in wet areas, we recommend ceramic tile as they resist moisture and last longer than other materials. Pink marble tile and pink ceramic tile earn another point for being hygienic as they are easy to clean. Therefore, they are also great for the kitchen where you prepare food.

The kitchen and bathroom cannot be dull. We hope you got great ideas to splash them up with pink tiles and admire these rooms daily.

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