Cool Floating Shelf Ideas
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If you want to make your home more trendy, floating shelf ideas can be simple yet effective way to remix your space. Floating shelves do not have visible brackets, but rather attach directly to your wall. This allows them to integrate seamlessly into your existing design or become a focal point.

There are many ways to add floating shelves and they can be a great feature in your living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room, or entryway. Floating shelves are truly flexible in placement and style, but also very functional. Some types of floating shelves can add storage space, while some are purely about the look and feel you want in your home. If you want to incorporate floating shelf ideas but aren’t sure how, this list can provide some inspiration. Here are some floating shelf decorating ideas.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A wooden floating shelf by Mocha with a minimalist design and a natural finish complements the contemporary decor in this bedroom and provides extra storage space.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

In this kitchen by Bill Fry Construction – Wm. H. Fry Const. Co., floating shelves made of reclaimed wood add a rustic touch to the white subway tile backsplash and showcase beautiful dishes and glassware.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A sleek floating shelf in this living room by Narofsky Architecture + ways2design, made of black steel, offers a stylish storage solution for things without taking up too much space.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

This cozy reading nook by De Hasse features a unique circular floating shelf that blends seamlessly with the circular window, adding a playful touch to the decor.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

The floating shelves in this living room by Alicia Ventura Interior Design are made of reclaimed wood and provide ample storage for books and office supplies while adding warmth to the modern decor.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A floating shelf by Jennifer Weiss Architecture with an elegant curved design adds a touch of sophistication to this living room and showcases treasured decor pieces and family photos.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

These floating shelves by Gepetto in a nursery are not only functional for storing baby essentials but also add a decorative touch with their charming cloud and star designs.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A floating shelf in this rustic bathroom by Kate Khrestsov with Urban West Construction offers a simple yet stylish solution for displaying a few choice decor pieces without overwhelming the space.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

This rustic living room by Jeffrey King Interiors features floating shelves made of black steel, providing an edgy contrast to the white subway tile backsplash and adding a modern touch to the space.

Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

These floating shelves in a room by Creative Woodwork Ltd create a beautiful focal point with their unique staggered design, showcasing books and adding depth to the decor.

Floating Shelf Brackets and Hardware

There are a number of ways to hang your shelves to match your floating shelf layout ideas. The best way is to use designated shelf brackets or cleats. Usually, floating shelves come with all of the hardware you need. Also, the brackets should be screwed into the wall studs first. Then, the floating shelf has a small compartment that the brackets can slide into.

You can also install floating shelves using cleats. In fact, this is the best option if your shelf doesn’t come with a back. It will appear like a hollow shelf that the hardware can slide into. That way, the shelf gives a “floating” effect.

Creative Floating Shelf Ideas

  1. Make A Statement

One alternative to traditional wall art is floating shelves with statement decor. This could be especially stunning if you have any unique decor, such as vintage items or striking artwork. Also, you can pair your statement piece with some simple or small items to keep the shelf from looking too empty and keep the focus on your statement item.

  1. Staggered Shelves

Staggered floating shelves can be a creative way to take up space. In fact, this approach can add some breathing room and help limit clutter. Stacked shelves can look and feel overwhelming if they become overcrowded, but staggering your floating shelves can create some negative space instead.

  1. Add Some Zest To Your Kitchen

Putting floating shelves to your kitchen can help with storage and display. In addition, plates can be stacked alongside decorative items such as framed photos or small plants. If you have any decorative bowls or jars, this is also a great way to display them. With the right items, this use of floating shelves will give your kitchen design a little extra zest.

  1. Draw Attention Away From Your TV

Adding floating shelves over your TV can be a nice way to organize and showcase books, movies, or whatever you please! Moreover, this use of floating shelves can transform your living room. It will draw focus away from your TV and onto your decorating skills!


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

In this bathroom by Jaffa Group Design Build, a floating shelf with a live-edge wood finish provides a rustic touch and serves as a convenient spot for towels and toiletries.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A pair of floating shelves in this modern living room by Studio Revolution create an open and airy feel, while also providing functional storage for dishware and cookbooks.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

This living room by Rozalynn Woods Interior Design features a large floating shelf with a unique geometric design, adding a modern touch to the decor and offering ample space for decor items and books.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A floating shelf with a glossy white finish adds a contemporary touch to this minimalist living room by Chuck Mills Design and provides a convenient spot for everything.

Functional Floating Shelf Ideas

  1. Keep It Cozy

One of the best floating shelf decorating ideas is to not overcomplicate things. Small and simple floating shelves can add a cozy and personalized feel to your bedroom. Besides, you can decorate the shelves with small items that reflect your personality. This will make the space wholly your own. If you have unique or sentimental items, this is an artful way to involve them in your decor.

  1. Pop Of Color

If your home is mostly neutral tones, picking out a colorful accent can be an easy way to make a huge difference. The right pop of color will keep your living room from looking too homogenous. Moreover, placing a colorful decorative bowl or vase on a floating shelf can be a great way to introduce this pop of color.

  1. Color-Coded

If you have a lot of items of the same color, consider grouping them together on floating shelves. This can look fun, yet organized and sophisticated. Because of the matching color, the items can be varied but still look tied together. Also, a vibrant and colorful tableau on floating shelves can make your living room or office look fresh.

  1. Make Your Small Bathroom More Functional

If you have a lot of empty wall space in an otherwise small bathroom, floating shelves can come in handy. Use them for towels and toiletries, plus any decor. Ultimately, this will make your bathroom look stylish while also adding function! Adding floating shelves in your bathroom is also helpful if your vanity doesn’t have enough storage or counter space.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

The floating shelves in this bathroom by Dawn Hearn Interior Design are made of live-edge wood and provide a natural touch to the modern decor, while also serving as functional storage.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

This bathroom by Mullman Seidman Architects features a pair of floating shelves with a natural wood finish, providing a warm contrast to the white subway tile backsplash and showcasing beautiful dishware.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A floating shelf in this office space by Vita Design Group provides a simple storage solution for towels and toiletries without taking up too much space.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

These floating shelves in space by Rosalinda’s Interiors, Inc. offer a functional and stylish storage solution for books and decor pieces, while also creating a beautiful focal point on the wall.

Make Use Of Extra Space

  1. Floor-to-ceiling Floating Shelves

Adding long floating shelves all the way up a wall can look elegant in your dining room or living room. Certainly, these could be useful for storage or they could be purely aesthetic. With the floor-to-ceiling approach to floating shelves, there’s a lot of space to play with. Be careful not to overcrowd all this extra space if you want to maintain an elegant appearance.

  1. Nightstand Alternative

Rather than use a nightstand, you can keep a floating shelf by your bedside. This is definitely a great option if you want to save space. It could even be a fun DIY project. Choose the size of your shelves based on how much you need to keep by your bedside.

11. A Sleek, Modern Office

Using floating shelves in your office can create a sleek and modern look. You can also coordinate them with your desk to complete the look. If your office feels stuffy, floating shelves can help you organize your space more efficiently without sacrificing style. If you need minimal distraction in your work space, this use for floating shelves can help clear your space and your mind so you can focus more effectively.

  1. Use Extraneous Wall Space

Extraneous wall space in your living room can be stylized and utilized effectively with floating shelves. If you have a space that nothing else seems to fit, floating shelves can help you complete the room. That empty space can certainly become a highlight of your living room design!


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

In this bedroom by Embellishments Kids, a floating shelf with a sleek colorful finish adds a touch of modern elegance to the decor and serves as a convenient spot for a few choice decor pieces.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

This kitchen by Euro Line Designe features a large floating shelf made of glasses, adding a modern touch to the modern decor and showcasing beautiful dishware and cookbooks.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

These floating shelves in a living room by Otto/Walker Architects are made of rustic wood and offer a stylish storage solution for towels and toiletries, while also adding warmth to the decor.


Cool Floating Shelf Ideas

A floating shelf in this cozy living room by Laura Burton Interiors provides a convenient spot for books and decor items while adding a subtle decorative touch to the space.

Try Other Geometric Designs

  1. Cube Shelves

Cube floating shelves can add texture to your living room. If you’re looking for a DIY project, plain shelves can be painted to fit your color scheme. Putting up a cluster of floating cube shelves is a simple way to create a truly dynamic space. Avoid putting too much on each cube, though, or your space may look hectic instead. Cube shelves can also look good separated if you seek a more minimal look.

  1. Corner Shelves

A nook can be filled out with small, triangular corner shelves, but this idea can work in any stray corner. This usage is primarily about style, as relatively few items will be able to rest on these floating shelves. Also, try not to place too much on these small floating shelves, as they will quickly become cluttered. Instead, carefully chosen decor can make the room look complete.

  1. Display Small Plants On Individual Shelves

If you have a collection of small, potted plants, try displaying them on their own tiny shelves. You can pair the planters with the shelves to customize this approach. In addition, complementary planter and shelf choices can fully realize the effect. Your living room will look cohesive and coordinated without feeling stale. Finally, try staggering or stacking these small floating shelves.

  1. Display Larger Plants on Long, Wide Shelves

If you have a wide array of small, medium, and larger plants in your home, you’ll want to try bigger shelves. These floating shelves will need to be sturdy to support your plants. Take advantage of any long stretches of empty wall space by using long, wide floating shelves. A proper arrangement will look picture-perfect! Don’t fret about any dangling leaves or vines. These can ultimately enhance the effect by adding dimension and liveliness.

Have Fun In Building Floating Shelves

  1. Hexagonal Shelves

Like cube shelves, hexagonal floating shelves can add texture. Moreover, hexagonal shelves are also similar to cube shelves because they can be clustered or separated. Truly, a cluster creates a honeycomb effect, a bold addition to any space. Alternatively, you can use them individually to highlight specific decor. How many of these geometric floating shelves you use is up to you, but the unconventional shape makes this option distinctive.

  1. Memories In A Shadow Box

A shadow box doesn’t have to be small. An elongated shadow box can work well as a floating shelf! Meanwhile, you can still use it for photos or mementos, or fill the box portion with other decorative items of your choosing. You can also place items on top of the shadow box to utilize all your space.

  1. Build A Bar

A series of floating shelves can work great as an alternative to a liquor cabinet. This way, you can artfully display any interesting bottles you may have. If you have a large assortment of drinkware, these items could also be placed on the floating shelves. Besides, this use of floating shelves can be a good conversation starter if you love to host company!

  1. Laundry Room

Floating shelves can work well in your laundry room, either for holding detergent or to add to the design. A hybrid approach surely works well with multiple shelves. When using multiple floating shelves, add any decorative items to upper shelves and laundry items to lower shelves. Although laundry items may not blend seamlessly into design, you’ll be glad they’re more accessible and your decor is safe from water damage.

Decorate Them!

  1. Pick A Theme

If you have a particular theme that is guiding your decorating, floating shelves can help! For example, if your living room has a beachy vibe, nautical accents on floating shelves can complete the look. This approach is also useful for maintaining a color palette.

  1. Out Of The Woods

Floating shelves don’t have to be modern. They also don’t have to be uniform. Try using live-edge wood floating shelves as an alternative to more standard shelves. In addition, these floating shelves can work well alone or in a group. They can be stacked or staggered according to your preference. While the arrangement is flexible, they will surely add an earthy touch to your living room or kitchen. You’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of a woodland wonderland.

  1. Keep Your Keys Out

While using multiple floating shelves together can be visually pleasing, sometimes one will suffice. Also, this is especially true if you are focused on utility alone. A floating shelf in your entryway can be a great place to keep your keys. If you are crafty, you could go the DIY route by adding hooks to the bottom of a plain shelf. By storing the keys underneath the shelf, they are more visible and you can still use the shelf!

  1. Clear Glass Shelves

Your floating shelves don’t have to be opaque. Sometimes a simple, clear glass floating shelf does the trick. This approach will focus the eye on your decor rather than the shelves. Besides, your living room can be enriched by your decorations without the distraction of clunky shelves. If your space is small and crowded, glass shelves might be the way to go!

Keep ‘Em Exciting

  1. Young Kid’s Room

If you have a young child, you can decorate with whimsical floating shelves. Some good floating shelf arrangement ideas include using bright colors and soft edges for your kids’s room. Also, try painting your floating shelves a fun color or using unconventionally shaped floating shelves. This can be a nifty way to store your child’s books and toys.

  1. Older Kid’s Room

Older children may prefer less whimsy than younger children, but floating shelves can still be a nice feature in their rooms. In this case, floating shelves should be sturdy enough for storage, which can help your child learn to stay organized. Moreover, your child could also use the top of the shelves to decorate their own space.

  1. Get Creative With Crates

Small crates can also be used as floating shelves! Be sure to attach them to your wall carefully, either with hidden brackets that can properly support them or with plenty of screws to attach them directly. Besides, these deep floating shelves are perfect for book storage or for larger items. Pair with flowers in a vase to create a cozy, country-inspired visual effect.

  1. Hidden Compartments

Floating shelves with hidden compartments inside can hold whatever you like while still displaying your decor. A floating shelf with a hidden compartment in the living room could be a unique place to store your remotes. This is a clever way to incorporate additional storage space.

Classic And Timeless Floating Shelf Ideas

  1. A Rustic Touch

Using wooden shelves can add a rustic touch. This style of floating shelves could complement your existing rustic design or work as a statement of their own. If you want your home to truly have a farmhouse feel, try wooden floating shelves with bold metal accents.

  1. A Perfect Pairing

Your shelves don’t have to be the only focal point! Try pairing stacked floating shelves with a large painting. Make sure the shelves are evenly spaced and fill the same vertical space as the painting. For a streamlined look, coordinate the painting’s frame with the shelves. In fact, even a simple picture frame will look striking next to matching or complementary shelves.

Bring Your Floating Shelf Placement Ideas to Life!

At Sebring Design Build, we know that the smallest details can add the perfect touch to your home. Floating shelf ideas for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and basements can introduce that final element you need to bring the room together. They are easy to install and even easier to enjoy. For more ideas on how to start a home remodeling project, check out Remodeling 101: A Free Homeowner’s Guide.

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