Garage Storage Ideas Trends
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There’s generally not much space in the garage for actual cars between the ladders, bikes, and golf equipment. Even then, it’s an obstacle course to get out of the garage without striking anything. However, a few clever space-saving methods are all you need to reclaim some more square feet. With these clever garage storage ideas, you can become organized (and locate the weed killer when you need it).

Garages are utilized to store much more than simply cars, bicycles, and equipment. Extra garage space may be used by homeowners for products that aren’t ready to be thrown away, seasonal gear, and various storage boxes. Unfortunately, these stacks often turn into mazes or outright disasters. If this describes you, it’s time for a garage organizing overhaul. You can check out our garage storage ideas below if you don’t know where to start.

To begin, embrace your inner Marie Kondo and go through everything in your garage, then give, recycle, or discard any things you no longer need. Consider hiring a self-storage facility near your house if you want to store more than your garage can handle.

You’re ready to add garage storage ideas after you’ve removed any superfluous clutter. There are several solutions to select from, including shelf units, hangers, garage workbench with storage, tool storage cabinets, and above garage door storage. Consider your budget, garage space, and storage needs before making a design decision. You’ll also want to keep track of the types of products you’re storing for your garage tool storage ideas.

Look for wall racks or overhead storage for families with many bicycles. Freestanding garage cabinets are ideal solutions for organizing cleaning supplies, tools, and other stuff. If your garage serves as a project workstation, a workbench storage system gives plenty of space for tools, cupboards, and tabletop space. Keep this in mind when you looking for garage storage ideas.

Garage Storage Ideas Trends

A well-organized garage will help you save time when searching for tools.

What Shouldn’t Be Stored In A Garage?

Do not keep the following objects in your garage for safety reasons:

Paint storage: Extreme cold or heat may wreak havoc on it. Cans should be stored in a more temperate environment.

Propane storage: A spark might cause the vapors to ignite. Propane tanks should always be stored outside.

Paper products: They attract roaches and other pests. Place them in your pantry.

Refrigerator: A large energy drain in non-air-conditioned areas.

Pet Food: Possums and other animals will smell it out and consume it. Keep it indoors in a well-sealed container.

Items Should Be Stored Safely

Because most of us keep lawn-mower gas in the garage, be prepared for a fire. Purchase a 5- to 10-pound U.L.-listed extinguisher and place it in an easily accessible location. It should have an ABC rating, indicating that it is effective against flames caused by wood, oil, or electricity.

Though we're sure you're aware that you should open the garage door when your car's engine is running (right?), installing a carbon monoxide detector will provide you with additional peace of mind. Make sure you include this in your garage storage ideas.

Check to see whether your garage door opener has a U.L.–listed motor and an auto-stop mechanism that will keep the door from shutting if a kid or pet attempts to get below.

Garage Storage Ideas On A Budget

  1. Draft A Garage Floor Plan

Many garage-organizing system makers include free space planning, so utilize their services while you check how to put all of your goods. Before you purchase anything, measure your garage and record the size and placement of windows, doors, switches, and receptacles, as well as the amount of space your vehicle takes up. Then, when you give everything a home, keep the following guidelines in mind.

Gardening tools & lawn chemicals, for example, should be placed near to one another.

Place heavy equipment, such as lawnmowers, in corners where it will not be bumped or pushed over by your automobile.

Place commonly used objects, such as bikes, near the garage door.

Store seasonal or seldom-used things in the most difficult-to-reach places.

  1. Keep Products Away From The Garage Floor

When possible, keep stuff off the floor. You'll have considerably more space for your car and won't have to deal with untidy, impossible-to-sort-through mounds. If you acquire ready-made storage units or cabinets, make sure they’re elevated on legs so that you can always clean the floor underneath them.

  1. Power Tool Storage Made From PVC Pipe


Heathered Nest

Let's face it: PVC pipe is the star of this collection. This individual utilized scrap tubing to make holsters for power tools, which they then attached to the bottom of a shelf. Because our power tools are usually dispersed across the home, workshop, and basement, I like the notion of having a single "docking" station for them.

  1. Must-Have Garage Storage Products

Clear plastic stackable boxes with lids.

Clear jars in various sizes for organizing hardware and other goods. Simply keep food jars and properly clean them before utilizing.

A lockable cabinet for keeping lawn products and other items that you don't want your children to access.

A portable label maker so you don't have to decode bad handwriting.

  1. Why Are Open Shelves Preferable To Closed Cabinets?


Designing Idea

Shelves are less costly, simpler to reach (no extra clearance is required to swing the doors open), and allow you to simply scan what you've stored.

Metal garage storage cabinets with doors offer a reason to be disorganized since you can conceal evidence, so they may rapidly get cluttered. Use them sparingly, such as when keeping items that need to be protected from airborne dust and filth.

  1. Spray Can Rack

We have a weird spray paint zone in the garage, so you can guarantee I'll be investing in one of these incredible racks. The spray paint holder for the wall can store up to 20 cans and keeps them at an angle to save space. Furthermore, the rack may accommodate other similarly sized cans, such as WD-40.

  1. Install Vertical Organizing Systems


Pros: It is widely accessible and simple to install; it can be trimmed to size and even painted to modify the appearance; and various manufacturers provide a large range of appropriate hooks, shelves, and organizers.

Cons: While pegboard may support lightweight hand tools and other items, it is not strong enough to support heavier things such as bicycles.

Track-based systems:

Pros: Because shelf standards are suspended from a single track attached to wall studs, these systems can support larger items; standards, hooks, shelves, and organizers may be readily moved.

Cons: You should make sure that the track is level in order for the standards to hang straight; they work best on completed and plumb garage walls.

Panelized Systems:

Pros: The whole wall is manufactured with slotted plastic panels that contain lock-in hooks, shelves, and cabinets, allowing you to use every square inch of wall space.

Cons: Some systems need experienced specialists to install them, which raises the expense; you're restricted to system-compatible organizing goods.

  1. Tool Organizer

One of the most challenging tasks is to find out how to arrange all of the garden tools—we have so many shovels, rakes, hoes, brooms, and so on. I was considering wall-mounted tool hangers, but they're very expensive, and I much like the concept of reusing things we already have. Our tool rack is created from PVC tubing and scrap wood, and I like how you can spread the parts as far apart as you need to accommodate your tools comfortably.

  1. Make Good Use Of Overhead Space


The Spruce

The garage ceiling is an excellent location for storing long, flat items that aren't used every day, such as ladders and seasonal sports equipment. Check that any shelves you hang from the ceiling do not interfere with the functioning of your garage door and that there is adequate space to prevent scratching the top of your vehicle.

  1. Construct A Workbench

One of our tool storage ideas is a wall-mount fold-down type provides a strong surface while tucking out of the way when not in use.

Benches with built-in tool storage organization might be expensive. Instead, use shelves to surround a modest worktable and pegboard above garage door storage to house your gear.

A pair of casters transform any table into a mobile workstation; just make sure they don't make the table too tall.

Finish it off with a comfortable stool that fits under the table for safekeeping. You cannot go wrong with garage workbench and storage.

  1. Mudbench/Shoe Storage In Garage

The Spruce

A mudbench or shoe storage area is a great way to keep shoes and outdoor gear tidy and out of the way in the garage. For this kind of storage, you may use a special bench or shelf unit that has slots for shoes, boots, jackets, and other outside necessities as well as shelves, hooks, and baskets. To keep outside dirt and trash out of the house, the mudbench provides a convenient place to take off and put away shoes. This layout in the garage helps keep things neat and tidy inside while making it easier to find and use outside items by designating a specific area for storing shoes and jackets.

An extra mudbench or shoe storage space in the garage is a great way to keep things neat and tidy while also providing a handy place to put away outdoor gear. So that they don't end up all over the house, this specific area is perfect for storing damp jackets, muddy shoes, and other outdoor gear. The mudbench or shoe storage unit creates a designated area in the garage for storing shoes and other outdoor items, which helps to keep the house cleaner and more organized and makes it easier to find what you need when you need it.

  1. Metal See Through Container

Better Homes & Gardens

Metal see-through bins are an effective garage storage solution for keeping toys organized while offering durability and visibility. These containers, which are frequently made of metal or wire mesh with transparent panels, make it simple to see what is placed within and make it easy to locate and retrieve toys or other possessions. The sturdy construction of metal containers ensures durability and resilience in the garage environment, protecting toys from dust, moisture, and damage. Their see-through design also aids in categorizing and organizing toys, keeping them neatly stored while remaining visible, promoting an organized and accessible storage solution that simplifies cleanup and encourages children to maintain orderliness.

Metal see-through containers for toy organization in the garage provides a functional and organized storage method that fosters tidiness and accessibility. These containers offer a clear view of the stored toys, making it effortless for both parents and children to locate specific items when needed. Additionally, the durable metal construction ensures longevity in the garage setting while encouraging a systematic approach to toy storage, contributing to a well-organized and clutter-free garage space.

  1. Dark And Easily Cleaned Cabinetry

Yellow Brick Home

Dark and easily cleaned cabinetry presents a visually appealing garage storage idea, combining aesthetics with functionality. Opting for dark-colored cabinetry, such as black or deep gray, offers a sleek and modern appearance while effectively hiding dirt, grease, and stains that commonly accumulate in garage environments. Additionally, selecting materials that are easy to clean, such as laminates or powder-coated finishes, ensures effortless maintenance and makes it simple to wipe away spills or grime, maintaining the cabinets' pristine look. This garage storage solution not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space but also streamlines cleaning efforts, providing a durable and low-maintenance storage option.

Dark and easily cleaned cabinetry in the garage offers both a stylish and practical storage solution. The dark-colored cabinets contribute to an upscale and sophisticated garage aesthetic while the easy-to-clean surfaces simplify maintenance, ensuring that the storage area remains tidy and presentable. This choice not only elevates the visual appeal of the garage but also provides a durable and resilient storage solution that requires minimal upkeep, enhancing the efficiency and attractiveness of the space.

  1. Pegboard Wall


A pegboard wall system is a useful and flexible garage storage solution that provides an effective method to arrange tools, equipment, and other goods. For this storage option, a sheet of perforated hardboard with uniformly spaced holes to accept hooks, brackets, and holders of various sizes is installed on the garage wall. The versatility of a pegboard allows for easy customization and reorganization, enabling homeowners to arrange and rearrange their storage setup to suit their needs. By utilizing this system, tools and accessories can be conveniently hung, providing quick access while maximizing space and keeping the garage floor clear of clutter.

Installing a pegboard wall in the garage to hang storage is a practical and efficient way to stay organized. This arrangement makes the most of vertical space and provides a simple, flexible means of arranging tools and goods so they are visible and easily accessible. The pegboard system is a useful and space-saving solution for maintaining the garage neat and functioning because of its versatility, which guarantees effective storage and organization.

  1. Upgrade The Lighting & Electrical Systems


Garage Smart

A single naked bulb above each vehicle bay will not be enough. Select 4-foot fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts for ambient lighting, which offer flicker-free light and function well in cold temperatures. Utilize as many as you need to see properly at night and space them 4 feet apart. Change receptacles with ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), which shut power when a short occurs in the system.

  1. Aluminum Panels

Garage Living

Aluminum panels equipped with hooks, bins, racks, and other attachments are a smart and versatile garage storage idea designed to maximize space and organization. These panels, often referred to as slatwall or pegboard systems, feature a series of evenly spaced horizontal grooves or perforations, allowing for the attachment of various accessories. By utilizing these panels, homeowners can easily customize their garage storage layout, hanging tools, sports equipment, gardening supplies, or other items using specialized hooks, baskets, shelves, or racks. This adaptable storage solution efficiently utilizes wall space, keeping frequently used items within easy reach while freeing up floor space and promoting a clutter-free garage environment.

Aluminum panels combined with hooks, bins, and racks in the garage provide effective storage solutions that maximize accessibility and order. These adaptable panels provide a simple and adaptable method of arranging equipment and personal items, making it possible to quickly modify storage arrangements when requirements alter. Aluminum panels offer an effective and space-saving option that increases garage storage while keeping a clean and organized workstation thanks to their sturdy structure and capacity to accept a variety of accessories.

  1. TOTES!


Totes serve as a practical and versatile garage storage idea, providing protection and organization for various items such as holiday decorations, tools, or seasonal gear. These sturdy containers are designed to safeguard belongings from dust, moisture, pests, and other environmental elements that may damage or degrade stored items. Totes come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, allowing for efficient sorting and storing of different items, ensuring they remain in pristine condition while stored in the garage. Whether used for long-term storage or seasonal organization, totes offer a convenient and stackable solution, maximizing space utilization and maintaining the garage's cleanliness and order.

Utilizing totes as a garage storage idea offers an efficient and protective system for preserving belongings. These containers provide a reliable way to organize and safeguard items, preventing them from damage or deterioration typically caused by garage conditions. With their durability and versatility, totes help streamline storage, enabling easy identification of contents and simplifying the process of accessing stored items, making them an essential and practical storage solution in the garage.

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