43 White Painted Brick House Design Ideas

Featured Image: Develop Architects LLC If you want an inexpensive option to give your house a new look, try painting it white. The general opinion is that a white-colored brick wall looks considerably better than a red one. Check out these 43 white brick house design ideas, take that brush, and start painting your brick wall white. SOLO Hyrum McKay Bates Design, Inc. Pair your white-colored brick walls with beautiful glass windows. ELEGANT C3 Studio, LLC White brick homes have an elegant look, especially with a transitional style house like [...]

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47 House Siding Design Ideas

Featured Image: Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd Siding provides you with an excellent way to add definition and color to your home. You will find plenty of choices nowadays to help you develop the perfect façade, and you wish to select very carefully. While aesthetics are usually important, you additionally want to think about the material's longevity, the capability to withstand water, versatility, and ease of installation. Below, we will discuss the things you need to consider when choosing your house siding. In addition, we have curated 47 house siding options, design ideas, and images to help you get going. [...]

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35 Cape Cod Style Exterior House Ideas

Featured Image: Polhemus Savery DaSilva Although the Cape Cod house has existed for centuries, they still enchant us today. This particular home type, which is now associated with beachy design & weekends away, came from extremely humble beginnings but managed to stay popular. And that keeps us wondering. What is so special with Cape Cod homes that keep people enchanted? In this post, we will check out the architectural style, defining characteristics, and the different types of Cape Code house. We also have 35 Cape Cod style exterior house ideas that will immediately make you a convert. Check them [...]

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39 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

Featured Image: Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction Sitting close to an outdoor fire pit with family, gazing at the bright flames under the starry night sky, will make you realize life is simply lovely and blissful! Introducing the element of fire to the backyard not just adds warmth, but additionally adds a high-end look to the outside space. We have come up with a gallery of the 39 backyard fire pit ideas to inspire you on your next project. MID-SIZED TIMELESS LandCrafters, Inc Relax in this outdoor space with fire pit and plenty [...]

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63 Basement Wet Bar Design Ideas

Featured Image: Francesca Owings Interior Design The basement bar is an excellent addition to a renovated area, giving an excellent space for entertaining friends and family. In this post, we're going to discuss some terrific basement bar ideas. Turn your basement into a lovely bar area using these 63 basement wet bar design ideas for inspiration. A few installations, renovations, and tons of creativity could easily make your basement vibrant with life! LOCALLY MADE Knight Construction Design Inc. Enjoy your favorite game or movie with this transitional basement. COTTAGE STYLE [...]

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31 Modern & Contemporary Exterior House Design Ideas

Featured Image: Hendel Homes When designing our dream home, we often spend most of our energies in designing the interior and neglect the exterior. Remember, it's the façade that the friends, neighbors, and strangers see when visiting you or merely passing through it. A spectacular exterior will definitely stand out and reflects the general style of the house. It's likewise an introduction of your respective aesthetic style to the entire world. Have a glimpse at these 31 modern house exterior designs for ideas and inspiration. ORGANIC MODERN John Kraemer & Sons Stunning contemporary [...]

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35 Modern Farmhouse Exterior Home Ideas

Featured Image: Coats Homes If you've got a modern farmhouse style home, you might be searching for ways to upgrade the exterior or even give it that unique appearance that sets your property apart from the others. No worries; check out these inspirational 35 modern farmhouse exterior home design and images to ignite an innovative yet fashionable idea. All things considered, the exterior of your home is equally as crucial as the inside. You will simply adore these modern farmhouse floor plans, exterior ideas, and farmhouse pictures! TRADITIONAL FARM Brush Arbor Home Construction [...]

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27 Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Featured Image: Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. Farmhouse living has a really different feel. In case you miss that feeling, you are able to build a modern farmhouse style bedroom and also have a cozy and warm room that is constantly inviting after a hard day at work. When you reside in a city, but your heart is fixed in the country, a modern farmhouse style room is going to give you the proper feeling that is both comforting and casual. Today, we provide you with 27 modern farmhouse bedroom ideas that are sure to inspire you. Whatever design [...]

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31 Craftsman Style House Exterior Design Ideas

Featured Image: Stahl Homes LLC Of all the different home styles, there’s this one that stands out from the remaining because of its rich historical past and character—the Craftsman style house. The outside of any Craftsman home generally includes low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, heavy, tapered columns, patterned window panes, along with a covered front porch. The colors of the exterior are reflective of nature. Think about muted earth tones, including brown, green, as well as taupe shades. Usual exterior building materials vary from stone and brick to stucco and wood siding. Check out these 31 Craftsman style house [...]

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17 White Living Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Blue Ocean Design There's absolutely nothing as restful on the eye as the purity associated with a fresh white interior space. Returning home to an uncomplicated white living room decor scheme is able to bring you serenity and peace after one day away in a world that is visually cluttered with a never-ending confusion of color. A plain white scheme is similar to a great calming breath of fresh air. If a living room devoid of color does not interest you, then decorating the space to enjoy a clean white-colored backdrop also provides you with the ideal [...]