Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath
Featured Image: Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

Designing your kitchen and bathroom is always an exciting activity. However, looking for the right materials, decors, and accessories can be overwhelming because you have a lot of options to choose from. Tiles alone come in a variety of colors, materials, and shapes. Choosing the right ones is crucial as it will reflect your style and personality. If you want tiles that are more than the usual kind you often see in ordinary kitchens, we recommend going with metallic tiles.

Not all metallic tiles are made of metal. Real metallic tiles are usually made from stainless steel, bronze, pewter, chrome, nickel, and aluminum. These are heavy and durable. However, there are also metallic-looking tiles just made of resin or porcelain and given a material finish. These are more lightweight and less expensive than their authentic counterparts, but they can be as durable.

Check out these 23 metallic tile design ideas for your kitchen & bath!


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This trendy metal tile contemporary powder room photo is in Los Angeles with an integrated sink, quartzite countertops, white walls, and white countertops. What a beautiful bathroom design by H3K Design.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The shower wall is covered in a beautiful glittering mosaic from Emser Tile. Lazzaro publishes this as a part of their Lucente line. This high-end bathroom renovation epitomizes sophistication and radiance.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Stunning copper backsplash for this traditional kitchen. The kitchen also features a hammered copper Farmhouse sink and copper countertop. This kitchen design by Group3 is extremely lovely and rustic-looking.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This classic kitchen is gorgeous, thanks to the metal tile backsplash, dark wood cabinets, and marble counters. Everything in this Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath kitchen design is very ornamental.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This powder room is sophisticated and beautiful thanks to the bespoke tiles from Ann Sacks, the Holly Hunt sconces, and the custom stone sink. You will concur that M.S. Vicas Interiors created a bathroom with such a sleek and sophisticated style.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This gorgeous classic kitchen is made even more beautiful using marble countertops, dark wood cabinets, and a metal tile backsplash. Because EHL Kitchens did an excellent job designing this kitchen, the space exudes a lovely atmosphere.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The granite countertop in Bianco Romano and the off-white cabinetry looks great with the stainless steel 6×6 backsplash tiles since they integrate well together. Lynbrook of Annapolis, Inc. is responsible for the design of this traditional and light-filled kitchen.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Do you want your kitchen to have an industrial-meets-modern aesthetic? For the kitchen backsplash, a gorgeous champagne metallic square drop porcelain tile from TileDaily. This design by Cooknee Eurostyle Cabinets is amazing.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The stainless steel tile is from Pental. Its elongated octagon shape looks stunning in this contemporary kitchen. This kitchen design by Donna DuFresne Interior Design seems so refreshing and modern.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

A tiny chrome kitchen lamp, Castle Combe wood floors in Chippenham hue, and a backsplash tile made of 13 stainless steel mosaics are all included in this rustic kitchen. This kitchen design by FabCab is conventional and rural.

Stainless steel is a popular finish for metallic tiles. It was commonly used in kitchens as backsplash years back. However, other shades and materials are also available such as gold, bronze copper, iron, tin, brass, and pewter. Any of these tiles can add glamour and character to any space, especially those in warmer tones like gold, bronze, and copper.

Some people avoid having metallic tile in their homes because it gives off too much industrial vibe. However, the key here is going with the right color and finish. Instead of stainless steel tiles, for example, go with metallic tiles in warmer tones that will make your kitchen and bath a dramatic, sophisticated look. If you are after a luxurious appeal, go with pewter, brass, iron, or tin.

Aside from being visually stunning, metallic tiles are also known for their durability and resistance to high temperature and moisture.

Why Use Metallic Tiles

The finish of metallic tiles adds shimmer to your home. Basic-looking spaces can look opulent with these tiles. A dull bathroom, for example, can appear like a luxurious spa with the right metallic tiles. As accents, metallic tiles give just the right amount of elegance to any room. The key is not to go overboard. Because the temperature of metallic tiles can vary depending on the surroundings, they may be problematic when used as flooring, so using them just as accents is recommended. However, if you want them to cover an entire area, that area can be your ceiling since you will not be touching it.

Metallic tiles can have various effects in a room, depending on the shade used. For an industrial appeal, stainless steel tiles are recommended. Bronze tiles are also great replacements for traditional tiles if you want your space to look fresh. For spaces with a monochromatic theme, use silver metallic tiles as accents on walls or floors and see the beauty of the room pop out. For an even lavish appeal, nothing can beat gold metallic tiles. The shade can make the most casual space look expensive, aside from making it livelier.

Another reason to go with metallic tiles is that they blend easily with different colors because they reflect their surroundings. Their reflective nature can also make small areas look more spacious.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The metal wall tiles perfectly match the hallway’s freestanding tub and perforated metal screen. It has a sleek feel because this bathroom design is very modern. With this Threefold Architects bathroom design, you’ll feel very refreshed.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Tiles from Pratt & Larson’s ceramic 3×6 inch metallic glaze for the backsplash. The traditional Navajo White of the cabinetry goes wonderfully with the tiles. LDa Architecture & Interiors created this light and airy kitchen.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Gorgeous Bisazza mosaic tiles for this contemporary bathroom in Austin. The tiles were creatively used for the shower walls, floor, and ceiling. In this bathroom design by Bravo Interior Design, everything is so bright and contemporary.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

This traditional home bar features custom cabinets and countertops, metallic tile backsplashes, and an undermount sink. Everything is quite contemporary and computerized in this Michaelson Homes LLC kitchen design.

More About Metallic Tiles

Though metallic tiles sound perfect for your kitchen and bathroom, you have to consider some things before deciding to use them. First, they are prone to scratches and dents, so you should be extra careful when installing them to maintain their metal finish. Second, they are cold to the touch, so they might not be the best choice as floor tiles. Finally, they conduct electricity, so you should not install them near power outlets.

Metallic tiles can be used anywhere in your kitchen and bathroom. They can be on backsplashes, countertops, and showers. Use metallic floor tile as accents instead of covering your entire floor with it. Regardless of where you use them, metallic tiles can add a hint of luxury on any surface. However, note that some types of metallic tiles are not recommended for certain parts of your kitchen and bath, as they are prone to erosion and patina when exposed to moisture. In this case, you can go with a metallic looking tile instead.

Some people may find patina appealing. Patina is usually a green layer that appears when the surface of the metal goes through oxidation or exposure to oxygen. Oxidation is a natural process that some find beautiful and may want to have on their metallic tiles. It happens with metallic tiles made of copper, bronze, or brass. If this effect is not something you would like, avoid these materials. You may still also use these materials but have them clear coated to prevent oxidation from happening too fast.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The freestanding bathtub, metal tile niche, and wood-like tiles create a stunning bathroom close to the beach. By Shane D. Inman, this seaside bathroom design exudes a sense of modernity and brightness.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

C. Clary Contracting has designed an exquisite transitional kitchen that you will like. The white cabinets complement the metal backsplash well. These bubble lights liven up this otherwise mundane kitchen.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

The stainless steel backsplash makes this contemporary kitchen elegant and sleek. Its smooth finish gives a modern vibe to this kitchen. This kitchen design by Juan Antonio Pascual looks so industrial and smart.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

You’ve decided that ALLOY Solid Metal Tiles will provide you with the sleek and modern kitchen design you’ve been hoping for. This all-white kitchen gets a modern look thanks to the metal backsplash. The kitchen, as a whole, is very peaceful and calming.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Wm Ohs Showrooms outdid themselves with this kitchen. This modern kitchen benefits greatly from the metal backsplash tile. You can’t see a contrast between the tiles and the gray cabinetry.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Dark wood cabinets, wood counters, and a metal backsplash are highlights of this farmhouse home bar. You’ll adore this kitchen design by Alexander Design Group, Inc. for its modern lakefront ambiance.

Metallic Tiles In Your Kitchen

Make your kitchen glisten with metallic tiles. They can be placed on a neutral space to make it more character. For bright kitchens, metallic tiles can highlight their brightness even more. With different metallic tiles to choose from, your kitchen will truly shine. Here are some ideas on incorporating metallic tiles in your kitchen.

For a Moroccan vibe, install hammered copper tiles in a mostly white kitchen. Metallic subway tile backsplash in copper paired with white grout look vogue with dark cabinets. Copper tiles also add a shiny contrast to matte black cabinets, making your kitchen chic. Have an accent wall in your kitchen covered in penny tiles made of copper to make a statement. If copper is too warm for you, go with stainless steel penny tiles instead to add a sparkly touch in your kitchen.

A metallic tile backsplash in silver with neon green touches will add boldness to any kitchen. For a contemporary look, cover your kitchen walls with geometric tiles in silver finish. Silver tiles also complement stainless steel appliances, making your kitchen glamorous. If you have neutral white cabinets, spice it up with silver tile backsplash. Silver metallic penny tiles can also make your home bar eye-catching, especially in an open layout.

For your oven backsplash, pebble-shaped metallic tiles in gold would light up an otherwise boring space. Install shiny gold tiles on walls as a nice contrast to dull gray cabinets. For a sense of luxury, match chocolate brown kitchen cabinets with metallic tiles in gold. Just remember to go with metallic porcelain tile instead of metallic tiles made of real metal around power outlets.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

Would you want an exquisite and modern-looking industrial kitchen designed by DB Studio? This industrial kitchen has a sumptuous and elegant feel thanks to the metal backsplash in copper and silver finish.


Metallic Tile Design Ideas For Your Kitchen & Bath

You must admit that the Gehan Homes kitchen design appears both pricey and incredibly contemporary. Black cabinets, granite worktops, and a metal backsplash can be seen in this Houston home bar.

Metallic Tiles In Your Bathroom

We do not recommend covering your entire bathroom in metallic tiles. Instead, just have metallic accent tile only in certain areas such as around your bathtub, in your shower space, or the sink zone. Metallic tiles are especially recommended if your bathroom has neutral or dark colors, as the tiles add contrast and highlight the zones where you use them. With different shapes and shades to choose from, you can surely make these areas stand out. Spruce up your bathroom with metallic tiles.

On walls, metallic tiles look spectacular. Find the right metallic tile size, finish, pattern, and texture that will make your bathroom striking. If you have a gray bathroom, accentuate walls with copper penny tiles for a sense of extravagance. For an even more luxurious appeal, use textured metallic tiles in gold set in a herringbone pattern.

Small mosaic tiles in silver make your shower space bold and vibrant. Square silver tiles can also add glam the way mosaic tiles would. For a warmer touch, go with shiny gold tiles on your shower area’s walls. If your bathroom is mostly gray, make your shower area the focal point by accentuating it with bright copper tiles. Make a statement by using metallic ceramic tile with gold finish around your bathtub.

For your sink area, a mix of copper and silver tiles in a chevron pattern is as good as an art piece. Metallic tiles with circular pattern can also make your sink area look stunning.


Nowadays, you have plenty of materials to choose from when designing your home, so choosing one may be a challenge. For tiles, go with metallic, or just metallic-looking, if what you are after for is a sense of luxury. Metallic tiles can be integrated flawlessly in various spaces around your home. They are likewise rapidly becoming more famous as an ever-increasing number of property owners are searching for materials that are different from the more conventional materials regularly utilized in homes. They are searching for a progressively novel and varied style, something that could likewise fill in as a conversation point in a room.

The versatility of metallic tiles makes them ideal to work with. They can work in any part of your home, but the kitchen and bathroom are where they look best. The metallic finish of these tiles adds character and depth that you would not think your kitchen or bathroom can have.

All things considered, it is clear that metallic tiles are setting down deep roots and ought not to be viewed as only a passing fancy. Because of the assortment of designs, hues, and sizes available, metallic tiles are unquestionably staying in people’s homes for a long time.

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