What Is The Standard Countertop Depth?

Featured Image: HomelyVille The depth of a kitchen countertop differs for the bathroom. The basic rule is choosing a sensible countertop depth. It should neither be way too narrow for the storage nor too wide that the area goes to waste. Broader than the average kitchen or bathroom countertops make the region across the wall unreachable and, hence, useless. Check out this post about standard kitchen counter depth to know your options and better understand the reasons for the ideal countertop depth.  Kitchendesign Centre Planning your kitchen renovation is half the effort of building it. Are You Planning [...]

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13 Best Kitchen Faucets [2021 Reviews]

Faucets are some of the most hardworking fixtures in the kitchen. Meal prep is virtually impossible if you don't have a working faucet. It's great to have a dishwasher at home, but some food debris that can only be removed by hand and under running water. But choosing the best kitchen faucet is not as straightforward as one would expect. You have to consider the type of faucet you and your family need and whether it is ideal for your kitchen or not. There's also the aspect of water consumption, your budget, faucet material, design, and more. In [...]

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7 Best Workstation Sinks [2021 Reviews]

The kitchen is your favorite room in the house. Here you can prepare your favorite food, be nourished, and spend time with your family. But there is a specific area in your kitchen that you don't like, and it's the sink. Water drains slowly down your sink, and it's not deep enough that you can wash a large pot comfortably. Then there's the scratches and dents you can't seem to get rid of no matter how much you try. It's time to shop for a replacement. You've seen a workstation sink while shopping in your favorite store a [...]

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13 Top Trends In Kitchen Design For 2021

We love the countertop that can also serve as a dining table. Decades ago, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house. It was a place where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed. Fast forward to 2021 and the kitchen has a much different role. Today, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place that brings everyone together at the start of the day or after a long day way.  Now instead, the kitchen is paraded in all its beauty and warmth at the very center of the house. [...]

9 Top Trends For Kitchen Countertop Design In 2021

White and gray marbled countertop with a smooth finish for this traditional kitchen. The countertop is an essential component of the kitchen. It is where all the  action takes place. But more than that, the countertop is the foundation of kitchen décor when doing a kitchen renovation. It bares the burden of setting the tone and feel of the space. Seeing its importance in kitchen décor, it matters a lot what material, finish and design you choose for your countertop. We have put together the hottest countertop trends for 2021 that will give you ideas for your own kitchen. As [...]

11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2021

Featured Image Source: Sebring Design Build Keep those counters clean by hiding stuff in shelves! Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storage. It is an essential element to your kitchen’s style when doing a kitchen remodel.  Cabinetry is the crown jewel that brings everything together.  Cabinet design has not changed much over the last few years; at least not as much as other elements such as countertops or flooring. But here are still a few evolutions that have happened to kitchen cabinets over time. Today, above anything else, there is a rising movement towards a streamlined look that focuses on [...]

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10 Top Trends In Kitchen Backsplash Design for 2021

Sebring Design Build We love these hexagonal tiles with dark gray grout! For decades, the backsplash has been an important working part of any kitchen remodel. In addition to protecting the walls above a work area, it would complement the countertop as well. In the early years, backsplashes were often colorful with fruit and vegetable graphics adorning 4×4 ceramic tiles. Thru time we have undergone many changes. Today we have the luxury of installing a variety of materials like natural stone, glass, mirror, metal, brick and wood. Backsplash design has become more creative and artful with design to incorporate textures [...]

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11 Kitchen Appliance Trends That You Can’t Miss In 2021

Sebring Design Build These stainless steel appliances stand out and create contrast in all-white cabinets. The importance of a happy kitchen can’t be stressed enough. When it comes to home remodeling and updates, the kitchen tends to be the most popular spot for these plans. It’s not uncommon for people to upgrade their kitchens before they look to upgrade any other part of the home. The kitchen is an important source of food, comfort, family, and togetherness. Often, families enjoy spending time preparing a meal together or simply sitting at the dining table and going over the tasks of [...]

43 Industrial Rustic Kitchen Ideas

Featured Image: Blue Horse Building & Design If there's one style that celebrates humility, affordability, and practicality, it is undoubtedly the industrial style. Years ago, what started as an efficient work environment soon morphed into a distinct style that has made its way slowly from functional loft-style houses to contemporary penthouses and expansive villas. And there are a couple of places in the home that revel in unassuming ease and the beauty of the industrial style, like the kitchen area. This is a style that is all about raw, textural beauty at its best. Today, we are looking at [...]

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53 Shiplap Kitchen Design Ideas

Featured Image: House of L Lately, interior design trends have already seen plenty of comebacks from past styles—updated and contextualized into contemporary applications. One of those trends is modern farmhouses, which, as its name suggests, combines the simple elements and clean lines of modernism with the texture, rawness, or rustic quality of farmhouses. One specific feature of farmhouses we have noticed more frequently as of recent is shiplap boards. Regardless of being on the walls, cabinetry, ceiling, or backsplash, shiplap has been incorporated in plenty of modern applications. Today, let's look into how we can incorporate shiplap in kitchens. [...]

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