9 Top Trends In Kitchen Backsplash Design for 2024

Sebring Design Build We love these fun shaped tiles in this kitchen! For decades, the backsplash has been an important working part of any kitchen remodel. In addition to protecting the walls above a work area, it would complement the countertop as well. In the early years, backsplashes were often colorful with fruit and vegetable graphics adorning 4×4 ceramic tiles. Thru time we have undergone many changes. Today we have the luxury of installing a variety of materials like natural stone, glass, mirror, metal, brick and wood. Backsplash design has become more creative and artful with design to incorporate textures [...]

Kitchen Hardware & Knobs Trends for 2024

Featured Image: Home Decor A to Z Kitchen hardware is arguably the most ignored finishing touch in a kitchen remodel. The decisions you make might have a significant impact on the outcome. Yet, the story usually goes as follows: You've chosen your appliances, flooring, countertops, backsplash, and cabinets. The kitchen is coming together nicely, but you're fatigued from considering many possibilities and making many decisions. You only have one more challenge to overcome: the hardware. What's the worst that might happen? On your way home from work, you swing at Home Depot and discover row after row of [...]

Best Kitchen Sink Trends Ideas for 2024

Featured Image: HGTV The kitchen sink could be regarded as the kitchen's focal point. It is, of course, one of the kitchen's most frequently utilized features. Cooking and cleaning can become more difficult if the sink is out-of-date or badly built. To ensure that your daily cooking activities flow smoothly, it is critical to select a sink type that is both functional and attractive. If you don’t know where to start, these kitchen sink ideas 2024 can help you. So, how can you know which style is best for you? We have outlined five of the most popular [...]

9 Top Trends in Kitchen Countertop Design In 2024

Sebring Design Build White quartz countertop with a smooth finish for this beautiful kitchen. The countertop is an essential component of the kitchen. It is where all the  action takes place. But more than that, the countertop is the foundation of kitchen décor when doing a kitchen renovation. It bares the burden of setting the tone and feel of the space. Seeing its importance in kitchen décor, it matters a lot what material, finish and design you choose for your countertop. We have put together the hottest countertop trends for 2024 that will give you ideas for your own kitchen. As [...]

13 Top Trends In Kitchen Design For 2024

Sebring Design Build This kitchen is perfect for entertaining! Decades ago, the kitchen was hidden in the back of the house. It was a place where meals were prepared and dirty dishes were washed. Fast forward to 2024 and the kitchen has a much different role. Today, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place that brings everyone together at the start of the day or after a long day way.  Now instead, the kitchen is paraded in all its beauty and warmth at the very center of the house. Kitchens have changed [...]

11 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2024

Sebring Design Build Keep those counters clean by hiding stuff in shelves! Kitchen cabinetry is not just for storage. It is an essential element to your kitchen’s style when doing a kitchen remodel.  Cabinetry is the crown jewel that brings everything together.  Cabinet design has not changed much over the last few years; at least not as much as other elements such as countertops or flooring. But here are still a few evolutions that have happened to kitchen cabinets over time. Today, above anything else, there is a rising movement towards a streamlined look that focuses on simplicity and minimalism. [...]

10 Kitchen Appliance Trends That You Can’t Miss In 2024

Sebring Design Build Welcome to the future of the kitchen! As we continue to roll through 2024, the kitchen—the center of our homes—is more than simply preparing food; it's about design, functionality, and looking ahead. Ready to transform your kitchen into a high-tech hub? Whether you're an expert in the kitchen or a busy mom trying to keep up, this year's top appliance trends offer something for everyone. Think smart fridges that keep track of your groceries to chic hoods that steal the show, all geared towards making life easier and ramping up your kitchen’s style. Gone are the [...]

Best Kitchen Lighting Trends For 2024

Featured Image: Sebring Design Build The latest kitchen lighting trends 2024 are more vibrant, inventive, and trendy than ever before. And although they are visually beautiful, they also serve a practical purpose, as should any excellent lighting scheme. We chatted with interior design professionals and came up with ten kitchen lighting ideas that will get you through effortlessly and attractively. So, whether you're planning a kitchen overhaul and require lighting or want to add to your kitchen ideas for an upcoming update, these are the kitchen lighting trends 2024 you should be aware of. Kitchen Lighting Trends 2024 Kitchen [...]

Trends in Kitchen Hoods for 2024

Sebring Design Build Kitchen hoods are the equivalent of fireplaces in the living room. A natural focal point, custom range hoods should be chosen and designed properly. Kitchen hoods are available in various styles, and we are delighted to share some of our favorite contemporary trends with you. We have different kitchen hood ideas, such as discreet hoods that blend in with the design, hoods that look like cabinets, decorative metal range hoods, statement piece hoods, wood hoods, and more!   Decorpad White subway tiles cover the range hood. Kitchen Hood Ideas Custom Metal Hoods Custom metal hoods [...]

Kitchen Storage Trends Ideas for 2024

Featured Image: Kitchen & Bath Shop As someone who lives in a smaller house, I understand how tempting it is to believe that a bigger kitchen is the answer to chronic kitchen clutter. But maybe you don't need an extra room to make better use of your space. Please continue reading to learn how it's done and to get the most out of your kitchen. Here are the kitchen storage trends that you need to watch out for: House Beautiful Cutting Board Over Trash Can For Easy Disposal The placement of a cutting board over a trash can [...]