Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door
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Among the cheapest and quickest ways to upgrade your house is by changing up your front door color. Regardless of the look you are going for—vibrant reds, stained woods, or monochromatic frames—these tips demonstrate how quickly you can change your home’s exterior by changing your door color. Check out these pro color suggestions and find the ideal hue for your house.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

A bold red front door designed by Rachel Greathouse with brass hardware and sidelights provides a warm welcome to this home, with a covered porch adding to the inviting feel.  With the bright and welcoming red, this front porch screams, “Come on in!”


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

This entryway designed by JODI FLEMING DESIGN features a beautiful emerald green front door with a transom window above, providing plenty of natural light and a pop of color against the white walls.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

The dark navy blue front door by Linda L. Floyd, Inc., Interior Design with a brass knob and kickplate provide a classic and sophisticated look to this entryway, flanked by two lanterns. Custom painted door adorned with imported French hardware and Antique French Marquis.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

The deep forest green front door by Doyle Herman Design Associates of this home is a striking contrast against the white walls, with a large glass panel providing natural light into the entryway.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

A bright and cheerful yellow front door by LDa Architecture & Interiors adds a pop of color to this otherwise understated white entryway, complemented by matching yellow flowers in the planters.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

A bright and cheerful purple front door by Custom Design/Build, Inc. is a bold choice that adds personality to this entryway, with a unique carved wood screen door adding interest and texture.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

The orange front door of this home by The Shabby Nest is an unexpected choice that adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the entryway, accented by potted plants on either side.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

This light gray front door by Therma-Tru Doors is complemented by a matching gray roof and white trim, creating a cohesive and elegant look.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

This entryway by Grandfather Homes features a beautiful black front door with a large glass panel and brass hardware, complemented by gray stone steps and white trim.


Colors To Paint Your Front Entry Door

The deep blue front door by Blue Horse Building & Design of this home provides a rich and eclectic look to the entryway, with matching shutters and white trim completing the playful style.

Do’s & Don’ts Of Selecting Front Door Colors

Your front door color should not be an afterthought. It is the very first thing people notice when they visit your house. Even though you can paint your front door almost any color you would like, some considerations will help you choose a shade you will love. These suggestions will help your painted front doors blend in, stand out, or even bend the rules. Additionally, if you reside in an older home, repainting a used front door is a simple weekend refresh that’ll mark you big curb appeal points.

Do stick with the classics. Use a primary hue like brown, black, or grey for a look that will stand the test of time. Even dark navy, reds, and blues are timeless front door paint colors that act as neutrals. One more neutral option is staining your door rather than painting it. Check also our gallery for front door colors for beige house.

Don’t be afraid of color. Some individuals are anxious about using bright colors in their decoration, but a door is a scaled-down commitment than painting a whole room or house. Why not experiment? If you have a hue that speaks to you, test it! If brights are incredibly daunting, try a rich color, like forest green, burgundy, and eggplant.

Do buy the proper paint. Because your door is subjected to external components, it is crucial to utilize the appropriate color to avoid peeling and fading later. Latex exterior paints offer weather-resistant coverage. No matter what color you select, you’ll need to have a door with an exterior primer. Door-friendly exterior paints are available in an assortment of finishes, semigloss, including matte and shiny. A high gloss surface will bring out architectural specifics and show more blemishes and knicks on a door. For a forgiving front door paint surface that will hide flaws, choose a semigloss paint.

Do consider your surroundings. If you are stumped over a color for your front door, look for your home’s natural area for inspiration. Greens, browns, blues, and different tones that look together in your surroundings will work nicely in your home. Using natural colors has the extra benefit of making your house look like it’s part of the landscape.

Don’t choose paint while indoors. Colors can look very different in various lighting conditions. When you would like to get a better idea of how it will look, paint a little swatch straight over the door.

Do allow it to be monochrome. If you have a small home, this trick is perfect for you. Visually expand your home by painting the doorstep, window frames, trim, and exterior the same color.

Don’t ignore the trim. Your home trim is a prospect for painting. White is timeless, but another option is making the doorstep pop with different trim.

Things To Consider When Choosing Front Door Colors 

Your door is the first thing that people see. Shouldn’t it mention something about you? The best part is you will find loads of front door color suggestions to select from; therefore, you will certainly not lack new styles and shades. Whether you are going for “big and bold” or maybe “subtle and sophisticated,” there is a color available to satisfy your needs. Before you carry out the paint bucket, nonetheless, you will find a couple of things to think about about your color choice. How frequently will it be touched up or repainted? Will it be matched with some other exterior home decors? Will it stay out just for Christmas or Halloween? Is it a color that everybody inside the family will love seeing in their house? Will your son detest pink? Will your spouse believe that black is just too depressing?

The front door is the very first impression you will send out to visitors—not to mention your own person—upon entering your area. Creating curb appeal does not mean replacing your roof or painting your entire house; it could be as easy as placing a fresh layer of paint on your house’s main entrance. While traditional shades like beige and brown serve a purpose, revolutionary imaginings of pink, green, white, yellow, and purple might be a shortcut to hitting style. It is where you will create pictures, lug groceries, arrange pumpkins, pin wreaths, and shake hands with neighbors.

Before guests set foot inside your house, the front entrance establishes the firmness with most of the space. So now picture your front door: What can it say about you? If it is not the statement you would wish to make, there is an easy fix present in a can of new paint.

Ten Colors For Your Front Door And Their Meanings

Here are ten of the most popular choices and what each color may say to guests and passersby.

Orange – You are an interpersonal butterfly! Orange doors tell visitors you love to entertain but also that you like an excellent challenge.

Red – Traditionally, a red front door color signaled a hospitable house. These days, a red door nonetheless says, “Welcome!” If you’ve got a red door, you also like attention and attempt to live their lives to the fullest. Red doors add a fantastic splash of color on cream or gray houses alike. Even though many hue shades may be found, a traditional fire-engine red maybe your best option—it compliments almost any house style.

Blue – Blue will be the color of the skies and ocean. So people who have blue front door love serenity and value truth. They are effectively grounded and real to themselves. Versatile blue can quickly shoot several moods, from the simple elegance of navy to teal’s exotic power. This soothing color will let visitors know they intend to get into a peaceful, tranquil house with an easygoing household.

Gray – Gray is an indecisive color, a blend between white and black. In case you try painting your house door gray, and you’re indecisive and would rather compromise, gray can work for you.

Green – Green doors claim that traditional values are placed within. The individuals living there are driven and strive for individual betterment. They are also great with their funds, as green is naturally affiliated with cash. Few colors declare “fun” as lime green, the tint which actually sets a playful overall tone. Balance its intensity by having different exterior colors muted and by pairing it with sharp white woodwork.

Black – Simple elegance graces one within, and everything is in its correct place. A black door looks undeniably remarkable for a home’s exterior.

White – A white front door tells the world you like intense colors but value timeless design. White represents purity and simplicity. Individuals with white doors generally maintain a thoroughly clean house and are well structured. This is a traditional color choice for standard homes.

Yellow – Just like the color, you have the right attitude and maybe an early morning person! The color yellow exudes happiness. Although yellow is also suitable for both modern and traditional homes, muted and lemon shades appear to be best on more mature brick, clapboard, or shingle styles. This joyful color is filled with confidence, along with a zest forever. It’s sure to bring folks inside to find out what some other surprises you’ve got in store for them.

Indigo – When passersby notice this daring choice, they are going to know that a formidable, devoted individual dwells within. They may also see just how gorgeous this deep shade looks while it changes with the light on the day on a regular house.

Purple – A purple front door is a decorative choice since it is not so common. The options are abundant, ranging from serious grape to gentle lavender, or perhaps daring magenta. This whimsical color will undoubtedly make your guests smile while they get into your house, where they’ll probably discover a free-spirited, fun daydreamer.

Choosing The Right Front Door Color 

While the color of your front door surely doesn’t have to complement the shades found elsewhere inside or outside your house, your color choice might give away much more than you imagine about your interior decor options—or perhaps the kind of person you are.

Unlike the color you select for your family room, bedroom, or maybe the outside of your house, establishing a home door color is where you can buy just a little wild and truly aim for it using a color you like and which will truly stick out in your neighborhood. When you’ve determined whether or not you will find some restrictions which determine your color options, the next step is considering the overall appearance of your home’s outside. For instance, a stately paving stone garage or walkway goes with just about any color, but colored concrete might conflict with specific choices.

Then, you are going to need to think of your porch situation. In case you have a deep porch that lacks natural lighting, you’ll likely want to stay away from painting your door a deep color and could, instead, choose a light color, a color that is bright or even white. Conversely, if you’ve got an uncovered entryway that is available and loaded with light, you can escape with a darker, much deeper hue, which might also present a great harmony.

Remember that light color is generally best if the materials that involve your door are dim, and a bright or dark color is generally best when framed in gray or a light color. This implies that you ought to make use of the color on your home and, in many instances, you shouldn’t try painting your door and trim similar color (although some homeowners are choosing an understated look with this option)

Front Door Colors According To Feng Shui

In this particular exercise, the door type you have, the path it’s facing, the shape of your doorstep, its color, and its role concerning other components of your house tend to be vital. Nevertheless, in case you’re contemplating which color to try painting your front door, this likely means you currently have a door in a specific spot and facing a specific path. While you can’t do very much about the direction where your door is facing and exactly where it’s located on your house’s facade, you can do a thing about the color.

People who are relatively acquainted with feng shui probably are conscious of the acceptance of white exterior front doors in this exercise and might be asking yourself why we’re also discussing different colors. Unless you are fortunate enough to employ a south-facing front door, white is most likely not the most promising choice.

If your doorstep faces north, your ideal options are shades that stand for the part of water, like black or blue. You can also go with earth tones for this direction. If your door is facing southwest, colors that stand for the part of earth should work with this, like earth tones or a pale yellow;. However, you can also easily take in a fire element color, like orange, purple, or red. Meanwhile, south-facing doors are perfect for homeowners that would like a bold home in red, purple, orange, or pink, almost all of which are ideal for any element of fire.

Every exterior and interior color you choose for your house is essential, though the color you try painting your home is of specific significance. People are welcomed by it to your house, provides a hint of what you should expect inside, and also says something about your individuality and personal style.

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