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The entryway is the very first thing we see before stepping into a home. It should be inviting and welcoming, making us wonder what is behind that gorgeous door. A functional entryway can build curiosity and mirror the home’s decor philosophy in its exterior. A red front door creates a charming entrance with a very bold appearance that does not leave anybody cold. It is intriguing and noticeable, compelling, and memorable. Have you been thinking of replacing the color of your entry door? Check out these 31 houses with red front entry door ideas and be inspired!


Rachel Greathouse

A pop of dark red paint and a set of fun numbers and topiaries for this entry.


Ironwood Master Crafters

This entry may look laidback, but it never lacks a warm and inviting vibe.


Goforth Gill Architects

The gorgeous red doors will quickly pull you inside to come and take a look.


Hagstrom Builder

The red door for this modern farmhouse entry exudes charm and simplicity.


Debra Drake Design

Get this look with Gypsy Red by Sherwin-Williams or Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore.


Paul Davis Architects

Lovely door color using Tawny Day Lily from Benjamin Moore Color Preview Series.


Crisp Architects

These red double doors are a welcoming surprise for family and guests.


P2 Design

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente paint color stands out in this traditional white exterior.


Gatling Design

This cozy cottage features a red door, green trim, and brick pathways for extra warmth.


Balodemas Architects

The front door for this Midcentury exterior is painted “Poppy” by Benjamin Moore.

Why Choose Red For Your Front Door 

All it requires is several seconds of taking a look at the door’s color to determine whether it is appealing, blah, or ugly. When looking at door colors, red happens to be a brilliant, dynamic option. It can enhance an otherwise flat facade, complement a home’s landscape, architectural materials, or serve as the best accent. Red is undoubtedly the color which benefits from being combined with various other hues. Warm, neutral, or cold, the red can blend with all of them. It can provide traditional elegance or playful energy and draw a striking contrast or enhance your current color scheme. No matter the shade, red is a widely popular front door color that can make an otherwise bland exterior pop. Determine the vibe you want your exterior to emit and choose a red shade that provokes that feeling in you.

A red house front door can work to contrast or complement the rest of your home’s exterior and provide an accent to its specific style. For instance, a dark-colored siding or brick on the outside may require the pop of a brighter red door to draw attention to the house door. A light shade of siding could gain from a darker hue of red over the front door. Both options can help draw attention to the door and offer an appealing contrast. Your home’s style may also help provide guidelines for the perfect shades of red for your home.

A traditionally-styled door may call for a classic hue of red. A contemporary or cottage styled house may provide more design and color flexibility for a red house door, such as a sophisticated ruby red or a quirky candy-apple red. However, design rules can always be broken; therefore, you should choose a color you prefer. If you have a couple of red samples you are trying to select from, try them out over the front door. Swatch them a few inches apart and close to the surrounding door frame. Be sure to view them from different distances and angles, including from the street and the driveway. High-gloss red paint adds elegance and enhances a standard house but reveals most blemishes when it comes to sheens. Semi-gloss paint will give you a red door look you like while hiding imperfections.


My Three Sons Professional Painting

The popping red color for this contemporary door is Redwing by Sherwin Williams.


Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

This two-story Victorian home features cedar siding shingles and “Lusty Red” front door.


Brennan + Company Architects

The maroon door made by Marvin Doors + Windows perfectly matches the house.


New Urban Home Builders

The red color for that door makes a big impact for its small size.

Red Door Can Be All You Need 

Something in a red door makes it feel timeless; like the house it leads has always been around, just waiting for the passersby to observe and admire it.  A darker hue of red displays itself as a more serious choice, toning down the liveliness and emphasizing a modern design front door. It is excellent for a home using a simplistic neutral exterior that yearns for a dark color spark. The red door can convert any residence into a prominent feature on the block. It is what winds up separating your house from everybody else’s,  the vibrant and bold exterior, which is rapidly the subject of countless interactions. A big white door frame with a vivid red door is a winning combination that produces an impressive entryway. It is easily the epitome of glamour and charm, sweeping away all competition because of its contrasting style. 

Suburban houses may quickly start looking predictable and repetitive. But a simple red front can soon change that, as a home that has a red front is undoubtedly unique and visibly stands out. Double red doors present luxury and ignite curiosity about the decor behind them. Even when their placement is relatively obscure, they do not fail to attract all of the attention! The red door and red brick are a good pairing, developing a balance between a classic exterior and contemporary features. Red doors and roses are a pair that would take your breath away.  A red front door is an ideal backdrop for a wreath and other holiday decorations. Whether it is winter or autumn, your garland or various other ornaments will stand out and look smashing shown on your red front.

A red door will enhance a houses’ exteriors painted yellow, black, beige, or neutral. For a traditional look that seems brand new, consider using a cheery red on your home. Red is a simple way to bring attention to the house. A contemporary red house door brings dynamic to a chilly grey exterior and generates an energetic entryway that genuinely stands out and does justice to the newest colorful trends. The attractive red front door is a terrific aspect to pair with other greenery and potted plants, which will improve the glistening shade of red! You will not need other decoration, as the organic element will do all the work, and the red door will enjoy the benefits. A red door yellow door will genuinely bring a smile to the faces of those who walk past it and through it. 

Front doors must be tough to withstand rain, wind, scorching sun, intruders, and beautiful enough to make the perfect first impression. Unfortunately, fulfilling these needs is a tall order for many front doors. Most older houses are built of wood or wood veneer, both of which warp, crack, and delaminate after many years of contact with the elements. Wood doors are the most common, and they come in oak walnut, cherry, pine, mahogany, and more. Metal doors do not last forever, as the surface on other metal doors can peel off. The surface material is what most influences the door’s appearance, security, durability, and cost. A steel door is your best bet if your top priority is security and durability.


Clarity Homes

The front door for this traditional entry is painted Pomegranate by Kwal.


Round Here Renovations, LLC

You can get the same Masonite fiberglass door from Home Depot.


Union Studio, Architecture & Community Design

This farmhouse exterior is rocking Benjamin Moore’s Moroccan Red paint.


Jeneration Interiors

The red front door for this transitional exterior can exude excitement & joy.



The high gloss finish of the door is achieved through Benjamin Moore’s Grand Entrance Collection.


Jamie Herzlinger

The red front door can make a statement without overpowering the enitre house.

What Does Red Front Door Symbolize? 

What does red symbolize? Red has a selection of symbolic meanings, including anger, courage, war, vigor, health, life, religious fervor, and love. When individuals start to be angry, their faces get flushed with color. When they are healthy and happy, they have rosy cheekbones, whereas when they are sick or dying, they have a deathly paleness, lacking in red. When men fight, the blood is spilled. In most cases, red blood manifests itself in connection to passion. In traditional countries, colors had been compelling that red objects have been believed to convey overall health through their color alone. Red is the color of extremes. It is the color of passionate love, anger, danger, violence, seduction, and adventure. 

Red is also a religious and magical color. It symbolized super-human heroism to the Greeks, and it is also the color of the Christian crucifixion. Red was almost as rare and as costly as purple in the old days, a fact that could explain its power and magic. Paradoxically, today’s intense red dyes originate from crushed pests (the lac beetle and the cochineal). It is a warm, rich, and stimulating color that presents energy and excitement. Research indicates that the color red can produce physical outcomes such as elevated blood pressure levels, enhanced libido, increased respiratory rates, enhanced metabolic rate, improved enthusiasm, higher energy levels, and improved confidence.

You may think that a red door is just there for aesthetic purposes, but you will find plenty of red door meaning. We have all witnessed brightly colored front doors on houses; the most widely used color is red. The experts tell us that it will enhance your house’s curb appeal and make it more welcoming. Though they are not the first to create this concept, it is an old practice from various origins. In Feng Shui, a red front means “welcome.” The front door is referred to as the “Mouth of Chi” wherein energy enters. If you follow or believe in Feng Shui, painting your front door red will create welcoming energy. If a family has a red front, tired travelers traveling by a buggy and horse would know that the house was a welcoming place for them to rest. They will be ready to spend the night there. The red door also provides protection. In old Catholicism, churches painted the doors of the church red to symbolize the blood of Christ. Passing through the door would suggest you were on the holy ground. Some think that a red door protects the occupants from evil. In Scotland, homeowners would paint their house door red to signify that they had paid off their mortgage. So, maybe having a red front door is not all about getting excellent curb appeal after all. When we take a moment and search history, we can discover many facts on why we do the things we do today.



This modern masterpiece in La Costa features a red steel pivot door.



The matching windows and doors are painted with brick red paint.


Glenn Layton Homes

Custom made doors built locally from a millwork company for this beach-style entry.


Sean Carlin Designs

This Asian entry features red front door, unique light fixtures, and wood walls.


Lulu Designs

The bright red door for this traditional entry is simple yet exudes a lot of character.


Land Art Design, Inc.

Have a pop of color in your house using Million Dollar Red paint by Benjamin Moore.


Kristi Spouse Interiors

The front door for this Victorian exterior is a Cabot semi-solid stain in slate.


Signature Homes

This farmhouse porch features a bright red door for added curb appeal.


DHD Architecture and Interior Design

This eye-catching front door is one of the highlights of this townhouse in New York.


Priestley + Associates Architecture

Vibrant red paint for the door, windows, and ceiling trim of this craftsman house.

What Does Feng Shui Say For Your Front Door? 

Invite wealth into your house with the following Feng Shui front door tips. The size of the front door needs to be proportionate to the building. You would not want a little door to a mansion or a large door to a small hut. It would not feel correct, would it? Feng Shui warns that disproportionate door sizes might result in issues with career and wealth. The house front door should also be more massive compared to other doors in the house. The color you need varies based on several factors. These include the direction it is facing, the wearer’s Kua based on the birth year, and the area it is situated within the building.

In general, most experts concur that the color must be even more inviting and should capture the eye’s interest. It must also be a color that you want and are comfortable looking at every day. Your door should be appropriately maintained because it is the first experience you have with the house. Here are some sample questions to tell if your doors are adequately maintained: Does it open and close quickly? Does it make any squeaking noise if you use it? Is it rusty? Are the paints peeling off? A poorly maintained door can remove all the good energy in you as you enter the house. It is very likely that while you enter that door, you are thinking of all of the issues that need attention in the building. In short, it will dampen your mood.

Sometimes, going home may be a drag. You might feel like you would prefer to stay out instead of going home. In case you let guests over, how do you think they would feel when they are waiting in front of your door, looking at a run-down door?  Wherever your house front door is facing, your lucky direction is determined by your Kua number using the Eight Mansions Formula. To provide you with a summary, you will find four lucky and unlucky directions for every person, and your front door must face one of your blessed directions.

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