Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas
Featured Image: Ana Williamson Architect

The modern farmhouse wrap around porch design is an incredible thing you need to have once you experience how comfortable it is. The concept essentially is creating an outdoor area close to the entry, which is going to be ready to replace your living room whenever the weather conditions outside are pleasant, or even when they’re less than perfect in case you go for a screened porch. Several new homes are lacking a porch, and we like to say to you that not having a porch is a mistake you will regret soon after.

Check out these 17 modern farmhouse wrap around porch ideas and enjoy warm afternoons with a cup of tea or coffee on your very own porch.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

A beachside residence in this modern farmhouse style is a surefire hit with any audience. Porches add to the home’s historic appeal. White walls, simple furnishings, and plants will create a welcoming space. Blake Shaw Homes outdid themselves with this layout.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Do you long for a modern farmhouse that’s attractive and functional for quiet moments of reading? Taking a seat on this rustic front porch of a home is like stepping back in time and relaxing with a good book. This is another wonderful creation from Garrison Foundry.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Everyone will agree that your time spent on this ultra-contemporary take on the classic farmhouse porch will be a bright and refreshing one. Enjoy the fresh air and morning coffee on this charming front porch. Amazing, right? That’s because Noble Classic Homes came up with it.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Do you wish that your farm home had a porch that was both cheerful and distinctive? You may unwind here on the back porch on a warm night or a beautiful afternoon. Using a design by Andre Rothblatt Architecture, everything looks lovely.


Modern Farmhouse For Your Porch 

We wish to showcase you a creative collection of exterior designs where we have featured 17 modern farmhouse wrap around porch ideas that will make you drool. They’re beautiful, you simply need to take a look at them, and you will wish to take a seat with your legs on the table while experiencing the outdoors. The farmhouse porch brings a lot of comfort to the exterior.

It is not hard to feel right in your own home in a modern farmhouse style, wherever you live. The blend of homey antiques and light wood with fresh paint colors, simple lines, and industrial lighting features hits it perfect for developing an inviting home.

In order to embrace modern farmhouse style against your entryway or porch, include elements from this popular style when selecting building materials, lighting, furniture, other accent pieces, and planters. For ideas, check out the following major components of modern farmhouse style from prefab porches across the nation.

First, you may take advantage of a standing-seam metal roof, which is a mainstay for barn style house plans with wrap around porch. A sturdy material commonly employed for the roofs of barns, sheds, and countryside outbuildings, metal has proven itself in home design as a useful roofing material. It is an excellent option in case you are adding a porch and wish to set more of modern farmhouse design, as it really works effectively in conjunction with existing wood or maybe composite shingles you might have on your home’s roof already.

Next, traditional wooden furniture will make you feel cozy in your house with wrap around porch. Whether you hunt down an antique or even select brand new chairs manufactured in a traditional design, look for easy, clean-lined furnishings made of wood, possibly painted or unpainted. Rocking chairs really are a farmhouse porch staple, as well as strong, shaker-style chairs.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Do you want your front yard to look nice and tidy? You may relax easily in this one. A comfortable rocker on this lovely porch is perfect for cuddling up with your special someone. Kensington Smith Design, LLC stepped it up with their porch design.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Do you want a farmhouse style for your home that is both elegant and simple? Absolutely everyone would feel welcome in this one. Beautiful farmhouse furnishings fill this Chicago porch. M House Development has done a fantastic job with this blueprint.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Do you want the experience of being in a luxurious country house? You’ve probably seen this one before because it’s a staple in many old films. This rustic front porch has brick walls, a wooden ceiling, and vintage lighting. J Marhofer Custom Homes has created a stunning design.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Having fun is guaranteed in this rustic setting. It looks like you’re enjoying a relaxing getaway in a rural region. This vineyard home features a patio, perfect for lounging during the day—amazing vineyard estate design by Jodi Fleming Design.

Advantages Of A Wrap Around Porch

Wrap-around porch house plans feature porches that “wrap around” the home, most often on two sides or all around the house. Their popularity is very easy to understand. Frequently connected with Caribbean or Southern house plans wrap around porch, these big, spacious home additions present an attractive place to loosen up, socialize, put feet up, and entertain. Moreover, when they are built properly, with design and performance in mind, they include an air of elegance and tradition to any house.

Why opt for house plans with wrap around porches? Because you will have much more porch to enjoy. This particular answer might seem too simple, but considering both tradition and evolution of the American porch during the last 100 years, it is apparent the reason these porches are among the most widely used porch designs being created now.

The porch began its run in American structure like a personal spot. This is a location to sit down in your rocker, wave at passersby, then drink cold tea or lemonade with friends and loved ones. That is why the porch’s original location was at the front side of the home. For better or worse, nonetheless, sometime in the mid-twentieth century, America’s porch priorities shifted from neighborhood to security. Hence, the porch began its long journey to less conspicuous areas, mostly the backyard where an individual might put up their legs, drink a cup of coffee and flip through a great book without being inconvenienced.

Today’s homeowners would like the very best of both worlds: a porch that provides the promise of both privacy and neighborhood. Farmhouse with wrap around porch exactly fits the bill.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

We can all agree that this rustic farmhouse porch is ideal for hosting a few casual friends. The farmhouse has the most beautiful and delicate patio I’ve ever seen. Historical Concepts created this cheery and peaceful porch design.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

This porch farmhouse style is well admired for its timeless elegance. This place is designed to make you feel at home. It’s easy to kick back and unwind in the rocking seats—a great building plan by SK7 Architecture.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Have you always had a thing for white? Why don’t you use that as your farmhouse’s unifying color? Embrace the rustic charm of a farmhouse right here on your white porch. This SDG Architecture porch farmhouse is a shining example of cleanliness and light.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

That’s a lovely porch for a farmhouse; it exudes comfort and hospitality. Many will appreciate its rustic but cozy appearance—a beautiful patio with brown and green furnishings and a rug with intricate patterns. LL&A Interior Design did a great job on this.


Planning Your Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch

One more reason these porches are well received by homeowners is they are cozy at any time of the day. Nearly all porch owners look at the porch as being an area to enjoy the sunshine and enjoy a little downtime in the shade. A back or front porch, based on the path it faces, usually sits in sunlight for a sizable amount of the day. With homes with wrap-around porches, that’s not the situation. All you’ve to accomplish is pick up shop, stroll nearby, and make yourself cozy once again effortlessly. Should you opt for a complete wrap-around design instead of two sides of the home, you will also get the added benefit of having the ability to enjoy two other top considerations for usual porch sitters: the sunrise, as well as the sunset.

When you have covered porch plans, there are many things you wish to take into consideration to make sure it is going to be the best porch for your house. The foremost is where you can put it. In case your porch extends all the way around your house, this is not a problem. However, if you opt for a two-sided design, you will want to take into consideration things like views, privacy, and sunsets before you build.

Be sure you have plenty of space to have your porch. You will want your porch being a minimum of six feet deep in case you would like to be comfy in your rocker, and also in case you intend to establish a table and chairs for breakfasts or maybe quiet evening meals you will wish to go much larger, a minimum of eight to ten feet wide.

Building Your Perfect Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch 

After you have settled upon size and location, the remaining is all up to your individual taste. Painting your porch an attractive color is able to make a pleasant disposition and can guard it against the components. There is an entire slew of porch specific building items like specialty milled posts, railings, columns, and balustrades, which will bring attractiveness and character to the design.

Furthermore, consider including several extras to make your porch more attractive. Install electric outlets for laptops and speakers, lighting for summer nights, as well as ceiling fans to make your porch satisfying even on the hottest of days. And do not overlook the hammock. No cozy porch is finished without it. 

Since you will find numerous items to consider when creating and designing these components, it is essential to get in contact with a seasoned contractor that will help you plan and build your brand new porch. They are going to be ready to suggest picking a design and what materials to utilize. Also, their knowledge and building expertise will assure that your brand new porch is made correctly, which means you are able to easily enjoy it for decades to come.

How To Decorate A Farmhouse Porch

To pass the afternoon on a comfy farmhouse porch is among life’s little pleasures. A modern farmhouse porch in an open space that faces the street is visually inviting friends in for a talk. 

The design community has long held a unique spot for rustic decoration, and for a valid reason. Unpretentious and also timelessly attractive, the rustic sensibility draws from antiquated eras to merge old-world elegance with contemporary subtlety. Unfinished wood, repurposed household products, and even a general natural attitude all mirror the quintessential farmhouse style. 

From planters to rockers to warm, welcoming signs, these modern stilt house plans and decor ideas are sure to delight both residents and visitors all year round. Timeless, unpretentious, elegant, contemporary, and chic are several ways to explain modern farmhouse decor. Modern farmhouse decor appears to make every area of a house feel cozy, which includes your porch. Why don’t you offer your porch an inviting effect with the addition of modern farmhouse decor? The idea is bringing some country chic to the first steps of your respective residence. In this post, we provide ways to be able to do just that. 

Nothing screams farmhouse like wooden products. Adding a wooden sign to the porch space for that farmhouse appeal is simple and easy but is going to get the job done. We suggest going the DIY route with this particular task because it is going to provide that all-natural farmhouse appeal you would like. Just grab a portion of wood big enough to create a statement and create a welcoming sign in a brilliant hue. This is perfect for country house plans with wrap around porch.

Other Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

  1. Choose contrast.

Board and batten (a wall treatment consisting of regularly spaced, vertically applied thin wood planks) is a timeless farmhouse element that adds dimension and character to both interior and outdoor walls. You can use this approach on white walls with plenty of black accessories to create a high-contrast porch. Layered doormats are a warm and inviting feature that adds subtle color and texture.

  1. Purchase classic rocking chairs.

A rocking chair, or four, can be the ultimate farmhouse porch must-have for lazy afternoons sipping lemonade. Also, a handful of white rockers can anchor a simple outdoor retreat. Complete the image with black shutters, a hanging lantern, and a variety of smartly arranged fall decor elements.

  1. Utilize traditional components.

Put your own spin on farmhouse porch decor by selecting one-of-a-kind items and colors: A pair of dreamy bluish-gray double entrance doors, old wood shutters flanking the neighboring French doors, and hanging lanterns provide an unexpected dose of charm to a large porch.

  1. Increase the number of swings.

Hanging porch swings increase seating and increase your home’s curb appeal for the ultimate farmhouse porch. You can hang a set of similar swings from rope to create a subtle nautical vibe and symmetry to beach or lakeside residences. Buffalo plaid cushions are a country living mainstay that adds a trendy and warm feel to outdoor space.

  1. Choose rustic farmhouse porch decor.

When it comes to modern farmhouse style, it is a good idea. You can embrace timeless themes like gray siding with contrasting shutters, lantern-style wall sconces, and black furnishings. A well-worn wood floor hints at your home’s rich history while also adding a lot of warmth.

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Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

Are you looking for a porch farmhouse design that is both classic and creative in appearance? It looks so good, and you may assume it was done by hand. The beautiful vegetation around your Craftsman home will make you feel at one with nature—what a great Wolde Flooring LLC porch farmhouse design.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

This porch farmhouse style manages to seem both classic and modern at the same time. We’d love to spend the day relaxing on the farmhouse-style front porch. This design by Watson Architects has a beautiful, organic feel.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

In Minneapolis, there is a contemporary farmhouse that has been painted a brilliant white and has a stunning green lawn. The farmhouse’s front porch might not be as roomy and broad as some might hope, but it still looks stylish and up-to-date. Design Creatif produced this incredible design.


Modern Farmhouse Wrap Around Porch Ideas

We can all agree that the farmhouse porch design is charming and that the former color scheme was breathtaking. This weathered outdoor setting is perfect for recreating that laid-back farmhouse vibe. Thompson Naylor Architects developed this rancho-style front porch for a farmhouse.