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Floating vanities offer a range of design possibilities that enable you to provide the bathroom with a glamorous, luxurious, minimalist, dramatic, or spacious appearance. Their versatility and number of designs and styles will allow them to be fashionable in any bathroom. Take a look at these 31 wall mounted floating bathroom vanity ideas and let us know what you think.


Crystal Sinclair

A large trough sink encased in floating wood drawers easily portrays a double bowl vanity.


Konstrukt Photo

Custom paint color added to the flat panel vanity cabinets pops against the white countertop.


Kalterra Court Townhomes

Light tone wood vanity cabinet, white walls, and a pop of color depict this craze.


Helge Herrmann Planungsbüro & Tischlerei

countertop accentuate the various depths in the cabinetry. “}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:4224,”10″:2,”15″:”Arial”}”>Light strips underneath the countertop accentuate the various depths in the cabinetry.


Sam Kachmar Architects

Traditional features abound in this delightful powder room.


Peruri Design Company

A neutral space with the perfect amount of texture, pattern, and contrast.


Periana Architecture

Rich wood tones coupled with natural stone create a balance that no ceiling height can deny,


Maestri, LLC.

On point with black countertops including a waterfall edge, matte black accent wall tile, and dark wood tones.


Ward 5 Design

The distinction between warm, cool, and neutral colors evokes a power emotional response.


David Casa

Wall mounted sink molded from solid surface materials makes fun & unique focal point.

Don’t Neglect The Vanity

You will find particular things that happen to be considered a must in nearly every modern home, but we might not worry too much about bathroom design when planning for a new house. The bathroom is equally important, and it’s nonetheless crucial to get it correctly. Even though the living room and the bedrooms could take up much of your planning time, one must not forget about developing a bathroom that looks like an extension of the majority of the house. It is essential to make sure that you have an entire house that has one flowing theme. A cabinet and sink underneath are usually considered as a necessary part of every bathroom, and this is where you are able to generate an individual decision that is custom fit to the residence and can serve you effectively. Floating sink and cabinet styles are all of the raves presently because of the numerous benefits they provide. We bring you here a diverse collection of floating bathroom sink and cabinet combinations, which will help you in creating a far more informed decision.

Among the fast-growing necessities of contemporary living structures is the use of the accessible area on the absolute hilt. That is entirely understandable considering the premium that nearly all people have to fork out to be able to get a house and is not merely restricted to the large cities. With cool small apartment and loft studios turning to be popular, a modular bathroom vanity does save up on much-needed legroom. The same as the trendy house work station under the stair or maybe wise storage shelves hidden away daftly, bathroom hanging cabinets simplify the area and also fit in seamlessly even in probably the tiniest of rooms.

The great thing about a floating sink cabinet in the bathroom is it lends a feeling of authenticity to the contemporary design that you have going in your interiors. In order to set it in much more simple terminology, a floating bathroom vanity is the “in” trend these days. With their classy look and also stylish form, the vanity is an ideal add-on to some bathroom that would like to embrace contemporary minimalism but remain faithful to the design of the majority of the house. Absolutely, it doesn’t imply that you’re stuck with merely minimalist designs as you are able to really aim for a vintage look of wood or maybe a retro appearance with a splash of color also. A large number of choices available here are an additional bonus.


Arden Interiors

The texture, color & dimension in the wallpaper dictate the mood in the sultry bathroom.


The Design Villa

The lack of color in the tile paired with the raw wood of the vanity creates a light & airy feeling,


Cook Construction

What an impact wallpaper can have. Malachite in a stunning green makes everything come alive.


City Homes, LLC

This striking hot pink vanity jumps out at you against the neutral-colored decor.

Why Go For Floating Bathroom Vanity

A vanity is an essential point in virtually any bathroom: there you are able to save everything required, as well as conceal the ugly parts of your respective sink. Among the hottest decor trends today is a floating bathroom vanity, and that is due to many factors. For starters, it appears to be not bulky, and that is vital in small bathrooms. Next, it appears to be really chic and contemporary; it quickly fits practically a modern bathroom while having sufficient storage space. You are able to get open floating shelves or even just one stylish surface or an entirely floating cabinet; it is up to you.

Floating countertops are a terrific idea for just about any sort of the bathroom, big or small; it does not matter since they look really lightweight, and this is impressive. They instantly give your bathroom an edgy and modern appearance, and they satisfy the storage function no worse compared to any vanity. You are able to connect only one counter or maybe many people underneath one another to keep more things. Have a glimpse at countertops not just of wood but additionally of some other materials, perhaps stronger ones: marble, stone, concrete, etc. You can also mix up an upper stone surface, along with a wooden lower one for a great look.

Let us float an idea: Let’s say, rather than doing the entire cabinetry-on-the-floor item inside the bathroom, why not have hanging vanity on your wall? Wall-mounted vanities do great things for a bathroom’s usability and design.



CLT Design/Build Inc.

Symmetry and duplicity at its finest.


Natalie Myers

Ease of balance, sophistication, and uncanny familiarity associated with comfort.


Tribe Design Group

Design is in the details, so this vanity gets the gold metal.


Quirk Studio

Gorgeous wood paneling is an essential feature that bestows warmth in a room of cool tones.


42 North – Architecture + Design

Floating shelves custom made for a countertop application and additional storage shelf.

Advantages Of Floating Bathroom Vanity

First, it will make your bathroom look bigger. To float the vanity means the floors are able to extend to the walls, which immediately makes a bathroom seem to be much more spacious. And a wall hung vanity creates more functional space for stashing pieces such as a scale or a wastebasket. A bit of foot space under the sink goes quite a distance. Next, it makes cleaning easier. Floating vanities have no sides, no uncomfortable nooks, and no spot for dust bunnies to hide. To give the vanity a little breathing room would mean you are able to truly clean again there—way, way back there. It is also perfect for people who are extra organized. When you are among those individuals that geek out over towel folding, like organizing your cotton swabs, and can find your lipstick in no time, a floating vanity allows you to show your storage zen with under- sink open shelving.

Moreover, it can actually streamline the sink. Acquire a contemporary flow by selecting a monochromatic wall/sink/floating vanity combo. Along with an elegantly minimalist appearance, it’ll additionally exhibit your bathroom’s additional showstoppers, such as a freestanding tub or maybe a beautiful view. A floating vanity also means more floor area for radiant heat. If you are purchasing radiant heat flooring, hang your vanity on the wall to maximize warmth in which you stand in the sink. It may be a requirement; contractors typically insist on floating or free standing vanities to avoid overheating. 

It can accommodate any height. Typical vanities just rise really high, but floating vanities are able to rise at every height: shorter or taller users are able to set up a wall mount vanity in the level they like best. A floating vanity also sets your tilework on display. Why cover up fifty percent of the wall with cabinetry when you are able to showcase more porcelain or marble? Float the vanity, and also lengthen the tile right down towards the floor. Also, it can further break up the wood overload. A wood cabinet holding a wood floor is able to appear a bit much. To float the vanity on a tiled, painted, or wallpapered wall breaks the monotony of all that grain. Lastly, it is ideal for all family members.  With lots of space that is wide open underneath, a floating vanity would mean you have space for a toddler’s stepstool or maybe a grandmother’s wheelchair or walker. This means happier washing for everyone.


SWKB Design-Build

Stained wood wall hung vanity outlined in white draws the eyes front and center.


Banner Day Interiors

Row house restoration brought a modern touch to a traditional favorite.


G.J. Gardner Homes

Under Cabinet lighting accentuates the horizontal line & lightness of the floating vanity.


Sophisticate Interiors

Form meets function in this well thought out bathroom.

Top Considerations When Building Floating Bathroom Vanity

The thing you do have to be careful about when going for a floating vanity in the bathroom is the manner in which you put it up. In case it’s not aimed in a precise fashion, then your picture-perfect dream bathroom could easily turn right into a skewed nightmare that seems both unappealing and ungainly. Make sure that you always have an expert install your floating vanity as it must be absolutely parallel to the floor and also put in the correct spot. Because it’s the wall that must support all of the weight, take that into account too. While selecting the floating vanity that enhances your bathrooms is important; installing it a clear cut fashion with no errors is a must too. 

To make a contemporary vanity inside your bathroom, you have to produce sleek lines with a design that is clean. Generally, there should not be a lot of detailing and clutter. In order to do this look, think about setting up a floating bathroom vanity which leaves the area under it open. Since floating vanities are suspended above floor level and also need to be installed on the bathroom wall structure, they have the capacity to help make the room appear to be much more spacious and airy. It is an effect like that which is produced by floating media units or even consoles that are used in living rooms.

Not only floating vanities are able to improve the overall spacious appearance of a bathroom, but they also keep the focus on functionality if it is extremely simple and sleek. This will make them perfect for contemporary and modern homes that are generally minimalist. Floating vanities can be exciting design elements by themselves though they frequently need accessories to enhance them. Mirrors would be the most typical accessory. A sizable mirror is able to improve the simple appearance of the vanity and draw the eye upwards.


Quirk Studio

Nothing says spa bathroom like a tropical getaway.


Wright Architecture

Ocean blue dimensional tiles blended with sand like wood tones spawn this coastal undercurrent



Glamorous touches from acrylic fixtures sparkle throughout this graciously redefined space.



Exaggerated linear components complement each other for a perfect balance of proportion.


Rachele Biancalani Studio

A shift from the norm, this vanity provides a whole new interest level.


House Workshop

Getting what you need is a one-step process with this open concept.

How To Design Floating Bathroom Vanity

The bathroom vanity is a lot more than merely a functional area in which you get prepared and also store your toiletries. It is likewise a good spot to express your individual style. And fortunately, you are able to put a great deal of personality into a tiny area. A floating vanity helps produce the impression of a huge bathroom space. This trend offers not simply a stylish and chic look, but additionally a contemporary aesthetic that is to die for. Vanities do not have to be grand. You are able to choose to get a minimalist space by adorning your bathroom with a smooth, yet simple vanity which produces a polished and balanced appearance.

 A vanity is going to complete the appearance of any bathroom of any size, providing extra storage, countertop space, character, and a lot more. Nevertheless, all of this is determined by the appearance of the bathroom vanity designs that you choose. What style are you choosing inside your bathroom? Are you into modern and sleek? Or would you like as a look that is conventional? You will find a variety of bathroom vanity ideas to complement your style. And in addition, there are also devices in various different sizes. So if you are worried about space, you’ll still be equipped to find something which fits in perfectly. Running short on imagination and are not certain what you should use inside your space? Simply browse our collection of images to find a simple and useful bathroom vanity ideas to match your taste, budget, as well as space limitations. This could lead to ultimately having the appearance you would like in your bathroom. In addition, to eliminate the clutter, so everything is always picked up and easy to clean up!

A floating vanity looks smooth while opening up the area in your bathroom. It helps you to maintain the bathroom thoroughly clean, and also it offers you better access to heating and cooling vents. Based on the style, traditional vanities that sit on the floor can occasionally create a bathroom that appears crowded. Floating vanities, meanwhile, break down the bulkiness that standard vanities may provide to the bathroom. Plus, in case you like contemporary, floating vanity is among the best methods to offer your bathroom a contemporary, minimalist appearance.

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