White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas
Featured Image: Legacy Builders of North FL

Have you been searching for modern white-colored farmhouse exterior ideas? You have come to the right spot! Check out these ideas and images to find out how beautiful and alluring white modern farmhouse exteriors genuinely are!


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Do you want a good house exterior design that simultaneously looks bright and inspirational? A black and white exterior with wood accents perfectly defines a modern farmhouse. This is such a good design by Pike Properties.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

This white contemporary farmhouse exterior house design is excellent and gorgeous. A stylish white farmhouse with metal railings and windows with black frames. That design by Larsen Development Company is excellent.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

This is a fantastic design for somebody who enjoys their farmhouse cozy and understated! This farmhouse has a warm and tranquil atmosphere, even with its little porch—what an amazing design by Clopay.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everything looks great in this farmhouse design with a rustic and beige motif. This contemporary farmhouse has a distinctive and energizing appearance thanks to a little form mismatch. The materials are quite attractive and intricate. Good job, Ecraft, on the exterior farmhouse design.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

You may still have a lovely and comfortable home like this, even if you are on a tight budget and have limited space. A charming porch and calming atmosphere may be found in this tiny white country home. This Richardson Pribuss Architects design is a little white farmhouse.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

This Kessler Construction LLC farmhouse exterior design is ideal if you want a home that seems uncomplicated and spotless simultaneously. The goal of this white farmhouse was to achieve the perfect harmony between history and sleek, contemporary design.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone would concur that this is a great lakehouse exterior farmhouse design that simultaneously appears new and easy. For a seamless design, think about using a white front entry door. This excellent lakefront farmhouse was created by Sustainable Nine Design + Build.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

This is the perfect white and black farmhouse design that seems both easy and lovely. A contemporary farmhouse’s façade in black and white never gets old. The façade of this farmhouse by M House Development is excellent.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

This enormous farmhouse style appears both lovely and cozy at the same time. It even has a sizable porch. Adding a stylish fixture to your patio creates the ideal atmosphere to come home to each day. Biringer Builders, Inc.’s design is excellent.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

This is such a lovely farmhouse style that both appears elegant and cozy. This luxurious contemporary farmhouse looks magnificent, even down to the gorgeous fences and external lighting fixtures. Excellent work, Robare Custom Homes.


Advantages Of A White Modern Farmhouse

Let us begin with the home’s exterior elements, which can’t just lend themselves to this smooth, classic style but give your house fantastic curb appeal. You have likely seen modern white farmhouses numerous times but have not recognized that this common exterior element is considered a style. You will find a lot of different choices that homeowners have associated with their exterior area. Nevertheless, the concept has an all-white exterior to supply a shiny and clean effect. If you are afraid the white color will create light and constant development, adding another color is a great plan. And also, the white modern farmhouse exterior is visually attractive in a relaxing sense. 

It is difficult to look past a house with a gorgeous all-white facade. Besides appearing sharp and clean, a layer of white paint could also come up with a small home to appear larger and keep the internal heat down—perfect for warm summers. While rustic-chic furnishings and shiplap recognize modern farmhouse interiors, it is the exteriors in which the designer can extend their wings and make a home that stands out. The style of a modern farmhouse outside has taken over in recognition. With the number of methods to do this look, whether it’s for a small white farmhouse, there is no question why this design will continue to rise.

Even though there are several key traits, there are not many limitations on your taste. While white and black are the standard base exterior colors a residence may gain from a modern-day facelift with contemporary materials and features. White modern farmhouse design is a fashionable look that has been increasingly growing in recognition for the past years. It is safe to state that the design community is obsessed with it. And it is reasonable why a lot of folks like this look. While this particular design is a tad more dramatic than your normal rustic or traditional farmhouse look, it also seems to be effortlessly livable.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone would concur that this is such a great design that simultaneously appears inviting and natural. This contemporary white farmhouse has a dynamic and colorful atmosphere thanks to the yellow entrance. Winsome Construction did a great job with the farmhouse design.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone will agree that this is such a good farmhouse exterior design that simultaneously looks so inviting and homey. A black and white small modern farmhouse with a carriage-style garage. This is such a good farmhouse design by Clopay.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone would concur that the outside of this farmhouse, which resembles an anime film, is excellent. This contemporary farmhouse has a gray shingle roof, a white-coated brick facade, and a cheddar pillar—a wonderful design by 1907 Homes.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

This exterior design of the modern farmhouse is so organic and appealing on both a beautiful and cozy level. A simple yet endearing white farmhouse design. Such a straightforward and peaceful farmhouse layout by REFINED LLC.

What Exactly Is A White Modern Farmhouse Style?

It is a blend of modern design components with a comfortable, calm farmhouse aesthetic with white paint exterior color. Generally, classic farmhouse design takes ideas from the appearance of a real farmhouse or barn and has comfortable, decorative elements throughout. When you think of a farmhouse, your mind may conjure up pictures of a red brick barn. But that could not be farther from the truth with regards to modern farmhouse style. A cohesive and neutral color palette like white paint exterior helps maintain modern farmhouse design from feeling overly eclectic. Adding a variety of white tones throughout your space creates contrast and warmth, but keeping all the same color family styles grounds the look.

So what makes a white farmhouse modern? This was the question many people are asking. Some people have different views on this, though some think a farmhouse needs a couple of essential qualities to have that contemporary look. Not all these characteristics are necessary, but it is important to find the right blend—not too “farmy” and not ultra-modern. So the first thing you should include in your farmhouse is clean lines. Most farmhouses are desirable when painted in white with simple lines; it will bring a warm and refreshing look to your exterior.

On a typical white home, you need something to pop. And dark windows have been such a great concept to use in your farmhouse to add a little modern look. They have been the best combo of affordability and quality.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone will concur that this is such a cozy and welcoming design that is so straightforward but cozy. This contemporary white farmhouse has a light, airy appearance thanks to the blue metal roof. This design by Montgomery Custom Homes is excellent.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Do you desire a typical farmhouse outside style that is appealing at all times of the day? One bold color change may have a striking effect. Everyone will love this farmhouse exterior design by Siding Express (Maintenance Free Siding).


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone will undoubtedly concur that this is such an attractive and cheery house design that is both calming and refreshing. A charming and warm farmhouse with a striking front entrance. What a wonderful creation by Bardwell Homes.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone would concur that this exterior design for a farmhouse is so personal and warm that it will simultaneously make you feel at home and comfortable. Atlanta’s warm and opulent contemporary white farmhouse. This design by Homeworks of Alabama, Inc. is amazing.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Want a white farmhouse with a barn-style façade that is both straightforward and welcoming? This farmhouse features a variety of contemporary fixtures that work well together. This is a beautiful farmhouse designed by interiorstyle.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone would concur that the outside of this farmhouse appears to be taken straight out of a movie. With the appearance of this farmhouse, it looks as though the atmosphere will transport you to the past. SALA Architects came up with such a lovely, vintage-inspired design.

What Makes White Modern Farmhouse Exterior Unique

When you have the opportunity to develop and create your very own custom house, every detail is created to match your style and needs. For many homeowners, a contemporary farmhouse is a style they need within their customized house. Therefore, both the outside and the inside of their home look more appealing and unique. In case you prefer to stay with a traditional palette, choose an all-white exterior. The home’s color moves seamlessly when combined with the same color trim. When you want a way to put in a contrasting element, think about a dark-colored front door.

White modern farmhouse blends a cozy, rustic farmhouse visual with the fresh, smooth lines to contemporary design. The effect is an exclusively modernized take on fresh and simple country living. This unique blend of farmhouse style and fashion results in a comfortable atmosphere with an easy look and feel with a contemporary twist. Natural materials and textures mixed with glossy accents and smooth lines are common with contemporary farmhouses. Neutrals may be the shades of choice, but there’s always space for bold and bright hues.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Want a typical farmhouse exterior design that is both beautiful and organic simultaneously? Everyone will agree that this is such a good exterior design by MW-LIGHT., a distinctive and fascinating farmhouse with a gable roof near Moscow.


White Modern Farmhouse Exterior House Design Ideas

Everyone would concur that this is such a great farmhouse exterior design that simultaneously seems vast and natural—a contemporary white luxury farmhouse with a neat, cozy appearance and a welcoming spirit. A fantastic design was shot by Tommy Daspit Photographer.

Tips To Consider To Achieve a Classic White Modern Farmhouse Exterior Design

Getting the modern farmhouse look inside your customized house is one thing. Getting the best look on the exterior of your custom house is another thing entirely. Here are a few modern farmhouses exterior design ideas to assist you in obtaining this special appearance from the ground up:

A combination of fresh white color with a rustic texture. A modern farmhouse is all about designing a charming farmhouse with a modern twist, and you can have that look on the exterior by pairing a rustic texture with white paint color.

Combine Black, White, and Natural Wood. Black and white combinations can provide anything like a classic, stylish, and fashionable look. You can include natural wood with your exterior with black, white and help produce a modern farmhouse aesthetic. One of the more well-liked combinations is white-colored siding with dim trim. White windows with dark shutters are another popular aspect of a modern farmhouse exterior. Conversely, dark windows with white trim are another trendy combination. Warm-colored or light-colored stone or bricks painted white combined with siding is very popular as modern farmhouse exterior layout will continue to evolve.

Use Industrial-Inspired Outdoor Light Fixtures. Your outside lighting options may not be the most significant component of your home’s exterior design. Nevertheless, they can continue to help the overall feel and look and help you develop the visual you need.

Choose Carriage House Garage Doors. Whether they are in stark white with white handles and accents, in all-natural wood color, or anything else, carriage house garage doors can add a modern farmhouse component to customize your home’s exterior. And, this kind of garage door is available in a multitude of designs and styles. Thus, you are sure to search for the perfect fit to finish your modern farmhouse.

Go for a Gable Roof. It is now a classic component of modern farmhouse exteriors. Together, a gable with sleek siding can offset and contrast a contemporary farmhouse exterior that focuses much more on natural materials because of the vast majority of its siding.

Enhance a Wrap-Around Porch. There are many wrap-around porch styles, and it is a classic exterior design element of a farmhouse. But with a little touch of the contemporary piece, it can look more modern farmhouse design than industrial.

Consider a Cobblestone Driveway or Walkway. A modern white farmhouse with a cobblestone driveway or walkway adds structure to produce a unique and fascinating visual. And, with stamped concrete and fabricated components, you can get a cobblestone look on your driveway or a walkway that’s both durable and low maintenance.

Color Pairings That Go Well With White

It is a design style that all of us love, and it’ll probably stick around for decades to come. As you think about exterior house ideas that will embrace country inspired appearance, we suggest considering farmhouse exterior colors. These hues usually end up within the primary category, usually pairing white with another timeless shade.

So get out those paint brushes, paint clothes, and ladders—it is time to add a little touch of contrasting shade to your white farmhouse.

Light Blue and White –  Farmhouse exterior colors that can feel somewhat airy.

White and Navy – Let us say you want a darker color on your house, but you are partial to black. Instead, we suggest a rich cover from the sun with a touch of a tiny navy color to finish the appearance of your farmhouse exterior.

White and Pink – A beautiful rosy shade reminiscent of cotton candy, and pair it with a classic white.

Black and White Farmhouse – When you are looking at a farmhouse outside colors, we eventually adore white and black. White is timeless, while black provides fashionable visuals.

White Paint Colors For That Perfect Modern Farmhouse

In case you know something about white paint, they are not all the same. With the rising popularity of white farmhouses, the quantity of options is now frustrating, and it is not possible to tell what something truly is like from a swatch. Here are some white colors that best for your house.

Simple White – It is cheery and warm, with a slight yellow undertone.

China White – is a pretty good pure white, yet has a more substantial, richer appearance, and it provides a soft, bright white to your exterior home.

Chantilly Lace – Chantilly Lace is the brightest, right white option. It is clean and fresh and just slightly leans towards a unique tone. Ideal if you like a crisp, stark look!

White Dove – Creamy and soft, White Dove has a hint of gray, but remains warm and bright. And, it closely fits in Sherwin Williams’s version.

Pure White – It will provide a refined look that is clean and looks dreamy in soft light.

AlabasterThis color has a lot of warmth, making it very soft, but does not cross over into the light.

Oyster White – Oyster white is likely the darkest one on this list. It is a creamy greige with more warmth than the majority of the others.

Snowbound – It is somewhat of a grayer tint that assists it to remain calm and crisp without being overly stark. It plays in the sunshine, and how thoroughly it contrasts against dim metal windows.

The white country house will never go out of style. It is pristine, classy, calming, clean, crisp, and multipurpose. Houses with a white exterior won’t ever go out of style and do not rub the danger of fading over many years of exposure to the sun. White works beautifully with other colors, which makes them pop out a lot more. If you would like your home to be larger, a layer of white color on your farmhouse exterior will do the visual trick.

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