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Despite its association with being emotionless and moody, there are still a lot of people who choose gray tile colors for their kitchen and bath. Neutralizing your inner battles with going for the ever pure white and the chic looking black, opting for the gray tones can be considered a fair choice. Having gray tiles for your kitchen or bathroom enhances that fresh feeling you want these two places to embody.

Your room’s flooring creates a great impact when you are building or upgrading your kitchen or bath. Along with the flooring, the backsplashes also proves to be an impactful decision on your interior. Once you decide on these two, they will be a part of a long lasting fixture that can only be changed when you remodel or upgrade.


LochAnna Kitchens

The perfect gray tile selection for your kitchen should always be timeless. Working inside a pristine kitchen is a bliss that everyone should experience in their lives.


Tess Bethune

Nothings compares to the fresh feeling of a sunkissed breakfast table in your kitchen. Entertaining the family for breakfast on weekends will always be a delightful event.


Kate Osborne

The spacious interior on your kitchen always helps a lot when there’s a lot going on. Having an area that can accommodate all chaos of festivities is a dream.


Style at Home

Having classic and stylish cabinets that can accommodate all that things that you need to fit into your kitchen maximizes the space in it. Why not installing one in yours?


Tom Howley

Knowing the pieces that matches well with the tones you’ll be using for your kitchen helps the overall look. This is the perfect inspo when choosing kitchen fixtures.


Studio McGee

Bring back some retro vibe by choosing gray tile patterns for your kitchen. While you’re at it, you can pull off that timeless look with kitchen cabinets in block colors.


M Prevost Design

What is not to love about the great combination of colors that these kitchen posses? You’ll end up being drawn to its elegance. The subtle highlights that the design give off is great.


Fireclay Tile

Living in a house with a kitchen that looks like this will be an open invitation for you to spend more time cooking for yourself or your family. The sleak backsplash screams order.


A Well Dressed Home

When you get elegant patterns that can dress up your kitchen in more exquisite interior something marvelous like this happend. Go all out with the backsplash and it will be great.


Heath Ceramics

Planning to get a full wall of gray subway tile kitchen backsplash? It will create a spacious interior when paired with the right choices of kitchen cabinets. Make sure your floor looks clean.

How to Choose Great Looking Floor Tiles

While looking for the perfect tiles for your floor, you will be faced with endless choices. You will probably be presented with endless options of different materials, textures and design. Despite this wide array of choices, the most important thing that you need to remember is most of these options will be inappropriate to be used as flooring tiles. To help you decide about this, we enumerate some tips that might be able to help you out.


The most important feature that you need to look into is the tile’s hardness. The tiles that will be used for the flooring of your house needs to withstand a lot of wear and scratches. It needs to be suitable for the purpose of the room. You can actually refer to the Mohs hardness scale for proper guidance. This is an actual guide that geologists trust because of rigorous laboratory testing. Depending on the foot traffic where you will be installing it, Class II up to Class V will offer you a variety.


Kitchen and bathroom floors are moisture prone areas, all the more reason for you to choose impervious tiles. Although they appear rock solid to you it doesn’t mean that these tiles cannot absorb water. Pay close attention to tile porosity if you want your flooring to last longer.

Slip Resistance

Fall accidents at home, especially if you are living alone is very dangerous. Most tiles tend to be slippery especially when they are used in areas where water is usually used. In order to protect yourself, your kids and the elderly from accidents you need to choose slip resistant tiles. Special textured tiles can be your top option but you can also inquire about special slip resistant coatings if it will be available to the tiles that you first fell in love with. Installing smaller sizes, ones which aren’t bigger than 6×6, will also help. Grout lines help the floor to have more texture thus aiding for the flooring to be more slip resistant.


Your flooring adds more character to the fixtures in your house. Depending on how you want it to look, you can use a more modern tile design for your room upgrade or remodel. Modern gray subway tile designs can be a great option if you want your house to have that timeless interior. Opting for custom made flooring can also be affordable, you just need to look for a supplier that can help you out with materials that you want to use. Long lasting floor tiling can make the aesthetics of your house more appealing and easy to the eyes. It will create a more homey and neat vibe.


Mercury Mosaics

What can you best do to your kitchen backsplash? Turn in into an interesting play of shades, adding value to your kitchen when remodeling is always a great experiment.



Something that looks old have its own charm. If the kitchen of your dreams is like that of an old farmhouse this interior will be the perfect reference for you. Make this work!


The Creativity Exchange

When your bathroom looks so cold, the source of warmth that you can turn to will be the beautiful lights. The gray tile choice for this bathroom have given the modern interior a boost.


Thibault Cartier Photography

An immaculate white bathroom will gain its character when accented perfectly. The archway into the shower gives an added personality and ambience which you always wanted.

Gray tile colors can make a better background for your kitchen backsplash. It has the ability to make the work area more spacious. Although these sets of tiles are considered to be resilient, countertops and backsplashes also need to add more value to your kitchen. Most homeowners choose the gray subway tile backsplash, but below are some other great looking kitchen backsplashes that will greatly impress even the most picky home dwellers.

Looking through these photos surely gave you some inspiration on how you want your kitchen to look like after remodeling. The right fixtures placed in the kitchen must accent the right places that you want highlighted. Having these things in places made the photos above look more sophisticated and grand.

Let Us Talk About Your Bathroom

Aside from your kitchen, another great place that can benefit from the use of gray tile colors is the bathroom. Renovating your bathroom and choosing the tiles in order for you to dress it in new fashion is an important decision you’ll make. To help you pick the right choice here are five practical tips you can actually follow when choosing bathroom tiles.

Pick your must have

Inspiration for renovation arises from seeing a dream look that you want your bathroom to have. Special tile designs or even the most simple subways tiles can capture your attention when used right. What you need to keep in mind is to have that starting point to serve as an inspiration for the final tile choice you will have for your bathroom design.

Keep it up to three different tiles

As stated in the first step, let that inspiration become your starting point in determining what you really want for your bathroom upgrade. Make that tile choice expand to other designs that you can use to make the design more interesting. Mixing and matching subtle tile colors with colorful and pattern accent tiles will bring out a focal point in your design.

Never be afraid of being experimental, the three different choices of tile can be used for the floor, walls and for accenting the focal point of interest in your design. You can keep your choice to a minimum of one but you can also spice up your design by having a mix of at least two or three. It is never wrong to have an eccentric design, guidelines in bathroom interiors aren’t set on stone and breaking it a little bit might create an upgrade that you always wanted.

Stick to one special tile

If you have decided to use an interesting color or pattern for the wow factor in your bathroom, make sure to keep it at the minimum of one design or pattern. It will be regarded as the highlight because you will need to put it in the place where you want everyone to take notice. The amount of interest in that focal design piece will become more timeless if it will complement all other fixtures on your bathroom. Most interior designers will advise you to use one pattern or color that will stand out among the others. However, the size of the highlight area will be up to you. You can even decide to make your bathroom pretty basic as long as the area of focal design can bring out the vibe you wanted to achieve.


Pufik Homes

This magazine worthy bathroom interior is so posh looking that you might want to take your business elsewhere. Recreate this interior by using all the gray shades.


HOME Stratosphere

Nature doesn’t always need to be green. This bathroom interior will remind you of your bathing experience from the waterfalls, an eccentric yet creative bathroom interior idea.


Regan Wood Photography

This bathroom interior idea may have not been in our list if not for the artful content of the floor tile pattern. A single point of interest can change the design drastically.


Interior Therapy

Your classic gray subway tile can create a marvelous interior for your bath and shower. The right amount of highlights and wall ornaments creates great  inspiration

Think about maintenance

You might think that cleaning your bathroom is not a factor that you need to consider at this point. However, in order for you to keep your bathroom interior without worrying too much about how to keep it neat and tidy you need to be very wise in choosing tile materials that are virtually maintenance free. Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be used in wet prone areas because they can still appear neat after being submerged in water a lot. Natural stones can be dirtied a lot that’s why they need to be in the parts of your bathroom that aren’t exposed to water a lot. The tile materials of your choice will affect the work you need to put into in maintaining the cleanliness of your bathroom.

Size matters

The bathroom is an area where you can easily slip and fall. In order for you to avoid injuries you need to consider the size of the tiles you use for your bathroom floor. If you love the trend of getting large tiles for the floor, make sure that you choose a slip resistant material for it. There will be more chances of slipping when less grouts are involved. Although it will require more work, for a more slip free shower floor you can always create creative designs when you use smaller 2×2 tiles across the entire floor.


Summit Signature Homes, Inc.

Want a bath with a view? That’s a dream which will eventually come true once this bathroom get to be yours. The subtle color of the interior makes the view more appealing.


Felix Forest

This neat and monochrome bathroom are for the lovers of minimalist interior. Nothing can compare to the serene feeling of bathing in a bathroom that doesn’t overwhelm your mind.


Dylan James Photography

Minimalist are drawn to that ample amount of frills. This gray tile bathroom perfectly serves as a background being framed by the gold fixtures. Not much but an exact amount of wow.


Gia Bathrooms & Kichens

Breaking the rules has the ability of bringing out the best in your bathroom. The result is not so playful or eccentric, just the right amount of spice that you need for an upgrade.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of gray tile bathroom and kitchen options that you can choose from. Deciding to upgrade or remodel your kitchen for it to reflect more of your individuality need not to involve a lot of money. You can always opt for cheaper fixtures as long as they are durable and can last long after being exposed to the wear and tear that the kitchen or the bathroom endures on a daily basis.

Most homeowners decide on kitchen and bathroom remodels when they have plans on selling the house. These rooms are considered to get the most expensive upgrades but still a lot of owners pursue it because these are also the rooms that come into close scrutiny during a sale. The kitchen and bathroom needs to look at their best in order for you to get a pretty decent price for your property. A more spacious kitchen and bath can be achieved if you will install neat looking gray tiles in them.

Aside from getting their property a higher value, another reason why homeowners remodel is to ensure longevity. Timeless interiors design can be achieved through remodeling and upgrading. A lot of people want their house to signify the way they want to live, making ways for the home’s function to reflect that of the owner’s life extends the purpose of the house and its rooms. Nevertheless, no matter what the reason is, choosing to upgrade or remodel your kitchen and bathroom will directly affect the home dwellers that is why we need to take extra care while doing it.

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