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One major challenge in decorating your home is coming up with ways to show your personality. With the popularity of neutral color palettes in modern interior design, you may wonder how you can make your home look unique and, at the same time, stylish. One way to do that is by using geometric tiles. For some, geometric tiles may seem dated. However, the diversity of geometric tiles and the versatility they deliver make them perfect to have in any modern home.

If you are looking for the right geometric tile designs for your kitchen and bathroom, you have come to the right place.


Fox Interiors

Gorgeous diagonal white tiles for the backsplash with black grout. These add an artistic flair to the whole kitchen.


New Style Cabinets

Dark green, black, and white triangle tiles make this kitchen trendy, stylish, and modern.


Board & Vellum

The lovely tiles are from Fireclay Tile. They are called Hexite, a diagonal piece that forms a hexagon pattern when put together.


Tiny Monster Design

Matte white retro rhombus porcelain mosaic tile from EliteTile shop gives this kitchen a modern edge.


Etch Design Group

The elongated hexagon floor tiles are from Lili Cement tiles, under their Tiffany collection. The blue and white combo is elegant and effortlessly chic.


Hulburd Design

The stunning triangle tiles are from Ann Sacks by Angela Adams. The colors are perfect for a coastal-themed bathroom.


Alexandra Crafton

The SomerTile Thirties Vertex floor tiles match well with Benjamin Moore’s Moonlight White.



The black hexagon floor tile is Matte Nero Hexitile porcelain field tile from EliteTile shop.


Breathe Architecture

Stunning tiles for the backsplash are Tex Mutina from Academy Tiles.


Decus Interiors

Inspiration for a black and white hex floor tile. The tiles stand out in an all-white bathroom.

Why Use Geometric Tile

Aside from the right colors and decors, patterns make any room stand out. The patterns created by geometric tiles attract the eyes. They also give a contemporary feel. When going with geometric tiles, choose a pattern that completes your overall color scheme. You should also consider the size and pattern of the tiles. If it is too big, it may be overwhelming, but if it too small, it may get lost in the room. The right size can add visual depth to your kitchen or bathroom. 

Geometric tiles easily add style to any dull space. Bright yellow diamond tiles, for example, can add excitement to an otherwise simple wall, while geometric tiles in monochromatic hues bring sophistication to a bathroom, for example.

Geometric tile designs can balance the visual of your space. If your room has a very flat design, it can look uninspiring. Adding some patterns through geometric tiles can give your kitchen and bathroom visual balance. As for how much geometric tiles you can sue, consider the color scheme. If your tiles are neutral-colored, you can use more. Using too many bright or bold colored geometric tiles can be overwhelming, so use them only in a limited space, like as backsplash.

Geometric tiles are practical in identifying the functions of spaces in your home, especially when used as flooring. If you have an open space home design, you can use tiles to distinguish areas. For example, your living room can have wood patterns on the floor, while your kitchen has diamond ceramic tiles as flooring.


Hsu McCullough

The blue and white tile is from Granada Tile – Fez 928 A. Together with the white walls, the tiles make this transitional bathroom refreshing and bright.


Erica Gelman Design Inc.

The shower niche tile is Carrara Thassos Hexagon Water Jet Cut Marble Mosaic from Floor & Decor.


Responsive Home

The black and white floor tiles in the enclosed shower look very trendy with a modern edge.


Jdesign Group

A plain white bathroom doesn’t mean bland and boring. Introduce geometric tiles like these, and you will surely add character to the room.

Different Shapes Of Geometric Tile

The appeal of your kitchen or bathroom can be influenced by the shape of the geometric tiles you choose. Square and rectangle tiles alone can create different visual effects. Small rectangular tiles, for example, can give your kitchen a farmhouse appeal, while big square ceramic tiles can make your bathroom look more modern.

If you want square-shaped tiles but you want them smaller, you can use triangle tiles. Put two together to create a square. Mix and match different colors and designs for a look that is uniquely yours.

For something bolder, replace square and rectangular tiles with hexagons and diamonds. Hexagonal tiles in any size, color, or material look dramatic on your bathroom floors or as backsplash as they add texture. For a more rustic look, use hexagon honed travertine tiles. Marble or ceramic hexagonal tiles are great for flooring, while hexagonal mosaic tiles add color to backsplashes. Diamond tiles, meanwhile, can create an optical illusion to make your floors look wider, making them ideal for narrow bathrooms. In the kitchen, the shape is an excellent geometric tile backsplash. Diamond tiles are popular because they can be easily stacked. If you do not have diamond tiles, regular square tiles can be tilted at a 45-degree angle to look like diamonds.

The rhomboid is another popular geometric shape for the kitchen and bathroom. A rhomboid shape is formed when small diamond or square tiles are put together, creating a mosaic pattern. Rhomboid tiles made of marble are recommended for flooring, while mosaic rhomboid tiles can serve as a marvelous backsplash.


Innate Home

An exciting mix of decor and accents makes this bathroom fresh and engaging. The hexagon floor tiles look stunning with the white wall tiles.


Tiny Monster Design

The black tiles look elegant and stylish. Matched with a shiny black toilet, they make a truly gorgeous bathroom.


Poulsom Middlehurst Ltd

Play around with shapes with these black and white floor tiles. They make this Scandinavian bathroom fun and interesting.


Hungerford Interior Design

The hexagon floor tiles look perfect in combination with the marble-style wall tiles. This bathroom looks organized and refreshing.

Geometric Tile For Kitchens

The kitchen is one spot in your home where tiles are heavily used as tiles make cleaning a lot easier. Regular tiles may be practical, but they are also uninspiring. Geometric tiles can surely add pizzazz to your kitchen, so it is time to swap out your old kitchen tiles.

A geometric mosaic tile can give your kitchen a sparkling finish. Use it as a backsplash and your kitchen will not only look stunning but also brighter as the tile will magnify the light in your kitchen. Diamond-shaped honey onyx mosaic tiles as backsplash will create a rhythmic design when paired with a white and gold background. Another geometric backsplash tile recommended for your kitchen is the octagon and dot matte white ceramic tile. Its pattern and color will give off a retro appeal but will still make your kitchen eye-catching nonetheless. 

A great geometric ceramic tile color would be succulent green. Aside from reflecting light beautifully, they can make your kitchen emit a mid-century vibe in your kitchen. Whether triangular, rectangular, or square, the tile color looks excellent either as a feature wall or as a backsplash in your kitchen. If going for a classic look, go with the triangular one.

A geometric floor tile can also do wonders for your kitchen. Vinyl tiles with geometric patterns make a kitchen with plain cabinetry look more lively. A lovely geometric tile pattern for your kitchen floor is dovetail. If you want the focus to be on your floor, pair your geometric floor tiles with plain walls.


JC Design Studio

The breathtaking tiles are from Altlas Concorde – Mark Gypsum Esagono. They are available in Trend Ceramics.


Rebecca James studio

This traditional kitchen features lovely green and white floor tiles and Calacatta Oro marble worktop.



Enjoy a spa-like experience with this luxurious and stylish bathroom. The details are insanely chic and gorgeous.


Unique Homestays

The black and white tiles look vintage with their different shapes. They add character to this contemporary bathroom.

Geometric Tiles For Bathroom 

A geometric tile pattern can add vibrance to an otherwise dull bathroom. Usually seen on bathroom floors, geometric tiles are also now commonly used on walls. With the right pattern or shape, geometric tiles can add depth and movement to bathroom walls and floors.

Recommended shapes for bathroom tiles are triangular and hexagonal, but other shapes like curved or any irregular shape can also work. The entire bathroom wall can be covered with geometric tiles, depending on the size of the bathroom. If covering the whole room with geometric tile patterns is too much for you, you can just choose to have them either on your walls or your floors. You can also cover only the wet areas instead. These include the shower and areas surrounding your bathtub. 

As for the size of the geometric tiles, the general rule is to use small tiles if your bathroom is a bit small. As for bathrooms with ample space, you can use bigger geometric tiles or combine small and large tiles. 

For patterns, one that can take your bathroom to the next level is a basket weave. If you are aiming a classic Mediterranean style, use natural stone materials with this pattern. Another pattern is chevron in classic shade and texture, which can give your bathroom a royal appeal. What would look fantastic on your bathroom floors is black and white geometric tile, particularly triangular ones. On walls, elongated octagon mosaic will look bold. For a more vintage vibe, go with geometric tiles with pinwheel design, preferably made o marble. You can use this pattern on walls, floors, and the shower. 

Trending Geometric Tiles

Geometric tiles are once again becoming popular among homeowners who want to add creativity into their home, especially now that tiles come in more diverse colors, shapes, and patterns. With the wide range of choices when it comes to geometric tiles, you are sure to find one that suits your personality and matches the aesthetics of your home. You can even mix and match them if sticking to just one design is a challenge. Materials used for geometric tiles also give off different effects. You can go with marble, mosaic, or ceramic. The possibilities with geometric designs are endless. 

With the right geometric tile designs, you can make a small space look bigger. For big rooms that may look flat and empty, geometric tiles can serve as artistic accents. Use geometric tiles as an accent on floors and walls, or you can go large scale and have them on your entire floors and walls. Bathrooms can handle having more geometric tiles. You can have a small mosaic tile with geometric shapes or large geometric tiles with bold patterns on almost every part of your bathroom without going overboard. In the kitchen, on the other hand, geometric tiles are great on floors and as a backsplash.

Because of their eye-catching design, geometric tiles can turn any part of your home into a masterpiece, whether the tiles have understated designs or have bold patterns. Though most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, you can also extend the presence of geometric tiles into your bedroom or living room if you want to spice these spaces up, too.


Sebring Design Build

Final Thoughts:

A geometric tile comes in different shapes and designs, making it a staple if you want to express your personality. Some of the standard geometric shapes for tiles are square, rectangle, triangle, diamond, and hexagon. Different patterns, hues, and finishes are also available. You can also choose from a wide array of materials. Surely, you can find the right geometric tiles that suit your style. 

The boldness of geometric tiles makes them difficult to ignore, thus making them great for any part of your house that needs added flair. However, geometric tiles look best in your kitchen and bathroom, whether on walls on floors.

Geometric tiles make your kitchen and bath stand out because of their usually bright color and attractive pattern, giving more visual depth to your interiors. Geometric tile patterns also create balance in what would otherwise be a very plain space if it has just normal-shaped tiles.

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