White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Featured Image: Develop Architects LLC

If you want an inexpensive option to give your house a new look, try painting it white. The general opinion is that a white-colored brick wall looks considerably better than a red one. Check out these white brick house design ideas, take that brush, and start painting your brick wall white.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

This white-painted brick house design appears to be both plain and straightforward. This one seems so organized and clean that it appears revitalizing. Your white brick walls should be paired with lovely glass windows: excellent work, Hyrum McKay Bates Design, Inc.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Want to own a beautiful, cozy white brick home that is inviting and bright? Particularly with a residence in a transitional style like this one, white brick structures offer an appealing appearance. This home was beautifully designed by C3 Studio, LLC.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

How would you want to live in a contemporary, minimalist castle that seems timeless and grand? If you paint the brick white, your home’s exterior will appear clean and modern. SLC Architect LLC has created a stunning structure.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Want to have a simple yet traditional white house design? This one looks very homely and welcoming at the same time. The white brick wall and window trim look clean and fresh and add style to this house—good work by Jackie James LLC.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Want a typical-sized white house with a luminous and lovely style? A white brick exterior and a gray shingled roof give a home a bright and appealing appearance. What a beautiful white house BwCollier Interior Design, BwC Studio created.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Would you like to live in a white brick house that both appears lovely and old? This amazing home has a traditional brick wall painted in white smears—a well-designed three-dimensional home by Noble Johnson Architects.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

This welcoming, bright residence will astonish everyone. They will all concur that Bedrock Homes’ design for this home exudes a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The white brick wall contrasts with the house’s other exterior hues.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

All you can do in this exquisite white home is stare in awe. Everything in this beautiful white home with bricks appears so lovely and costly. This home’s an amazing combination of modern and classic design. Sabatier Architecture, LLC, created such an excellent and beautiful design.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Everyone will concur that this transitional white house’s design seems cozy and welcoming. This transitional exterior is attractive because of the brick wall’s white paint. Wow, SHM Architects created a beautiful transitional white home.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Such a sleek and organic white house design, all at once! Anyone will like Bedrock Homes’ crisp and aesthetically pleasing white house design. The large windows with black frames and the brick wall give this house a stylish appearance.

Advantages Of White Bricks

A white brick home is a fantasy—a classic that makes sure your house won’t ever go of style. Over the years, white houses have grown to be a popular design trend. If you have a traditional brick home that seems somewhat out of date, then think about painting the bricks white. If you’re constructing a new house or remodeling, think about using white painted brick. In either case, a white brick home is an excellent choice. The general opinion of countless home buyers is that a white-colored brick wall looks better than a red one. Designers have been painting red brick inside the house white for years, so it is not surprising the trend has moved towards the outside.

Brick is classic siding material that, when paired with cream, creates the most popular home style choices, and you can have fantastic results. White bricks offer a clean and natural look for your home. Some bricks are entirely white, while others have a diverse mix of fresh brick colors. These bricks are ideal for obtaining a “deceptive chic” design, and with the most contemporary applications, you can get the best result. White brick in old buildings and homes are various designs of architecture. Outside and inside, it appears beautiful and clean. Some homeowners do not love a mix of dark colors. So they are attempting to design their home with light colors and choose to paint their house in white color. As we understand, white is an excellent eye-catching color having a pure tone. So selecting this color is not a problem because white perfectly matches every color.

Several companies produce special white color bricks on the market. In case you want to create a white-colored brick house, you can opt for white colored bricks in your construction phase. But in case you have an all-natural color brick house, you can utilize the whitewash method to give your home an alternative look.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Several white homes are like this one in that they appear to be built entirely on the roof. Thanks to the white brick wall, the windows appear larger than they actually are. Everyone will concur that Pike Properties’ design for this white mansion is excellent.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

You would think that this house design looks perfect, especially at night. And yes, it is true because it seems more bright at night than ever. This house looks airy and refreshing with a white, painted brick wall and blue roof—such a good design by LRO Residential.



White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Who does not want a white house design that looks very motivating and inspirational simultaneously as this one? The black and white exterior with a perfectly trimmed garden looks beautiful and clean—such a good white house design by Tanner Homes.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Everyone will concur that this modern take on the white home looks cozy and classic. This outdated property gained style thanks to the brick wall that was painted white. Everything in this house designed by Christopher Architecture & Interiors seems stylish and lovely.

Is A White Brick House A Great Idea?

Styles and tastes are personal and change with the occasions—and some out there genuinely love the look of traditional red brick. Nevertheless, we can’t argue that painting classic brick is an “upgrade” within the real estate community. All of it boils down to curb appeal—and painted brick with a white paint makes a house a lot more natural on the eyes! Unpainted brick is maintenance-free, and it will be incredible if you could build the white brick look using natural brick. You can always check with your brick dealer to determine their white brick alternatives. On the other hand, white painted brick has a classic European vibe with even color, highlighting its stunning consistency.

Painting your bricks white is an excellent way to freshen up your house’s appearance without having to perform a significant renovation. So if you’ve got a red brick home that requires an upgrade, think about painting it white. Many home buyers look for different houses to purchase. It is not just about what’s modern, newest, or largest. Some customers are searching for a unique style of the house to live in. That includes modern white brick houses to improve your home’s value quickly. We can always see many houses with wall structure plastering, cladding, or concrete in an apartment complex. So in case you have the painted brick home in your area, it will be a unique house in your place. That’s one more reason why a painted brick house enhances your home’s value.

This option isn’t just for interior walls. It is perfect for the exterior walls. As you realize, white color is the most incredible color just for the exterior spaces. Because the white color can boost the burning and brightness in areas that are dark in the exterior, so you can improve your home worth spontaneously if you alter your home exterior to white-colored brick house ideas.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

You’ll have the impression that you’re in an ancient castle if you live in this type of home. It simultaneously has a lovely vintage appearance. A lot of the texture in this house is flat and smooth, which creates a beautiful contrast. This home design by Diamond Homes Construction is excellent.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

This is a nice house design that simultaneously seems cozy and friendly—a large conventional house with a white-painted brick wall and a roof of various materials. If you live in this Struttura-designed home, you’ll never want to leave.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Do you desire a provincial home design that is both bright and fresh-looking? The Elite Design Group’s plan for the White House has a very clean and modern aesthetic. A large brick home with white paint, a tidy yard, and a gate.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Everyone can agree that this home is distinctive and gives off the impression of being a university. What a unique and traditional-looking house design by Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects. White painted brick shines out when combined with the original brick hue.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Do you desire a modern home with a natural feel that looks bright and reviving? This one has a stunning appearance! This exterior hue of white is both contemporary and classic. The Dallas Builders Association created such a peaceful and natural-looking home.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

This home has such an elegant style that simultaneously makes it appear rich and contemporary. Do you desire a welcoming environment? Try Wyrick Residential Design’s latest home plan. A timeless and elegant appearance is created by pairing black windows and doors with white brick.

Tips On How To Paint Brick House Excellently

  1. Preparation

Prepping is a significant component that is essential in ensuring painted exterior brick is completed correctly. Be sure to clean the brick with a washing mixture before you do anything. After cleansing, make sure to fill in all of the splits with acrylic caulk. This needs time to dry out before using the exterior paint. Make use of several layers as appropriate along with painter’s tape to secure firmly.

  1. Using The Proper Tools And Materials

Like every other job, having the proper tools readily available can make things flow a lot smoother and more comfortable. You will want to ensure you have a sprayer or roller that can cover a lot of space at one time. We suggest making use of a sprayer. This will likely reduce work time, ensure it is easier to get into all parts and make it more comfortable overall. But be sure to spray at all angles to ensure the color gets even and refined. This is crucial in case you have over grouted joints at home.

You still need to have a brush available for any drips or any hard to reach areas when using a sprayer. It is also essential to utilizing the right paint type with your exterior brick. The white paint looks fantastic on brick walls.

  1. Weather Conditions

We suggest that before you begin painting, consider the climate conditions. Being significantly way too cold or too hot won’t be the best problem for painting brick. Windy weather conditions and rain apparently will not work either.

Be sure to look at your forecast for several days of good temps and pleasant working conditions. This can be much better for the paint, and the painter will adhere to the surface area a lot better.

The challenging part about having a painted white-colored brick house would be the amount of maintenance required. Generally, brick is a minimal maintenance siding material that involves cleaning. Still, after you paint the brick wall, you will need to keep it the same as every other painted surface.

When you build a new house with painted white-colored brick, you can save some money by implementing a far more economical brick since you will be painting them anyway. How brick is created and fired changes the appearance and cost. When you are thinking about painting the bricks white, there is no need to use a brick with an expensive finish. Be sure to make use of a high-quality brick but get an offer on an unpopular color. It does not matter whether the bricks you are using are purple or orange since you will be painting them white.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Do you not want a contemporary and typical house design in the present day? Your antique and retro tastes may be best suited by this traditional home design by Studio 21 Interiors. The addition of a white brick wall may update an outdated home.



White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Everyone will agree that a straightforward home solves problems and doesn’t need such pricey extras as this one. A tiny, stylish house with a brick facade painted white. What a specific yet attractive home design by General Shale.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Click Architects

Are you looking for a unique and modern home? Here you go.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Pike Properties

Brown features make a lovely contrast against the white brick wall.

Is It Worth It To Have A White Brick House?

Brick is a flexible siding material that works in many household sizes and types, and white color is an extremely well-liked exterior color choice. It’s an easy & cheap way to change the appearance of any brick house. Or even in case you’re building a new place, consider white brick as being a siding option. Brick homes are already found to do well in regards to resale value. They are durable, look great, and have low maintenance requirements.

If you are caught on what color to try painting your home’s brick outdoors, think about traditional white, light gray brick houses, and any other lighter colors. Why? It can hide minor siding flaws. Any cracks, spots, dents, blemishes from mildew or mold, or lacking siding panel problems won’t lighten themselves with a fresh layer of paint. It can highlight landscape features. The primary reason behind painting your home’s exterior is adding curb appeal.

What exactly are the primary points you like highlighted on your lawn? A beautiful rock garden near your entryway? Is it a charming stone walking track? It can produce a gentle backdrop on your landscape features with white painted brick walls and pastel shades of darker styles. It can highlight dimensional home features. A white-painted brick will make your home’s unique features stand out. An ornate glass door, window screens, bump-out additions or bay windows, and other home features are given greater appeal when you select a brighter shade for your entire home. The white painted brick houses always look trendy. A traditional white brick house, gray brick house, or a black brick house paint on your house’s exterior enables you to remain on top of decorative trends.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Building Culture

White brick homes look fantastic when paired with natural materials like wood.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Boone Homes Inc

This traditional house has a perfect blend of siding materials.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Tanner Homes

Clean and straightforward white painted brick house with a concrete patio.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Carlyle Homes

Black and white exterior look with gray garage doors.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Brad Litz – Litz Real Estate

Style enters the layout with a beautiful white brick wall and fine landscaping.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
David Leite Custom Homes

The color blue front door gives a more bright and stylish look in this white painted brick house.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Pike Properties

This house is the definition of timeless and modern style with a white brick wall.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Perry Custom Homes

The perfectly well-maintained landscape and natural brick wall with white brick walls look fabulous.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Simple and transitional white painted brick house in Birmingham.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Kirkendall Design

By painting the bricks white, it creates the illusion of having larger house windows.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Albarran Architects, LLC

A white and gray exterior with black-framed doors and black railings.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
ServiceFirst Painting

This house is painted with white then washed off, creating a dramatic and artistic exterior look.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
McIntosh Poris Associates

Classy and elegant white painted brick exterior in Detroit.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Five Star Painting of Savannah

A contemporary house painted with white and then pressure washed to create a weathered effect.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
The Ransom Company

The black and white exterior never gets old.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Wimmel Design & Construction

Who says clean lines and white are boring? This house is lovely.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

A perfect exterior design with classic exterior features.


White Painted Brick House Design Ideas
Color Revival By Rebecca Dumas

A white painted brick house with a gray framed window.

What Is White Brick Veneer?

A white brick veneer is the same size and has nearly the same appearance as a solid brick. Brick veneer looks like a stable brick, with grout. Painting the brick white, you need it to have a great consistency. Thus, in case you are going the veneer route, it is advisable to ensure the veneer sections have the same basic look as the solid brick.

The advantages of white-colored paint brick wall go beyond its new appearance. 

A layer of Cloud or Ivory can create little houses that look larger, and unlike darker colors, basic shades do not keep the danger of fading from many years of exposure to the sun.

The versatile color can highlight particular features of your house without fighting with others. Additionally, it lends a perfect yet soothing effect to each area, from home. White color is a traditional choice for exteriors, giving a crisp and clean first impression. While several exterior paint colors are better suited to architectural styles or specific locations, an off-white or white shade works on shingle-style seaside retreats to modernist townhouses.

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