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Pink, the offspring of white and red, has turned into a significant color alternative in home design. And it is not restricted anymore to the nursery or even little girls pink bedroom; from the innovative ideas and visions of several gifted designers & homeowners, the color pink continues to grow and graduates into adult rooms with different decorating styles. You can go all out with an all-pink room, or simply make use of a couple of pink accents to spark up a basic color scheme—in case you like the color pink, allow it to show. Check out our 29 pink room decor ideas and be inspired how easy to incorporate pink in your bedroom.


West Trade Interiors

Wallpaper in a classic design pattern with matching throw pillows invites you to stay awhile.


Timber Trails Development Co

The black birds in the wallpaper tie together the dark elements of the headboard and flooring.


Dwell Chic

Secondary color schemes enhance the patterns and beauty of color with the simplest of approaches.


Jay Hodgins Design

This hot pink upholstered wall is undeniably the focal point of this bedroom


Erika Bonnell Interiors

Oozing with luxury, this glamour infused mirrored nightstand with a nod to Art-Deco style shines.


RLB Architecture

Numerous shades of pink are layered throughout adding depth and dimension.



Dashes of light pink and a white curved shaped bed are all it needed to add a touch of femininity.



Stimulating refresh given to a traditional style with updated color choices and patterns.


Debra Funt Interiors

Solid colors pulled from the patterned wallpaper create a calm among the busy.

Different Ways To Create A Pink Bedroom

With shade from subtle blush to vibrant fuchsia, pink is an amazingly versatile color option for a room. And it is not really a shade which must be restricted to little girls’ rooms. The ideal pink shade is out there for everybody, as you will discover from our wide-ranging set of pink bedroom ideas. In case you are a fashion fanatic, you will realize that pale powder and blush pinks, particularly Millennial pink bedroom, are all the rage right now. The fantastic thing about this specific blush color is its somewhat beige tint, which makes it far from the sickly sweet end of the spectrum and into much more advanced, androgynous territory.

Combine it with grey, beige, or greige paint and fabrics, along with wooden furniture with possibly an extremely dark walnut or Nordic night finish for quick styling success. For a far more fun take on things, we would suggest a full hot pink. It is a bold choice, but one which is going to have you bounding out of bed each morning, filled with strength and energy. Flesh toned pinks and pretty peach shades are ideal for developing a calming bedroom. Add more intense hues of coral pink & terracotta, together with a splash of contrasting denim blue, for a crisp, clean appearance.

Delicate colors can occasionally need a design to provide them interest, so toss in some ‘geo’ throw pillows and a ‘painterly’ pink bedroom rug to liven up the appearance. Provide it with a Scandinavian twist with blonde wood home furniture and basic ceramics. Introducing pink does not imply you need to go with an enormous block of color. Bringing in splashes of the hue against a dark background is a stylish method to get it to your room.


Anthony Baratta LLC

Pastel pinks, futuristic designed furniture out of vinyl is a fun vibe for any room.


Watts Inside Ltd

Horizontal stripes of similar colors elevate this bedroom to new heights.



Sometimes less achieves more, since it highlights the true beauty within.


Tommaso Giunchi

Plaster interior walls add color depth and the slightest of moment creating vintage appeal.

How To Decorate A Pink Bedroom

Pink is a happy color, and it plays nicely with other colors. Soft shades of pink keep the room lively, and the accents of grayish-blue include a touch of calm. The touches of metal decor on the light pink bedroom walls generate a bit of glamour also. When designing with lots of pinks and another color in the master bedroom, it is advisable to locate a neutral base color, like white, to always keep the look mature. When designing a pink room, remember that you are not restricted to the softer tints or maybe bubblegum brights. Lightly shade pink with black, and you receive its more mature sister—burgundy. And burgundy works beautifully to create off cool colors like gray, deepest purple, navy blue, as well as black. Pick a couple of burgundy accents to awaken your elegant, subdued room with no fear of sugary sweetness. It is the most perfect method to put in a touch of romance without being cloying and evident. Make use of a famous piece of artwork to connect together a room’s color scheme, or figure out what colors to work with.

Often attractive, hot pink is a practical option for the pink master bedroom so long as you balance it with a base of gray or any other soft neutral, like pale grey, sand, and cream. Go on and get vibrant with all the bedding and smaller accents around the room, but hold wall space and floors neutral. Bright green pops when combined with shades of pink. This combination is often used in little or teenage girl bedrooms, but if coupled with sophisticated decor and patterns, the color scheme additionally fits well in a master or maybe guest bedroom. The key element to effectively operating this palette is the usage of lots of white to produce the harmony required in your design. A simple method to decorate with color is mixing a less heavy version of your favorite hue with a number of pops of the identical color’s brighter or maybe darker version and then balance everything out there with lots of white. The effect is a beautiful, monochromatic color pattern that’s both simple and failproof. A monochromatic palette additionally works to enlarge an extremely small space visually.


Georgia Cristea

Canopy top over the bed, plush fabrics, and gold accents reinforce the royal vibe.


Susan Muschweck

Layers of color build upon one another, which in turn produces a lively oasis.


Emilie Fournet Interiors

Cozy and enveloping atmosphere that maximizes storage solutions.


Design Studio “Gradiz”

No oversleeping here. Not when you have a perfectly placed bright and cheery wall greeting you.


DUST Architecture

Low lying furniture paired with demure colors make this a pleasant place to lay your head at night.


Catalina Castro Blanchet

High ceilings illuminated by exquisite architectural moldings, a bold color, and back lighting.

Selecting Your Accessories 

Think of pink and pink bedroom furniture perhaps is not the very first thing that comes to mind. Wallpaper and paint, draperies, and mats, then blush pink bedroom accessories in almost all their varieties typically occupy people’s decorating consciences. However, when a picture associated with a dusky pink sofa or maybe a fuchsia red armchair in decadent velvet styled as a dressing chair catches your eye, pink furniture transforms into something quite swoon-worthy indeed. It is especially effective to make use of such pieces to weave various shades of pink to your scheme. For instance, a little blush pink canape couch with a calamine pink quilted headboard is a stunning addition. Or perhaps simply have one piece of furniture in pink. The tone that you select will figure out exactly how much of a pink statement it’ll help make.

A bedroom’s color palette is totally driven by accessories alone. You can do a pink and gray bedroom with a mix of a plush red carpet, plump pink cushions, feathered pink lampshade, and tasseled pink throw. There may be absolutely no question regarding pink’s stage presence here, and that is without one piece of paint or maybe pink furniture anywhere to be viewed. Conversely, pink bedroom decorations are able to function as simple and pure pops of color. Think about a little posy of pink peonies in a bedroom’s vase or maybe a pink glazed lamp base, so pink’s presence is seen instead felt.

Particularly in a bedroom with a deluxe bed, selecting pink bedding will also function flawlessly as well. The large expanse of fabric gives a sizable canvas to inject its rosy tones that will definitely dial up the drama inside your bedroom. If modifying your paint color is simply too large a task at this time, generate pink with certain fabrics in dark tones and pale and also make a canopy to hang over the bed. Then add cushions, and you will produce a cocoon that you will not wish to leave. Needless to point out, the more exuberant the pink, the more daring and powerful the end result. For instance, a two-tone linen bedding introduces baby and bubblegum pink in one bedspread will rule the room, but a plaster colored pink will be much softer. Likewise, bed linen with only a pink motif will continue to give another surface area for pink to show up, albeit one less overt.


Lotus Construction, LLC

A carved wood headboard feature and highlight this style that bringing this room to life.


City Nest Design

An over sized bold floral mural over the headboard is the inspiration for this haven.


Michael K Chen Architecture

Built-in oasis retreat complete with fold-out bed, built-in storage, lighting, and coziness for any room.


Linda Shears Designs, LLC

Antique four-poster bed, the candle chandelier, and delicate colors romanticize this boudoir.


Summer Thornton Design, Inc

City living modernizes traditional style with an updated fresh color story.


Skeppsholmen Sotheby’s Intl. Realty

Rhythmic patterns with floral notes Damask wallpapers are a colorful vintage idea for modern times.



Traditional wainscot details adorn the walls but in a splendidly refreshing color.


Ash Street Interiors, LLC

Curved lines, pastel colors, and decorative finishes are a few essential features that flourish here.

Pink Bedroom Shades And Color Combinations

Pink and Gray – Fully tonal and absolutely tempered, in case you reveal your space, then pink and gray bedroom is normally a great way to obtain an anti-pink person aboard with your ideal pink color palette. Moody and deep charcoal or even muted and calming, nearly every shade of gray works as opposite to nearly every shade of pink, making pink and gray bedroom decor a style that is difficult to get wrong. A pink and blue bedroom is also a great color scheme. If your teenager wants a rock-roll-style, she will love a pink and black bedroom or black white and pink bedroom.

Pink, White & Gold – Searching for a sweet and crisp color combination? Then consider using a pink and white bedroom. These two colors get along swimmingly and can generate a bedroom style that is well balanced and beautiful. In order to stay away from it becoming contrived, mix in a number of types of white, like warm white on the wall space, white-painted home furniture, and then a purer white on any bed linen. Pink white and gold bedroom can be a real stunner. If you want a more glamorous take, pink and gold bedroom is a great idea too. You can find pink and gold bedroom ideas here at the images above. 

Pale Pink – A pale pink room can mean various things to different people. Dusky and blush are, for instance, kinds of pale pink. Similarly, a baby pink nursery room would classify under the pale class also. Remember that pale is available in numerous forms also and there are darker and lighter shades within it. From probably the milkiest pink on the ceiling to the rose pink of the pleated canopy, this particular scheme proves precisely how confidently many pinks are able to come together to make a symphony of romance yes, but additionally beguiling confidence. Other people also love to mix it with hints of purple, creating an awesome pink and purple bedroom.

Dusky Pink – A dusty pink room is but one place where the pink is very soft and a trifle muddied. It may have a brown or grey tint to it that provides it with a neutral dimension. Frequently called dusky pink, this is a shade that is low-key and under the radar, therefore suits people that would like the warmth and romance of pink, but without going way too heavy on the pigment. Choose dusty pink room accessories and put them against a neutral wall and observe the way it also assumes similar mellow, earthy pink hues. 

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