31 Bike Storage Design Ideas

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We need someplace to keep our bikes when we are not using them! If we are not successful in properly keeping them, they can cause chaos, accidents, or even lose our bicycles to theft! Good bike storage will be worth all the effort, and if you are looking for some inspiration, we have 31 bike storage ideas that will surely keep your bikes in order.


Doolittle Design Co.

Everything has its place when using built-in cabinetry for the garage, even the bikes.


Plus Interiors

A fusion wall system creates a perfect vertical storage solution for families on the go.



Live the cyclist lifestyle with this simple, stylish rack without forfeiting wall space.


Rylex Custom Cabinetry

Perfect wall hanging system for the garage that reclaims precious floor space.


Closet Factory

This race-themed garage would inspire anyone to grab a bike and hit the road.


Regan Baker Design Inc.

Acacia wood ledger shelves, usually hold home decor items, are the ideal choice for a bike


Daleet Spector Design

Full of color, this space is bursting with life and in the center of it all is the commuter bike.


Tweak Your Space

Bicycle enthusiast has framed a bike that may or may not has been in the big race.


Garage Design Works

Lacking floor space, then consider hanging your bike from the ceiling.


Treve Johnson Photography

Instead of dropping your bags by the door, this homeowner is hanging their bikes up for the night.

Advantages Of Having A Bike Storage

Our bikes must be safe and secure. However, they must also be easy and quick to use (for the children as well). They need to make as very little dirt and mess as possible. And they should not meddle too much in the other ways we use our spaces. Admittedly, it is hard to balance and get things right in the beginning! So it is worth spending significant time to think about our choices. The wonderful thing is: nowadays, there are lots of storage solutions readily available to us. There’s a dizzying array of bike storage ideas. And do not worry: we will cover them all here. We’ve attempted to concentrate on practical, real-world solutions that you can purchase in the stores or easily DIY.

Having suitable bike storage is crucial when protecting your bike. When you’re dealing with young kids, it will also keep the bike from your living room. When you are looking at garage bike rack, there are many choices out there, and yes, it could be frustrating to take the garage bike storage that is right for you. To begin, we have curated a list of 31 of the most excellent garage bike storage. Not merely is it going to help with ensuring the security of your ride, but it will also extend the sustainability of your bike so that you will not have to stress about replacement or repairs—particularly in case you have just had it for a quick time.

In case you leave your bike outdoors and do not invest in appropriate storage, it can lead to considerable harm to your bike. Not merely will the chain of your bicycle begin to rust, particularly if you reside in a humid, wet region, the parts of your bicycle will also start to degrade. With heat, rubber parts will begin to break down, the colors will fade, and the plastic will become fragile. You will suffer from rust and seized components with colder weather if you are not storing your bike correctly. While it is alright to keep your bicycle out for one day or two, you would not wish to keep it outside for a prolonged period. Storing it in a garage is going to protect your bicycle from damage. With good storage, you will also stay away from inadvertently running into your bicycle and stop it from turning into a safety hazard to the younger kids.


Chris Dyson Architects

Urban entrance with concrete floors fitted with cubbies for the kids’ toys and brackets for the adults.


Walk Interior Architecture

Used as artwork over the desk, the bike can easily be pulled down for a quick ride into town.


Tribe Studio Architects

Who would ever know that a bike was hanging in the living room with this clever pulley system.


The Vawdrey House

Storage or staircase?? Divine intervention created a way for both.

Evaluating Bike Storage Ideas For Your Needs

Because there are various kinds of bike storage, you are certain to have the ability to find one that fits your needs best. Bike storage ideas will keep your bike safe and sound. You will not have to concern yourself with your bike getting stolen when it is safely stored in your storage area. It will also extend the sustainability of your motorcycle. Because your bike is indoors, you are guarding it against all kinds of environmental conditions. Be careful, though, because some bike storage is overpowering. With the amount of bike storage sold today, you might not know how to start or even what you need. You also need to be aware that it can cost more than what you expect. Based on the product, several bike storage types can be reasonably expensive—they are worth the investment if you would like to maintain your bike stored safely, though! 

A number of things you would have to think about when searching for bike rack for garage include precisely where you are likely to set it up, the number of bicycles you wish to slip in the storage space, and if it is not too difficult to install. It is also great to take several measurements and determine how much room you have regarding setting this up. To start, you can have a floor bicycle stand. They are often straightforward to use as all you have to accomplish is wheel your bicycle into the stand. They can also hold several bikes and are lightweight, so you can quickly move it around your storage area. While they are wonderful, floor bike stands can use up a considerable quantity of garage floor room 

Next, there is the gravity bike stand, which is a freestanding bike storage space rack. It takes up less room & will keep as many as two bikes in a tiny area; they are often easy to assemble. Then, you’ve got a bicycle pole. Since these are tension mounted, they are both simple to create and takedown. Additionally, they use little room and are not hard to go around your garage. These are generally the cheapest choice and help to regain garage floor space. They are typically quite small and thus do not take up much area. While they include lots of positives, however, they have to get securely installed for your garage wall, so some installation work is needed. Since the bike will protrude from the structure, it could be irritating.


Dylan James

Trendy entrance way utilizing a large scale pegboard system to uniquely organize wall space.


Nia Morris Studio

A commuters dream, this bike folds up and can be carried or stored in the smallest spaces.


Raini Peters

Hoisted up to the second level, this hallway becomes a bike storage area.


Allweather Landscape

Consider converting a closet in a walk-out basement into a bike storage niche.


Gradient Architecture

No room in the house for the bike? Then a small shed in the yard is the perfect storage area.


Jackson Design

Carriage style doors on the front of the garage make it possible to hang the bikes from the ceiling.

Bike Storage Solutions Worth Considering 

Bike is among the terrific inventions that not only enable you to travel from one spot to another while checking out the surrounding nature; additionally, it keeps you healthy. Cycling may be the effective and simplest exercise type to enhance your lower body while improving cardiovascular health. That is the reason a lot of individuals around the world love to go through two-wheeled bikes. Thus, they wind up either placing their bike in a motorcycle storage shed or even attempting to seek out a few space-storage tools to add the bike to their home. By doing this, they protect their cycle through environmental elements.

But have you realized that keeping it anywhere in your house can hamper the entire look and interior of your abode? Why not search for a location in which your bikes can show up for commute in the early morning and hideaway later in the day when you arrive at your house. One such place is your garage, the area that the bike storage will easily mix with the majority of the inside theme. 

When you search on the web, you will encounter many bike hooks that can conveniently be installed on a wall inside your garage, saving additional room in the area. Carefully drill the wall space and set up the hooks for the bicycle storage. Your bicycle is going to seem like an artwork, dangling on a wall. You may also install it within your home based on your liking and preference. If both you and your partner like to ride bicycles collectively in the early morning or maybe evening, you probably have two bike storage racks in your home. Ceiling-mounted bike storage is an excellent bike storage suggestion for your garage space or particular bike storage shed. Make sure your shed roof is pretty tall and has several provisions of connecting a bike mount on the ceiling.


Monkey Bar Garage Storage

Store a bike flat against the ceiling with ease by using a horizontal bike lift.


Nic Darling

Utilize the space underneath the stairwell by hanging bikes from the stair treads.


City Homes & Lifestyle

A freestanding Red Oak bike rack so pretty that it can be placed anywhere in the house.


Beech Tree Woodworks

Natural light fills this immaculate all-purpose room, which houses the family’s bikes and more.


Brown + Davis Design

A garage that was converted into an extra living space still had room for the bike.


Jen Chu Design

Mudroom in the Real World Portland house left an area on the wall to hang bicycles.


Ira Frazin Architect

Loft living in NYC sometimes means you hang your bikes up in the bedroom.



Sheds come in all shapes and sizes but are well equipped to hold the family bikes.


Protégée Design Company

Indoor vertical bike rack is so versatile if it can be installed anywhere.



Taking advantage of the support columns from the deck, this homeowner fenced in a bike area.

Other Clever Bike Storage Ideas 

Do you want to combine your study table with a practical bicycle storage rack? In that case, you might think about the table rack motorcycle storage. It possesses a typical study table with a bicycle underneath for cycling while finishing your work. Meanwhile, your bicycle is going to get creative bike storage inside your bedroom. You may also consider a vertical bike rack within your garage or maybe a bike storage shed if you occasionally love to work from there. Also, a minimalist yet brilliant bike storage plan is a timber bike hook. You can get it installed within your house, garage, or motorcycle storage shed for conveniently dangling your bicycle in a wall. This unique concept is decorative and practical at the very same time. It includes various compartments for keeping your bikes. It can possibly be fitted in a garage to save a lot of room.

Next, we have the Kappo. It may appear absurd in the beginning; but it allows a lot of choices for creativity. This rack may be created of wood and shaped like a number 9 outline. It may be placed on a wall and includes a storage room for keeping your gloves, helmet, and other bicycle accessories. The hooked part of the Kappo enables you to hand your bicycle on it. It is going to be an excellent bike storage alternative in your storage area, home, or bicycle storage shed. On the hooked part of the Kappo, you can hang the frame of your respective bike. This will be an excellent bike hanger. 

When you do not want anything fancy for bike storage and also would like to be a place off the garage floors, it is better to choose heavy-duty bicycle hooks. They’re inexpensive, simple to install, and handy to use. The most considerable advantage is it saves a great deal of room in your garage. When there is no area inside your garage for bikes, you can think of producing a DIY bicycle storage shed. According to your preference, you can go for an even bigger shed to storage more bicycles. You can also keep all your bike accessories and tools needed for maintenance and repairs of your well-loved bicycles. By doing this, you can make your bicycle storage shed look a part of your yard.

For established bikers, bicycles are their top priority. Moreover, proper storage and safety of the bike are significant at the very same time. When you search for space-saving methods to keep your bicycle, you can pick any of the specified bike storage suggestions or garage wall ideas to keep your bike inside a protected site without disturbing the majority of the home.

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