Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath
Featured Image: Arrowtown Construction | General Contractors, Inc.

Vintage tiles can add color to any kitchen and bathroom. Now, kitchen and bathroom tiles are usually designed for easy cleaning and washing, but years ago, they came in intricate and bold designs to give any space a vivacious look. They were eye-catching and practical, and they were considered as everyday art.

Vintage tiles are making a comeback. That is if they ever left. Now, more people appreciate the styles of past generations. From walls, floors, and backsplashes, vintage tiles are here again.

You can find authentic vintage tiles at antique shops or salvage yards, with their price depending on their condition, style, and size. Some go to auction houses, where prices can go as high as $50,000 for a small set of vintage tiles.

If you live in a house where vintage tiles are already installed, then you are lucky as you no longer have to spend on the renovation. You only have to work on the paint colors and maybe some accessories to achieve the look that will go well with your tiles.

If going authentic is out the question because of cost, you can go with vintage-looking tiles. Ceramic tiles are great for this as they come in vintage designs. The durability of ceramic makes them the best choice as floor tiles. You can also arrange them in patterns popular during the old days to make them look more vintage.



This is a design for a colorful kitchen and eating room created by LuxuryStyle.ES. It looks like an old Mediterranean kitchen while still having a vintage feel. These ancient tiles from Spain are exceptional, and everything else differs from them.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Do you want a retro and modern kitchen and dining area design? Jessica Helgerson Interior Design created the most amazing kitchen. The brown and white checkered tiles go well with the color of the kitchen.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

In this minimalist bathroom design, everything seems so clean and vintage. This stylish bathroom by Greeson & Fast Design has traditional octagon tiles, a free-standing bathtub, and cupboards that resemble furniture.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Want to have a stunning bathroom with a comfortable, beautiful design? This bathroom design by Spazio LA is amazing. Cement tiles from Cement Tile Shop may be seen in this lovely bathroom.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Everyone will concur that this kitchen design by Erica Islas / EMI Interior Design, Inc. is very classic and comfortable and has lovely colors and textures all at once. The Arto terracotta floors in this kitchen provide warmth and personality.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This bathroom design is lovely and has a classic, cozy feel. Everything about this bathroom design by Amy Storm & Company is gorgeous. Attractive encaustic tiles from Cement Tile Shop with flower patterns.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Want a beautiful bathroom with a fantastic retro aesthetic at the same time? The TNT Simmonds bathroom design has a retro aesthetic. When the home was constructed, the tiles from the 1920s were utilized again.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Do you desire a well-designed bathroom for your farmhouse-style residence? This design by Gonterman Construction is excellent. This modern antique bathroom’s cottage blue tiles give the space a light, airy feel.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Both the subway tiles and the floor tiles are from Dal-tile. The subway tile is Lt Smoke, Gloss in color. The hexagonal tiles are light grey with matching matte white grout. Eco Choice Interiors created such a great bathroom layout by Jennifer Spears.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This bathroom is antique, thanks to the fantastic cream hexagon tiles, black cabinets, rounded mirrors, patterned drapes, and a few black and brown accent tiles. Everything about this retro bathroom design by Style De Vie appears so timeless.

Different Vintage Tile Patterns

Aside from the color and design, the pattern in which tiles are arranged also makes tiles look vintage. If you buy modern tiles that you want to look vintage, you can follow these pattern ideas when installing them.

A typical tiling pattern is a straight or stack band. Here, the tiles are simply stacked in straight lines, creating a rectangular grid. This pattern will give your kitchen or bath a minimalist look. A diagonal bond pattern is similar to straight or stack bond, except that the tiles are titled at 45 degrees, making the tiles look diamond (if they are originally square). This pattern is ideal for backsplash and walls as they make space look bigger. Also perfect for vintage tile backsplash is the windmill pattern. To create this, place four rectangular tiles around a square tile, resembling a windmill. Make this pattern more evident by having the color of the square tile and grout different form the color of the rectangular tiles.

For a vintage floor tile design, herringbone tile pattern works great. This pattern is created by arranging the tiles in a zig-zag pattern. The pattern forms sort of the letter “V,” which on floors look like arrows leading you to specific directions. The basket weave pattern is also ideal for vintage-looking tile floors. To create this pattern, form a square by laying rectangular tiles and tow tiles next to each other, positioned at 90 degrees. The alternating horizontal and vertical lines create a pattern similar to that of a woven basket. Another excellent vintage floor tile pattern is the pinwheel, where large square tiles surround a small square tile. This arrangement creates a pattern that looks like a spinning pinwheel, hence the name. For this pattern to pop out, have the color of the small tile contrasting to the color of the bigger tiles.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

To recreate the bathroom’s original tiles from a century ago, the unglazed porcelain tiles were placed with care and natural grey grout. This bathroom design by Style De Vie has such a calm, unglazed appearance.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

A natural and energizing atmosphere permeates this classic bathroom design by Logan Killen Interiors. Fabulous square-patterned black and white tiles. The flooring gives this bathroom’s white walls character.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Rustico Tile and Stone created this gorgeous Victorian bathroom, which manages to seem both beautiful and classic at the same time. Rustico Tile and Stone made stunning encaustic-style floral cement tiles specifically for you.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This is such a unique kitchen design that Goser Tile Studio created. It has a warm and classic feel to it. A stunning kitchen backsplash featuring a complex design and an attractive color palette of blue, gray, and white.

How To Decorate Vintage Tile Bathrooms That Come In One Color

If you are stuck with vintage style bathroom tiles that come in a color that you will not personally choose if given a chance, do not worry as we have tips for you

Sea-foam green as bathroom tile color may look outdated. You can bring it to the 21st century by covering your walls with wallpaper. Cyan and orange stripes will go well with white trim. Also, color the ceiling white. For accessories, place translucent glass shelves, preferably light green, on the wall for your grooming items. To make your bathroom have more light, use shower curtain in light orange.

If your vintage bathroom tile color is light blue, go with white porcelain toilet and sink if they are not already white. White will also be the right paint color for your bathroom’s walls and ceilings. If you have a claw-foot bathtub, color its outside with yellow paint to complement the vintage bathroom floor tile. You can also frame a dominantly-yellow art piece and position it over the toilet. For your shower curtain, also go with white but with charcoal or gray patterns.

Vintage style bathroom tile in blush or beige can be texturized. If the porcelain sink is white or pink, replace it with something green, then have pink as countertop and backsplash. If not white porcelain, replace your sink with a copper bowl and have a wood-framed mirror hanging above it. Cabinet handles should also be in bronze. For your shower curtain, go with one in with a gold and redwood pattern.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The olive-colored tub looks great next to the blue, orange, and green patterned tiles. Thanks to the color scheme, the space is taken straight out of the 1940s. Amazingly retro, this bathroom was designed by Goser Tile Studio in the mid-century.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Luxetile’s white porcelain hexagon mosaic tile with cobalt blue flowers adds a touch of femininity and warmth to the otherwise austere space. This Spanish-style bathroom was renovated by Round Here Renovations, LLC, and it’s the epitome of comfort and tradition.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Want to have an Italian-themed bathroom design? The identical tile is available from Waterworks. On the other hand, the tub was kept from the original house and given a new finish. What a magnificent creation by Linda Yowell Architects.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The 1900s kitchen sink from the original home blends beautifully with the white octagon tiles with gray dots. This indicates that the bathroom is antique and authentic. The bathroom design by Carl Mattison Design is extremely classic.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Looking for a kitchen layout that manages to seem both contemporary and cutting-edge, despite its limited square footage? The Duet Design Group has done an excellent job. These cement tiles were produced by hand and provided a sense of history to the otherwise modern kitchen.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Although the bathroom was remodeled, the designer kept the old tiles and just added splashes of color to make it more “girly.” That is the owner’s request for their little kid—such a charmingly retro bathroom by Che Bella Interiors.

Working With Different Vintage Tiles Color Combination

If you happen to move into a house with a vintage-tile bathroom, and you do not have the resources to renovate, or you simply cannot renovate because you are just renting your place, you can give it a modern look through paintwork and accessorizing.

Vintage bathroom tiles are often in pastel colors. If they are too green, blue, or pink for you, toned them down with whit. You can paint the wall white or accessorize with white shower curtains and towels. If, on the other hand, you have vintage bathroom floor tile in monochromatic black and white, balance it off with giving the room a refreshing paint color like light blue.

What if the vintage tiles come in unusual color combinations? Black and green tiles can be held together by decors in earth tones. A combination of black and pink tiles is already great and may simply be played up by white shower curtains. Pink and mint green tiles that make your bathroom look like a free-school can feel more grown-up with well-framed modern paintings. Also, do the same for vintage tiles that have two different shades of green. Contemporary art installations will keep your bathroom from looking like the inside of a kiwifruit. What if there are more than three shades of green in the bathroom? Then, the super simple accessories in your bathroom, preferably in earth tones or white. Mustard and blue tiles can be accentuated with gilded accessories – mirrors, towel holders, wooden frames for paintings. The walls can be in white or any light shade.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The owner preserved the tiles for a more traditional look because the house is ancient and historically significant. Buy Medina Handmade Cement Tile in Multicolor to obtain identical tiles. Excellent vintage style by NEST Design Group.


Vintage Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The marble countertops and farmhouse sink look great, along with the crackle ceramic subway tile. The kitchen has a charming and welcoming overall design. Everything in this Fiorella Design kitchen design seems so organic and welcoming.

Vintage Tiles For Kitchen

A vintage look for your kitchen will never go out of style, and to achieve this look, the tile you will use is fundamental. Vintage kitchen tiles often come in geometric shapes and in vibrant colors, making them great for cheering up space, especially if they go with a kitchen in minimalistic colors, like white.

In the 50s, pink was a common kitchen color. If you want to have a chic, vintage 50s feel, use dusty pink tiles for countertops, which you can pair with pale pink curtains. The combination gives your kitchen movement and texture despite being monochromatic.

A conventional vintage floor tile design is a checkerboard. To create this design, use black and white ceramic tiles or vinyl tiles. You do not have to limit it to black and white, though, as you can have a combination of vibrant hues. This floor would look fabulous with a vintage refrigerator and a purple wall.

If you find checkerboard floors too much of a commitment, use the design for a backsplash instead. Match your vintage tile backsplash with your cabinetry for a more toned-down look.

For walls, using vintage mosaic tile will definitely give your kitchen that extra punch. Go with mosaic tiles with whimsical flower designs to make walls between your counter and cabinets more brilliant looking. The vintage mosaic tile will also make your wall easy to clean. Vintage subway tiles are also lovely to have on walls. These tiles first became popular in the 1900s after being used in a New York subway station. Just like a mosaic tile, a vintage subway tile is also preferred by many because it is easy to clean, especially in kitchens that can be messy.

Final Thoughts

Not everyone enjoys modern interior design oddities and fads; others choose to create a quaint, throw-back vintage vibe while decorating their homes, and we are entirely on board with that bold & stunning old-school décor.

When you look for tiles today, you will generally discover sleek neutral colors, but a century ago, the tiles were covered with brilliant colors, elaborate patterns, and striking figures. These tiles were employed to enliven the appearance of the house. Retro patterned tiles are regaining popularity in the interior design market as people begin to appreciate the designs and superb craftsmanship of the past.

On the other hand, installing historical victorian tiles may not appear realistic in the present era; instead, you can go for vintage-looking tiles. These antique ceramic tiles are fantastic because they combine the durability of ceramic tiles with patterns used in the past to make them appear more vintage. Aside from the rich colors and elaborate motifs, how the tiles are installed lends them an antique appearance.

Today’s kitchen and bathroom are often minimalist. They usually have safe, if not boring, colors and clean lines. However, as vintage is starting to become trendy again, more kitchen and bathrooms are being decorated with vibrant colors and bold decors. One sure thing that can give these spaces the retro appeal is vintage tile. If you do not have vintage tiles in your home yet, you can go with vintage-looking tile. To do this, you have to choose tiles in pastel colors or arrange them in certain patterns. If you already have the right tiles installed, you can still make them better with the proper paintwork, accessories, and fixtures. With these things in mind, your bathroom and kitchen can achieve that great vintage look that still fits right in the present century.

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