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Your front porch is indeed the first impression visitors have of both you and your family members. No wonder making even the most straightforward decisions, like choosing the color or door fixtures, becomes challenging. In case you are struggling with the design of your remodel or brand new construction, start with the color of your front door. Here, we have singled out 31 houses with white front entry door ideas so you can see how versatile they can get. Enjoy!


Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

The white door stands out in cedar shake roof and siding.


Level Exposure, LLC

This transitional entry looks classic and welcoming with white paint.


Solitude Homes

A white main front door and dark green barn door for the inside.


LDa Architecture & Interiors

This modern entry features a custom swivel door that looks very stylish.


Carpenter & MacNeille

The door was custom made by Stephen Terhune Woodworking.


Arcanum Architecture

The white door perfectly complements the rustic dark wood floor.


MGM Builders

A bright and welcoming farmhouse with white door and walls.


Lisa Whittaker

White glass doors with wood frame and custom vinyl decal house number.


European Cabinets & Design Studios

Modern white door with metal accent and hardware for this stylish entry.


Crisp Architects

A light cream will add a dramatic touch to your house if you don’t want white.

Going White For Your Front Door 

So you have asked each friend, neighbor, and relative what color they prefer for your door and still cannot decide. And that made your choice even more difficult. One of the most popular struggles people have while remodeling is selecting the color. Psychologists have studied color theory and how it impacts our emotions. These theories are used in a few aspects of design, which includes interior decorating. Advertisers use color theory to subtly indicate that their products will have particular effects on those who use them. In case you have a hard time deciding on a color for the front door, consider how you would like your visitors to feel when they arrive at your home. It is also an excellent option to pick one that mirrors your personality, although you might currently have subconsciously narrowed your choice to ones that do.

We often work with colors to express ourselves, in our garments, our decoration, our art. Psychology has connected color to particular personalities, the feeling they evoke, and the specific colors say about you. Meaning, your front door color says something about you. It is one of the first things visitors see when they go to your house. White is the color of purity and light. Advertisers and designers work with white to imply perfection, safety, and cleanliness. Those people attracted to the color white means that they like the appeal of peace and simplicity. This classic color is quite generally utilized for front doors. It is subtle, which makes it appeal to many individuals.

The versatility of having a white front door is an additional reason behind its reputation. Suppose your house’s color is bold; white will complement that color without taking away or even adding to it. A white front allows you to decorate with wreaths and other holiday decorations without worrying about the colors clashing. In case you love the independence of being more flexible in your hardware or porch decor or would like to accentuate different components of your porch over the doorstep, white is an excellent choice for you. A white front door will tell your neighbors that you are clean, simple, organized, and peaceful. Feng Shui-wise, the color white is a simple color, which means it doesn’t draw in power, but contains it. The closest color to white (in terms of Feng Shui energy) is the gray color, so this is where you have a lot more options to take a look at, coming from delicate cashmere grey to deep charcoal gray color. Both white and gray colors express the Metal Feng Shui element and are best suited for a front door that faces a direction that loves this element.



Beautiful and intricate white door details with a white wood frame.


Des Ewing Residential Architects

Fully restored house with the addition of modern and timeless details.


Farrow & Ball

The front door is painted with Skimming Stone’s Exterior Eggshell.


The London Door Company

This traditional entry will mesmerize you and draw you in.

White Doesn’t Mean Bland

You might think that all doors for homes are created equal, but that is not necessarily true. For starters, there are materials to consider. Do you want a wood door? A fiberglass door? A glass door? And then there is the design. You can choose the Dutch, French, and paneled. The alternatives are limitless, and there are many considerations to be made before selecting the doors for your home. Paneled doors are popular, so this can be familiar to you. The frame on the door is produced from wood; subsequently, shutter panels made out of wood, hardboard, plywood, ect., are introduced. Panels could be made from glass, but wood is what you will see most frequently.

You might not know their specialized name, but you know this particular door. Dutch doors are divided horizontally, using different panels for the top and bottom. Glass doors typically consist of panels of glass set into a wood frame. Since security must be taken into consideration, it is typically installed for the backdoors of the house. Natural lighting is an obvious plus, but you should be warned; they are more challenging to maintain and usually costlier than some other kinds of doors. A wooden door is a go-to door for most people, and it is super easy to make since the material is abundant. Although they can be used anywhere in the house, it is commonly installed as a front door. A sliding door is a must for places that need a large opening. They go on a track; therefore, they do not protrude into your room. In case you would like something with insanely small upkeep, choose fiberglass. It is durable, resistant to dents, and has high insulation. Fiberglass doors are often available with wood panels, painted or stained, and could work for interior or exterior doors.

Are you wondering when you should use the white front door? Well, if your exterior color is any dark color such as grey, maroon, deep cream, and the like, you can take advantage of white. The great thing about white is it goes with everything, including itself. Indeed, you can undoubtedly try painting your front door white if your exterior is white too. This is where preference matters, and be honest, cleanliness also. White is a risk worth taking since any decoration that you incorporate into it will match naturally. Bring architectural interest to your white entry door with the addition of grille patterns or glass options. Did you know that white is the lightest color among the colors known to humankind? It fully scatters and reflects every apparent wavelength of light; this causes it to be achromatic. The color white is commonly connected with honesty, perfection, neutrality, etc. When it concerns selecting the door’s style, unsurprisingly, the color white is probably one of the most selected colors; in fact, it has been for centuries.


Stephanie Dunning Interior Design

Creatively structured beige exterior walls and white entry door. 


Nash Baker Architects

This entry looks sophisticatedly simple and elegant with light colors.


Westgreen Studio

The white door looks perfect with the brick exterior of this transitional entry.


Woodcraft Design Build Inc.

Customized stock steel doors make for a welcoming entry.


Rasmussen Construction

Expansive bi-folding doors and white horizontal siding for exterior.


Norris Architecture

Lovely doors for this well proportioned and timeless traditional house.

Maintaining A White Front Door 

Among the most widely used color options for both internal and outside doors is white. It can match every interior, it is not hard to apply, and the paint is inexpensive. Of all the downsides of white house entrances, however, is that it shows up grime and dust relatively quickly, and for this reason, regular cleaning is essential. Wooden doors offer a distinctive appearance, but they demand more upkeep than their metal counterparts. However, with a bit of cleaning every so often, you can keep your white entry door looking their best. A simple dishwashing liquid and water solution can typically do the job of cleaning your white exterior door. But before you get the sponge, you must first dust your door to remove any loose particles. Subsequently, dust will clump collectively when you do not do this and will be challenging to remove. Pay special attention to the panels’ joints since this is where the said dust is most likely to accumulate. How about stains? If you have incredibly stubborn stains, you will need to use a more acidic solution. Incorporating a little white vinegar into the cleaning solution will help break down the stain, but we have to be cautious, as too much vinegar can harm the finish. Once again, test it on a small part of your door to check if the solution will cause the paint to peel off.

A white front door with glass will need a slightly different approach. This is where a more concentrated vinegar solution can work wonders. Combine one-part vinegar with one-part water and apply it with a scrunched-up newspaper. This is inexpensive and won’t leave tiny lint fibers behind in the same way as a standard paper towel. The average newspaper is made from rough, moisture-absorbing fibers, which will buff those white glass doors to a gleaming finish. For the very best finish, purchase a chamois leather-based cloth and polish the area until it is gleaming. You may have to go over the same spot a couple of times for the very best results, but it will be well worth it in the long run! If you are searching for how you can clean a white house door, you will be delighted to find out that there is little labor involved. If your white entry door has become scuffed or discolored, you may be out of luck. Several cheaper sorts of uPVC will start to turn distinctly yellow with time, typically as an outcome of contact with UV light. 

Similarly, plastic scratches can’t be repaired in the same method that scratches in the wood might be. You can’t also sand down and change plastic material. As a result, damaged uPVC doors will often have to be replaced. So there you have it, cleaning the white doors for homes of all sorts is not as daunting as it would seem, and with a bit of work, you will have them looking stunning!


LS3P Living

Classic brick exterior with white glass doors fabricated by custom millwork shop.


Manias Associates Building Designers

The front door and fanlight were retained for this home renovation project.


450 Architects, Inc.

Sleek and minimalist white glass doors for this modern entry in Miami.


Meyer & Meyer, Inc. Architecture and Interiors

This was built in 1917, and the front door was part of the original house.


Anchor Builders

The fabulous white door for this Cape Cod renovation is by Thermatru.


Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

This traditional entry provides warmth and comfort through its colors.


Allee Architecture + Design, LLC

Beach style entry with glass front door and white walls and windows.


Larson Storm Doors

A high view retractable Screen Away door for this transitional entry.


Hollester Interiors

The white door welcomes and lets you into this inviting home.


Larson Storm Doors

The storm door is designed to increase ventilation for greater comfort.

A White Front Door Is Versatile 

Plenty of modern spaces use various colored doors like pink, black, yellow, green, red, and gray. White doors home depot have countless undertones that fall under the group from warm to cool. This way, an individual gets to select a unique shade or shades of white doors based on their preferences. White doors are famous all around the world. Here are a few benefits of having white doors that will explain why these are incredibly famous. White is universally recognized for peace. It has a soothing influence on an individual, and that is why it is usually utilized in residential areas, hospitals, commercial areas, and public places.

A white door gives the room a spacious feel. This is rather beneficial for less spacious rooms like flats or apartments. A white color inclines to complement any dark components in the environment. White doors provide the person with an illusion of larger space. Your location will feel brighter and more spacious. To utilize this illusion, it is ideal that walls can also be white or light color paint. This enables the shades to merge. In case you need serenity in your house, opting for white doors will be the best option for you. White doors can reduce the temperature in the room. This is possible because they reflect the light rather than absorb it. When you want to have an appealing and classic look in the house, install white doors! While your front door style doesn’t have to complement the shades found elsewhere inside or outside your home, your color choice might give more than you imagine about your interior decor options or about the type of person you are.

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