43 Stamped Concrete Patio Design Ideas

Featured Image:  BrickWood Ovens Stamped concrete, frequently called textured or imprinted concrete, replicates stones, such as flagstone, slate, tile, brick, and wood. The wide selection of pattern and color options make it popular for beautifying patios, swimming pool decks, driveways, and more. It is also an affordable paving option that needs less maintenance than other materials. Due to its superior durability and weather resistance, colored and stamped concrete is the perfect choice to bring the luxury look of stone, wood, or brick to patios, driveways, pool decks, courtyards, and walkways. Explore these 43 stamped concrete patio design ideas and [...]

37 Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Featured Image: Design MACS Most people are looking for fabulous home office setup ideas at the moment; it makes good sense since most of us are working at home due to the ongoing pandemic. So how can you get your home office design correctly? The trick is to create harmony between the decor—color schemes, soft furnishings, and wall art—and practical additions such as storage and office furniture. To get more tips and inspiration, check out these 37 modern home office design ideas. SOUTHWESTERN CREEKVIEW CUSTOM HOMES LLC A spacious home office complete with [...]

21 Awesome Industrial Lighting Ideas

Featured Image: SUBU Design Architecture Industrial lighting is a design trend that commemorates the sturdy and straightforward aesthetic of industrial spaces and old factories. Lighting within these industrial areas was created using long-lasting, unfinished, and strong materials. By including these unfinished elements into more intentional designs, the industrial design developed into a simple and eye-catching look at the same time. Check out these 21 awesome industrial lighting ideas and see for yourself. HANGING BULBS HomeClick An industrial nod to a chandelier, this piece is made up of gas pipe pendant light fixtures. [...]

31 Family Room Design Ideas

Featured Image: 2id Interiors The family room serves a crucial role in a home. It is where you go to unwind and bond with family and friends in a casual, inviting environment. But just because it is relaxed, it does not signify that it cannot look as elevated and stylish as a living room. Below are 31 family room design ideas that can help you upgrade the space. From a plush couch to well-curated shelves, learn how you can make your room the most inviting area in your house with these family room ideas. [...]

31 Houses With Orange Front Entry Door Ideas

Featured Image: Urbanism Designs Orange is the most popular color of fall, and it is undoubtedly available almost everywhere during the first festive season. An orange front door is not just about embracing the colors of fall, and it is not a look that you would have to change once the season has passed. This color has found its way to the hearts of many people, in and out of season. Today, we're looking at 31 houses with orange front door ideas, and we'll walk you through different suggestions and tips to successfully use this color in your exterior. [...]

10 Important Things You Need to Know Before Building a House

There is nothing as rewarding as building your dream home from scratch. It's an exciting and unique experience. Besides, it gives you the flexibility to use your designs and continually improve them in your ways. The project involves making numerous decisions and hence requires your presence through all aspects. But, anyone who has done it can tell you that it's a time consuming and very demanding process. Nonetheless, building a home doesn't have to be such an overwhelming activity if you consider the following strategies. Set A Budget Before you start building your home, determine what you can [...]

47 House Siding Design Ideas

Featured Image: Miller-Roodell Architects Ltd Siding provides you with an excellent way to add definition and color to your home. You will find plenty of choices nowadays to help you develop the perfect façade, and you wish to select very carefully. While aesthetics are usually important, you additionally want to think about the material's longevity, the capability to withstand water, versatility, and ease of installation. Below, we will discuss the things you need to consider when choosing your house siding. In addition, we have curated 47 house siding options, design ideas, and images to help you get going. [...]

31 Bathroom Backsplash Ideas

Featured Image: M. Lahr Homes Bathroom backsplashes stop water from ruining your wall space in the same method in which kitchen backsplashes shield wall space from cooking splatters and spills. But these hardworking finishes offer a chance to show a little style flair and play with textures, materials, patterns, and color. Look at these trendy designer strategies for bathroom backsplashes, which are as fashionable as they're purposeful. We hope these 31 bathroom backsplash ideas will inspire you to get going with that dream bathroom renovation. TOP LEVEL WAINSCOT New York Shower Door Wainscot [...]

31 Dog Room Decor Ideas

Featured Image: Graham Design and Construction Whether they are snuggling to your lap, waiting around for walk time or even romping around with their favorite toy, every dog requires a space to call their very own. Dedicate places throughout your house, or maybe a whole room, for the dog to play, rest, & nibble. There is zero need for breaking the bank on snazzy designer dog decor. Each one of these projects could be made with regular craft materials, easy food items, and all may be personalized according to your doggy's energy & your home's style. These dog [...]

55 Backyard Walkway Landscaping Ideas

Featured Image: Gustave Carlson Design Walkways in your backyard or those approaching the front of your home are both visual and functional in purpose. They help direct individuals along the path you've selected, keep them far from other areas, and develop appealing options to enhance the curb appeal and overall appearance of your house. Whether you are planning to upgrade your existing walkway or perhaps create a complete brand new walkway in your property, these 55 backyard walkway ideas will be sure to give direction and inspiration. TRADITIONAL STONE PATH Jean Brooks Landscapes [...]