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Have you chosen to renovate your living space but are not sure where to begin? Go on and allow the fireplace of your property to guide you with these very best fireplace with shiplap ideas. Whether you are seeking to uphold your farmhouse decoration ideas or you are looking to make a far more contemporary, minimalist appearance, this summary of gorgeous, inspiring shiplap fireplace suggestions is what you need.


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Wilcon Construction Services LLC

Always go for a white shiplap; it enhances your room’s features and gives a nice and elegant look.


Integrity Luxury Homes

Simple and comfy farmhouse living with a white painted brick fireplace and a shiplap wall.


CJC Interiors

The custom made shiplap fireplace and the decorative ladder is the exclusive feature in this modern farmhouse living room.


Hartman Homes

The blue furniture gives an airy and fresh look to this white living room.


Witt Construction

With the stone fireplace, the look of this room intensifies its character.


Progress Lighting

A welcoming living room features warm-toned decor and fixtures.


Design South Builders

Rustic and elegant appearance in one place.


Majestic Builders, Inc.

This room has a shiplap fireplace wall between two windows and a cute wood center table.


Leighanne LaMarre Interiors

Warm-toned fixtures always have a lovely effect on a white room.


Markalunas Architecture Group

A traditional living area with a stone fireplace and a lakeside view.

What is Shiplap?

Shiplap is a kind of wood used on the outside of buildings. It is an inexpensive and effective way to clad construction and protect it against environmental elements, particularly water. Homeowners have recognized the magnificence of shiplap, and as time passes, it is discovered as an area within the comfortable interiors of many houses. When utilized inside, it produces a cottage-like, farmhouse, or shabby chic effect. It is good at turning a cold and dull room into a comfortable, warm, and welcoming interior. You can use it to accent a specific part of an area, like the structure around the fireplace. There are many innovative ways you can use shiplap in your house. 

Shiplap describes a specific kind of interlocking board, like tongue-and-groove, but it is tighter and overlapping. These wooden panels are not hard to install, create a highly effective seal, and are an increasingly popular style option for homes’ interiors, especially on fireplaces—from contemporary to rustic. It is not surprising that designers have become creative in how to work with shiplap fireplace walls effectively. Allow us to share several of the most incredible examples we have discovered to help inspire your remodeling.

Something that is so amazingly well known today is the shiplap fireplace wall. If you want to learn more about the designs and style, this blog will provide a lot more details. And in case you believe regular horizontal shiplap is too dull, experiment with various angles on your walls, close to stairways, fireplaces, and other high profile areas. Many individuals will use tile, brick, stone, marble, or steel as surrounding materials all over the fireplace opening for their gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Go for white, and you will come with an impeccable fireplace finishing as it is exclusive and refined. See more choices about fireplace, home fireplace, shiplap fireplace below.


Plain and Posh

A fresh and welcoming look from this farmhouse living room.


Roundtree Construction

The gray shiplap fireplace & the black framed window complement each other.


Rebecca C Brandon, ASID

The lighting fixtures and decorative boat wall decor give a dramatic effect to this room.


Todd Christian Construction, LLC

You will never miss the ocean in this beach style family room full of decorative sea accessories.

Modern Farmhouse Fireplace Ideas With Shiplap

Installing Shiplap Around A Fireplace – There are safety considerations before you install a shiplap around your fireplace. It would help if you planned to encase the fireplace in a non-combustible element first. You can choose between stone or brick, and it would be your choice. If you have an enclosed gas fireplace, it would be better to consult a professional before installing it. A professional knows the right and proper ways to install and add a shiplap to your gas fireplace.

Natural Wood Shiplap Above Fireplace – Some farmhouse shiplap is gray. But with natural shiplap stretches along the whole wall, it will add some gorgeous effect. Natural wood always lends additional warmth and coziness to a room. Therefore, you will certainly not fail with that choice.

Farmhouse Fireplace On A Shiplap Accent Wall – Try to appreciate a specific modern farmhouse fireplace layout! The majority of the fireplace wall is covered by natural wood shiplap. The entire space is nothing short of beautiful. The fireplace certainly would make a cozy statement. 

Classic Black-And-White Fireplace & Shiplap – It is a great idea and functional to make your gas fireplace painted in black then combine it with a beautiful white shiplap wall. In that way, some other black accents in the room will stand out and make it look more traditional.

Shiplap Over Fireplace With Floating Shelves – Feel free to select floating shelves rather than a mantel to allow the shiplap to stick out. These components combine to make a one fabulous and functional corner.


Witt Construction

A small but elegant living room with a stone fireplace.


AIBD – American Institute of Building Design

The perfect view from the enormous glass windows and a stone fireplace give a nostalgic feeling.


Patrick Ahearn Architect

Ocean lover? This the perfect living room for you.


Red Door Homes, Inc.

The blue fixtures made this room look airy and fresh in the eyes.


Ambiance Interiors

A cabin-like family living room with large deer mount wall decor.


The Marler Company

The soft color shiplap wall blends well with other decorative fixtures in this room.

Modern Shiplap Fireplace Wall Ideas To Fall In Love With

A fireplace could be an excellent addition to a house. Naturally, with many designs to select from, it could be hard to know where to begin, so it is essential to evaluate your needs. This way, you will be sure of making an investment that will make you happy and keep you cozy and warm for decades to come.

Not only does a contemporary shiplap fireplace immediately turn into a breathtaking focal point for about any area, but with new developments in energy efficiency, they have never been very cost-effective. These direct vents eliminate the combustible components of fire while keeping warm and radiating heat. They are an excellent, eco-friendly way to obtain the most from your fireplace. The best part is, they work with almost any design!

Assuming you have been searching for a way to upgrade some room in your house, a brand new shiplap fireplace is a great place to begin. They are not merely for living rooms any longer, too. It is starting to be popular to have fireplaces within the cooking area, the bedroom, even home offices. Seriously, a fireplace will work in virtually any space you spend a large amount of time staying in.


Highmark Builders

This rustic living room gives a cozy and warm vibe.


Edgewater Design Group

A unique Beach style room with baseball bat and oar as a decor in the wall above the fireplace.


ETB Homes

A black fireplace that matches the horse artwork and chandelier.



Complete with stone fireplace, this is a perfect place to relax and unwind.

Shiplap Fireplace Wall Decorative Tips

  1. Some fireplaces have protruding fireplace wall space, and others don’t. You can dress up the whole wall for a dramatic effect with an attractive accent color or utilize an adventurous shiplap wall.
  2. If your chimney wall has a beautifully textured material surface, allow that to function as the focus and go a little up top. Maybe you can add gentle tea candles on the mantel or just one candelabra on the hearth (platform beneath the fireplace) for additional interest.
  3. If your bedroom decor is more relaxed or conventional, it is cool getting creative in your shiplap with a smart assortment of products of different shapes or sizes so long as there is a common thread.
  4. When you do not possess a mantel and want one badly, you can put a sizable shelf above the open fireplace, which is at least as broad as the fireplace. Or, in case your room could benefit from more decorative details, think about purchasing a handsome fireplace screen that fits your interior style.
  5. And last but not least, don’t put flammable objects anywhere around and on the fireplace and mantel. When you would like to arrange a flat-screen or anything electric above the fireplace, make sure the mantle is heavy enough for shelter against direct heat for your valuables.


Nicola’s Home

After a long swim at the beach, this living room is the perfect spot to sit and chill.


Two Hawks Design and Development

Minimal decor and fixtures make this room clean and crisp.


Phinney Ridge Painting

An intimate living room with a shiplap fireplace and a decorative horse.


Cameron Stewart

This room make you go back in time, from the old rocky chair to the old books.


Leo Thieneman and Sons, LLC

A white shiplap fireplace with a touch of blue wall gives a refreshing impression.


Cornerstone Homes

High ceiling living room with stone fireplace.



Even with a small space, a touch of navy-blue color makes a room look elegant and chic.


PureHaven Homes

Elegant, modern, and classic vibe in one room.


Marcus Gleysteen Architects

A transitional sunroom with a shiplap fireplace and an elephant wall decor.


Burge Building Consultants

Who needs a TV if you have a perfect space for an intimate family gathering like this with ample space.


Cotner Building & Remodeling Company, LLC

The rectangular fireplace and the two wall portrait create an image of a human face.


Scott Wilson Architect, LLC

The stone fireplace and the giant clock make you feel you want to go back in time.


STOR-X Organizing Systems – Edmonton

The decorative oar is the highlight of this white living room.


Susanna Cots

When minimalist and creative style meets.


Designed by Karen Akers

A beach style living room with white painted shiplap fireplace & a beautiful ocean view.


Jdesign Group

A chic style living room with vertical gray shiplap fireplace.


27 Diamonds Interior Design

Sometimes, a little touch of greenery decor is all you need to create a dynamic room.


Robert Brown Interior Design

A black and white theme room is always better with a touch of wood fixture.


Nathan Taylor for Obelisk Home

Mismatch fixtures and color create unique and eye-catching attention.


T.S. Adams Studio, Architects

The white shiplap and stone fireplace stand out when combined with bright colors accessories like yellow.


Ink Architecture + Interiors

A traditional family room style with white shiplap and a standard brick fireplace.


Harris Custom Builders, LLC

Rustic family room style with stone fireplace and horizontal shiplap.


Helen Bainbridge Interior Design

The contrast between the colors is unique and trendy.


Johnson & Galyon Homes

The fireplace and the raw walls definitely give a cozy statement.



A chic and comfortable farmhouse bedroom style in San Francisco.


Murphy & Co. Design

Elegance and refinement in one space for this traditional sunroom.


Maria Adams Designs

The custom brick fireplace is the main feature of this room.


Arnett Construction and Arnett Custom Homes, LLC

A nice and welcoming vibe is coming from this transitional room.

Best Ideas You Can Place Above Your Shiplap Fireplace Wall

Mirror. Hanging a sizable mirror above your hearth is a traditional method to enhance your mantle. It will add a touch of glamour, though they also produce the impression of wide-open space.

Art. You don’t have to be an art expert to highlight art you love in your home, and above your fireplace is the perfect place to show off your artistic taste. Whether you attach a large piece of painting art or reel smaller framed pieces, finishing with art is a fun way to add some personality and flavor to your shiplap fireplace setup. Make sure the color in the items you choose suits the palette of your living room. Black and white photo art is one attractive choice that goes with various decor styles and color schemes.

Family Portrait. Your fireplace is the center point for gatherings with friends and family. Therefore, it is a beautiful way to display memories of all those dearest to you. Candid photos or family portraits can be framed and placed above your fireplace for those to check out. Another strategy is having the majority of your photographs on the fireplace, tilting against your heart.

Television. The more modern the TV, the better—slim TVs with little bezels have become the present trend. You will need to make sure your TV is in the right size. The open fireplace backsplash must at least partly frame your screen; however, not overshadowed by it.

Clock. A beautiful wall clock makes a practical and stylish centerpiece for above your shiplap fireplace mantel. It is helpful to use a watch inside your main room, and then decorative clocks are oversized, making it much easier to express time from virtually any distance or angle. They are available in an assortment of decor styles, which means you can browse many different faces and materials until you locate the perfect body for your space.

Wreaths. Bring a touch of the outside the house inside by having a beautiful festive wreath. You could make wreaths from natural materials like flexible twigs, lavender, olive branches, or human-made craft supplies, including tulle or twine. Center your wreath throughout your fireplace and complement it with gorgeous lamps, plant life, and your favorite decorative accents.

Chalkboard. The distressed surface area of any chalkboard is the most suitable complement to some Farmhouse or Shabby Chic fireplace. It is a reusable exterior that you can fill up with cute sketches, the household motto, or your favorite quotes. You can also bring in plants to help you balance the black-and-white target.

Window Pane. A distressed wooden window pane is a different centerpiece that can provide your shiplap fireplace wall a little Farmhouse flair. You can dress it in place with ribbon or paint it to have it much better fit your room’s design. One particular take is placing pictures in each framed portion of the cup in the window.

Driftwood. Developing a Coastal fireplace is a breeze if you try using the proper materials. A gnarled piece of driftwood gives the weathered look and outside appeal, your mantel needs. You can make use of sculptures made from either synthetic or real driftwood. Other nautical accents, like seashells, will pair perfectly together with your petrified centerpiece.

Lanterns and Candles. Unlit candles can be filler or weight, based on their size. Bronze lanterns create a contemporary feel to the fireplace, while distressed and worn wooden lanterns lend a beautifully shabby influence.

Metal Wall Decor. Metal wall decoration is bold, durable, and it can make a declaration anywhere you make use of it, mainly if that room is above your shiplap fireplace mantel. Metallic design is available in an assortment of colors and polishes. Actually, like a big metallic star, a favorite piece can have several looks depending on the metal type used, the surface, so the quantity of polish. Whether you want something brilliant and aged or brassy and rusted, metallic wall hangings will add a little character to your shiplap fireplace surround decor.

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