Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops
Featured Image: Sebring Design Build

Increased visual appeal, easy installation, and sophistication make waterfall countertop edges one of the most popular countertop finishes available on the interior decorating market today. There are a few things you should learn about these great decor pieces before making an investment in them. Where they came from, how they work, and what materials they are usually comprised of are just three of the major components that make up the waterfall countertops you know and love. Check out some of the crucial information below so you can factor in some of the biggest pros and cons of this unique kitchen remodeling trend.


Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

Everyone would concur that this kitchen is beautiful and slick, and tidy! For every event, this one exudes an air of elegance and cleanliness. Everything in this kitchen design by Groove Tiles & Stone seems simultaneously light and sophisticated.


Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you dream of having a kitchen that is both fresh and contemporary in its appearance? Thirdstone Inc. has done an excellent job with this kitchen design. This is such an amazing cutting-edge flavor with a technological twist.


Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

Just picture yourself hosting your most fashionable friends for drinks in your gorgeous kitchen. This beautiful kitchen was designed by Presidio Tile, LLC, and features a rustic elegance. There’s plenty of room for the whole family to spread out in this enormous kitchen.



Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

This is the perfect layout for a kitchen and dining room, as will be acknowledged by everybody. It’s warm and welcoming, suggesting a pleasant time with loved ones may be had by everybody. The sleek, contemporary style of this BODesign kitchen is something to be admired.


Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you wish your kitchen was a sleek, contemporary example of black and white design? What a wonderful illustration of it! This Berghuis Construction LLC kitchen is beautiful. This one is designed to complement any contemporary interior.


Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

A large kitchen is unnecessary if a beautiful one can be created with so little square footage. Baxt Ingui Architects PC has designed a lovely kitchen with a stairwell that leads down from the second floor. Feel like you’ve stepped into a tropical paradise right in the middle of your home with this stunning kitchen design.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

A splash of natural color in a kitchen is sure to win over even the most discerning critics—a contemporary look with a hint of nature. Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural Interiors created a space that exudes the air of a luxurious penthouse kitchen with its design.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Everything appears to be so elegant and spotless in this enormous kitchen with two counters. The atmosphere is pricey and sophisticated, and the view is breathtaking. Better than one island is two islands! The design by FINA Construction Group Inc. is amazing.


Wonderful Kitchen Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you wish you had a gorgeous kitchen designed to resemble a rustic yet upscale restaurant? This is such a great illustration of it. The amazing waterfall edge will stand out in any kitchen—what a fantastic kitchen layout from Howard Construction.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you desire a well-designed kitchen that resembles a restaurant’s interior? Everything in this kitchen design seems very stylish and welcoming. This one has a magnificent appearance fit for royalty—what a wonderful kitchen layout by Bruzkusbatek.


If you have been keeping up with the latest trends and styles, you may have become familiar with waterfall edge countertops in the past few years. Any homeowner or fan of home design trends will love the infinite appeal of these special countertops, as they offer more and more in both luxury and affordability.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Everything in this kitchen design seems very soothing and revitalizing! This kitchen design by KM Interior Designs certainly exudes a sense of the magnificent and futuristic. The height of relaxation. You can’t go wrong with a beach theme and a waterfall edge.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Everyone will remark on how cozy and contemporary this kitchen design is, despite how dark and futuristic it appears to be. Stylish, timeless design with a warm atmosphere. This work of masterful architecture by M-Gray Architecture.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Want a bathroom design that will simultaneously make you feel so elegant and sophisticated? This is such a good kitchen design by Lucia Caballero Interior Design. A fantastic method that makes any bathroom stand out from all the rest.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

This bathroom layout appears to have a gorgeous waterfall edge that you may be pleased with! Everything in this magnificent design by Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath looks so fantastic and modern. Even the bathroom appears to be from a hotel.

What is a Waterfall Edge Countertop?

As the name implies, these countertops provide a unique edging look that, rather than just ending in a horizontal shape. It flows right over the sides of the edges, making it look more like a vertical plane of stone, granite, or quartz, rather than a hard edge that completely cuts off the top. This gives it a natural, endless, and infinite look, resembling water that flows smoothly over a rock face and down into the massive body of water below.

They are an homage to the beauty of nature, describing a seamless transition between the countertops and the floor. They are a great finishing piece for islands or for fixed kitchen countertops. Not only are they visually appealing, but they offer a lot of functionality and utility too!


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Want a kitchen that is both stylish and comfortable at the same time? Everything in this kitchen design by Mojo Homes appears to be so wealthy and costly. All eyes are drawn to its minimalist, black style. Such a fantastic kitchen layout!


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

This Porcelanosa Group kitchen design has everything looking so glossy and bright! I wish it were mine because the luster is so, so lovely! The kitchen, as a whole, shouts sophistication and simplicity. The white and gray theme colors complement each other quite well.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you want a cozy, welcoming kitchen layout resembling a living room? This one is simultaneously excellent and warm-looking. This stunning waterfall edge exudes nothing but positive energy. This design by Green Basements & Remodeling is outstanding.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Everything appears to be so simple and lovely in this brown and white kitchen design. Even the windows, which are refreshing, provide a glimpse of the outside. Make the most of the mountain’s appearance. Elad Gonen created such a magnificent design.

Waterfall Edge Countertop Pros and Cons

When investing in a waterfall edge countertop, it’s important to consider the ways it works best for your kitchen – and the ways it doesn’t. Instead of worrying about the remodeling process as a whole, think about the countertops as one very important piece of the larger puzzle. And in truth, the countertops are a huge focal point of your kitchen, so you’ll want to be extra certain that you know exactly how they are going to tie into the overall design and theme of your home.

Homeowners have highlighted some of the biggest likes and dislikes over these peculiar countertops. We would like to share them with you now to help your decision-making process a bit easier. Here’s what other remodelers and home decorators have to say:

The Pros

  • They are a unique way to stray away from the traditional hard-edge design by offering something that fits a modern and contemporary look.
  • There is a wide array of materials that can be used to make waterfall edge countertops, such as granite, quartz, or composite materials.
  • They offer a clever way of hiding storage space, electrical outlets, and other appliances without having to invest in extra cabinet or door space.
  • They create a seamless transition between the counters or islands and the floor, making the kitchen function as one cohesive piece.

The Cons

  • They require a bit more material than traditional countertops in order to be constructed.
  • Since they offer luxury appeal, they often come at luxury prices, mostly due to the extra materials required.

The biggest drawback involves price, which may not be an issue for you if you are ready to invest in a big budget for your remodeling project. However, there are plenty of ways to make the waterfall edge countertop style affordable. Looking at some of the materials and media options below, you can easily determine what look and style works best for you.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you want to give the impression that you are in a sophisticated kitchen design? This kitchen design by Empire Kitchen & Bath has fixtures and fittings that lend an air of refined sophistication to the space. If you are unsure, opt for the natural option. It can be the greatest in some cases!


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

Do you want to have a lovely and traditional-looking kitchen simultaneously? A smart kitchen design may accomplish both of these goals. This kitchen design by Authentic Custom Homes has an air of sophistication and luxury. If you are not already located near the water, I will bring the water to you!


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

This kitchen has a great look for the current day. This kitchen is the epitome of sleek modernism. It’s a gorgeous kitchen that can accommodate any cooking or eating. Thirdstone Inc. did an amazing job designing this kitchen.


Wonderful Waterfall Edge Countertops

This open-concept kitchen, which overlooks a scenic outdoor area, is the epitome of modern elegance and rejuvenation. It’s a one-of-a-kind island that brings you right into nature. Berg Design Architecture has done an excellent job with this kitchen.

Best Materials for a Waterfall Edge Countertop

You can build a waterfall edge granite countertop as easily as you can a quartz one. The general consensus is that quartz and natural stone products are the best materials for a waterfall edge countertop. Since the edge will be smoothed and will run over the cabinet and counter box, you naturally want something smooth yet sturdy such as a stone.

Stone is one of the most versatile products available for kitchen remodeling, as it is often highly sought after for countertops, tiles, backsplashes, and more. Plus, bringing natural stone into your home is a great way to harmonize your home with the world around you.

If money isn’t an issue for your remodeling project, you can also consider marble or even Corian as options for your waterfall edge countertops. However, quartz is one of the stronger options, as it is non-porous, and it cannot crack. Just consider how often you use your countertops, and what you use them for. If you expect them to sustain heavy usage, consider quartz or granite over marble. Ultimately, it’s up to you!

Waterfall Edge Countertop Styles

The style and color of your waterfall edge countertop is largely determined by what materials you use. It also depends on what type of design you are trying to achieve. While these specific countertop edges are largely considered to be modern and contemporary, you can always add your own element of design by combining elements from other trends that you enjoy.

In most cases, you are looking at an extremely smooth surface that pours over the edge of your counters. This is achieved by the sleekness of natural stone or other composite materials. What kind of finish you apply to the countertops can drastically change its look as well. The waterfall effect is achieved by adding an additional slab on top of the edges of your already-existing countertops. Therefore, you can work within these definitions to come up with something that best matches your preferences.

A Word on Waterfall Edge Countertop Islands

While waterfall edge countertops can be used on any countertop throughout your home, the best place to really show them off is on your kitchen island. The reason they are preferred for islands is due to their ability to be a waterfall on all sides, rather than just on a single edge or corner.

In some cases, it is also easier to attach the slab of waterfall stone to the cabinet box as a whole unit, rather than trying to attach it against the wall on one side. The decision is ultimately yours, but most examples of waterfall edges pertain to kitchen islands to really create a strong focal point in your room. Not only is it easier to install, but it is also much more visually stunning to look at!

How Waterfall Edge Countertops are Installed

During the installation process, you can expect only the highest in quality materials and labor. Waterfall countertop edges are coveted not only for their visual appeal, but for the precision required in their craftsmanship as well. There’s a trick to cutting it the right way, while also making sure that the strength of the stone slab is kept intact.

It is of utmost importance that you hire a professional for this project. For more insights and information on how to properly plan for your waterfall edge countertop installation, you can check out our free homeowner’s guide, Remodeling 101, before making your final decisions on your own project. Only the best in skilled labor will be able to help you achieve this highly modernized look.

With most remodeling projects, you want to be able to rely on good materials and even better labor. However, for something as specialized as a waterfall edge countertop, it’s imperative that you also hire someone with expertise. If your go-to contractor has never installed waterfall countertop edges before, you may not be satisfied with the resulting job. By investing your time and resources into a trusted professional who can describe the installation process perfectly, you have a great chance of loving your finished look.

The installation process takes the following into consideration:

  • Countertop material and design
  • Number of stone slabs required
  • Size of slabs
  • Thickness of island edges
  • Type of design or style desired

All of this will help you determine your cost and the amount of time it will take to get them installed. Remember that you can invest in trusted remodeling advisors before moving forward with your next big project.

Install Waterfall Edges for an Infinite Look

You’ve heard of infinity pools; now, you can bring some of that stunning and sophisticated continuity into your own kitchen with a waterfall countertop edge. Whether you decide to use granite, quartz, or even marble for your finished look, you can appreciate the curved edges and cleverly hidden appliance outlets for years to come.

Be sure to speak with one of our advisors about how you can accomplish this modern and contemporary look for your home. By determining your materials, cost, and labor requirements, you can start to bring your own plans and dreams for your home into fruition. The amount of material required depends on the type of stone you want to invest in, as well as what pattern you’re committed to. Once you have decided on a design and a budget, however, the rest will flow as naturally as these countertops do over the edges of your island. The rest is here for you to enjoy!

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