Featured Image: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

The color black is a flexible color that transcends architectural designs and styles. It can enhance the elegance associated with a regular house or emphasize the simple, stylish experience related to a contemporary home. A color change alone on the front door can significantly improve your front entrance. Today, let’s look at 31 houses with black front door ideas and be mesmerized by the appearance this color gives to any home.


Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

The matte black door looks elegant in this house with a white exterior.


Middlefork Development LLC

This charcoal-colored front door entry blends well in this stately house.



The stunning black glass doors steal the scene in this Mediterranean entry.


Executive Developers, LLC

Double door front entrance with covered porch and brick exterior.


DK Design

Classic entryway design with black front door and traditional sconces.


Precision Building Service

Traditional entryway with dark stained wood and glass door.


Paul Moon Design

Victorian entry with custom made doors painted with Benjamin Moore’s black.


Berry Door & Window

Front entry French door with glossy black paint, clear glass, and Camelot handles.


Pella Windows & Doors of Wisconsin

The door for this rustic entry is painted with Sherwin Williams’ Iron Ore.


annie diamond

A black door that swings wide open for this shingled beach house.

Black And Its Meanings

If you want to paint your entry door black, you first need to choose the right color or shade. Wait, what?! Well, technically, black is a mixture of all colors. So different paints could shade different colors like blue or gray. First impressions are essential, even when it involves your house! While a handshake or smile can turn strangers into buddies, the right entrance door could truly help “wow” visitors who enter your home. Homeowners frequently want a front door that is classy, fun, intriguing, and elegant. Black exterior doors particularly exude class and sophistication and match perfectly with almost all colors. The front door’s color is the cherry on the top of a house’s aesthetic. It can completely change the appearance and add character. Black exterior doors make everything chic, stylish, and classic. Do not miss out on this terrific color option.

The front door’s color usually is what stands out the best. The color black is an incredibly dramatic color that can merge nicely and easily if provided the proper context. Black will be the perfect color if all you want is to make your front door look imposing and dramatic. The red and black combo is trendy and precisely what an entryway needs to look stylish and to enjoy a hint of boldness and sophistication. A diverse and busy context can make a black front door merge with ease. In reality, the door would not stand out as much if various other design elements direct their interest. For instance, several big planters, a cantilever above the door, or an overall unique architecture can do that.

Black doors pair best with an assortment of accent colors. It looks gorgeous with natural wood, gray, and white. Plenty of brick and stone colors also look beautiful with black. Generally, there is not much you pair with the color black, which does not work. If you seek to sell your house, research states that homes with a charcoal or a black door tend to increase your home’s value by about $6,000. This is a simple way to include curb appeal on the budget. Whether you are trying to find something custom made or something from your local hardware store, a black colored door can be quickly sourced and matched. Black is a striking color. If you are looking for a less reflective door, go matte. But, if you want more sheen, go glossy. Black doors look gorgeous with sidelights. Sidelights can also be painted black, gray, or an accent color. With a big entryway, a black double door is difficult to beat. Black is an expression of the Feng Shui element, water. Thus, black is a great color option for a front door that faces North. You will find an assortment of dark shades to select from.


M House Development

The doors for this farmhouse entry are made by Simpson Door Company.


Jon Luce Builder

Custom built steel front door made by Dave Blevins of Dave’s Metalworks.


Studio Z Design Concepts

Sophisticated and welcoming front door for this timeless entry.


Brooke Wagner Design

The stunning door color for this transitional entry is by Farrow & Ball (Railings).

Advantages Of A Black Front Door

Black front doors can have an elegant contemporary feel and can match most properties. If you have white windows, a black exterior door will stand out, gray windows with a black front door will help make your house look contemporary and stylish. Black doors also look spectacular with glass windows that allow natural light in, and chrome or gold furniture truly sticks out! A black entry door looks stunning in all materials, whether you choose composite, timber, or aluminum. Composite front doors are also available in various styles, including contemporary, traditional, and cottage, to fit your style’s property. A black colored wood door looks lovely on a conventional home, while a black aluminum door looks incredible for a modern home. If there were such a thing as a good drama, a black door would be it. They are powerful, elegant, and bold. They instantly make a house look more sophisticated. When you walk up to a home, the very first thing you notice is the entryway. Black is stylish, chic, intense, and profound. According to Feng Shui, the black symbolizes fortune and money. Just the bold and brave individuals can endure the strength of the black color.

When it comes to Feng Shui, interior parts and doors should not be blackish or shades of black. In Chinese society, flowing water symbolizes earnings. Thus, the water element must be contained in your living room if you wish to attain good ‘chi’ and secure income. Remember that the water element is in direct correlation with the color black. Red and black, as intense colors, are its primary representatives. Nowadays, several interior designers love to include black in their projects. The North is the area of opportunities. The probabilities for income and wealth will be unavoidable when you combine these two. As the saying goes,  you would seal the deal with these combinations, particularly if your front door is facing the Northside of the house. Another area of wealth will be the southeast. Thus, to improve your chances for more cash and income, you can also blend the black with the southeast. Based on the old customs and beliefs, you should bring all of the things you want to take into your house through the front door. That includes all household items.


Lauren Nelson Design

The door for this Marina home was custom made locally.



This sophisticated modern farmhouse door is made by Carriage House Doors.


Heckard’s Door

The mix of materials and colors look stunning in this traditional entry.


Brooks and Falotico Associates, Inc.

The front door installation was custom made to match the main house door.


Moline James E Builders Inc

This farmhouse entry features gorgeous matte black doors.


Historical Concepts

The overall appeal of this farmhouse entry screams, “welcome!”

The Importance Of Front Doors According To Cultures

As you have already heard, when one door closes, another one will open. Thus, you can say that our ancestors believed the front doors are in good relation with chances and opportunities in everyone’s life. Furthermore, you should also follow the old Germans; they warn you to keep the door open whenever the fortune knocks. That suggests you have to try to live your life by respecting the symbolism of opportunities. Consequently, you can envision the value of the front doors, the North, and the color black. It is not merely the Feng Shui principle anymore. The majority of cultures have sayings associated with the front door and its symbolism about life possibilities. If you want a jackpot relating to opportunities, wealth, or prosperity, you should have a black door facing the Southeast or North. Another compelling idea would be that the front door can see lots about your character. Therefore, what personas hide behind the black exterior doors? Most people tend to believe that reliable, serious, and humble individuals are the ones who hide behind the black door.  Black has always been the style of great value, and it stands for serious, often even risky situations. Dark, noir and black are usually the synonym for mystics and enigmatic folks.

Having a black entry door shows that an individual is an elegant and sophisticated person who appreciates style and simplicity. It can sometimes show off the formal look, but you will never go wrong with black, that’s for sure. In recent years, the designers have used the color black for the interior and front doors. They are trendy and fashionable. One of most beliefs suggests that behind the black front door is an individual leaning to manage and order. Thus, individuals usually associate the bold black entry door with an authoritative individual. That is why most officials of law and order have black uniforms. It includes judges, police officers, custom border officers, and some soldiers in special forces. That suggests you can typically find an orderly individual with high morals and sophisticated taste behind the black door. As you can observe, the front door can say a lot about you. In the designers’ sectors, black is forever, black is elegant, and black is the chic essence. That means you cannot make a mistake if you pick out a black door, as you cannot make a mistake with a little black dress. They are timeless and practically everlasting. Clothes designers, interior designers, and furniture designers have always worshiped black as the supreme color of chic, elegance, and style. Additionally, several of them choose only black collections. 

The glossy black door is an excellent choice to highlight the design and material of your door. Furthermore, it reflects light, which helps make this particular black ideal variation for areas with much less natural lighting. Glossy doorways are also an excellent fit for any metal hardware, frames, and furniture. They fit magnificently and show off glamour and wealth. If you are much more down to earth and in touch with nature type, instead of a door with a glossy finish, a black matte front door can speak words for you. The matte effect is relatively common today, not just in the door business but also in the automobile and furniture industry. Black matte doors also fit better with natural materials. Thus, if your home is made of wood or placed in the shade of an enormous tree, the matte black colored door is a fantastic choice. This type of door will describe you as a trendy and environment-friendly person.



The huge front doors look elegant and timeless in this contemporary entry.


Larson Storm Doors

A door with black frame and bevel glass from LARSON Screen Away Storm Doors.


Penny Black Interiors LLC.

Large glass door with black frame for this modern entry.


Garden State Retractables

This traditional entry features a retractable Phantom screen door.


tuthill architecture

The beautiful door is from First Impressions Model #10 with stainless steel door pull.


Michele Peterson Interiors

The black door is perfect for the black and white tile flooring in this traditional entry.


Linc Thelen Design

Crisp and clean black front door for this farmhouse entry in Chicago.


Helios Design Group

The gorgeous black door is called Design 36 from Clopay Door.


Marcelle Guilbeau, Interior Designer

Craftsman charm exterior featuring Sherwin Williams’ Black Magic Door.


Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction

Traditional colonial home with black glossy door and front porch.

There’s More To Black Than You Can Imagine

In contrast with the white background, tall ceilings, or white porch, the black front door can produce excitement and drama. It should speak of you as an individual with an appreciation for action and intensity. It will ‘scream’ that the homeowner is not dull and does not prefer boredom. The black door, mixed with dark windows, can take the passerby’s breath away, tickle their imagination, and create intrigue about you. If you have a pure black door, you can contrast your home’s other colors and help make them look fresh. It is extraordinary how dark colors can provide such joy and a vivid look at various colors when confronting them.

Additionally, using black will focus on various shades in your house in the very best way and make them livelier and more robust. It is the same with the character associated with a black entry door owner. Make sure that he or she highlights the very best in you. Nevertheless, a Chinese proverb states that misfortune only comes in once the door is open. Thus, it is suggested that one should be careful with the front door and should avoid messing with fortune.

When you wish to be looked at as a sophisticated and prudent individual with a feeling of order and both feet on the ground, you need to select a black colored home. Simultaneously, as stated earlier, the front door will reveal a lot about you. If you want to be perceived as a sophisticated and prudent individual with a sense of humility and order, choosing a black entry door is the best.  Additionally, you will get high standards and good fortune that way, the opportunities will accumulate, and your prosperity will bloom. If you are courageous and elegant, you should have a black door in your entryway. Your fate is in your hands!

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