Top Paint Color Trends
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This tone of gray is able to set the calming mood for the bathroom.

As anyone with home remodeling experience may know, the design and rebuilding industry is ever changing. New tastes and trends evolve rapidly and are often reinvigorated from the fashion ideas of decades past. No matter what the inspiration is, it’s clear that each new year brings with it a breath of fresh air, along with a palette of bold new paint colors.

People are always looking for new ideas for home office paint colors, or even for the best hallway paint colors. If you’re redesigning one single room or the entire house, you will always find a color that makes the whole scene come together in a beautiful new way.

According to the experts, 2023 will be a Star year for some very specific paint colors. Whether you’re the type of person to jump on the wagon of new trends, or you want to take some time to sit back and analyze how these new colors will work best for your aesthetic plans, be sure to take a look at this informative list for ideas that will set those plans into motion.

Trend #1. Very Peri

Top Paint Color Trends

A happy and warm color that will chase your blues away.

Pantone’s official color for 2023 is Very Peri. Pantone has selected a lively periwinkle blue shade with a vivifying violet red undertone as the Color of the Year for 2023.

According to Pantone, this happiest and warmest of all blue hues delivers an empowering mix of newness by merging the fidelity and constancy of blue with the vitality and excitement of red.

Unusual occasions call for atypical options.

When you are preparing a decor upgrade for your house, it is a great time to consider including this color in your living room’s present palette.

Trend #2. Ultimate Gray

Top Paint Color Trends
SGDI – Sarah Gallop Design Inc.

Set the mood in your bathroom by choosing a gray that blends with your personality.

If you’re looking for something a little calmer than reefy coral, you’re in luck. Another highlighted favorite for this new year is Ultimate Gray, a sophisticated gray-white mix for more subtle accents.

There’s something about this color that we cannot stop looking at. While at first glance it may seem like nothing special, it actually carries a surprising amount of depth and coolness. The perfect color to accent your dark or reddish wood floors and cabinets. You can even use it in a few accents and decorations to prove that there’s more than one way to do grayscale. Monochrome is a surprisingly colorful palette!

Trend #3. Mighty Mushroom

Top Paint Color Trends
Specht Architects

The darker shade of gray is perfect for the large windows as light comes in.

Top Paint Color Trends
Laura Hammett Ltd

The artwork provides a great contrast in this gray room.

While “Mushroom” may not seem like the most appealing name, it can provide quite an appealing accent for your home office paint colors. A grayish-beige is what will meet the eyes as soon as you gaze upon this interesting piece of color on your palette.

Mushroom is considered a trendy color due to its dark yet muted tones. It’s not as rich as a pure brown, allowing you more flexibility to accommodate your interior decorating style. If you’re a fan of browns and earth tones, you will have a lot to play around with when it comes to your Mushroom hues.

Trend #4. Dark Green Draws Us In

Top Paint Color Trends
Decorating Den Interiors

Bring nature in with this shade of green.

Not all color trends are new. Instead, designers take inspiration from the past to serve a new purpose and function in the future. The 1990s saw a rise in a popular Hunter Green color. Now, the late 2010s will start us off with its new evolution: Dark Green.

Dark tones combine with a rich green color for something that is bold yet simultaneously subtle. You don’t need a lot of it to make a big difference in your home. It can be splashed on an accent wall or even just used in the bathroom to make a key difference. This is what makes Dark Green one of the most popular 2023 paint trends this year.

Trend #5. Get with Gray

Top Paint Color Trends
Wendt Design Group

Gray and black combo wins for a sophisticated touch.

There are countless shades of gray, making this color a permanent object of style. This natural color is a thing of beauty when it comes to retaining earth tones while adding a surprising amount of character.

Specifically, Tinted Gray is the color of the year for gray paint enthusiasts. 2023 will greet you with this muted color that will offer a variation of the same old gray you’ll see anywhere.

Gray has always been a wildly popular paint color in its many iterations. Try something new that hails to the old with Tinted Gray this season.

Trend #6. What’s Cavern Clay?

Top Paint Color Trends
Sherwin Williams

This charming kitchen is brought to you by warm and calming combination of colors.

Something a little different for this new year, Cavern Clay invites all who like bold and dark to come out to play. This adventurous new color might remind you of some of the styles and color choices of the mid-century modern era. Back in the 60s, home designers were huge fans of solid and strong colors. But what if the 60s meets the American desert?

That’s where Cavern Clay comes in. Something a little different for those willing to get their feet wet. Great for an accent wall in the hallway or the bedroom. Remember, you can always start small and learn as you grow. That’s the beauty of paint – there’s no such thing as a mistake!

Trend #7. The Blueprint Blues

Top Paint Color Trends

The mix of light and darker blue was able to provide depth to the room.

An emerging favorite picked by Behr, this is a slightly warm blue color that can really change the entire mood of the home. While some blue hues are seen as somber and uninviting, blueprint is just deep enough to draw in guests and family members alike.

It’s often described as a little lighter than navy, and softer than a denim palette. It’s surprisingly warm for a blue tone, and it can really shift the purpose and function of a room.

A great fact about the color blue is that it’s built to last. Once you paint your house blue, you know it will never go out of style. And the experts predict that blueprint will surely be one to rise to the top and stay there for quite some time.

Trend #8. Time-Old Terracotta

Top Paint Color Trends

Who will not fall in love with this lovely shade?

On the subject of earth tones, terracotta has been chosen as one of the best accent wall colors ideas for the upcoming new year. 2023 is seemingly in love with deep natural tones, and terracotta certainly makes the cut.

It’s rustic, it’s warm, it certainly contains a lot of history – there’s so much about terracotta to be enjoyed. From accents and accessories to new office paint ideas, terracotta is one of the most versatile paint colors on this list today. And we are excited to see what direction this unique color will go in.

Trend #9. Now the Night Watch

Top Paint Color Trends
DULUX Paints

The accent wall of green and white brings texture to the space.

An interesting name for a color, Night Watch describes a dark, intimate, rich green. It’s very dark, and reflects a mood of lavishness and poise. When asked to describe this color in a single word, many experts answered: “impactful”.

Impactful is certainly the word to describe this phenomenal new trend. Night Watch may not be the first color you’d consider choosing as part of your home remodeling plans, but the more you look at it, the more you may be able to find room in your home to try out this bold and invigorating color.

Many homeowners liken it to the feeling of being in a dense forest, or in a deep secret meeting hosting important dignitaries. If you want your home to make a statement, then this type of eccentric color is certainly the direction to steer towards.

Trend #10. Perfect Pastels

Top Paint Color Trends
ByHelen Design

The warm shade draws you in and screams “relaxation.”

The list finishes on a sweet and certainly important note: muted pastels. While these colors may remind you of butterflies in the springtime, it is not a palette to be underestimated. In fact, pastels are some of the most popular paint trends around, not just in 2023.

Want the perfect hallway accent idea? Why not go for something subtle with a very light pink, blue, or yellow? Pastels describe a free-spirited aesthetic, with a preference for all things light and refreshing.

Pastels can give the home an aura of cuteness, or can just help you preach your extreme love of color. Either way, we are definitely adding pastels to the list as one of the biggest trends to look forward towards in 2023.

Trend #11. Nurturing Neutrals

Emily Hagopian

The touch of green is a nice accent to this modern room.

Rich blues, ripe olives, bright greens that have a sense of calming simplicity. These colors are considered neutrals by nature. These colors bring the sense of nature with it’s natural hues of blues and greens inside your space. This is a trend that will be here to stay for a long time. People are adding life back into their spaces and beautiful natural colors. If you are thinking about grey walls I would think again.

Trend #12. East Meets West

Both styles have entwined in the most appealing way possible. Mixing simple style with the elegance of others creates a look that appeals to both worlds.  With softly muted neutrals that glide from warm to cool. The minimalist and calmness creates a modern simple spa-like appeal.

Trend #13. Earth’s Seasons

Dynamic Architectural Windows & Doors

The floor-to-ceiling windows add balance to the dark furniture.

Such welcoming and soothing colors. This palette beckons to those that are seeking a calm and serene oasis. These are very similar to the neutrals found in nature but in a more muted and calming effect. Instead of all shades of nature this focuses only on the subtle and soft palettes of mother nature. With the soft colors of the sand, forest and sky. A reminder of the beauty all around us.

Want More Paint Trends and Ideas?

If you are like us, then you just can’t get enough of this fascinating list of new paint trends and options. Perhaps you didn’t see your favorite color or hue on this list, and you’d like to know how it stacks up against these others which have climbed the ladder of rankings.

Whether you are the trendy type, or you just want to stick with what you know and love, 2023 is going to turn out to be an exciting year for all homeowners and remodelers. With people emboldening themselves to try out new rich, solid, and earth-inspired colors, there’s no doubt that homes will contain more color now than ever.

At Sebring Design Build, we have a lot to look forward to for 2023. From celebrating the new year in style, to adding a splash of color to a shady office or bedroom, there’s a lot to be done as soon as possible. For more ideas about paint trends and other home remodeling tips, you can check out our Free Ebook: Remodeling 101. In it, you’ll find a wealth of information to help you determine what the next steps are in your remodeling planning process.