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When renovating a home’s exterior, the front door might not be the homeowner’s main priority, with numerous other elements to think about, such as the landscaping, pathways, and roofing. Nevertheless, these exuberant entryways make a case for a standout design element that your visitors will enjoy before they even enter your house. Think about an excellent paint color, lush landscaping, and stately architectural details. Today, we are putting blue paint in the spotlight as we share with you these 31 houses with blue front entry door ideas.


Carlton Construction

Lovely custom door and sidelites by Stewart Brannen Millwork.


Rasmussen Construction

Gorgeous front porch with bright blue door for this Victorian remodel.


Studio Steinbomer

Amazing how a little blue door can make a huge difference!



Don’t want the brighter hues of blue? Check this one out.


Diamond Homes, Inc.

This traditional entry in Denver looks classic and stylish at the same time.


Jonathan Chambers Architects

The dark blue doors offer a nice accent to the cedar shingles & white trim.


Carl Mattison Design

Vintage salvaged door that is painted bright blue to match the ceiling.


Caldwell & Johnson Custom Builders & Remodelers

This beach-style entry features a calming and welcoming blue door.


Anchor Builders

The color of the door adds an exciting pop of color to this traditional exterior.


Glenn Layton Homes

Sherwin Williams’ Raindrop paint did a great job in making this house lively.

Why Use Blue Paint For Your Front Door

First impressions are essential. Blue expresses security and confidence, and it is frequently associated with sophistication and tranquility. It is pleasing to the eye and produces a feeling of calmness and relaxation when you think about it. Your front door’s color can be in great contrast with your house’s front exterior to make it even more visible and distinct. But unfortunately, only a few colors match with each other. Not all colors can complement one another. However, blue can act as a neutral shade when combined with different colors. Some colors go very well with blue. Light greens and tan, for instance, go perfectly with gentle shades of blue. It also perfectly matches all shades of cream, yellow, orange, purple, red, and even gold. Front doors are available in different styles, sizes, and shapes; they are also available in various materials such as wood, fiberglass, metal, and glass. Other than design, a front door must have a substance. Besides being the point of entry, a front door must provide security and protection. These characteristics are crucial and can be acquired by choosing high and sturdy quality materials, doorstep knobs/handles, and locks. You may additionally install mail slots, doorstep window panels, peepholes, and doorknockers for added functionality.

You may think that a front door color is just there to serve as a design to your house, but what you don’t know is that a simple front door color can say a lot about the homeowner’s personality. The color blue is the color of the ocean and sky. So people who paint their doors blue must love serenity and value truth. They are very well-grounded and true to themselves. Turquoise is among the colors that are chosen by many. It might be somewhat strange, though, but it is ideal if you crave emotional balance, have huge dreams and hopes, and think that anything is possible. In simple terms, you are a romantic dreamer.

Whether it is aqua, azure, or navy, blue doors are always charming. Choose your favorite shade to enhance your house’s curb appeal. The key to a very inviting front porch is to avoid making the space look or feel too dark. Select a lighter shade of blue for the doorstep to freshen up your front porch. Adding reflective glass panels into a front door can bounce the light around, adding brightness to your entryway—blue and white forms a traditional color combination that will never go out of style. Whether you want light blue or rich cobalt, the versatile color is an all-natural companion to white-colored siding and trim. If you’re not entirely sure how to decorate your blue front or you don’t know which color goes well with it, you can look at the color wheel for inspiration with your exterior color palette. Opposites on the color wheel, blue and yellow, form a complementary color scheme that provides a cheerful look to your entryway. If you want to have a more traditional look, you can match your front door’s color with your home’s architectural style. Rich navy blue creates a formal feel suited to traditional and historic homes.


Polhemus Savery DaSilva

This aqua blue front door is a reminisce of good memories at the beach.


Kathy Marshall Design

The color of the front door effectively says, “welcome and thank you for visiting.”


Noelle Interiors

Get the same style with Benjamin Moore’s Blue Echo from Affinity collection.


PBH Design

A simple door frame painted with Sherwin Williams’ Stratford Blue will do the trick!

Freshen Up Your House With Blue Front Door 

Baby blue and turquoise doors provide a free-spirited and unconventional look. Consider smoky teal blue tones contemporary takes on navy blue. These shades make excellent options when you wish to make a subtle yet fashion-forward statement. Applying a single color in varying hues can produce a cohesive space. Based on color psychology, turquoise is a color that balances yellow, green, and blue but can also represent mental balance, providing a feeling of peace and calmness. High-gloss turquoise color can help make a particular door glow with a striking finish that shifts with the light. If your front door is set back and shaded by the porch roof, a bright turquoise hue brings the door forward to brighten the porch’s shadows. It can now become more easily seen and valued by passersby.

Add a dose of fab to your curb appeal with the color teal. Now that being said, not everyone can handle a color like this. Your stately brick house may be a little out of place with a bright robin’s egg blue front door. However, if you have a gray, yellow, or white home, this may be precisely the color for you! When blue and green join forces, the ever-sumptuous teal is the result. A standout color that works wonders in the house; numerous designers use teal for their interiors. A teal front door looks great with contrasting colors such as white or black, but it can also look good with a traditional red brick exterior. A teal door can add a modern look to a home’s exterior that may otherwise be displaying its age. Plenty of homeowners choose to put a contemporary door to a conventional styled home to accomplish the famous eclectic look. A brand new modern door in a bright color might be what you exactly need to revitalize your home’s entrance.

Make a bold style statement with a bright or light blue front door, or choose an azure or navy blue front door for a subtle color hint. Regardless of your home’s design, an azure entry door will undoubtedly leave a long-lasting impact. There is a reason why blue is typically cited as a popular color. Blue reminds us of the sky, the sea, your school color, or your favorite sports team. It can also be a great color in your home. A blue front door is a little unusual that you do not see them as frequently as other colors. If you are someone that doesn’t prefer a vibrant color, consider a darker blue. This color works with architectural design and a home clad in an assortment of materials in various colors. If you want your door to stand out from everyone else’s without being significantly over the top, a shade of blue, between navy and teal will be your hue. Light blue is an unusual color for a door, but it will still look great, especially in traditional and seaside properties. It tells people that you love bringing the outdoors into your house and that you love things fresh and bright.



Sleek contemporary remodel with a custom blue front door that stands out.



The blue door offers a refreshing vibe to this brick exterior and white trim.


Glenn Layton Homes

Attention-grabbing blue door and window painted with Sherwin Williams’ Lupine.


Sheri Mize Design Studios

The door was made by Southwest Doors from Santa Barbara.

Blue Front Door For Different Styles And Tastes 

When you need to choose paint for your doors, you cannot get more classic than blue. It is understated, calm, and reminiscent of the ocean and sky. It is also available in a wide array of shades that make it easy to find a hue for any mood. For understated impact, a rich blue color, like indigo is incredibly hard to beat; a matt finish makes it more quiet and relaxing. This kind of front door looks bold but sophisticated at the same time. What better option for a seaside house than a blue shade that evokes the sea and the sky? For added impact, use the same color for window frames. Navy is a safe alternative to black for homeowners who want to incorporate color into their doors. A navy blue front door with a stately exterior, combined with a white window and pillars, can produce a crisp, timeless facade.

There are very few friendlier and more attractive colors than sky blue, making it a great home option. It works beautifully with natural wood. When you are searching for a statement blue, this might be it. Cerulean is an unexpected but pleasant hue for someone who wants a blue front; it is cheery and sophisticated at the same time. In case your approach to blue doors is no holds barred, cobalt blue is a daring and a fantastic option. Work with a single burst of blue to make a statement. The deep tones of blue can add a bold look to your home, and it is an excellent option for families choosing that traditional nautical-inspired look. Since this particular color may be so profoundly saturated, it is the ideal front door option. Finish the look with a lovely eucalyptus wreath for your home.

Navy is the darkest blue, and in its simple form, it can almost look like black. Navy is an elegant color, which evokes serious things such as tradition, strength, and solidity. It is undoubtedly a masculine color, but it does not need to be dull. Match it with crisp white, and you will get a brisk maritime experience. Use it on the walls if you want to go dark but not entirely black. Use it as a contrast against white trim and fascinating architectural details. Work with it to make a boring box more exciting and add more depth to it. Its very close relative, indigo, is commonly used interchangeably with navy, and it is observed in numerous standard arts and designs. Traditional Japanese shibori cloth is near the color navy, and countless Indian and South American styles incorporate it. Because of this, it can go exotic, eclectic, and boho.


Kate Lester Interiors

The light blue door for this farmhouse entry offers tranquiliy and warmth.


Upstate Door

The breathtaking door was painted to match Sherwin Williams’ Tempe Star.


Sato Architects, Inc

The blue door definitely stands out in this traditional entry in Los Angeles.


Cardea Building Co.

Darker shades of blue will bring sophistication to any home.


Historical Concepts

The owners got the doors from an architectural salvage shop.


Andrea Brooks Interiors

Sherwin Williams’ Blue Peacock is a fantastic door color that is timeless.


Design Inspirations

The door for this beach-style entry is painted Buckland Blue by Benjamin Moore.


Westpoint Homes

Sherwin Williams’ Meadowbrook for the front door of this transitional entry.


Glenn Layton Homes

Bright blue door for a welcoming vibe for this beach style house.


Beth Goldfarb

The blue door with vibrant flower wreath looks phenomenal in this entry.


Susan Newell Custom Home Builder, Inc.

The century-old entry door is a primary feature in this historic-looking home.


Mina Brinkey

Dreamy, organic-style cottage in Tampa. 

What Does Feng Shui Say About Blue

Feng shui recognizes eight directions and associates each direction with color, element, and aspect of social life and family. In the feng shui compass, the south represents fame and recognition, while the north represents your career. In simple terms, black and blue are the best colors for a door facing the northside. Because the north’s element is water, the door’s shape or texture must be fluid. Other factors typically enter the equation, such as placement of the entryway concerning the home and the surrounding landscaping and neighborhood.

A black or blue door may not complement the rest of your house’s exterior color theme, but there are other ways where you can invite the water-energy into your home from the north. One way is to construct a waterfall or fish pond by the front door. You can also hang blue-and-white or blue banners on your front porch. Nearly anything that combines the north’s colors with the fluidity of water invites the great northern energies. 

A fresh turquoise blue door may not be for everybody, but it can certainly make the homeowners happy! It is a playful and innocent front door color with excellent feng shui energy for any door facing the north. Obviously, like most colors, you can find numerous shades of blue. A mid to dark blue represents serenity and calmness, telling the guest that the house’s inside is a place of refuge. You can see plenty of Georgian houses with blue doors that look incredibly pleasing when surrounded by the color white.

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