Blue Tile Design Ideas
Featured Image Source: CG&S Design-Build

A blue tile looks cool and mirrors the serene peacefulness of water and is an excellent fit for bathrooms. Blue is a bright, refreshing, and revitalizing color, and when fused in the bathroom or kitchen tiles, it truly creates a vibrant and lovely theme! Today, we will show you a couple of amazing blue tile designs to inspire you in your kitchen or bathroom renovation.

We see colors everywhere—they are all around us. In fact, nature is delightful because you can see lovely and dynamic hues! Sky blue skies and immaculate white beaches, deep blue oceans, and dark green forests also present an exciting and satisfying scenery for restless minds and tired bodies searching for relaxation. The truth of the matter is that colors often influence our states of mind, our feelings, our wellbeing, and our lives. For instance, you can try having your room or car in your favorite color and you’ll immediately feel a shift in your mood.

According to an independent study, aside from green, blue is the most favored trending color and keeps on being popular with both purchasers and designers. Among the shades of blue, the most preferred are Poseidon and navy blue, which is an intense complementary color for your bathroom or kitchen.

So in case you’re considering going with blue tile, we have curated a list of blue tile design ideas for your kitchen and bathroom. Moreover, we have plenty of options—be it indigo, sky blue, azure, sapphire, robin’s egg, or turquoise. Check them out!


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Even though the bathroom decor is entirely blue, everything feels extremely contemporary. With these sizable blue mosaic tiles for accents and blue wall tiles, go all-out on the color blue. This stunning modern bathroom design is by ClearMirror.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything appears so exquisite in this contemporary bathroom design by Sarah Barnard Design. This children’s bathroom is colorful and pleasing to the eye, thanks to the blue ceramic tiles and the organic-shaped glass floor tiles.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Want to add a touch of blue to your elegant and contemporary kitchen? This one features a backsplash made of blue tiles that look elegant! The oceanside glass tiles by Ann Sacks add even more beauty to this classic kitchen by Brio Interior Design.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Want your kitchen to have a light blue theme? In this kitchen design by G. Terbrock Luxury Homes, which appears contemporary and vibrant, you won’t feel the gloom. “Blossom” from Ann Sacks’ Beau Monde is the backsplash.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything looks fantastic in this bathroom design by Studio Z Architecture with a blue theme color. The lighting is perfect! The artificial quartz countertop pairs beautifully with the blue mosaic tiles in various blue tones.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The bright blue motif in this kitchen design is a testament to how great it is! The glass mosaic tiles from Ann Sacks look stunning with the vanity painted in Benjamin Moore’s Aquarius. That Sato Architects, Inc. kitchen design is amazing.

Decorating A Blue Tile Bathroom

The part we always look forward to when designing a bathroom is picking all the lovely colors and materials we’re going to feature. This is usually the moment tiles come in. In case you’re arranging a bathroom renovation, you might lean toward the possibility of an all-white and marble-everything bathroom, but listen to us. Indeed, there’s a spot for a vibrant, decorated tile in your life, and we highly suggest that it is inside your shower or your bathroom wall. Or even your bathtub. Regardless of where you want to use blue tile, it will certainly change your bathing experience.

As a matter of fact, people have long viewed blue as a color of glorious peacefulness—quieting and refined, and reminiscent of the deepest waters and clearest state of minds.

In addition, an individual who acknowledges understated serenity does not need convincing on choosing the color blue, and even less on the attractive navy shade since he already grasps the intensity of both.

Meanwhile, it is no surprise that there is no other place in your home that can benefit best from this timeless color than your bathroom.

Blue, and most particularly navy, bring out a nautical air that suits the bathroom very well. Whether it’s a large format or mosaic blue tiles, a blue tile bathroom signifies a well-kept and tranquil room.

Although the bold may want to go all-out on blue, others can simply take advantage of a sprinkle of navy or a hint of teal to add texture and contrast to a plain undecorated white bathroom. Finally, blue is one of the limited colors that it’s hard to go wrong. When it comes to blue tile, less is more and more is even better.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Want to keep your preferred blue hue yet have a classic bathroom design? Beautiful square tiles from Trikeenan Tileworks combine beautifully with Benjamin Moore’s Blue Veil wall color. The bathroom design by Tyner Construction Co Inc. is amazing.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Everyone will concur that this bathroom’s diverse style and light blue color scheme are wonderful. Everything in this bathroom design by Widing Custom Homes seems very energizing. Ann Sacks used Beau Monde Glass’ Blossom in Aquamarine for the shower tile.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Do you adore the color blue but do not want a typical design for your kitchen? This HVJ Design & Interiors kitchen features a modern aesthetic with a blue color scheme. Blends – Seaworld by Tile Emporium International is the tile.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

You’ll want to hang out or work in this attractive kitchen and eating room! If you already have these stunning blue tiles, you don’t need any other decor. Everything about this van Ellen + Sheryn Architects creation seems warm and inviting.

Making The Most Of Your Blue Tile Bathroom

We all know that a well-designed bathroom can quickly increase the value of your house. Besides, because it’s one of the most high-traffic zones in your home, particularly if you often have guests, you have all the reasons to make your bathroom updated.

Although the minimalist style will certainly stay popular for quite a long time, there is absolutely room to bring your simple bathroom tile design to a whole new level with a splash of color or a unique pattern. But where do you start when you seem to have endless options?

There are numerous shades of blue to choose from, including powder blue, navy blue, serenity blue, midnight blue, and more. In fact, you can use any of them in any bathrooms, from coastal to cottage or rustic, blues usually work. Also, the least demanding and most well-known idea for including blue to the bathroom is by decorating the ceilings, floors, and walls, and you can do it in other ways, as well.

First, start by painting the wall in blues, consider cladding your walls with blue tiles, or go for blue-painted beadboard. You can also do the same with floors. Although blue tiles are typically popular with floors, they can also extend to walls. Meanwhile, another clever idea is to clad a sink with blue tiles, clad the backsplash of the bathtub with blue tiles, or just put accent tiles in the shower.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

A large family? Or do you want to bring your pals around for cocktails and food? With the white cabinets and countertop, the blue mosaic tile shines out. Huge kitchen and bar that J.M. Froehler Construction designed.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This kitchen has a historic feel since it is so well-designed—a beautiful combination of tile pattern and grout colors, with impressive tile craftsmanship. The Eastern Treasures kitchen will make you feel extremely welcome.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This one is both traditional and contemporary. This kitchen design by McCutcheon Construction Inc. has sufficient room and a cool atmosphere. With the addition of brilliant blue Moroccan tiles, this historic bathroom is given new vitality.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Everything in this bathroom design by AT6 Architecture: Design Build appears energizing. It has a beachy feel because of how well this bathroom is designed. We like the exquisite blue tile in this powder room above all the other elements.

Blue Tile In The Kitchen: What You Need To Know

Indeed, blue kitchens are super hot at this moment. For many years, people told us not to utilize blue in the kitchen since they believed the color blue was suppressing the appetite. Today, more and more people are becoming a convert, and many cool shades of blue invade the kitchen, including tools, decorations, and backsplashes.

Navy Blue

In particular, navy blue is an exquisite, sensational backsplash color decision. No wonder it is gaining momentum now. It truly looks eminent when matched with medium to dark wood hues, as well as shades of orange since they are complementary colors on the color wheel. Also, check out our navy blue tile ideas and photos above to see how luxurious and rich this shade is.

Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue usually takes center stage once in every decade and is presently getting the spotlight. However, I will not suggest utilizing a color for your backsplash because it’s popular, as the cost and bother of changing it once the trend dies are too high. Thus, in case you are not sure you want this shade of blue tile in your kitchen for long, you can paint it on the wall instead. Also, it’ll be a lot simpler (also less expensive) to change it in the future.

On the other hand, if you definitely love this color, whether it is on trend or not, then go for it! Moreover, it’s almost similar to the shade of blue jeans, which we always pair with any color. As a result, this means you can use it as a neutral shade, which is flexible enough to match your design or theme.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Wow! You will be astonished by Chris Barrett Design‘s stunningly beautiful and opulent-looking Mediterranean bathroom design! Stunning turquoise mosaic tile from New York’s Mosaic House.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

You’ll agree that the light blue bathroom design allows you to travel back to the mid-century! The bathroom design by Sustainable Living Environments is amazing. The white porcelain floor tiles and the robin egg blue Daltile tiles go well together.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This bathroom design appears quite detailed, with a blue theme-patterned wall. This bathroom design by Merce Gost Photo is excellent. In this bright bathroom with sparkling décor tiles, take a soothing bath.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Such a transitional bathroom design exudes a light atmosphere. In Detail Interiors’ transitional bathroom design, everything seems warm and organic. The shower has magnificently enormous blue glass subway tiles.

Decorating Ideas For Your Blue Tile Backsplash

Include a splash of color into your kitchen with these innovative design ideas for blue tile backsplashes. Regardless of whether you lean toward a conventional, modern, or cottage look, we have a blue tile backsplash idea for each style.

Beach Theme

First, you can add the turquoise shades of the sea into your kitchen with an ocean glass backsplash. For instance, a vibrant small arabesque pattern brings vitality to your kitchen while a sandy wall color and white cabinets avoid the tiles from overpowering the space.

Keep It Simple

Next, you can keep it simple with a single sheet of glass tile with blue paint on the back. For example, a blue tile backsplash can complement the dark and steel accents of an industrial kitchen and give it easy-to-clean protection behind the sink and stove.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This kitchen design is quite stunning and has a very broad appearance. The handcrafted blue-green tiles in this vintage kitchen look attractive as a backsplash and countertop. This design by Lind Nelson Construction Inc. is excellent.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This Victorian kitchen design has such a light, natural feel about it. This kitchen design by Just the Touch- Liling Lampell is gorgeous. Do you feel like you need to be more courageous? Pick a blue tile for the backsplash that is a lighter tint.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

In this naturally inspired bathroom design, everything appears to be very tropical! Dara Rosenfeld Design created such a bright and practical bathroom design. We adore the organic components in this bathroom’s low setting. The blue tiles show the water/ocean.


Blue Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This bathroom’s design exudes a creative atmosphere because it appears to have been handpainted. Tidewater tile from Fireclay Tile matches the lovely blue-green shade of Elephant Star handpainted tiles. Excellent bathroom layout by Fireclay Tile.

Vibrant Mosaic Tile

Meanwhile, add a dramatic impact to an all-white kitchen with a vibrant wall of ocean-colored glass mosaic tiles. Moreover, stretch out the striking blue backsplash to the ceiling to make it a focal point or maintain it merely over the sink for a practical and cheap approach to upgrade your home.

Glossy Glass Tile

On the other hand, make a cramped kitchen look larger with mini horizontal glass tiles and neutral cabinets. Indeed, a glossy blue backsplash reflects light and extends lengthwise to avoid the kitchen feeling restricted.


Do you want a unique blue tile for your kitchen backsplash? Then you can work with a ceramicist to have custom tiles made according to your particulars. In the event that your backsplash zone is small, going this course may not be as costly as you might expect. Also, it’s an incredible way to support a local artisan.

Final Tips In Choosing Your Tile

With regards to renovating a bathroom, nothing establishes a greater impression than tile—whether it’s in the shower, on the floor, or utilized for a backsplash. Below are the things you should consider to nail that blue tile bathroom or blue tile kitchen finally.

First, determine your budget since tile comes in all sizes, shapes, prices, and styles. The initial step to choosing the tile that’s ideal for your bathroom or kitchen is to set up a budget. Once you have your budget, you’ll have an assortment of alternatives to look over, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. Also, ceramic is the most affordable alternative, with porcelain being the next on the list. Moreover, the most significant advantage of porcelain tile is its through-body make. In the event that you chip a blue ceramic tile, you will see white underneath the surface. On the other hand, a blue porcelain tile will be blue right through. Porcelain is likewise an increasingly tough and water-resistant alternative.

Next, consider the tile size. Although smaller tiles were at one point the standard, 12x24s have become the new trend. In fact, the larger the tile, the larger the space appears. For individuals who like to stay conventional, subway and basketweave tiles do not generally go out of style. Finally, to make a modern bathroom with a classic take, 4×16 subway tiles put an updated twist on the timeless look.

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