23 Green Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Green Tile Ideas
Featured Image Source: TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

One trending color you should watch out for this year is green. It’s particularly striking and adds a statement to any room. In the event that you’ve been keen on adding a transformative piece to the look and feel of your area, then there’s a huge possibility that a green tile will make you excited.

Green is a color that is not only vibrant but with great meaning attached to it. That’s why it’s no big surprise that with regards to designing with it, you will certainly make an outstanding ambiance. In particular, people often associate green with growth, renewal, new life, and luck. Simply think about the winter transforming into spring. The availability of green in nature truly gives way to a feeling of rejuvenation and resurrection. In fact, these tie-ins are a couple of reasons why utilizing green in a home renovation and redesign works amazing.


Bella Home Furnishings

Custom-made tiles with animal details for this American ranch log home.


Tracy Lynn Studio

Gorgeous shower wall tiles with different shades of green by McIntyre Tile


DD Ford Construction

Old-fashioned wall tile in a lighter shade of green.


John McClain Design

A deep and rich shade of green for this herringbone tile.


Suzette Sherman Design

Olive Gloss tiles from Heath Ceramics for the backsplash of this modern green kitchen.


Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects, Inc.

Dark lime green glass tiles with a glossy finish for a backsplash that truly stands out.

In general, you can also associate green with growth, peace, and prosperity. Also, this is the reason why green has become popular for use in the home. Moreover, one of our preferred spots to include this color is in the bathroom. Regardless of whether it’s green subway tile, paint, accessories, or plants, it’s truly safe to say that we’re obsessed with green. The following green tile design ideas for the bathroom and kitchen below will also inspire you to do the same!

Indeed, there are countless ways to use the color. For instance, green subway tile for the kitchen or green glass tile for the bathroom. Today, we share with you our top green marble tile and green mosaic tile options. Check them out and you will surely fall in love with green tile!


CLB Architects

The stunning backsplash is 2”x8” field tiles in Olive Gloss from Heath Ceramics.


Alison Kandler Interior Design

You can find these deep green colored glass tiles at Ann Sack.


Lawrence Group

These green penny tiles provide warmth and coziness to this contemporary bathroom.


Arkin Tilt Architects

The tiles were from a local tile showroom, Small Arabesque, in San Francisco.

Choosing Green Tile For Your Bathroom

To have a bathroom that would truly quiet you down at night and offer you an energy boost at the beginning of the day isn’t a simple task. In any case, there is one color that can provide you all of you of this—it is green. Also, this color in a large number of its shades can be both unwinding and exciting. In addition, it is perhaps the simplest colors for matching and combining with different shades and colors of green.

If you chose to utilize dark green bathroom tile, it is important to realize a few things:

Although green is the color of grass, nature, and trees, too much green—particularly dark green—can make your bathroom look excessively ridiculous and sometimes eye offending. It’s particularly smarter to mix it with white, light green, or beige.

You should be extremely cautious in the event that you utilize metal decor products and components in your bathroom as they don’t combine well with green.

Primary bathroom installations such as bathtub, sink, and toilet bowl flawlessly match and contrast dark green walls.

Moreover, it’s often better to utilize white as the primary color on the floor and walls and utilize dark green as a second contrasting color, for instance, as a decorative border. In our list, you will specifically discover a great deal of inspiring ideas for utilizing a dark green marble tile in your bathroom.


b Architecture Studio

Square tiles in different shades of green give artistic definition to this craftsman bathroom.


Kitchen Studio: Kansas City

You can get these striking glass wall tiles from Jeffrey Court Garden.


Elad Gonen

This traditional kitchen has an overall green theme for a refreshing and tranquil feel.


Tali Hardonag Architect

The backsplash is “Bottle Glass” from Walker Zanger’s Skyline.

How To Use Shades Of Green To Your Kitchen

First, you can get inspired by the water. However, you don’t need to bring a blue-green glass tile into the structure to create a design inspired by water. On the other hand, for a modern approach on this subject, utilize blue-green as accent tile and pick a complementary tile that won’t overwhelm it. For instance, consider going with pale tile planks inspired by worn-out beach wood but for the kitchen. Also, mix your green mosaic tile with off-white cabinets, stainless-steel appliances, sand-tone furniture, and light-gray quartz or granite countertops. This structure will certainly create an outwardly peaceful stage for a smooth blue-green glass table and decorating items.

Next, you can utilize slate green to include old-world charm. Nature produces slate in different shades, including moss green. Alongside the stony green shading comes old-world character, and you can provide balance by combining this appeal—perhaps as the floor tile—with sleek cabinetry and streamlined appliances. Moreover, the secret to consolidating a material with a natural vibe into a modern design is to encompass it with off-white and light grays.

On the other hand, in case you want to be adventurous with your interior design, go for green tile and pair it with purple embellishments, or even with modern high-gloss cabinets in green’s complementary or opposite color—mauve.

Meanwhile, you can also take advantage of the punchy hues of pistachio. Packed with modern energy, pistachio is another shade of green tile that looks incredible when utilized in the kitchen. Indeed, tile layout is an individual preference, but by going with an all-out geometric structure, you can create an agreeable break from dull lines. Also, this modern kitchen green tile’s shade and size are sufficient to awaken a basic structure or all-white area. If you want, you can also utilize a basket-weave pattern or herringbone.


JKA Design

The backsplash in this rustic kitchen is ceramic tile in various shades of green.


Joseph Mosey Architecture, Inc.

Stunning ceramic tile backspash in mint green color.


Bulhon Design Associates

Outstanding green grass subway tiles take center stage in this contemporary bathroom.


Jackson & LeRoy

Floor and ceiling are green herringbone-patterned tiles in pine green.

How To Incorporate Green Tile For Bathroom

Green is a calming color and the color of rejuvenation, so it’s an incredible decision for bathrooms. Frequently disregarded, green is a to some degree unexpected, but truly an excellent shade for almost any bathroom. From sage to emerald, green tile can quickly offer a moment of quiet before you begin your day or as you prepare for sleep time.

Green is certainly flexible and versatile color, ideal for traditional or modern bathrooms. Regardless of whether you need to splash a layer of paint on your vanity or you are into an all-out green tile makeover, we provide you with green tile design ideas for your bathroom and kitchen.

Green is a refreshing color that can cause you to feel great regardless of what room you utilize it, including the bathroom. Green comes in such a large number of various shades that the options are almost endless, and you can immediately develop a different feel and vibe for your bathroom based upon the shade or shades of green tile you pick. Lime or apple green tile, for instance, can make a bright bathroom that looks larger than it actually is.

Meanwhile, sage or olive green tile can warm a bathroom and cause it to feel unique and comfortable. In the event that you are a fan of the color green and need inspiration on the most proficient method to utilize green tile in your bathroom, keep reading for green glass tile and green mosaic tile ideas for your bathroom.


Bushman Dreyfus Architects

Green mosaic tile manufactured by Murvi provides a fresh and vibrant feel to this modern bathroom.


Barlow & Barlow Design

Green and pink guest bathroom with green metro tiles for this eclectic bathroom.


TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

These are green bowtie and diamond tiles from Heath Ceramics.


Charleston Building and Development

Lime Sorbet subway tile crafted from the highest quality glass.

Decorating With Green Tile

It’s typically simple to set up an extraordinary kitchen design when you use neutral tones and dress it in modern and quality tile. In particular, basically choose materials that address your design sensibilities and enhance your home.

The utilization of pastel greens, specifically in combination with white, provides your bathroom with a cottage vibe and feel. Also, it’s warm and comfortable, and it’s one of the shades of green tile that offers little room a bigger look and feel. Moreover, pastel on the walls is an extraordinary color to incorporate with marble countertops and wainscoting walls. Next, finish off the cottage look with polished-nickel fixtures and white linens.

In general, modern kitchen tile comes in huge configurations, provides sleek lines, and features popular shades. Besides, a significant number of modern contemporary kitchens include neutral palettes, along with cool hues of green and snappy earth tones. Moss green, for instance, features a gray undertone and provides fresh life into a modern structure. In case you’re searching for inspiration, we provide a couple of approaches to add green tile or other neutral shades that complement green surroundings.

Indeed, mossy greens are great to work with. For an alternate, more finished look to your bathroom, make a mossy green appearance utilizing a mossy green paint that makes the presence of old plaster on the walls. Finally, proceed with the look with patterned tiles within the shower or tub wall that include mossy green tile. Accents can also incorporate shades of gold or yellow, and white.

Other Popular Green Tile Combinations

Sage And Browns

Sage is truly such a warm shade and functions admirably in big bathrooms. In case your bathroom feels excessively huge and cold, warm it up and close in a portion of the area with a warm sage green tile on the walls. Also, use tiles with color blends of gold tones, cinnamons, cream, and browns, to warm it much further. Moreover, pick a vanity in cherry wood or dark oak to proceed with a similar warming impact, and finish the look with polished-nickel installations.

Green And White

On the lighter side, attempt a soothing shade of green tile. Besides, when combined with all-white fixtures, you’ll have a serene and reviving area to freshen up.

Brick Red And Forest Green

This rustic, conventional farmhouse-bathroom style looks quickly inviting and friendly, especially if you use a generous amount of warm, hearty tones. It is important to realize, though, that you can use variations of brick tiles so that they don’t overpower the room.

Think About Stripes

Stripes are a well-known design plan today. Also, the utilization of huge, striking even stripes in a small bathroom can truly create a statement. In addition, they are vivacious and enthusiastic and provide your bathroom loads of character. Bright shades of green tile are excellent for striped patterns, particularly matched with black decorative pieces, such as a black vase, wall art framed in black, or a black framed wall mirror. For instance, a white vanity combined with satin nickel installations and white towels can include more character and shading options to the design.

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